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Chapter ONE
BPOV(Remember Bella's the vampire and Edward's the human)

"Bella, aren't you thirsty? You should hunt." Alice worriedly said "I know, but I feel weird today" I said, "How 'bout this, we'll have a girls night out later?" she chirped, "I think we should add another vampire?" I asked, "Let's go out tonight, let's see if we find someone worth changing" she chirped again, "Oh Alice, I ignored your girls night out, now you're making another excuse to go out tonight, but I think it's a nice idea." I said




Continuation of Chapter One

"You think so? Finally! Bella got out of the sack!" She exclaimed, "Whatever" I rolled my eyes, "I think I should hunt now" I added, "Yeah, You should, You wouldn't want to scare the club or something" Alice giggled, "Actually, I can do that if I want to but I'm not doing it, Too much attention" I said on my way out of the house, We live in Chicago, But I think we should move to another place cause there's too much noise, But I can live with that especially Alice, She loves partying the night out, but I believe that this will be the last party she'll have here, I'm just gonna ask her to check the map for places that wouldn't provoke other creatures but then again, I wouldn't have to do that because she'll probably get it with her ability to see the future...

*In this story Bella and Alice are both human hunters, If they're gonna be animal hunters we'll see in the future ;)*

As soon as I smelled some lost campers I couldn't control myself, I quickly took one out and drank it's blood, Too bad for them that they didn't know that the train tracks are just east of them, But they helped me get myself back, As soon as I was done, I quickly dumped the body in the river, Although, I was supposed to clean up, I didn't care, It would take weeks if someone would see this and report.

I quickly went back to the house and Alice shouted, "Hey, change your clothes before you get near me", I checked myself, Oh, Now I know what she means, I was so thirsty that I forgot about my clothes, I quickly got dressed and headed to the mini library in our house, "Sorry, I was so thirsty" I said as I entered, "It's okay, I mean, now that you're clean" she chirped, "I know, Now, What do we have here?" I asked, "I know where we're gonna move to" She chirped, "Eureka?" I giggled, "I knew you would say that" she said, "I also knew that you would that" I teased, "Anyway! Where going to Washington" she said, "Can you be more specific?" I asked, "Yeah, yeah, Where going to Forks, There is a large mass of forests, And with I mean LARGE, It's a small town in a forest" she said trying to explain it to me, "Okay?" I said but it said it like I was supposed to wait for further information, "Which means, We have to be vegetarians" she said waiting for my reaction, "Vegetarians, like eat vegetables?" I said sarcastically, "No dear, We're only gonna hunt for animals, not humans" she explained, "I can't" I said unwillingly, "We have to, It's a small town, One touch, People gets it right away, And believe me, there are NO unsubscribers" she said, "You can't force me" I said, "Okay, I will not force you if you don't want to move to Forks" She said, "I didn't say that I don't want to move, I just don't like the idea of changing my diet" I said, "Well then it's set, we're moving, whether we change our diet or not" she chirped, "Okay" was all I can manage to say, I mean, It's really hard to change my diet, not now, That's crazy.


So we ended up planning for Forks, So now we're getting ready for the club, I changed my clothes, "You're not wearing that, I already bought our clothes while you were hunting" She chirped and gave me 2 paperbags, and a shoebox, "I hope these aren't stiletto shoes" I said, "I better change my clothes now" she said then dashed, I opened the shoe box and saw stilettos, "ALICE!!" I shouted, "What?" she asked when she dashed here, all dressed up, "Oh, stop acting innocent, I told you, I don't wear stilettos" I whined, "Stop whining there, Just this once?" She pleaded, "Please?" she added, but I still don't like the idea of wearing these, "It looks good on you and I couldn't help but buy it for you" she defended herself, "Last night in Chicago, Please where stilettos" She whined, "Alright! I'll wear it" I exclaimed, "Finally!" she exclaimed,

So I dressed up and we headed for the club, "Let's dance!" Alice shouted over the music, "I'm fine, You go" I said, I'm not much for a dancer, "Suit yourself" she shouted again and then headed for the dance floor, I don't like going out to parties, But since it's our last day in Chicago, I'll try to be hyper, "You should try hanging out with those guys" Alice pointed the entrance, there we're new boys, "And then drink there blood later?" I asked in a low voice, no one would hear it, but vampires can, "Clean up after your mess" Alice said still dancing with the others.

I don't like flirting with other boys so I just stayed at the bar, "Hey there" someone from the group of boys sat beside me.
"Hi" I greeted back without looking at him, "What's your name?" He asked, "I'm Bella" I said while looking at other people, "I'm Jack, wanna hang out?" He asked, "No, It's our last night here in Chicago" I said, "You and?" He asked, I quickly looked at him in frustration, He keeps on asking, So I was shocked, He's blonde, muscular but not my type, "My sister" I said pointing at Alice who's now chatting with some girls, People know that we are sisters, "Oh I see, She doesn't look like your sister" He said, "That doesn't matter" I said trying to make him feel that I don't want to flirt with him, "Well, Wanna grab a drink or something?" He asked, "Nope, I'm fine" I said, "Wanna go outside?" He asked, "Why would I want to go out?" I asked, "Well, You know, The loud music is keeping us from chatting" He said, "My pride is keeping us from chatting" I said looking at the crowd, "Okayy, Well, I better go, Can I have your number?" He asked, "No, It's private" I said, then he walked away, Finally, He can feel that I've been trying to push him away ALL ALONG.

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Chapter FIVE





"So you can get some information about me then tell your group?" Edward exclaimed, "No, That's not it, I told you I don't have any group, And I'm a new student" I said, Why am I insisting on becoming friends with him anyway?! He's such a big dumb snob, But somehow, Whenever I look into his eyes, I see him in a different way, "So you'll have a group soon? Or let's say tomorrow?" He asked, "No" I sternly said, "We'll see" He said, he looked like he really hates me, "How could you even hate me the first time we meet?" I asked, "I didn't say that I hate you" He said, "Well, You're showing it" I said, "Cut the crap, Can't you see I'm busy?" He asked, "I have eyes, So I can you you, But you're not busy as much" I said, "What's wrong with you? Can't you see that I'm pushing you away?" He asked, "I think you should at least accept people when they want to be friends with you, Or at least try to" I said then exited the Music room.


 "So you can get some information about me then tell your group?" I exclaimed, "No, That's not it, I told you I don't have any group, And I'm a new student" she said, Why is she insisting on being my friend anyway!? She'll just get hurt soon or she'll hurt me, Well, You can't trust anyone, "So you'll have a group soon? Or let's say tomorrow?" I asked, "No" She sternly said, "We'll see" I said, Looking at her like I'm gonna kill her, Isn't she suppose to leave right now? After all the things that I said, "How could you even hate me the first time we meet?" She asked, "I didn't say that I hate you" I said, She's really getting my intentions mixed up "Well, You're showing it" She said, "Cut the crap, Can't you see I'm busy?" He asked, "I have eyes, So I can you you, But you're not busy as much" I said, "What's wrong with you? Can't you see that I'm pushing you away?" I said, "I think you should at least accept people when they want to be friends with you, Or at least try to" She said then she exited the Music room. I sighed, But there's something weird, How could I feel like something punch me in the chest, I've never felt this way before, Something was with her eyes, I can feel something whenever I'm looking at her but I just can't put my finger on it, I shook my head to get my mind ready for playing the piano.



"How could he even be so stubborn!?" I exclaimed as I get to the hallway, Now what am I gonna do I thought, I know! I'll get my schedule sheet in the front office, I dashed to the front office making sure that no one can see me run in such speed, when I was near the front office I started walking like a normal person, I knocked twice then entered, a red headed hair lady in the front desk greeted me, "Good Morning, What can I do for you?" She asked, "I'm here to get my schedule sheet" I said when I was in front of her table,  "Your name?" She asked, "Bella Swan" I said, "Isabella Marie Swan?" She asked, "Yes, Isabella Marie Swan" I said, Saying my whole name made me twitch, "Here you go Miss Swan, And the slip that you have to show to your teachers to get it signed, And here's a map in case you get lost" She said then handed me the map, slip and the schedule sheet, I aligned them then opened the zipper of my bag to put in there. "Thanks, I should get going" I smiled then exited the front office.

The bell rang then the students were getting off there places then went to there classes, I checked my schedule for my first class and it was Biology, I checked my  map as well then followed it, after a few minutes I found the door of the biology room, I opened it and the teacher was already there, "Good Morning Miss Swan, I'm Mr. Sutchel your teacher in Biology" He greeted me, I nodded then smiled waiting for instructions, "You'll be seated beside Mr. Masen" He said pointing the seat beside Edward, I nodded then sat there as told, When I sat down I took a sneak peek at Edward, His face was hard, Like he feels like he's gonna be tortured by me sitting beside him, the room was filled with murmurs, Girls were glaring at me, Oh crap! It thought, Looks like this day is gonna be rough. 


The bell rang, it's time for the second hour, I looked at Edward who looks like he didn't hear the bell, I quickly stood then headed to Mr. Sutchel's table then showed him my slip to be signed, he signed it then went to my next class, My next class was Music, Great, I hope they don't sing, I glanced at Edward and Mine's table, He was not there anymore, I sighed then exited the room, I followed the map again, I entered the room then found Lisa, she saw me then waved at me then she motioned me to sit beside her, I nodded then sat to the vacant chair beside her, "How are you?" She asked, "I'm fine" I smiled, "Some rumor said that you were with Edward in the Music room" she informed me, "What!?" I exclaimed, my eyes widening, "But I think it's just plain old rumor" she said, then the teacher came, We diverted our focus, "Good Morning class! We have a new student with us, Miss Swan, Please stand up" He said smiling widely, creepy. I stood then smiled, "I'm your Music teacher, Mr. Fernandez" I nodded, "Can you come over here?" He asked, I nodded then went up infront, I can the whole class, The other girls were glaring at me, must be because of the rumors, "Can you sing for us?" He said, I looked at him then at the class, then they begun cheering "SING SING SING SING" especially the girls that were glaring at me, they must've been happy to see me cracked up, Then I decided to sing Don't Forget by Demi Lovato, "Do I have to sing the whole song?" I asked Mr. Fernandez, "Yes" He nodded, I nodded then took a deep breath then sang, 

 Did you forget that I was even alive?
Did you forget everything we ever had?
Did you forget, did you forget about me?

Did you regret ever standing by my side?
Did you forget we were feeling inside?
Now I'm left to forget about us

But somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song, you can't forget it

So now I guess this is where we have to stand
Did you regret ever holding my hand?
Never again, please don't forget, don't forget

We had it all, we were just about to fall
Even more in love, than we were before
I won't forget, I won't forget about us

But somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song you can't forget it

Somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song, you can't forget it at all

And at last all the pictures have been burned
And all the past is just a lesson that we've learned
I won't forget, please don't forget us

Somewhere we went wrong
Our love is like a song but you won't sing along
You've forgotten about us
Don't forget

When I was done singing they went silent, "Thank you Miss Swan, That was magnificent!" Mr. Fernandez then then started clapping, Then the whole class started clapping, I looked at Lisa, She was mouthing "YOU WERE GREAT" she can just say it, I'm a vampire Oh right, She doesn't know, I heard the glaring girls saying something like 'She can sing, I can feel Edward falling for her' I shrugged, "You can seat now" Mr. Fernandez said, i nodded then sat beside Lisa, "You were great!" She said, "Thanks" I said, Then the people near me started greeting me. Time flew by, Then it was lunch time.

I entered the cafeteria then looked around for Edward, He's not here, Wait, Why was I even looking for him?





It's short again, :( Sorry. But I hope you liked this Chapter. *apologetic smile*
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Chapter SIX

I saw Alice and Jasper, They waved at me, I just nodded then headed to their table, "Get some food" Alice chirped looking around, "I'm not hungry" I whined, "Of course you're not" She said looking around with caution, "Just for show" she added in a low voice, "K fine" I rolled my eyes then got up to get some food, I lined up, Then I saw Lisa, She saw me too, She waved at me, I nodded then she approached me, "Mr. Fernandez wants you to join the singing competition" She chirped, "What singing competition?" I asked, "Every year, Forks High School celebrates the foundation day, Of course, Founding Anniversary, There are lots of fun things to do, The Street Dance competition, Vocal Solo, Battle of the Bands, And many more" She said looking at me, "So?" I asked confused, "Mr. Fernandez gets to pick the competitors for the Vocal Solo, And Lucky you, you were picked, You're one of the 5 lucky competitors" She chirped "What's so lucky about that?" I muttered under my breath, "What was that?" She asked, "Oh nothing" I said, "There's no backing out here" She said, "Why?" I asked, "It's an opportunity! I can't believe that you're letting this off!" She said, "Well, You gotta believe" I said, "I can't believe you! Is wear, You're gonna join this, I can see it in your eyes" She chirped, "Well, I gotta go!" She said then run to the table with other girls, "Great" I muttered, I headed back to Alice's and Jasper's table, "Where's your food?" Alice asked looking at me, "I suddenly lost my appetite" I rolled my eyes then took my bag, "Where are you going?" She asked, "You'll know" I said, "Okay, Bella, I think it's really a nice opportunity to join the Vocal Solo, I mean it's great!" SHe chirped, "I'll think about it" I said then started walking away.


I can't get a hold of me, I just kept on walking, Then I saw the door of the Music Room and heard an instrumental melody, I opened the door then saw Edward playing the piano, I walked towards him, He looked at me, "What are you doing here?" He frowned, "I just heard you playing, It's great!" I said, "Thanks" He said, "You're Welcome" I said in amazement, "I heard that you're gonna join the Vocal Solo" He said getting back to his piano, "I didn't, Mr. Fernandez signed me up" I said in hesitation, "Well, You shouldn't back out" He said, "OhMy, Not you too" I sighed, "Mr. Fernandez doesn't joke when it comes to music, I don't need to hear you sing anymore cause if Mr. Fernandez signed you up without your permission, It only means one thing, Your voice is better than the best" He said, "Well, You said it, But I don't know what to sing" I said, "Try singing something modern" He suggested, "What do you mean?" I asked, "Something like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or Colbie Cailat" He said, "I'll vote for Taylor" I chirped, "There you go" He said, "You say that like it's a good thing" I said, "It is" he said.

I'll add some later. :) 

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