The Twilight Saga




Chapter ONE
BPOV(Remember Bella's the vampire and Edward's the human)

"Bella, aren't you thirsty? You should hunt." Alice worriedly said "I know, but I feel weird today" I said, "How 'bout this, we'll have a girls night out later?" she chirped, "I think we should add another vampire?" I asked, "Let's go out tonight, let's see if we find someone worth changing" she chirped again, "Oh Alice, I ignored your girls night out, now you're making another excuse to go out tonight, but I think it's a nice idea." I said




Continuation of Chapter One

"You think so? Finally! Bella got out of the sack!" She exclaimed, "Whatever" I rolled my eyes, "I think I should hunt now" I added, "Yeah, You should, You wouldn't want to scare the club or something" Alice giggled, "Actually, I can do that if I want to but I'm not doing it, Too much attention" I said on my way out of the house, We live in Chicago, But I think we should move to another place cause there's too much noise, But I can live with that especially Alice, She loves partying the night out, but I believe that this will be the last party she'll have here, I'm just gonna ask her to check the map for places that wouldn't provoke other creatures but then again, I wouldn't have to do that because she'll probably get it with her ability to see the future...

*In this story Bella and Alice are both human hunters, If they're gonna be animal hunters we'll see in the future ;)*

As soon as I smelled some lost campers I couldn't control myself, I quickly took one out and drank it's blood, Too bad for them that they didn't know that the train tracks are just east of them, But they helped me get myself back, As soon as I was done, I quickly dumped the body in the river, Although, I was supposed to clean up, I didn't care, It would take weeks if someone would see this and report.

I quickly went back to the house and Alice shouted, "Hey, change your clothes before you get near me", I checked myself, Oh, Now I know what she means, I was so thirsty that I forgot about my clothes, I quickly got dressed and headed to the mini library in our house, "Sorry, I was so thirsty" I said as I entered, "It's okay, I mean, now that you're clean" she chirped, "I know, Now, What do we have here?" I asked, "I know where we're gonna move to" She chirped, "Eureka?" I giggled, "I knew you would say that" she said, "I also knew that you would that" I teased, "Anyway! Where going to Washington" she said, "Can you be more specific?" I asked, "Yeah, yeah, Where going to Forks, There is a large mass of forests, And with I mean LARGE, It's a small town in a forest" she said trying to explain it to me, "Okay?" I said but it said it like I was supposed to wait for further information, "Which means, We have to be vegetarians" she said waiting for my reaction, "Vegetarians, like eat vegetables?" I said sarcastically, "No dear, We're only gonna hunt for animals, not humans" she explained, "I can't" I said unwillingly, "We have to, It's a small town, One touch, People gets it right away, And believe me, there are NO unsubscribers" she said, "You can't force me" I said, "Okay, I will not force you if you don't want to move to Forks" She said, "I didn't say that I don't want to move, I just don't like the idea of changing my diet" I said, "Well then it's set, we're moving, whether we change our diet or not" she chirped, "Okay" was all I can manage to say, I mean, It's really hard to change my diet, not now, That's crazy.


So we ended up planning for Forks, So now we're getting ready for the club, I changed my clothes, "You're not wearing that, I already bought our clothes while you were hunting" She chirped and gave me 2 paperbags, and a shoebox, "I hope these aren't stiletto shoes" I said, "I better change my clothes now" she said then dashed, I opened the shoe box and saw stilettos, "ALICE!!" I shouted, "What?" she asked when she dashed here, all dressed up, "Oh, stop acting innocent, I told you, I don't wear stilettos" I whined, "Stop whining there, Just this once?" She pleaded, "Please?" she added, but I still don't like the idea of wearing these, "It looks good on you and I couldn't help but buy it for you" she defended herself, "Last night in Chicago, Please where stilettos" She whined, "Alright! I'll wear it" I exclaimed, "Finally!" she exclaimed,

So I dressed up and we headed for the club, "Let's dance!" Alice shouted over the music, "I'm fine, You go" I said, I'm not much for a dancer, "Suit yourself" she shouted again and then headed for the dance floor, I don't like going out to parties, But since it's our last day in Chicago, I'll try to be hyper, "You should try hanging out with those guys" Alice pointed the entrance, there we're new boys, "And then drink there blood later?" I asked in a low voice, no one would hear it, but vampires can, "Clean up after your mess" Alice said still dancing with the others.

I don't like flirting with other boys so I just stayed at the bar, "Hey there" someone from the group of boys sat beside me.
"Hi" I greeted back without looking at him, "What's your name?" He asked, "I'm Bella" I said while looking at other people, "I'm Jack, wanna hang out?" He asked, "No, It's our last night here in Chicago" I said, "You and?" He asked, I quickly looked at him in frustration, He keeps on asking, So I was shocked, He's blonde, muscular but not my type, "My sister" I said pointing at Alice who's now chatting with some girls, People know that we are sisters, "Oh I see, She doesn't look like your sister" He said, "That doesn't matter" I said trying to make him feel that I don't want to flirt with him, "Well, Wanna grab a drink or something?" He asked, "Nope, I'm fine" I said, "Wanna go outside?" He asked, "Why would I want to go out?" I asked, "Well, You know, The loud music is keeping us from chatting" He said, "My pride is keeping us from chatting" I said looking at the crowd, "Okayy, Well, I better go, Can I have your number?" He asked, "No, It's private" I said, then he walked away, Finally, He can feel that I've been trying to push him away ALL ALONG.

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Chapter SEVEN



Suddenly something rang, It seems familiar, But I just can't put my finger on it, "Your phone's ringing" Edward said looking at me, "What? No, That's not mine, Maybe it's yours" I said, Then it hit me, It was my phone when I was still human, And that was my ex boyfriend's ringtone, John was calling, I took out that phone, After 5 years, He's calling? What now? He breaks my heart, Then comes back? Nevermind, "Why don't you answer it?" Edward asked, "It doesn't matter" I said, Good thing that I'm now a vampire, I can't cry, I don't have tears, When it stopped ringing I let out a sigh, "Who was that?" Edward asked, "It's no one" I said hiding the phone, Then it started ringing again, "I think it's really important" Edward said, I nodded then Answered it, "Hello?" He said, I froze when I heard his voice, I kind of miss it, "Bella, You there?" He asked, "Yea, I'm here" I said, breathing heavily, "I'm so sorry, I was a jerk" He said, "Yes you are" I said coldly, "I remember that time when we danced without any music playing" He said chuckling with the thought. Memories flow by as he talked..


It was the prom night, I wore a Cream Crochet Bandeau Dress, I wore the "believe" ring that he gave me for our 2nd monthsary, the earrings that he gave me for our 1st monthsary, and the "faith" necklace that he gave me for our 1st anniversary, He gives me accessories, He's sweet. <~~Outfit

John picked me up, My dad proudly gave my hand to John, Everything felt perfect, I smiled proudly, My mom took our picture together, We waved goodbye to my parents then we rode his car to the school, My friends were already there, They greeted us and complimented the way we look when we're together, They congratulated me and John for being a perfect much, We ate then the song started playing, No one was still dancing, John stood up, "Can I have this dance?" He asked looking into my eyes, I blushed then sweetly said yes, Then I stood up, We walked to the spotlight hand in hand, Then we danced like no one was watching, We looked into each others eyes, The song was "Can I have this dance" They edited the song, they made it softer, Then suddenly other couples dance too. 


When the song ended John and I stayed there, He looked into my eyes then started leaning nearer to me then in seconds his lips met mine, The crowds cheered and Smiled, Then we broke our kiss, I can feel blood rush to my cheeks, :">
We walked back to our table with me speechless, "That was so sweet!" My friend said, They chuckled then we ended up laughing, The prom ended at 11 o'clock, We bid our goodbyes, John and I rode his car, We rode the car in silence, I looked out the window, Then he turned to the opposite direction of our house, "Where are we going?" I asked, "Just wait" He grinned, I nodded then smiled, Then he stopped then killed the engine, "Wait here" He said then walked out of the car, I followed him with my eyes, He took something from the back, It's a picnic basket and a lamp, He walked to my door, He opened it then I walked out, He looked at his watch, "It's 12 midnight, Perfect" He said, "12 midnight? My parents would kill me" I exclaimed, "Relax Bella, No one's gonna kill you" He chuckled, I relaxed then he set the picnic mat and then  He opened the picnic basket, I looked inside it, I saw a box, Is he gonna propose?? I exclaimed in my mind, He took the box then opened it, I saw a silver ring, "Would you mind if I ask you to take this ring and be my wife when we grow up?" He asked sweetly, "Yes" I blushed, He took the ring then slid it to my ring finger, I hugged him so tight that he can't even breath, "I love you" I squealed, "I love you too" He hugged me back.

Then we danced with no music playing, It was even sweeter than our dance in the prom, we looked into each other's eyes, My arms were locked around his neck and his hands were on my hips, After that he to the picnic mat then placed it on the hood of his car, he carried me(the princess type) Then rested me on top of the hood, He sat beside me then put his arm around me, then we lay down, I rested my head on his shoulder, We stared up in the sky, Then a shooting star came across, "Make a wish" John said looking into my eyes, "No need" I smiled, "Why?" He asked curiously, "I already have everything that I want" I said then I kissed him, He smiled like there's no tomorrow, He kissed me passionately then seconds later our tongues were dancing, I rested on top of him, Then everything happened.


*End of flashback*

"I miss you" He said, "I don't care" I said coldly, Edward looked at me surprised at my reaction, "I'm gonna go for a business trip, I'll be judging a singing contest" He said, "And so?" I asked, "Would you want to come with me?" He asked, "NO!" I exclaimed, "Do you have somebody you love?" He asked, I looked at Edward, He looked at me then I looked away, "Stop bringing up the past" I said then hung up, "Who was that? You look like you saw a ghost" Edward chuckled, "John" I said, "Who's John?" He asked, "Nobody" I said, "Okay, Suit yourself" Edward said.


"Okay, Suit yourself" I said, But I wanted to dig in, She really look broken, Wait, Why do I need to know who that was? Why do I even care about her? I shrugged, "So! The Vocal Solo is in a week, What are you gonna sing?" I changed the subject, "I don't know" She said, "Winning it is easy, It's just the voice quality, presentation and the smile" I said, "What presentation?" She asked, "You can make it magical if you want" I said, "How?" She asked, "If you wanna know how, Promise me this, You would do all means to understand my sister's love for being somebody's manager" I giggled, "Okay, Wait, You have a sister?" she asked, "Yeah, Adoptive, Don't tell anyone, You're the first to know" I said, She nodded, I smiled then took my phone then dialed my sister's number, "Hello?" She chirped, "Hey, My friend needs help" I said, "'Bout what?" She asked, "The vocal solo, Can you help her?" I asked, "Sure! I'd love to!" She exclaimed, "Okay, Thanks sis" I said, "Bring her home later" She chirped, "I'll try" I said, "Okay, Bye! Imma get ready" She said, "Okay" I said then hung up, "You're in" I smiled to Bella, "Thanks" She smiled back, There's something with her, I think I'm falling for her, I SHOULDN'T, My dad's gonna go crazy if I fall in love with a girl who's not a daughter of an owner of a company, I just have to control myself...




I really feel thankful to meet Edward, I appreciate it that he helped me, and trusted me about his sister, "Hey, Aren't you gonna eat lunch?" I asked, "I'm not hungry" He said, "Okay" I said then sat on one of the chairs, Edward started playing, He looks like something was bothering him, "My sister wants to meet you, She asked me to bring you to our house so that you can get ready" He said while playing a sorrowful piece, "Okay, After class it is" I said, "Yeap" he said.

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