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By Ashley


Author: Tracy Renee Shierling

I wonder if I dreamed of you-

If you would appear?

To make my nights full of love,

And always hold me near.


I wonder if I thought of you-

If you would feel it in your soul?

Like two spirits in the universe,

Who always seem to know?


Even if the stars went black

And the sun was to shine no more.

They could find their way to each other,

No matter how far the shore.


Safely in each other's arms,

To bid the rest of time.

Finding Eternal Love

So many seek to find.


Caring for each other

Through the worst of storms.

Leaning on the arms of love

And never need anymore.


This is how I feel for you,

I've known it all along.

You are my one true love

My world... My heart... My soul







Life is a series of complications and webs of challenges that block your path to happiness. For our family, everything is made difficult by the Volturi. Every day I can feel them watching us from afar. As soon as Aro realized we were stronger than them, he panicked and sent people to spy; as if he is waiting for an excuse to terminate the Cullens. Before, nobody had anything to worry about…they could snoop all they wanted, and wouldn’t find a thing. But now, we aren’t so sure.



Chapter 1- Jasper

“Where There Is Love, There Is Life.” – Indira Gandhi


The ocean seemed bitter today; angry waves ricocheted off of the cliff side, sending a shower of water in every direction. The impacts made the ground shake; causing my boulder to wobble in its place. The sun rested on the very edge of the water; like it was originally hung there. A gentle reminder that another day has left our presence.

I sat in my little getaway; an open cliff at the edge of the great Pacific. It was a marvelous discovery, this little hideout. The grass was thick and green, the trees tall and wide. To my right ran a stream which dropped over the edge, and collided with the rest of the ocean. I love everything about this place; coming here calms me down.

The only people who know I come here are Edward and Alice- even though I didn’t voluntarily tell them. Most of the time, they don’t bother following me. The family understands a need of alone time…Especially when you are part of our little clan. Being in the house makes it so that everybody can hear you. Emmett gets a kick out of listening in on conversations, or worse…you know.

                The sound of footsteps interrupted my train of thought. When I turned around, Alice stood at the edge of the forest, a grin stretched across her face. Her skin glimmered in the light of the afternoon sunset. “So this is where you hide from me,” she said, skipping across the field.

                “It’s not hiding if you join.” I laughed, gesturing to the open spot to my left. “Care to watch the sunset?”

                Alice suddenly appeared, interlacing her fingers with mine. “Of course. Anything to spend some time with my number one guy.”

                “Well, I’m glad to keep you company.” I said, bowing my head.

                “And that’s why I love you.” She whispered, resting her head on my shoulder.

                Brilliant Rays of the setting sun glowed a bright mixture of red, orange, and yellow; slowly setting on the radiant horizon. The warmth of it all disappearing in an instant; bitter temperatures developing in the cool November breeze. Before we knew it, the sun was completely gone…a moon and stars taking its place.

                “I love nights like these…You can actually see the stars. They fascinate me…”

                I let out a tiny laugh. “Alice, all of the stars in the universe is nothing compared to you.”

                She suddenly felt annoyed. “You’re too modest,” she murmured under her breath, “Do you ever give yourself any credit?”

                I sighed, because there really isn’t that much to credit myself for. “Fine, I’ll play along. Credit for what?”

                Alice smiled a grin of perfect, shiny teeth. “Well, I love so many things about you Jazz.”

                I spun myself to around, and crossed my legs. The direction I faced had me looking straight at her. Those beautiful golden eyes bored into mine until she realized what I wanted. Alice moved swiftly to sit in my lap. “So, what kind of things do you love about me?” I whispered, wrapping my arms around her body.

                She lifted her head to gaze at me. “I love how you always put everyone else before yourself, or how you are always so protective of the people you love.” She said, caressing the side of my face. “You are kind, polite, and an amazing kisser,” She whispered, leaning in to press her lips to mine, before pulling away. “Jasper, you are braver than anybody I’ve ever met, and I absolutely adore your romantic side,” She laughed, kissing me another time. “Most of all, I love how you are all mine.”

                I smiled down at her, my heart a thousand times heavier than before. “Well, do you ever stop and think of how amazing you are?” She held my hand again. “That’s not the same,” Her laughter rang through the wind like Christmas bells. “Why? Would you like to remind me?”

                “Alice, you are the most beautiful woman in the entire world,” I said, kissing the back of her hand. “I love your overall enthusiastic attitude, or when you’re so persistent.” I rendered, kissing her on the cheek. “You know exactly what to say and when to say it, and I’m crazy about your romantic side.” My mouth stretched into a smile. “You’re tiny and delicate, but with so much strength …”

                “Shhh…” Alice whispered, pressing her finger to my lips. “I really want to kiss you now.” She was turned so that she had her legs wrapped around my waist, and her arms on my shoulders. I smiled as she kissed me again, only this time, for so much longer than before.

                Whenever Alice touches me, it’s almost like a live fire has been set under my skin; only, the flames don’t hurt. My whole body becomes warm on the inside, and I feel complete-like we are one person.

                I felt completely out of it, the only thing I saw was her face in my head. She was so beautiful; that hair, so unique, so perfect. Her eyes are a breathtaking shade of gold- pure and almost metallic looking. And those lips! Full and gorgeous as they yelled “Jasper! Jasper!” I opened my eyes to see Alice, with her hand on top of mine-which was fumbling with the buttons on her shirt. “Jazz, not here…”

                We were now lying down, facing each other. “Why Not,” I mumbled, “It’s so pretty here. And there’s nobody around for miles.”

                She pretended to think for a couple of seconds before saying, “Well…”

                “Don’t mess with me Alice.” I whispered in her ear.

                And then we continued where we left off…





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loved it super sick that im ur first comment upload soon

Chapter 16- Alice

“While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.”
~Angela Schwindt~

                The News of Aidan’s gift hit me hard. Aro would be all over him now, because it was a valuable weapon in battle. If Aidan could magically make fire appear whenever he wanted to, it was a better form of control over Benjamin’s power over fire that you had to make yourself.

                When we told Carlisle, he flipped out. “This is not good.” He said to himself over and over.

                Aidan was upset because we were upset, and he really didn’t understand why we weren’t happy anymore.

                When I gave him a bath tonight, he kept asking me who Aro was. I honestly just changed the subject every time he did, because what was I supposed to tell him? That Aro was a mean man that wanted to kill his family? I doubt that’s healthy for a little kid to hear.

                Right now, Aidan and I were lying on my bed; I trying to get him to fall asleep. I was reading some book Aidan had begged for at the store the other day, At the Supermarket. I didn’t get why he would want it, because he doesn’t eat human food, but Aidan insisted.

                “And Mr. Davis finally picked out what he wanted for lunch…A salad. The End.”

                Aidan looked up at me with curious little eyes, “Mommy? Where did Daddy pick you? Did he pick you at the store?”

                I laughed, “No, silly…I picked him.”

                He scooted closer to me. “Can you tell me that story?”

                I was going to say no, but those big eyes got me. “Well, do you remember what Mommy can do? Why I’m special?”

                “Yeah. You can see what happens to people.” I put an arm around my little boy.

                “Right, before it even happens.” I was editing out parts of our story mentally, not wanting him to hear what happened to me or Jazz. “I saw Daddy one day, and I really wanted to find him.” He seemed so absorbed with the story, never leaving eye contact.

                “We finally found each other at a little restaurant, and were happy to be together. Then, we tried to find Grandpa, Grandma, and your aunts and uncles.”

                “Daddy really loved me-“

                “I love you too Mommy!”

                I smiled again. “I know you do, baby. And I really loved Daddy. It took us a little while to find our way here, but when we did, it was worth it.”

                “Why Mommy?”

                “Because we had a family here. There were people who loved us here.”

                “You and Daddy loved each other, so why did you come here? What was here that you were looking for?”

                I didn’t know if I should tell him about the Animal blood, he really didn’t know what the purpose was behind it. Yet, he should know about why we drink it in the first place. “You know how you don’t like the blood Mommy tries to feed you? How you always say it tastes funny?”
                “Yeah…I hate that stuff.”

                “Well, we came here because of that stuff. Every time we have an animal, we save a life.”

                “We save a life?” He asked, starting to realize that we made him drink that nasty stuff, for a reason.

                “Yeah, Aidan. We live on the blood in animals, so we don’t have to drink blood from people.” He looked confused, and I just put a hand on his shoulder. “All you have to understand is that you are doing a good thing.”

                He smirked. “What about me? Where do I come into the story?”

                “Daddy and I have been together for a really long time.” I also didn’t want to go into how he shouldn’t even be alive right now. That it was thought to be impossible and how Jazz and I didn’t exactly pray to have a baby. “And I wanted a baby. But we did better than a baby, we got you, Aidan.”

                He put on that cheesy grin of his, and I laughed. “That was a good story Mommy.”

                Maybe when he got a little older I would tell him the entire story, not my pathetic edited one.

                “Now come on, it’s time for bed.” I looked over at the clock. “Oh Geez. I’ve kept you up almost an hour past your bed time.”

                I picked Aidan up. “See what you do to me?” Both of us were laughing, as I walked through the connecting door to his room.

                The only thing we changed in his nursery was the crib. We folded it down into a toddler bed, and figured we had another four months before we had to repaint.

                Putting him down in his bed, he was still giggling, “I fooled you, Mommy!”

                I pulled the covers over his flailing feet, and kissed his forehead. “Goodnight now, Aidan.”

                “Night Mommy.”

                When I went back in our room, Jazz was there, pulling me into his arms. “That was cute.” He said, pulling me into a sitting position on our sofa.

                “Aidan seemed to think we have a good story…Too bad he doesn’t know the unedited version. Jazz, we haven’t gotten a chance to talk about his gift yet.”

                Jasper’s eyes flitted to the ground. “I really don’t want to talk about that…”

                I placed my hand on his chest, catching his attention. “Please?” I begged, locking eyes with him. “I’m really worried.”

                “You don’t think I’m worried too?” He asked, clenching one of his fists. I didn’t move my hand, still staring into his eyes.

                “We’re both nervous, Jasper, but keeping everything locked up won’t get us anywhere.” He pulled me back into his chest, my head rested in the planes of his shoulder.

                “Aro is masochistic, he won’t hesitate to take Aidan away from us, and I don’t want that to happen. He’s so little, and already has to deal with this…and I-I don’t want him anywhere near the Volturi.” He was already sobbing, so quietly, but I knew it was there.

                “Jasper, there’s still a chance he won’t take him…I mean, Nessie is still here. Benjamin has an amazing gift, and he isn’t with the Volturi. We shouldn’t make assumptions…”

                “But it’s so hard not to, especially since Carlisle knows what Aro will do. Besides, where did he even get the gift from? It has nothing to do with either of ours!”

                I didn’t say anything, because he was right. That gift has absolutely nothing to do with ours; but Nessie’s was opposite her parents’. “Maybe it was just what he’s gifted with…He doesn’t necessarily have to possess our talents.”

                “Alice, don’t try to make it seem better. There’s something there, and we’ve got to figure it out. I already mentioned it to Carlisle, and he’s looking into our family histories, the vampire legends, etc. trying to figure it out.” He looked slightly annoyed.

                “Well that’s a good thing, Jazz. Maybe he’ll find something that can help us.”

                “Nothing can help us now…Our only hope is that Aro decides to be a decent person.”

                I didn’t want to move at all; Jasper being my source of comfort. I stayed tucked away in his chest for the longest time, trying to chase the thoughts away. When Carlisle walked in the room, I got the distraction I was looking for.

                “Alice, Jasper, I found something you might want to see.”



A/N: The part with Aidan in this Chapter was inspired by my little cousin. The line, “Mommy, Where did Daddy pick you? Did he pick you at the store? Was all inspired by him, and I thought it would be the cutest thing for Aidan to say here.

So, Alice and Jasper are really concerned, and Aidan just can’t comprehend why. He’s a very observant little boy, and he wants answers from his parents, but they don’t want to tell him.

Did anyone else notice how Jasper is more upset than Alice? I found that pretty interesting, because he normally isn’t a very emotional person.

Thank You Guys for Reading, The Next Chapter will be very interesting! Please Comment, and Tell Your Friends! Please? To help me out?

Thanks Again and Never Say Never,


Chapter 17- Jasper

“Take whatever life has to offer, because you can’t erase the past.” ~Unknown Author~

                “Have you ever traced your family history Jasper?” Carlisle asked, leading us into his study to the big computer screen.

                “Not exactly, Carlisle.” I said, annoyed. I still had my arm around Alice, but I couldn’t tell you who was comforting who at this point.

                “Well I figured out where Aidan got the talent from…” He mumbled, turning the computer screen around for us to see. The page read…

                                Charles Alexander Whitlock: January 12, 1796- September 21, 1867

                                Charles Whitlock was born and raised in the city of Austin, Texas. From the time he was a teenager, he was working as a farmer for his father, James Whitlock. In 1843, he married his wife, Claudia Adkins-Whitlock. In the matter of one year, they gave birth to their first child, Jasper Charles Whitlock. Charles was a famous alcoholic in that town and people always thought he was crazy. In 1861, Jasper Whitlock left to join the army, and was never seen by his parents again. Charles and Claudia divorced in 1864, because the death of their son was too much to handle. On May 18, 1866, Charles was being pressured into rehab for Alcohol Abuse, and didn’t want to go. He got angry and threw a fit of rage, killing six intervention specialists. The medical examiner later determined that they had burn marks down their entire body. Nobody is sure how Charles killed them, but police later caught up with him, and sent the old man to a mental facility where he repeatedly claimed that, “The Fire was Beneath His Skin.” He died in the facility from Malnutrition, for he refused to eat anything during his last weeks of life.

                It was my father. I’d never really read up on him before, but this was unbelievable. I couldn’t remember anything about him being an alcoholic, or needing rehabilitation therapy.

                “That’s impossible, Carlisle; I can’t shoot fire.”

                He gave a quick glance. “That’s what I said too, but then I traced back further.” He pulled a family tree website, and it showed my relatives dating back to the 1500’s. “It skips a generation, Jazz.” Sure enough, I looked at the ancestors, and most of them claimed the same thing.

                “So you’re saying that I’m carrying a gene that I didn’t even know about?”

                He nodded sternly, “And now Aidan’s carrying it.”

                It made sense though, as much as I hated the thought. “What do we do now?” Alice asked, looking into Carlisle’s eyes.

                “There’s really nothing we can do. It’s really sad that Aidan has such an amazing gift, but we keep talking like it’s a curse. My suggestion is that you find Benjamin, and have him teach Aidan how to use it properly. If he can control his power, than you won’t have to worry about Aro. Aidan will be able to defend himself.”

                A spark lit up in mine and Alice’s eyes. “How can we get a hold of Benjamin?” We said in unison, waiting for an answer.

                “I can send Emmett and Rosalie out there to track him down. Benjamin was very accepting of Nessie, I’m sure it’ll be the same circumstances for Aidan.”

                He smiled at us. “Thank You Carlisle.” I said, reaching out to shake his hand. “You don’t know how much this means to us.”

                He nodded, and Alice and I walked out. In the hallway she jumped in my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist. “Aidan is going to be okay…” She blubbered, kissing me repeatedly.

                I laughed her burst of happiness. “Speaking of Aidan, we might want to go check up on him…”

                We were both laughing as we rushed to Aidan’s room, and peeked into the room. He was sleeping, with a smile across his little face. I smiled at our son. “Looks like you made him happy.” I said, watching Aidan again.

                “Now it’s your turn.”     


A/N: Short and Sweet. Hope You Liked It!

I like this story and would love to read more of it!

Thanks! Another Update soon to come!

Love it!!! Amazing

Thank You!

Chapter 18- Alice

“As many times as an action is attempted, failure marks the approach of success.” ~Unknown Author~

                It’s been three days since they left, and Rose and Emmett were on their way from the airport with Benjamin now. I was excited to hear that Benjamin was finally going to arrive, because I’ve been having visions of the Volturi, and Carlisle seems to think they’re on to us.

                “Now Aidan, A friend of ours is coming here to meet you. He is special just like you. Benjamin is going to teach you how to use your gift, okay?”

                “Okay Mommy, I’ll be good.” He walked to his closet, staring up at all the clothes he had; Aidan hadn’t changed out of his dinosaur pajamas yet. “I want…” He took a couple seconds to think about it. “That one.”

                Aidan pointed at a green and white diamond pattern sweater vest outfit that had a black tie, and tan khakis. I remembered it, because it was one of the outfits I had bought the other day with Bella.

                I pulled it out of the closet, and when I went to help him change, he put his hand out. “No Mommy, I can do it by myself.”

                I pulled the clothes off of the hanger, and handed them to him. When he tried to take the shirt off, his head got stuck in the hole. I laughed watching him attempt to get out of there by himself, before I reached over and pulled it off with the flick of my wrist. He slipped the white T-Shirt on first, and then pulled the vest on over it.

                When trying to put on his pants, Aidan put them on easy, but couldn’t figure out the belt. “Mommy, I need you.” I smirked, leaning over to do the clasp, and letting him continue.

                He twirled the tie around in his hands. “Can you do this too?”

                I tied the tie for him, feeling relief that my baby is still a baby.

                His shoes were slip-ons, so there was no problem there.

                Jasper came in right then. “Let’s go, let’s go, Aidan. Uncle Emmett’s around the corner.” Aidan just about jumped out of his skin, and ran out the door.

                “Nice work.” I said, standing up from the ground.

                He bowed. “Why thank you.”

                Both Laughing, Jasper took me under his arm and we made our way down the stairs.

                Aidan had his face pressed against the window, desperately waiting for Benjamin. I think he really just wanted a chance to use the fire again, and he figures that Benjamin is going to let him do whatever he wants with it.

                I heard the rumble of Em’s Jeep at just about the same time Aidan did. You would have thought it was Christmas at that point. Aidan jumped up, and ran to me and Jazz, grabbing our hands. He was jumping up and down; excited.

                Emmett walked through the door first, followed by Rose, and then Benjamin. I swooped down to pick up Aidan before he ran over there, and went to give Benjamin an awkward, one handed hug. “Welcome Back.” I laughed, pulling away. “This is my son, Aidan.”

                Benjamin glanced to Jasper, and then back to Aidan. “It’s a long story.” Jasper said, walking up behind us.

                Benjamin laughed. “Well, I’ve got plenty of time to hear it.”


We told Benjamin everything that happened since our anniversary.

He took an interest to Aidan’s story, throwing around questions and comments about everything. The one that really stood out to me was when he asked, “Is he dangerous?” That was when we broke out the topic of Aidan’s gift, and why Benjamin was even here.

He wanted to know if Aidan was too young to learn, but we told him about how he has the whole perfect recall trait, just like us. We told him about the musical talent, and how Aidan seemed to remember everything Jazz taught him instantly.

He also wanted to know if Aidan was flammable like vampires, and I didn’t exactly know what to tell him then. I’d guess so, but you never really know until you try. Benjamin thought he wasn’t flammable if he could make fire appear from his hands.

After learning that Aidan had a gift with fire, Benjamin wanted to see what he could do outside.  “Are you ready to show Benjamin what you showed us, Aidan?”

Aidan nodded his head.

Benjamin, Jasper, Aidan, and I traipsed outside, where Benjamin knelt down in front of my baby. “What did you show your mom and dad, Aidan?”

He held out his hand, just like he did the other night, and the little flame appeared. Benjamin looked up to me. “He can make it appear out of nowhere?” We both nodded, and he seemed shocked.

Benjamin then turned his attention back to the dancing flame. “Can you make it bigger?” He asked Aidan, without making eye contact.

Effortlessly on Aidan’s part, the fire grew taller and taller, until it was bigger than him. Benjamin was at a loss for words. “This kid is definitely ready to learn.”

Aidan grinned really cheesy again, and Benjamin directed the fire away from his hand, and made it spin around in a loose circle, causing Aidan to watch in amazement.

“I can do that?” He asked eying up all of the cool tricks Benjamin was performing.

Benjamin smiled at him. “Little guy, you could one day be better at this stuff than I am.”

Aidan brought the little flame back again, and passed it back in for the between both hands.

Benjamin extinguished his fire, and went closer to Aidan again. “Can you just touch the fire real quick, buddy. I need to see if it hurts you.”

Aidan seemed to really like Benjamin, and decided to do what he asked. When he touched one of his fingers to the tip of the fire, nothing happened.

“Wow kid. You are a valuable weapon.” Benjamin said, looking up to Jazz and I. “I can see why you’re worried about this. Aidan’s in good hands, I’ll teach him what he needs to know.”

Jazz held out his hand, Benjamin shook it. “Thank You…This means a lot to us.”

“Alright, I’m not going to waste any time. I’ll go ahead and teach him the basics right now…He seems pretty enthusiastic about this, so I’ll use that to my advantage.” He smirked at us.

“Is it okay if I watch? I won’t get in the way…” I said, staring at Aidan.

“Go Ahead.”

Jazz gave me a kiss on the forehead. “I’m going to go see if Em and Edward want to go for a quick hunt. I’m feeling…thirsty.”

I smiled at him. “Hurry Back to me.”

He chuckled. “Will do.”

I went and leaned up against the side of the colossal house.

 Benjamin started to talk to Aidan again. “Alright Buddy, I need you to stand normal, and stretch one fist out in front of you, like this.”

Aidan copied his movements exactly, trying to please him. “Good, good. Now show me some fire.” He brought flames to the end of his fist, Benjamin taking some of it for his own stance.

“Now I need you to step forward, and switch hands. Right, left, right.”

Aidan looked puzzled. “Which is which?”

Benjamin laughed. “My mistake.” He shook his right hand, “Right.” Then he shook his left. “Left.”

Aidan copied the movements, shooting blasts of fire with each punch. “Now we’ll add a kick. Right Punch, Left Punch, Right Punch, Kick. Oh, and Aidan, you might want to take off your shoe for this one.”

He slipped the shoe off of his foot, copying the movements Benjamin taught him. I sat there in amazement as he was able to follow the instructions flawlessly; at a two year olds development level. Benjamin seemed to be surprised too as he told Aidan to keep doing it, over and over.

When it came to determination, you could tell he was mine and Jasper’s child. That kid would not stop trying, no matter how many times he fell down, or messed up.

When Aidan got tired and whiney was when Benjamin stopped the lesson. “It’s okay Aidan, you did well today. There’s always later…”

Aidan ran into my arms giving me a really big hug. “Did you see that Mommy?”

“I did baby, you did great.”

“Are you still going to be sad about Aro?”

“I hope not baby boy, I really hope not.”


A/N: This Chapter marked an achievement for Aidan. Benjamin is teaching him skills that he can use to defeat the Volturi, whom Aidan doesn’t even know anything about. Alice is worried because of repeated visions of the Guard, yet there is no time stamp marked for their arrival. Jasper is trying to see past the Volturi to the rest of his life with his family, but he can’t seem to get this out of his head. I hope you enjoyed, even though this chapter was kind of poorly written -_- Bummer

That kid is amazing!

Hahaha! Aidan is a pretty amazing kid!

Chapter 19- Jasper

“If looks could kill…” ~Unknown Artist~

                A hunt was exactly what I needed at the moment, so I was glad my brothers agreed to tag along. I hadn’t been out since two weeks ago when I took Aidan out for his first hunt.


                “Daddy? What do I do?” Aidan asked, his sweet little face held questioning eyes.

                We were in the middle of the forest, staring at a herd of elk who still hadn’t noticed our presence. They were too busy drinking from the little stream that ran between the tree trunks.

                “What do you feel like doing?” I asked him, the blood starting to make my throat burn.

                Aidan brought a hand up to his throat, and pointed to the animals. “How Daddy? How?”

                I stood tall. “Just watch me.”

                Running through the trees, and hopping the creek, I made sure to take down two of the herd, and snapped both of their necks. “Come here Aidan.” I heard his footsteps navigating through the tree trunks.

                He scrunched up his nose. “Ewww. Daddy, they smell bad.”

I laughed at him. “Yeah Aidan, it takes a little while to get used to.”

We went through what to do, and where to bite the animal. “Isn’t biting the animal going to hurt it?” He asked, watching me go to sink my teeth into its neck.

I didn’t want to go into how this is better than sinking teeth into a human; especially not to my barely two year old. “No buddy, they want you to.”

He followed my instruction, and looked a little unsure, but lightened up when his thirst started to disappear.

When he finished he stood, and looked to me. “I like Grandpa’s better.”


                The little flashback made me laugh as I dashed toward the scent of a mountain lion that Em and Edward hadn’t noticed. Sucks for them. I thought to myself, breaking through an opening in the trees. There lied a sleeping lion; great and majestic. I crept up to it quietly, not wanting to disturb the beast, and let my instincts take over.

                I couldn’t be sure of what my hands were doing, but as I sunk my teeth into the animal’s neck, the burn in my throat was almost instantly terminated.

                Pushing the carcass to the side, I stood, and looked around. I could feel people here, and wasn’t sure who it was. “Come on guys,” Looking around in circles, “If this you trying to mess with me…”

                I heard a rustle in the trees and spun around, “Emmett?”

                A big figure stepped out from the woods, which at first resembled my brother. “You had me worried…” I took a closer look at his face, “Felix?”

                Three other figures emerged from the surrounding shrubs, closing in on me. I put my hands out in front of me. “I don’t want any trouble-“

                “Shut up!” Felix said moving closer and closer. I panicked, looking for any way to escape the trap.

                I tried to run around him, but one of the other figures jumped on top of me, pinning my arms to my back as I lied face down against the ground. “Nice Try.” A female voice whispered. Dammit! Jane was with them.

                I struggled against her grip, thinking of Alice and Aidan. She grabbed tighter and tighter onto me, “You’re not going anywhere Jasper. You should just give it up now.” She taunted, pulling me up from the ground into a standing position. Felix, Demetri, and Alec all stood in front of me, Felix being the only one to speak.

                “Do what we say, and you’ll live to see your family again. Fighting will only kill you faster. Got it?”

                I just glared, making him angrier and angrier. “I can’t believe you guys would be sick enough to take me away from my family like this.”

                He snorted. “Yeah, Alice and the mutant child.”

                I clenched both fists, my temper becoming uncontrollable. “What did you call my son?”

                He got up in my face. “You heard me.”

                I started fighting again, trying my hardest to break free and tear his head off. “Alec?” He said lazily, rolling his eyes.

                I already could feel his power creeping in on me, erasing my senses one by one. First my sight went away, and I couldn’t see the hooded figures around me anymore. Then I couldn’t hear their muffled voices, or smell the somewhat familiar scent. The taste of venom in my mouth suddenly disappeared also. Soon, I couldn’t even feel my body anymore.

                Could this be what Hell felt like? Empty, Dark, and Alone? But instead of fire, Flashbacks and Memories with Alice and Aidan tortured me; just knowing that they were in danger, and I couldn’t even warn them.

                There was no way around this; they already know about Aidan.  It’s the only reason for my kidnapping. I wasn’t sure what they could possibly use me for…Hostage? Maybe.

                I really hoped that they’d wait a couple of days until attacking the house; so Benjamin could show Aidan what he needs to do to protect himself. I could stall for them; hold off the guard until they figure out what they need to do.

                Then I remembered; Alice can see this happening- she could protect herself and our son. It didn’t have to end badly. There was still a chance that they could live, and not get slaughtered like I might.

                I kept seeing their faces in my head, and decided that I would do anything just to keep them safe.


                A/N: Sad, Sad, and Sad. The Volturi are here, and are well aware of Aidan. Find out how Alice reacts to Jasper’s abduction in the next chapter!

Oh no, what a catastrophe!  Please update soon!  What will Alice do?


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