The Twilight Saga

this is a story i came up with out of nowhere... i was thinking about the twilight and reading katies imprinted love at the time... so thatx katie for inspiaring me... n its not that good but tell me wat u think... its about seths imprint n it a lil diff... thought id change the titlle a lil... i cnt realy think of a better one...

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chapter 16
as the sun rose over the trees seth and i walked into the house. i was glad edward couldnt read my mind. i couldnt help but think of wat had happened the night before. seth and i had taken our relationship to the next step and was amazing. it was the best night of my life!
"seth please!" i herd edward say. i turned to see seth blush.
"sorry edward." he must have been thinking about last nite aswell. i giggled. it had been amazing.
alice came running over to me, "i need to show u something. seth stay here. ok." and we went running up to her room. she showed me a design drawing of a long white and blue dress. it was gorgeouse!
"do u likeit?" she asked.
"as if u dont no." jasper teased as he left the room. she giggled.
"i love it. but if its going to sit right on my figure ull need to take it in here and here. and put some knotches here so it gathers a bit more." she listened to me and fixed up the drawing to wat id said.
"u no thats perfect. i think thats the best design ive ever come up with." and she put it away. "now bella wants to talk to you. shes going to come up here in a few minutes if u dnt go down now." she giggled as she pushed me out the door.
i walked down the stairs into the sitting room. bella was sitting with jasper on the lounge watching jake n seth having an arm wristling match.
"im playing the winner."emmett luaghed as he came in to the room to.
"come sit with me." bella said moving to make room between her and jasper. i sat down next to them and bella smiled at me. "i still find it wierd looking at ur red eyes. but theyll chage soon." i smiled, carlisle had told me when he had explained there life to me that my eyes would change colour in a couple of months. i was glad. i didnt like the red eyes. they made me to much like the monster that had created me.
"now. ive called angela and asked if it would be ok if jamie stayed here 2nite and 2morrow nite with seth and her mother said yes. he'll be here round six. ok?" i smiled. i was happy jamie was comming but i couldnt be alone with seth 2nite. i thuaghtaboutlast nite again. it was so amazing. i wonted so bad to take seth now. jaspercleared his throwt and kicked my foot.
"sorry jasper." i giggled. he siled and luaghed with me.
"i might go see wat alice is doing before u start on that thuaght again." he said as he got up and left the room.
bella and i both luaghed together.
"hurry up would us. i haven hand a good arm wristling match since bella lost her new born strentgh." emmett said.
"ill play u." i offered. emmett looked at me and grinned. "i m still a new born after all."
"ur on." he luaghed. seth an jake both looked up from there match in anticipation. nessie came out of nowhere and smacked there hands into the floor. "there jake u won now move so i can watch this to." she giggled.
emmett and i got on the floor. emmett put his hand up first. "u ready for this?" he teased.
"oh just try not to brake the floor." i said as i touck his hand. i could feel the pressure of his strenght on my arm. and i was matching it. i as amazed at how strong i was. we stayed on the ground for a few minutes. it was fun to watch emmett almost sweet. but then i got bored. i smiled wickedly at him and his fist hit the ground. emmett huffed andwlked off.
"oh dont be lke that emmett. ill give u a rematch tomorrow." i luaghed. he cae back in the room smilling then.
"and i thuaght it was going to be hard to convice u for a rematch. tommorrow." he winked before walking off to find rose.
jamie would be here in a few hours so esme and i went to set up a room for him. we finished quikly.
i went back dow stairs to the sitting room. seth had not long ago left for patrol and i missed him already. i had to find something to do. i decided to go look for alice. she was out the back near the stream painting. i walked over to her. she smiled.
"theres a canvas over there for u. i already set it up. paint me a pritty picture." she giggled.
i smiled. she had seen me comming. "thanx." i said sittng down. i painted a picture of my house. i missed it so much. when i had finished it seth and jamie came out. i hadnt noticed the time. jamie came running over to me and gave me a huge. "hi." i smiled and huggd him back.
"hi. wow!" he said as he noticed my painting. "that looks just like our old house."
"yes. i miss it. but were going to have some fun tonight. isnt that right?"
"u bet we are." he smiled.
its not the best chapter but its only there to fill in before jane comes into it....
sorry i havn't commented in a while!
Your story is soo great!
I love the idea of seth falling in love!
Please write more soon!!!!!
chapter 17
i sat in the window and watched jamie and seth sleeping. jamie and i had shown seth, jake and nessie how to make nachos. i missed nachos. jamie deared me to try some. it was awefull! they had luaghed at me. i made bella try some to and we luaghed together at our facial expressions. it was a fun night. but soon jamie and seth would wake up and i would have to tell jamie about jane and dametri. i wasnt looking forward to that conversation.
i hered the others down stairs. bella and edward had just come in from there house. i knew carlisle was helping esme put the final touches on jake and nessies house. nessie was still asleep in her room. jake was at his house. edward had made nessie sleep in jakes old room and jake sleep at home untill the house was built for them. i new why. he was such a dad it made me luagh sometimes.
i walked downstairs to say good mornig to the others and see if alice had seen wat would happen tonight.
bella smiled sweetly at me, "good morning. is jamie still sleeping?" she asked.
"morning." i smiled back, " and yes. hes sound asleep."
"dont no how with seth’s snorring." edward joked. i luaghed to, it was SO loude.
alice came dancing down the stairs then followed by jasper, rose n emmett. alice smiled at bella and edward but then her face dropped when she looked at me. i was nervouse now. wat had alice seen?
"no i havent seen anything... im sorry i cnt. the wolves r supposed 2 stay in the trees unless we need them but ur boyfriend comes out to soon... i cnt see anything that happens after janes arival".
edward stiffend and alice shot him a worried glance. did they think i hadnt noticed? i hated it when they didnt tell me something, so did bella.
"ok wat was that?" she asked annoiyed. "u no u cnt hide anything from me n if it has anything 2 do with jamie u shouldnt hide it from lizzy either". she had her mum tone on. it was kinda funny.
"ok. jamie kinda disapears for a few seconds. and the future gets a little fuzzy. im sorry. i cant see wats goin 2 happen. jamie is hidden with the wolves, so i cnt see him, then hes running, then it goes crazy. its like nothing is set. like jane and demetri havent made up there minds or something. i dnt no what is going to happen but there r no set possibilities. its very strange. normaly there r a few different options that could happen depending on wat people deside but its just fuzz." alice blurted out in a bit of a rush.
i was a little confused. i thuaght jamie was going to be in the meadow with us.
"i thuaght it was best if both jamie and lizzy were in the clearing with us?" bella asked repeating my thuaghts.
"well it was. then alice saw jane atacking jamie and thuaght it best if he would hide at first with the wolves and then come out when we had explained the situation. thou we might not bring him out. if we do then we will have 2 promise that jamie be changed like with bella."
i had almost forgotten wat had happend in voltera. edward and carlisle had told me once of wat had happend and the reasons why everyone hated the volturi.
"jamie cnt b seen." i said scared now. "cant he stay here?" i asked franticly.
"no." was all edward said.
"why not?" bella asked a little outragged at the bluntness of his answer.
alice hauff. "becuase if he stays here he will die. i havent seen much but ive seen that. im sorry lizzy but he has to be with the wolves."
i didnt like this. i paced around the room tryin to think of someway he could stay away. alice explained that if we werent with him that jane would come across him and be unable to stop herslf. she wouldnt even think that this boy may be the one shes looking for. every suggestion bella, rose or i made was thwated. it wasnt fair. emmett ofered his services as aguard and jasper said he would help but edward reminded them that alice had seen a chance at fighting demetri and felix might be there. i knew emmett had been waiting fo this for a while and didnt wont to miss it and jasper would have trouble with letting alice go without him. i wasnt happy about this. bella tryd to comfort me but i didnt need a huge. i needed a way to keep jamie safe.
"wats going on?" i jerked my head to the stairs to see jamie half asleep walking over to me. i hadn't even herd him wake i was so busy tryin to think of a way to keep him safe.
i ran straight over to him and hugged him tight. he hugged me back and smiled.
"u no ur boyfriend sounds like a chainsaw or train or something." he joked. every1 luaghed.
"did u sleep well?" i asked him as i stroked his hair.
"u sound like mum." he luaghed. "but yes i m. wats for breakfast?"
"hmmmm. wat would u like?" i asked.
"can i have animal pancakes like u used to make?" he asked, his eyes brightening in anticapation.
"ofcourse." i smiled back at him.
we walked into the kitchen and i turned the oen on and began to make the pancakes.
"sit down jamie theres something we need to talk to yu about." i said as alice, bella and edward came into the room....
PLZ write more soon!
i wonder how he is going to tak eit?
when is seth going to purpose?
Sadness huh?
I'm sorry but it's been so long since you posted and I'm not sure what his whole thing with Demetri and Jane is. What's happening again?
ok... bref summary.... lizzy has the ability to create a shield... its a blue like ellectric current sort of thing... she is able to do alot of things and when jane and demetri comes into it ull see something she hasnt used yet... and jamie will be able to control time when he gets turned... and demetri and jane r comming 2 get jamie... they think lizzy is dead... theres some happiness 2 come in chapter 19 but then the sadness will come into it again after that... k?
K, thanks! =)
chapter 18
jamie listened as he ate his breakfast. he didnt show any sign of fear or anything. i was getting worried. wat did that mean?
"but i wonna be a vampire like us." he said simply.
"no jamie. ive accepted this as my life but u dnt have 2 be cursed like me." i wasnt happy about his response.
"its not a curse." bella disagreed. i shot her a dirty look. she smiled a bit. "if it wasnt for the fact that u were turned into a vampire u never would have meet seth. could u ever see urself without him?" she challenged.
"u cant no that. my cousine is angela. ur friend. i could have ran into him next time i came 2 visite." i spat back.
she smiled. edward put his hand on bellas shoulder. "remember wat it was like for me?" he asked looking deep into her eyes. "i wonted nothing more then to be with u forever but i refused 2 chnge u. i didnt wont 2 take away ur soul. jamie is her brother. could u ever think of doing this 2 ur mother or father?"
shock flew across bellas face and she looked down. "no." she said simply before turning back 2 me. "im sorry but i honestly dont think of this life as a curse. i get 2 be with edward for eternity. i get 2 c my duaghter grow up and never worry about wat would happen to her if i died tomorrow." she smiled sweetly at me and then turned to jamie, "but this isnt something u should think of litely... its a big decition. And 1 u cant make by urself.”
Alice pipped up then, “as long as ur sister dose not wont 2 change u u will not be a vampire. But I cant see for sure as during the conversation 2nite the future goes all fuzzy.”
"fine. but ive decided and i wont 2 be a vampire! it will happen one day even if i have 2 waite until im 50!" jamie announced.
"he sounds a little like u." edward luaghed at bella.
"the difference being that i wasnt going 2 waite till i was 50. that would have been awefull!" bella luaghed as they left the room.
jamie steared at me. "i will not change u. not now not ever. and besides i dont think i would have the restraint to stop once ive tasted ur blood." i looked down slightly ashamed.
"i can waite." was all he said as he got up and left the room 2 get changed.
i was so angry at jamie for wonting this. but he was my brother and i could never stay mad at him. seth came into the room then.
"good morning." he smiled as he kissed me on the check. "so i c uve told jamie and he wonts 2 b a blood sucker?"
"ofcourse he does." nessie said coming throw the door. "his only family is u lizzy. and hes seen how it has changed u. u told me b4 wat u used 2 b like. u were a real rebel remember. and im sure he remembers 2. and being here, seeing our family and the wolves. ofcourse he wonts in on it." she came over 2 me and hugged me tight. "i no u dnt wont 2 change him but hes not going 2 let it go. im no alice but it is obviouse."
"i no, i no." i said as seth toock my hand. "but i will not change him!"
jamie came back in then. "so wat r we doing untill 2nite?" he said all bouncy.
i couldnt help myself. i had 2 luagh at his pure happiness. "im taking u and ur sister 2 the beach." seth piped up. jamie beamed. he hadnt been 2 the beach since he was 8.
"ill get my swimmers he called as he ran out of the room." and we all luaghed.
i had 2 admitt i was excitted 2. but also nervouse. "but people will notice my skin in the sun." i said.
"i asked alice if it would be ok, she said it would b overcast enough for u to go and that there would be hardly any1 there. so itll b fine."
"ok." i beamed. "alice do i have bakinis?" i said just as she came dancing into the room. i luaghed at her as she took my hand and we went flying up the stairs.
"i got u this." she said as she pulled out a purple one piece suite that was to die for. purple was seths favourite colour on me and she often bought purple clothes for me when i needed to look my best.
i looked at her supiciously as i asked, "wats so special that i need a deep purple?" she smiled at me and pulled out a dress, some sunnies, a hat and some dressy thongs for me to wear.
"i wont u to look good. ull thank me when u get home. now hurry up and get changed before seth losses his nerve." and with that she went dancing out of my room luaghing. i hated when she did that. ill b thinking of reasons why she dressed me up a bit the whole time now. i dressed in seconds and was down the stairs just as fast. seths eyes nearly poped out of his head when he saw me. i gigled a little completly flattered.
"wwwooooo!!!" jamie exclaimed as seth and i walked out of the house. he was already waiting by the car ofcourse. "u look so pritty lizzy. why so dressed up?"
"alice." seth stiffened next to me. "but she didnt say anything, which ofcourse i hate when she does that." seth breathed a sigh of relief and opened the passenger door for me.
as we drove off alice, jasper, bella and edward came outside. alice wispered something to bella and she laughed, 'thats where nessie, jake and esme went then" it looked like she said. this was realy starting 2 anoiy me. and it wasnt fair that i wasnt allowed to drive either. seth drove so slow. i hated it almost as much as alice keeping secrets.
He's gonna propose isn't he?
Oooo, can't wait for more!!!!
hay guys... my net was off 4 a while but the next chapter will b up asap... sorry 4 the delay... ill let u no as soon as its up... :D
chapter 19
seth drove as fast as he could whilst still driving slow enough 2 realy anoiy me. the whole time he kept looking over at me from the corner of his eye. it seemed the closser we got the more nervouse he was. we came to the beach but didnt stop. seth drove strat past.
"wats going on?" jamie asked anoiyed, "i thuaght we were going to the beach."
"we will. but first theres something i wont to show ur sister." he said without looking at me. i steared at him in confusion.
we came to the track that led to the cliffs and i could see nessie and esme up near the cliff face.
"wait a few minutes then follow us." seth said to me as he grabbed jamie and they ran up ahead. then it hit me.
the reason why alice dressed me in seths faveourite colour on me. why she wouldnt tell me anything. why seth was so nervouse. this was it. he was going to propose!
i started to hyperventilate. it was odd. i was so nervouse but i knew i would say yes. why in the world would i say no? but i was still nervouse. i tryd to steady myself as i got out of the car. this wasnt good. i could bearly stand. how was i going 2 walk 2 where seth was? then i heard nessies luagh and looked to my right as she came out of the trees. she took my hand and said, "ill help u." i grabbed her hand expecting her to just hold me up but then her hands were over my eyes.
"sorry but seth wonts u to get the full force of this when u get there and not before. hes done a good job. alice wonted to help but he wouldnt let her. he said it was something he had to do himself." as she led me up the path i felt a little silly that it took me so long to figure out wat was happening.
nessie stopped me and turned me to face towards the cliff edge.
"ready?" she wishpered in my ear.
"mhm." was all i could manage.
she dropped her hands and i opened my eyes to see seth standing in a open collared suit shirt and dressy jeans in a newly buil gazebo. He was smiled nervousely at me and held out his hand. The base of the gazebo was surrounded by wild flowers and roses which ran up the sides and over the roof. Fairy lights were strung across the roof and hung down the sides a bit. I went to walk up the two small steps and tripped, I was so nervouse, into seths arms.
“u honestly are the clumsiest vampire ive ever meet.’ He laughed still nervouse but it helped ease my nerves a bit.
"i thuaght about taking u to dinner, about taking u on a cruse, taking u to parris and so many different things to say to u." he looke down and figeted with his hands. then he looked up at me throw his eye lashes. "i decided on something simple." he took my hands in his and i could bearly breathe.
“Every time our eyes meet. This feeling inside me is almost more than I can take. The smell of your skin, the taste of ur kiss, the way u say my name. you touch every place in my heart. It feels like the first time, everytime I c you. Im greatefull for each day u give me. U are my shield. I feel so secure when were together. U give my life direction. When I meet u it was like I was awakened. I wont to hold u in my arms forever. I wont to spend the rest of my life with you. Ur everything I need and more. u hit me like a ray of sun burning throu the darkest night. ur the only one i wont and im addicted to u. Will u marry me?”
I almost couldn’t breathe. I just steared. I was so happy. There was a million things I wanted to say at that moment.
“liz?” seth asked nervous and a little scared.
“ofcourse ill marry u. I love u with all my heart and I cant imagine my life without you.” And I throw my arms around him and kissed him with so much passion we could have exploded. Camera flashes went off around us and I herd Jamie, Emmett, and Jacob cheer, hoot and whistle. I was so happy!
By the time I looked around it was just Seth, Jamie, Nessie, Jacob and me left. Ness came up and hugged me and Jacob patted seth on the back. Jamie gave me a huge then ran over to the cliffs, he loved them and it was just sunrise now so they looked absolutely gorgeouse.
“discusting.” Said a voice that came out of nowhere.
“but do you smell that?” asked a little girls vice. “absolutely devine!”
“he nos to much, we cant allow him to live.” Replied the mans voice. And before I could even blink she was on him. Jamies screams echod throw the trees. Seth lunged for the girl but the man got him. Jacob was on him within seconds. Nessie ran at the girl, “Jane!” she screamed with pure hatred. She hit into Jane and Jamie. She had Jane pinned to the ground and Jamie feel, his eyes rlling back into his head, I could see the pain in his face. The venom was spreding already.
I ran to him as fast as I could but he was already off the edge before I could get there.
“no” I whispered.


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