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Contuination Of Imprinted Love. Story about How all the werewolfs fall in Love and Imprint..



Seth & Hailey"



Imprinted Love
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Seth & Hailey's Poem In there Views.

I smelled that scent
The one that had been close to me forever...

Until that day
When you refused me and my heart...

I hoped to see you again,
but I couldn't,
knowing that it would hurt us both...

I came to see you,
to beg infront of you for the one thing I needed more than air...

I betrayed both of us, even though you didn't know...
I saw your happiness when you were with the other
I shattered when I saw your glowing face
The face that used to be mine...

I cry for you every day, every night...
I think of you every day, every night...
Please come back to me...
My only love.

Hailey's Poem
I understood now,
I had missed it the whole time.
This mistake had killed,
Not only my heart but another.
Another person,
Which had been so close to me,
And understood me in my most confusing time,
And came close to me when others shied away.
I saw the beautiful face,
Which I used to stroke,
Which I used to kiss,
Now to be clawed at by my foolishness.
He was going to die because of me,
My only true love,
My only Seth.
Would I ever forgive myself?
No, I never could.

& Rose
We were made for each other

Imprinted Lovee

I will only want you

I love you, Its inevitable

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Chapter 100 Page 73
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Chapter 109 Page 93 again.
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oh my gosh....i love your story...& please do continue....i know everybody whos reading ur story will olweiz rem. those chapters that got dont worry...ur story is really great!!!
Chapter one


It was friday night. it was Nessie birthday.
She was my best friend. Of course I wanted her so much more than life itself. But I was just her best friend for as long as she would need me. I would be anything she wanted me to be. I loved her beyound power. But I knew the word love could never express my true feelings for her, there hadn't been a word made yet to describe my feelings twards the beautiful and magnificant Renesme Cullen.

I stood calmly beside Bella Cullen at the end of the stairs waiting for Nessie to make her entrance to the cullen family waiting below. Alice was upstair with Nessie getting her ready. The music was extremly loud and the lights were like a disco. There was presents gather on a table by the window. All for nessie. My present stood out from the rest. Small under the ones from Edward and Bella. I really didn't know what to get nessie. She already had me if she wanted me. Of course she had know Idea that I loved her beyoud words. I dreaded the day when I would have to tell her. If she didn't want me like the way I wanted her I didn't know what I would do. I taugh about it all the time. I could never truly imagine the pain that would pulsate through my body if she didn't want me.

In a blink of an eye there she was. Bella grabbed my arm to keep me from smacking off the ground in shock. Nessie smiled at me from the top of the stairs. She was holding Alices hand. She looked so alluring. I heard Edward whisper something to Bella and Bella grip tighten around my arm.
"Sorry", I whispered to Bella almost embarrassed that I wanted her daughter so much.
Nessie was wearing a short knee lenght white dress. Her shin was radiant and it sparkled so beautifully. She walked slowly and carefully down the stair case and over to me and Bella.
Bella grip tighten on me as I was practially drowling. Nessie smiled and gave me a huge hug. I inhaled her beautiful aroma. I cleared my mind of all feelings for her and remember that I was her best friend and that what she needed me to be.
"Happy birthday Nessie", I smiled at her. She huged me tighter.
"Thanks Jake, I'm so glad you came". her voice was so sweet. What sick mind brought this on me. Why did she do these things to me. I was glad I had bella's vampire strong grip holding me back. It kinda hurt but I ignored it. The erge to pull her closer to me was so close to captivating myself. I exhaled deeply and smiled sweetly at Nessie. Sixteen she was.She was finally the same age as me. According to Carlise prodictions she would stop aging at 16 like me. The most beautiful creature on earth. Her bronze hair hung sweetly down her creamy face. She smiled so sweetly at me.
Emmet whistled flirtiously at Nessie and we all laughed. The mood in the room lightened and all the Cullen started dancing. Edward and Bella started dancing and laughing in the middle of the dance floor Alice had made by pushing all the furniture aside. I danced with Nessie most of the night. My taughts ran wild of how much I wanted her. Edwards eyes were hard on me all night. Everytime I passed him I said sorry but he just hoofed. Unwhillingly I kept my body inches away from Nessie while dancing. But she always moved closer when I moved away. it was so hard to resist her.
Alice turned down the music and called the Cullens and myself to attention.
"Present time", Alice laughed. We all made are way over to the kitchen. I saw the tabe with the 20 odd huge present on by the window.
"Mine first", Alice danced over to the table and gave Nessie who was standing close beside me her present.
Nessie ripped off the paper quickly. Alice had got her a beautiful green tunic. It was quiet revaling. I fantasized what she would look like in the new top until Edward nodged me.
"Sorry", i taught. Edward huffed. He wasn't happy with my taught about Nessie. I couldn't keep them secret like I used to be able to. Nessie had grown up so much my mind went wild when I was around her.
All the Cullens each gave there presents to Renesme. They were already back on the dancefloor. Me and Nessie were still standing in the kitchen with one present left on the table. Mine. Nessie grabbed it and smiled.
"Is this from you?", she smiled. She looked so much more eager to open my present then her mom or dads. My present was tiny in a small box. She ripped open the cheap wrapping I had on the box in secounds and took out the necklace I had in the box.
"Oh Jake", she smiled in astonishment. I carefully took necklace from her and opened it at the side. There was a picture of me and Nessie inside it. She gasped. She grabbed it back from and looked at the picture. She wrapped her arms around me.
"Oh Jake, I love it". I love you I taught. I wrapped my arms tight around her waist. I took it a bit far and kissed her on the cheek. When she pulled back she was blushing. But she didn't run away she stood there smiling at me. It was time. What a better time to tell her the truth about how I feel then now.
"Come on. We need to talk", I took her hand in mine and led her twards the door. She smiled sweetly at me.
"Okay". Her hand was so soft in mine. Love was all I could feel. Love for one thing and one thing only. Her.

Chapter 2
Renesmee's Point Of view

"I'm Just going for a walk with Jake dad. Stall. I wont be long. Love you", i taught to my dad. I knew he could hear me. Jake phased quickly beside me and started to run. I followed quickly behind him. He ran very fast I almost had to follow his scent to keep up. Finally he came to a stop at a cliff edge by La push. I hadn't realised we had crossed the boder. He phased back to human quickly and sat at the very edge of the cliff looking down twards the water.

I slowed my pace and came up behind him and sat beside him in the edge. The water below us smashed into the cliffs edge. Jake sighed. I placed my hand on his and twinded my finger through his. This was normal for us. He was my best friend. But I could tell something was bothering him and I didn't like it.
"Jacob, Whats wrong?", I asked.
He turned sideways and faced me. His fingers were tight around mine.
" I haven't been true to you", he said almost ashamed.
"What do you mean Jake?". I asked. He placed his other hand over out intwinded hands.
"You are my best friend you know that right?", I almost jumped at the taught.
"And you are mine of course. I love you jake", I smiled I loved him as my best friend. He was so amazing.
"I love you too", he said but with a different tone.
"But Ness, I really love you. So much", his touched his finger to the line of my jaw.
"I..I...", I was speech less a new feeling hit me like a brick wall. Did I want him? Did I love Jake?, This new feeling was nice. I hadn't realised Jakes muscular stomach and six pack and his beautiful face and eyes until now. He suddenly looked amazlying beautiful. All I could do was smile. I realised then I did Love Jake. I had all along. All my life I had loved him but until now I had just realised it.
"If you don't want me I can go. Away. And I wont bother you again. All that matters is your happy. Thats All I want for you", his voice was almost a cry.
Suddenly I screamed and tighten my grip around him.
"No!", I screamed at Jake. He laughed at me and huged me so tight.
"You don't know how long I've waited for you", he whispered in my ear", I felt Jake pull back and his eyes meet mine. He was leaning in to kiss me. I was in shock. I hadn't ever thought about kissing Jake. But suddenly I wanted to. So much.
"Do you want me?", I asked Jacob. Jake laughed again with his childish laugh.
"Who wouldn't?", he laughed again.
"Then catch me", I whispered in his ear. An in a secound I was racing through the forest a top speed. I heard Jake phase and he was howling and laughing chasing after me. I ran twice as fast back to the forest surrounding the house. Suddenly I slowed because Jake wasn't behind me I looked around for him. The he sudden jumped out of no where and the wolf jake knocked me to the ground. I laughed loudly and tried to push jake off me. Jake phased and smiled on top of me.
"Wow you don't know what you doing to me in that dress. You make me want you beyound beilf" he laughed.
"I realised something today Jake. Something that took 16 years of my life to realise". My voice was serious.
Jake smiled " And what was that?".
I kissed his cheek and winked.
"I love you".

Jakes bottom lip began to tremble and he moved away from me and buried his head into his knees. I wrapped my arms around his neck from behind in an instant.
"Please Jake, What?, What did I say?. I'm sorry". was all I could say. Jake snapped up and grabbed me and pushed me back down onto the ground.
"Don't ever say your sorry. Nessie. I'm not mad. I...I...have waited so long to hear those words from your mouth. I..Love you so much Renesmee. I'll never leave you. Ever".
I grabbed Jakes face and pushed him over so I was on top. I smiled and winked at him. I carefully met his lips. It was like an electric shock I pulled away quickly and gasped.
"Sorry. I..Ness?", was all Jake could say.
"Mmm", I laughed. I wanted more of Jake.
"More", I gigled.
My lips met Jakes again and his hands moved all over me so softly. I nearly rip his hair out with passion. He was laughing and trying to kiss me at the same time. I moved my hands down to the end off his pants and began to take them off.
"Careful Ness", he kissed me.
"If we do..., I wouldn't stop thinking about it and I'm sure your dad wouldn't be too happy", I pouted.
"Please?", I begged. "I want you so bad",I was shocked at how much I did want him.
"Ughh, Dont tease me Ness. I can't resist you love".
I traced my tounge onlong his lips and in his mouth. Jake moved down my neck and started kissing me all over. I was getting my way. Untill Jake pulled away. I pulled him closer again and he started kissing me again. He pushed me over until he was on top. He started to move his hand up the side of my leg. Suddenly there was a loud bang and I opened my eyes to see Edward standing firecly over me. I searched for Jake. I saw him in the distance. My dad had thrown him through a few tree thrunks.
"Dad No!" I screamed as edward ran towards Jake ready to kill.
"Dad No, I love him", Edward stopped in his tracks and faced me. His eyes were hard. Painful.
"I love him" i taught.
Chapter four
Jacobs point of View

I scanned through Seths mind searching for the reason we were in trouble and there it was. A new scent. East of the clearing to the Cullens house. It was a new vampire. Or many more than one. Had the Cullens known about this? and not told me prehaps?
"Does Sam know?", i asked Seth. I was aware of Nessie looking frayed and scared on the ground. She was a mess. I felt like an animal. More than I already was.
"Yeah he was the one who pick up the scent on patrol. Jake he's scared that your not around that much anymore. He's afriad your in danger". Seths voice was sad. I could tell he kinda missed me too.

"I no Seth, miss you too bro. It's just her". I looked over to Renesmee who was shivvering on the ground. She smiled up at me. I ran over to her and covered her body with my warm wolf fur. She looked so tired. I breathed my hot air on her and she driffted into a sleep. I touched my paw to her head. Images of what had happened and me filled her head. I smiled.
I looked back towards Seth eagerly waiting for me to say something more.
"Look Seth, you haven't imprinted yet when you do. This will all make sense. She's everything to me. I can't ever leave her". Seth stepped back a few feet.
"I'll talk to the cullen's okay?, you tell Sam i'll be in touch", i said.
Seth was ready to run away. He was only a child. fourteen. Frozen forever at fourteen. It was good he could pass for eighteen.
"Sure thing bro, I'll tell Sam. By the way. It's coming close to the time where Embry's little bro will change. Few months now and he'll be one of us". I had totally forgot about Ethan. Embry's brother was fourteen. Since Nessie was a vampire. It was in a legends that he would change if the vampire number in forks rose and it had by one. Even though we didn't need Ethan. This was his future. Immortalilty.
" about that. I'll be around for that one promise". Seths legs quivered.

"I miss you bro", Seth launched back twards La push. I watched his mind he was clearing distances very fast.
"Miss you too. Friend", I phased and wrapped my body more evently around Nessie.

I placed her hand on my head and watched her dreams for a while. All of me. Every image that filled her head was of me. I couldn't helo but smile. I kissed her softly. She moved closer to me and contuined to dream. I felt it was no longer safe in the forest. I picked up Ness and walked back to the cullen house. Before I walked in the door I tryed to fix her hair and dress so I wouldn't look like a savage. I smoothed my finger through her hair. She smiled sweetly in her sleep.

I walked in the door to hear gasping.
"It's okay she just tired", i said to the Cullen family who were all standing angry stroke at me.
Emmet started laughing loudly.
"Wore her out did ya Jake", he whistled loudly at me and winked. All the Cullens laughed except Edward. His eyes were hard on mine. Reading my mind I had guessed. I tryed so hard not to think about last night but, how can you not think about the best thing ever?.
" I was careful with her, I didn't hurt her i taught knowing edward could hear me.
He inclinded his eyes towards Nessie's hair and dress. I was embarrassed about the way she looked.
" It's hard to resist, you should know that from experience", I knew Edward couldn't lie about that. He nodded at me. I was saved. I nearly collapsed in relief. I would have if I wasn't carring a angel.
I ran up to Ness's room and placed her in the bed. I covered her with the duvet. For a mintue I jumped in the bed beside her. I drew circles on her cheek with my finger. I brushed my lips along her neck and up her jaw line.
"I love you", I whispered in her ear. I felt her hand run up my back. I shivered. She was awake. I stared into her choclate brown eyes. She moved her hands all over me. Resisting was futile. Her lips were on mine. Suddenly my hand was running up the side of her leg again. I traced my tounge along her bottom lip. she laughed and grabbed me closer. My hands were all over her. Until I pulled away.
"Your familys down below they will hear us", i tryed to sound serious but I wanted her so bad.
"So?", she laughed and kissed me again. Steam was running off my body and I was roasting Nessie's. Her breathing was heavy from my heat.
"Your too hot", I tried stepping out of the bed reluctantly. But she grabbed me tight. Sweat was rolling over her skin.
"I don't care", she puffed out. The heat was making her weak. I pushed her hands down on the bed and kissed her pretending I was giving in. When she left go of my grip I jumped of her and grabbed her quickly. I ran to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and left her in it.
I was in shock of at what happened next I had never seen it before in my life.
"Jake Whats Happening?", she mumbled
Chapter Five
Renesmee Point of View

I woke up in bed. Jake was tracing circles on my cheek. His lips were kissing my neck and jaw. They were so soft and smooth. It was nice to think that he taught I was still asleep.
"I love you", he whispered in my ear. His breath was so even, so alluring. I moved my hand up his back. It was so warm and soft. He gazed into my eyes. I started back into his eyes. So breathtaking. I found my self draging him closer as my hands moved all over his muscular body. My lips were moving with his in secounds. I was so happy when I felt his warm hand move up the side of my leg like before. His tasteful tounge traced my bottom lip. I screamed out a laught and dragged Jakes amazing body closer to me. I was filled with pure Joy when Jakes hands were all over me. I felt so happy. Until he pulled away. I pouted.

"Your familys down below they will hear us". I could hardly focus on what he was saying. I was aware that My family was downstairs but I didn't care one bit.

"So?", I laughed and kissed him again. To think I had wasted all these years not kissing Jake and he wanted me all this time. How could I have been so blind.

Steam was pooring out of Jakes body. Suddenly I felt a rush of heat in my stomach it burned like hotwater being poured over me. I didn't care I wanted Jacob.

"Your too hot", he moaned. Jacob was getting out of bed when I grabbed him. A little more powerful then I would have imagined. I think I hurt him.

"I don't care", I managed to puff out. I felt like fainting with the heat. It burned in my stomach only.

Sweat was all over me. My breathing was all wrong. I felt weak. But I knew I wanted Jake. He pushed down my hands on the bed and kissed me all over. I left go of my grip on him. In s split secound I looked and I was in the shower. He turned on the water. But something happened I had never seen anything like it before.
"Jake Whats Happening?", I asked. I was terrified. Jake stood in the shower with me. His mouth hung open. I was screaming in pain as the water ran over me. Most of the water disappeared the secound it touched my body. The heat had obsurbed it. The rest of the water boiled when it touched my body. Jake turned the water to ice cold but it still boiled and bubbled when it touched my body.

"CARILSE", Jacob screamed and it echo throughout the Cullen house. I heard everyone downstairs freeze. But suddendly Edward bursted through the bathroom door. It wasn't the best sight for you father to see. I was half nacked in the shower with jake in his boxers. But Jake didn't take any notice to Edward. He stayed frozen staring at me.

Then carilse came in the door. He stared at me in shock as the water disappeared as it touched my body.
"Jacob?", he asked.
"We were just... then... she...?", Jakes face was painful to look at. He slided down the side of the shower and buried his face into his knee's. I reached down and touched Jakes arm. In the same secound Jake was out of the shower and agaisnt the wall. He was screaming in pain and holding his arm.
"What?", I screamed at him.
"You burned my arm Ness", he left go of his arm and my finger marks were incarved on his skin. It faded away slowly with his quick werewolf healing. All the cullens stood in the bathroom staring at me.
"Carilse?", My dad voice was hard. But My mothers eyes scared me. They were hard on me. She smiled.
I ran out of the shower and straight to the toliet. I inclinded my head over the toliet seat and got sick. I was aware of the whole family staring at me throwing up. Alice, Jasper, Emmet and rose backed out of the room and waited outside the door.
Edward had his hand on my forhead. It cooled me for a secound but he had to remove it with the heat.
"Dad I'm scared". My dad faced Mom. My mom was still smiling at me.
"Edward No!", Jake and Bella dived at Edward and held him back agaisnt the wall.

Chapter Six
Jacobs Point of view.

I couldn't focus my mind. Nessie was burning to death. Carlise was asking me for answer but anything I said came out blured.
"We were just... then... she...?", My face slipped into agony. I left my body slide down the side of the shower. I buried my face into my knees. I taught I was going to cry. Hurting Nessie was one thing I didn't want to do. Now because of me she was burning. I left myself go when suddenly I felt heat melting the skin on my arm. I jumped back out of the shower and was agaisnt the wall screaming in secounds. I could feel the heat burning through each lair of my skin.

Ness hesistated.
"What?", she suddenly screamed.
"Your burned my arm Ness", was all I could say. I left go of my arm and the finger marks faded away. My quick healing came in handy. I was now joined in the group of Cullens who were staring at renesmee in the shower. She looked so beautiful but in pain. The pain I had caused her. She was so fragile. First time I had ever seen a vunrable vampire. Something else scared me the most. Bella stood beside me smiling all the time at her daughter.

"Carilse?", Edward was ready to break down. Bella stayed smiling at Ness. I was totally confused.
Suddenly Nessie Jumped out of the shower and threw herself infront of the toliet and began getting sick. I was terrified. I was extremly mad at bella all she did was smile.
Edward placed his hand on Ness's forhead but removed it quickly. I was shocked to see it burned his ice cold skin.

"Dad I'm Scared", Ness said. It seemed like something snapped in Edwards head cause suddenly he looked like he was going to kill Nessie. Angry enraged throught my body. If he touched her I was going to murder him. Something I had wanted to do. for a while. Suddenly he began to run.
I heard Bella Scream.
"Edward No!", Myself and Bella grabbed Edward and rammed him into the bathroom wall. He ragged and tryed to break free but bella and I were stronger than him put together. Or I guessed he would never hurt Bella.
"Stop this Now!" I had never heard Bella talk like that to Edward. But Edward froze solid. He put his hands on Bella's face.
"I am so sorry", Bella nodded towards Edward.
Nessie contuined to throw up into the toilet. She moaned with pain. I ran over to her side at once.
"Jake", she moaned. It looked like the heat was ripping her apart how was that possible?.
"My stomach is killing me" Edwards gasped behind me.
I found myself out side in secounds. Edward had rammed me through the bathroom window.
"I will kill you mongrel", Edward picked me up and threw me back down on the ground. I heard a snap. My arm.

"Stop Dad. What are you doing?", Nessie cryed out from the broken window of the Cullen house. Edward stopped suddenly almost realising what he had done. I held my arm still untill it healed back into place. I had no idea what was going on. Nothing made sense.
I looked at Edward he was falling apart. I had only ever seen him look like that once before.
"Nooo!", I cried out. My screams of pain echoed throught the forest. My face looked the same as Edwards. I couldn't beilve what I had just done. I knew why Bella was smiling.
Why she was still smiling looking down at me now.
"What have you done?", Edward whispred to me.

Chapter Seven
Jacob Point Of View

I let myself fall down to the ground. I couldn't beilve I had done it to renesmee. I had watched Bella almost die from being pregant and now I had done it to the one preson I swore I would never hurt. I was a monster. I should be sliced up and killed. I should of let Edward kill me. Hmm?

Nessie turned back and I herd her get sick again. I looked towards edward.
"Please. Kill me". I wanted to die for what I was going to put renesmee through.
"I wish I could", edward said threw his teeth. I wished so badly that he could kill me but I was sure he would never want to hurt Nessie or Bella.
Edward and I jumped back in the bathroom window to see Nessie on the ground breathing heavy.
Carilse was hesitive in the corner.
"We need to get her downstairs now". I knew if I touch Nessie it would burn me but I didn't care. I picked up Renesmee and ran downstairs with her. Her heat burned through my skin but I didn't care. I would of held her close for days. just to be close to her. I kissed her softly.
"I'm so sorry", I whispered in her ear. I placed her down on the sofa. She looked mad. The cullens gathered around her. Rose and Bella were smiling.
"Can someone please tell me whats going on?", she asked only asking me.
"Jake whats wrong?", How could I keep this from her there was no way. But what was it ? A vampire? Like she was in Bella stomach. Will it hurt her? I didn't know any of these answers
"I've done something terrible. But don't worry we will get it out at once" Suddenly Ness didn't no what to do.
"What?, get what out of me? JAKE?", she screamed. there was no other way to say it.
"Your pregant Renesmee. I'm so sorry" Then the worse thing imagineable happened. She smiled.
"Edward" I screamed. But before I could Edward was already screaming as Bella and Rose took there position protectivly infront of renesmee.
"Nooo!. Bella?" I pleaded. She just smiled at me. No I taught. It was going to happened again. What if she died. Edward was motionless. Alice was also smiling. Jaspers face was hard probally feeling all the emotion in the room. Carilse was confused.
"But is it the same?" Carilse asked
Chapter Eight
Jacob Point of View

Was it the same?. I looked towards Edward. He felt pain but nothing could ever meaurse to the amount of burning that pulsated through my body.
"Edward?", My voice was hard and I was thinking of things we could do to get that thing out of her before it killed my Ness.
"We can't do anything Jacob. I guess your going to find out how I felt when this was happening to Bella". Edward
Alice and Emse sat at the kitchen table obsuring the scene infront of them. Rose and Bella stayed infront of Nessie who was shivering on the sofa.
Carilse was beside Nessie examing her elegant body.
"Her tempature is gone? but now she's really cold", Carilse was a doctor but this scared him.
"Jasper?, Emmet lets go research". Jasper and Emmet followed Carilse to the computer.
"She's cold", I pushed pasted rose who grabed me and slamed me into the wall.
"Aunty Rose Stop. It's okay". Ness said. Rose growled at me. But Bella was the one who was really annoying me. She never stopped smiling. What was she so happy about.
I ran over to nessie and cradled her in my grip. She was like hugging an ice pack. I shivered but felt her body warm up with mine.
"That feels nice Jake.Thank you". I was so mad at her for wanted this.
"You can't do this Ness. You..could..die" My voice was breaking. Only air was leaving my mouth.
She smiled at me.
"Don't be silly Jake. I am strong. Like my mother". Ness smiled at bella who was still smiling. Always smiling stupidly.
"I..can't lose you Ness". I taught about it. Losing ness. Her dieing. If she died in the same secound I would have the Cullen brothers kill me and I was sure edward would love that after all the pain I had caused him all these years.
"I'm here Jacob. I'm here". she was here. But for how long? What were the pack going to think about this?. The main answer I needed to know was What was it?

Renesmee Point of view.

But is it the same I taught. Is it the same as me when I was growing inside my mothers stomach. Is it the same, reapeated in my head. What if it wasn't?, What if it was something else.
"Edward?", Jakes voice was anger struck towards my father.
"We can't do anything Jacob. I guess your going to find out how I felt when this was happening to Bella". Dad let the room.
Rose and My mom stood infront of me protecting me and the new little person inside me. I blushed.
Carilse was examing Me.
"Her tempature is gone? but now she's really cold", his voice was so beyound confused.
"Jasper?, Emmet lets go research". Jasper and Em followed Carilse to the computer.

"She's cold". Jake pushed his way towards me. I smiled waiting to feel him agaisnt me. But rose got in the way and threw him agaisnt the wall
"Aunty Rose It's okay". Rose stopped but glared at jake. Jake ran over to me and grabbed me tight agaisnt his warm body. I felt him shiver as my body touched his. It felt so warm. I was cradled in the arms of my lover. I giggled in my head when I remember part of him was now inside me and I loved that feeling.
"That feels nice Jake. Thank you" I smiled up at him.
"You can't do this Ness. You..could..die" It hurt when he said that. His eyes were hard on mine. He was dieing inside.
"I..can't lose you Ness". Jacob was deep in taught. I taught about the pain I would feel If something ever happened to Jacob. It hurt so bad. The burning in my stomach was slowly coming back. I ignored it.
I wanted to sooth Jakes pain.
"I'm here Jake. I'm here". Jake was trembling shaking all over. I was scared. But I wouldn't let on. Only My dad would no what I was thinking.
Don't let jake know I taught towards dad

Chapter Nine
Jacobs Point of View

It was getting dark. I carried Renesmee up to my room for a change. I new Edward didn't really like the Idea of me and Ness being alone after I had went on got her pregant but I wasn't leaving her alone. Rose and Bella said that If they heard one wrong move they were coming up. Probally protecting that thing. Ness was already asleep. I laid in the bed with her. Her dreams were filled with the image of her child. A Small smily girl with curly brown hair. My face but of course her mothers choclate brown eyes. Ice cold pale white skin. A vampire child. And I would be the father.
A father me? i taught. I smiled. I wish there was no werewolfs no vampires. Just me and her in reailty. Where our child could be normal not cursed to a life of imortalilty. Where our body could change grow old. I pictured myself holding Nessie hand watching our grandchildren running around. I winced. That could never happen.

I can't age. Either can Ness. But we can die. Ness was already dieing. It was only a matter of time. Before,- I was alone.

Something changed in Nessie dream's.


Renesmee Point of View

I was aware of Jake carring me up the stairs. I faked being asleep so he wouldn't talk me out of giving birth to an angel.
I was also aware of my father pacing in a nearby room. Carilse Uncle Em and Uncle Jazz was still on the computer. I was pretty sure they were researching a half vampire getting pregant with a werewolf. Goodluck I taught. My family were the only ones of our kind that had mixed with the werewolf secret. I might have mixed to far.

I wondered where Jake was taking me when he passed my bedroom. He walked into his room and placed me on his bed. I liked the way he had moved in. His bed smelt so sweet. My eyes were slightly heavy. With Jakes warm grib around me the burning stopped in my stomach. I drifted asleep.

There she was. Small beautiful radiante. My child. Our child. She smiled sweetly at me. her beautiful white teeth. Her long curly brown hair like her fathers. Jake a father. Loved him beyound words. We were truly connected now. A family.
She had my mothers and my eyes. Choclate brown. Her beautiful skin was pale white and ice cold. She sparkled.
She was always smiling at me. I loved her. I would Even if she killed me.

Then she changed. Everything changed. I was awake

"Noo!" I heard Jake scream.

Chapter Ten
Jacobs Point of View

I pulled Nessie hand off my head at once. Her dream terrified me. Renesmee was awake. She looked shocked at first but then she smiled. What the Hell was she smiling about.

Edward burst throught the door his eyes on me. He was in croahing position ready to kill.

"Dad" she howled at him. He stood up straight and bowed his head towards Renesmee.

I flinched remmebering what I had seen.
"Edward?", I whispered. I stood there remmbering the image of my daughter. Beautful at first but then..she...changed. I shivered franticly. I was for once. Cold.

Edward looked at Me then back at Ness. Alice was at the door. Her face was broken .
"Edward?", she also whispered in the same tone as me.
My heart was bounding. Ness was smiling looking up at me. Even throught all the fuss she still looked amazing. I winked at her and smiled. She smiled back. But I couldn't be happy for too long. I was truly dying inside

"Edward please Help me. See what I saw". I didn't feel like getting help from a bloodsucker but he was the only person who would agree that this was worse than anything imaginable. Worse than Bella's pregant days.

Edward ran over to renesmee on my bed. His lifted up her top. There was a bump.
"What? How? One night?", I screamed. That thing was growing faster than Bella's.
Edward rubbed his hand over the slight bump. Nessie smiled. She placed her hand on Edwards head. Edward closed his eyes. I'm guessing he was watching the dream Nessie had had.
With a flicker on my eye lash Edward was on the otherside of the room. His head in his knees. His breathing was uneven for a vampire.
"Alice?. What have you seen?", he asked.
"I'm trying Edward but its all a blur".

He jumped up. I watched him as he looked like he was going to melt. He focused on Nessie really hard.

"No!" He screamed throught his teeth. The rest of the cullens were outside the door. Bella had walked into the room. Nessie had shown her the dream. She was smiling to as she kissed her daughter. I felt like killing her.

"I can't read you mind". Edward said as he fell to his knees.
"Your gone. Somethings blocking it". He whispered.
'No' I taught if he couldn't read her mind he couldn't tell what nessie was thinking.
"Blocking it?", I asked. Everyone in the room started down to the bump on Nessies stomach. She laughed.

Chapter 11
Jacobs point of view

Nessie was smiling at me rubbing her stomach.
"Thank you Jacob". she winked at me. I felt like falling down. Burning myself to death. She was thanking me? For practially digging her grave for her.

Her dream replayed over and over again in my head. I could tell edward was thinking about it too. How was it possible? A werewolf and a vampire,- as one.

There she was the little girl standing there. With her mothers beautiful eyes. My hair. Nessie jaw line. She stood smiling at me. The she changed. She phased. A werewolf stood where she was. The dream ended.

"How is it possible Edward?" I asked. He was frozen in the corner. I could hear Emmet and Jasper downstairs arguing over the computer. A vampire that could phase?

Nessie didn't look sick anymore. Beside the bump on her stomach you wouldn't notice anything.
"Hmm, I want to go fo a run Jake". She jumped up from the bed and took my hand and led me to the door. Edward blocked the doorway.
"I'm not sure thats a good idea renesmee". I didn't look at his face. His voice scared me enough. I focused on Nessie fingers twinded in mine. So soft and smooth. Damn I wanted her so bad even after what I had done to her. This time I would resist. Hopefully I taught.

"Don't be silly dad. I'm going for a walk with my boyfriend". Edward seized up at the word boyfriend. As did I. I smiled so wide I taught my face was going to break. Edward stepped aside and Nessie dragged me down the stairs and out the door.

"Where are we going?", i asked Ness. I was more focused on how good she looked in the torn dress.

"Lets go to my mam and dads cottage". She winked. resist resist I taught.

"I'm not sure". I said shly. How much I wanted to just take her away.

"Race yah?", she took off running. Like I was glued to her I phased and followwed.

We came up to the cottage door and we ran inside. Suddenly Nessie had disapeared.
I followed her scent to the sitting room. She had taken off the dress and was sitting on the couch in her underwear.

"Oh Ness", my mouth was drowling as she smiled at me.

She stood up and walked over to me. I was aware of the bump on her stomach. The bump that was going to kill her. My fault. I winced. Renesmee wrapped her arms around me. Her body was touching mine. Her bump was rubbing off my stomach. I felt a kick.

"What the..?", Ness sat back down on the chair fast. She rubbed the bump.

"Sssh, It only Jake. Your dad", she talked to the bump.
What was she MAD?, How was it possible the bump wasn't even that big. I ran over to her. She smiled up at me with her breathtaking eyes.

She took my hand and placed it over the bump. I felt movement beneath my hand. I was in shock.
"Do you feel that?", my hand shaked over her stomach. It felt like the bump was growing.
"Yeh I do", i said rubbing the bump. I wanted so bad to rip the child out. Child I laughed. More like demon. Werewolf/vampire child.
"Thats our baby Jake". She smiled my sweet smile. That she used only for me.
"I love you for doing this to me. I am not mad at you. I love you Jacob Black".
"Ness.. Nessie.. Renesmee", I grabbed her and shoved her back on the love seat. My lips were all over her. She was laughing and smiling as I kissed her neck.

I placed my hand on her bump.

'Snap' It echo throughout the forest.

She screamed in agony. I froze.

Chapter 12
Renesmee Point of View of chapter 11

I couldn't stop Smiling at Jacob I truly loved this boy for making me pregant. I loved listening to my mothers storys about no matter what, how much pain it took to give birth to me she still loved me. She went through so much. I've only ever dreamed of being a mother. Now I was going to be.

"Thank you Jacob", I winked at him. I could see Jacob was hurt. He was there when my mother was practily dying giving birth to me. He was always there. I would do everything to comfort him.

Jake turned to my father.
"How is it possible Edward?" Jake asked. His voice was painful to hear. I hated the way this hurt him so much. I wish he would be happy for me and love the child like I did. Even if it was a half werewolf half vampie. I loved it. Resisting was futile.

The burning was slowly stopping in my stomach. I truly felt normal. Beside the bump on my stomach. It was hard to imagine I was pregant. The word repeated over and over in my head. The I remember my thoughts were my own. My father couldn't read my mind. Somthing was blocking it. My child? i taught. Was it possible? I new one thing for sure. I was taking advantage of it. I smiled.

"Hmm, I want to go fo a run Jake". Jakes face was priceless at the time. I felt like laughing my guts outs. I took his hand soft in mine and led him twards the door.
My dad stood in the doorway blocking it. His face was anger struck at Jake.
"I'm not sure thats a good idea Renesmee". For him, i taught.
I smiled at my dad.

"Don't be silly dad. I'm going for a walk with my boyfriend". I felt bad for saying the word boyfriend because my dad seized up. I felt like breakdancing when I saw my sweet Jake smile. He seemed to like the Idea of us going out. My dad moved and I pulled Jake down the stairs and to the front door.

"Where are we going?", Jake asked. I drew circles on the back of his palm with my finger and smiled at him. So gorgoues. I taught about where to go. I could go anywhere. My dad wouldn't be able to read my mind. She he wouldn't know where to follow me.

"Lets go to my mam and dads cottage". I winked. Jake froze a bit.

"I'm no sure", he said embarrassed almost.

"Race yah?", I started running and imeadiately felt Jakes presence behind me.

I ran into the cottage with Jake. But when he looked at around I ran to the sitting room silently. I took off my dress and sat on the love seat beside the nice burning fire.

Jake walked in the door. His face was priceless again. It almost hurt to stop myself from laughing.

"Oh ness", he said. I saw drowl building up in his mouth. I smiled at him.

I stood up and ran over to Jake. Carefully I melted my body agaisnt his. I felt him cringed away from the bump. I wrapped my arms tight around his neck. There was a slight kick in my stomach. The baby was growing. Fast.

"What the..?", Jake was in shock.

I ran back over to the love seat and began to run the bump. Soothing my child.

"Sssh, It only Jake. Your dad", I informed the bump of its beautiful father. Jake ran over and sat beside me. I smiled up at him. I had forgot how tall he was even sitting down.

I took Jakes hand. Feeling a warm fuzzy feeling as I touched his hand. I placed it over our child. There was slight movement in my stomach. The child liked it.

"Do you feel that?", Jakes hand was trembling over the bump.I smoothed my fingers over his.

"Yeh I do", his fingers rubbed our child. I taught I felt a giggle coming from inside me. I smiled.

"Thats our baby Jake", I smiled at him. Lost in his eyes. Family I taught. I imagine me and Jake married. How I wanted him so bad. I was so happy he was the father. I wanted no one else. Ever.

"I love you for doing this to me. I am not mad at you. I love you Jacob Black". I smiled.

"Ness. Nessie. Renesmee", he almost scared. He figuited but suddleny he pushed me back onto the love seat and his lips were on mine. His kissed me all over. I couldn't control myself I wanted more. I felt his hand softly move over our child. I could of cried if it was possible.

I felt a new feeling then. The burning suddleny doubled and I heard A snap.

I screamed in agony as I felt a bone break. Something was ripping my skin from the inside. It felt like A paw was ripping my skin. Jacob froze.
Chapter 12
Jacob Point of view

My hand trembled over Nessie stomach. I hadn't even pushed on it. She was screaming in pain. She looked at me as if I had ten heads. She was trying to say something. I leaned close to her face. Her voice was a whisper.
"Help me", she whispered.

In the same secound Edward and Bella raced through the door. Edward rammed me off of the Love seat and I went flying through the wall and out into the woods surrounding the cottage. I herd Bella inside with Renesmee.

Edward Jumped on top of me.
"What have you done?", he screamed. I had never seen Edward like this. He seemed always so strong.
"Edward I..? Don't know. Help her". Edward ran back into the cottage. It was raining outside. The rain fell heavy and pounded into my back. I laid down on the dirt. Suddenly another roared ripped from my nessie mouth. I felt the pain of her agony burn through me. I was doing to to her. I jumped out and ran back into the cottage.

Bella had her hand on Renesmee forhead. Cooling her off I guessed. It caught my attention then. Her stomach. There was marks incraved on her stomach. Rip marks. Like from a paw. I was terrified. That thing was pawing her to death from the inside.
"Wait?, The marks edward". Edward put his hands on Nessie stomach. He traced his fingers along the paw marks. His face went into shock as he realised what I had figured out.
"It's phasing?...Inside Renesmee". Edward jumped up again with Nessie in his arms.
"Give her to me", I yelled at Edward.
"We have to take her to Carilse Jacob", his eyes were hard on mine.
"I'll take her", I grabbed Nessie out of Edwards arms and kissed her on the forhead.
"It'l be okay Nessie I'll take you to Carilse", I ran through the forest at my fasts human speed. I could hear Edward and Bella talking behind in the cottage. I bet Bella wasn't smiling now.

I raced in the Cullen's front door. Rosile was sitting down on the sofa watching the tv. She jumped up when she saw me run in the door.
"Carilse?", she said in shock.
Carilse came in the door. His face went to shock when he saw both me and Renesmee soaking wet. I noticed Nessie wasn't moving. Emmet came out of nowhere and pulled out a table. I laid Nessie on the table. She smiled up at me weakly. I jumped when I saw the size of the bump. It had grown double in size in under 10 minutes. I was terrified. These could be my last few mintues with the person i would want to spend the rest of my life with. Carilse Rosile Emmet Alice and Japser were running around the house bringing down hospital items and ataching them to Renesmee

Renesmee eyes were opening and closing. Her colour was fading from her face. She was the only one in her family that didn't have pale white skin. She was pale. But with a sweet colour. She was beging to look more like a vampire. Her hand grabbed my wrist from the side of the table.
I saw her visions. I saw her looking at me from across the room ages ago. She showed me how she really did love me. She showed me the feeling she got from our first kiss. Carilse had touched her so he saw what she was showing me. He smiled at me. She dropped her hand.

Everything was moving so fast. I felt like I was invisible in a hospital watching people die. People I care about. The one person I cared the Most about. Rensemee.

The secound I taught her name She holwed again in Pain. Another rip mark became visible on her stomach. It was killing her. She rubbed the bumped as if she was forgiving it. Slowly I noticed movement on her stomach. The rest of the cullens were so busy getting all the Hospital equiment down from upstaris they didn't notice. Slowly I saw finger marks, more like paw marks run arcross her bump. I placed my hand on her bump. Over our child. The child that was killing me. Because If nessie died...I died.
I rubbed the bump.

The movement stopped. But so did Renesmee heart.

Everyone froze.

Chapter 13
Jacobs Point of View

The dark moon shone outside the window. My heart shone with pain. How does someone distinguish pain from other emotions if thats all the are going to feel till death?
I wanted to die. Thats all I wanted to do. Kill me I taught. I looked apon the face of my beautiful Renesmee. She was pale white. The way she was suppose to be. Her full vampire form. She was so breathtakingly beautiful. Her hand was always placed over her stomach. Protecting the beast. I felt nothing. Nothing but air in and out of my burning soul. Air that I would stop breathing. I would not live without her.

Edward and Bella bursted in the door. I fell to my knees before my love. I heard one heart beating. Mine.

Renesmee Puffed out her last breath. With that I died inside.

Edwards Point Of View

"Bella, Somethings wrong", I listened for the sounds of my family in the near house. There was silence.
I grabbed Bella softy and we took of running towards the house. As we came closer to the house. There was still silence. I listened for the taughts of my family. Jacobs was the first I heard.
'Kill me' he taught.

With bella hand twinded in my I bursted throught the door. My familys thoughts went wild. I stared down to see Jacob dieing on ground. His taughts were the mos painful to hear. I looked up to the table.

Nessie was lying flat on the table. Her taughts were blank as before. I heard a laugh coming from inside her. She puffed out her last breath.
Jacob cringed as he died inside.
Everyone was mostionless. I tryed to talk but my voice felt like it had dissapeared inside.

Bella's Point of View
I wondered about Renesmee as Edward stood broken infront of me.
"Bella,Somethings wrong", Edward soothing voice was unhearable. It was replaced with fear.
I felt his fingers twine through mine. We took of running. We ran throught the forest at tremendous speeds. I heard No movement coming from my vampire family house.
My heart would of falling apart if I had one as I listened to One heart beat.

Edward and I ran in the door. Skiding to a stop infront of the 5 vampires all standing around a table. I saw Jacob on the floor beside the table. My hold body seized up when I saw his facial expression. He was dying inside. I focused my attention to the girl on the table. My daughter laid death on the table. I felt like my human self again. So vunrable. Fragile and breakable.

Renesmee puffed out a last breath. Jacob my best friend shook on the ground in agony. His face was death. He displayed no emotion except outer and pure agony.
Our child,-
His love,-
was death.

Chapter 14
Jacobs Point Of view

Nothing. I felt Nothing. Emotions wouldn't captivate me now. This empytness was worse than any emotion my body could portray. The Cullens stood around Renesmee's body. I wanted to stand up. I wanted to make her wake up. My legs were paralyized on the ground.

Bella walked over to Renesmee. She picked up Renesmee hand and placed it on her forhead. She dropped it in the same secound. Edward repeated Bella's action. Bella slumed to the ground beside me. Jaspers face was painful as he was feeling the emotions of everyone in the room.
The imposible happened. Bella cryed. I had once herd Carilse say it was impossible for a vampire to cry. Bella was no ordinary vampire. She cryed deep beside me. As did I.

I hated myself. It was all my fault. I had killed her. Her sweet laughter filled my mind. I inhaled her alluring aroma that filled the room but was slowly, - fading.

I clenched my teeth together in My mouth. I tasted blood. With all my power I pushed my self up off the ground. The cullens cringed away when they saw my face. Even Rosile gave me a nodd of repent.

I grabbed the side of the table where Renesmee body laid. Flat. Cold. Dead.
I took her soft hand in mine and placed it on my forhead. It ripped my heart apart to touch her broken body.
I saw her visions. They were black. Like the nothingness I felt. She was truly gone.

I put her hand back down again. Tears flowwed down my face. Soaking renesmee bear stomach. The ran over the bump. How much i wanted to kill 'our child'. But I guessed it was already,-gone. With my Renesmee.

Softy my fingers ran over her stomach till I placed them over her heart. I closed my eyes.
Wake Up I taught.
Please. Renesmee,
Be with me.
Stay with me.
Just for now.
Let the time deside when I won't need you.
I taught as my eyes burned from the tears.

I felt something leave my body through my fingers. A energy was leaving my body and entering Renesmee. I push hard agaisnt the power. I felt sparks thingling in my fingers.
Edward was by my side at once. His eyes focused on my mind and my hand. The rest of the Cullens stood waiting. Watching. Hoping.

I felt weak. My body needed sleep. I was draining all the energy into Renesme body. I didn't stop. I pushed and Pushed. Till finally my legs caved in. It was wort it though to her it.

The heart beat.

Chapter 15
Jacobs Point of View

I fell to the ground again at the sound of her heat beat. It beated once. Then stopped again.
Edwards eyes gazed at me in Awe. I tryed to stand up again but I was so weak. So tired. I pushed agaisnt the tiredness.
Edward stared at me. Winded by my actions. He couldn't beilve what I had just done. I had given Renesmee One heart beat.

"Help me up Edward", before Edward could get to me Rosile raced over and grabbed me and pulled me up. It was odd. But Rosile actually smiled at me. She held me steady.

I looked down at Renesmee face. Lifeless again. I winced.

Her whole body was still. Even though she was dead. The draw I felt towards her was more powerful than ever. I felt weaker than ever. Rosile thighten her grip around me. I soften my hand over Renessmee heart. Her skin was ice cold.
My mind was weak. My eyes were heavy. Blackness was captivating my body. I was falling into a deep sleep.
Edward was screaming through his facial expression.
"Please", he whispered. Bellas crys was the only thing heard for miles. The whole family was quiet.

I felt a new presents with me. I turned around as did the Cullens to see Sam, Seth, Embry and his younger brother Ethan standing in the doorway. Sam bowed his head. My eyes drifted back to Renesmee. Silence echoed through the house. Everyone eyes drifted back to My hand on Renesmee. I listened to Bella crys of pain.

Emse sat down on the ground beside Alice. Sorrow washed over the crowd.
I closed my eyes. Only aware of my hand on Renesmee heart.
Stay with me I taught repeatly. The rest of my energy burned through my fingers and enter Renesme body.
It beated again. I saw vision it Renesme head. Images of us over the years flashed in her head. Tears ran down my eyes.

I took one last glance at Renesmee before Blackness took control. Everything faded to black.

Bella's Point of View

I heard the most beautiful sound in the world. My daughters heart beat. Bate once under Jacobs hand. Then there was silence again. My beautiful Edward stared at Jacob in Awe. As did my whole family.

I was amazed at what I was doing. I was crying. Crying for the loss of my angel. Crying was impossible for a Vampire. I realised Nothing was impossible now.

Jacob shook on the ground as he tryed to stand up again.

"Help me Edward", he asked. Edward was about to go help Jacob. But before Edward could touch Jacob to my surprise Rosile ran over and picked Jacob up. She steady him beside the table where my daughter laid. She smiled at Jacob.

Jacob started down at Renesmee. His face was ripping me apart to see. Imprinting was the most powerful type of love there was. The pain he felt I could never come to compromise.

Jacob Looked like he was ready to colapse. His eyes were shutting then opening again. He was shaking franticly.
He was ready to fall asleep.
"Please", My husband voice burned with pain towards Jacob.
I yellped with sadness. As the tears wet all my front. Everyone was silent listening to me.

I heard Someone enter the room. My family and I turned around to see Sam, Seth , embry and a new boy standing tall beside embry. I hadn't ever seen him before. He was very handsome. With long flowing black hair and sweet dimples.
My eyes drifted back to Renesmee.

I tryed desperately not to cry out loud. But the screams of sorrow escaped my lips. Every cry I late out ripped Edward apart. I wanted to stop myself but I could. Our child was dying. We all new we were going to lose Jacob soon aswell. He would not live without Renesmee.

Jacob placed his hand over Renesmee heart like before. His eyes squezzed closed as he carefully focused his lads engergy on Renesmee. I held in my crying to hear it.
As her heart beating again. Jacob felt to the ground. Rosile left him softly on the ground. I dragged my numb body over to jacob. I drapped my body over his and cryed louder. He wasn't moving.
No one was.
Seth ran over to Jacobs side.
"Brother", he cried.

Chapter 16
Jacobs Point Of View

What are you doing? Get up you fool. Shes needs you. Yours the only one who can save her. Get up. Get up. Echoed through my mind. I was aware of what was going on around me. But I felt unmovable. Like a statue. I was aware Of Bella and Seth drapped over me. Seth my most loyal brother. I wondered how Ethan felt. His first day on the job as a werewolf and he having to experience this. I felt bad that I wasn't there when he changed. I had promised.

I let myself pounder on that for half a secound. Then stopped. Instead I taught about Renesmee. My whole life was circled around her. My mind filled with flashbacks. Every little thing I had done to protect her. Even if it was just holding her hand so she wouldn't fall over when she was a toddler. The long hours of beek-a-boo. It was her favourite game. I remmembered we used to sit on the beach for hours and play it. She loved hide and seek in the forest too. She was much better at it than me. Its hard to hide a werewolf I taught. I then remember the first time she said I love you. How much it filled my body with pure bliss.

All I needed to do was remember. I felt my body become lighter. Rosile was no longer by my side. She was smiling down at my renesmee.

More flashbacks filled my mind. The sound of her laughter echoed throughout my mind. Her aroma washed over me.
I placed my hand on Bella face. She was crying lying over me. Seth was lying on her crying.
I rubbed my hand through her hair.
"Oh Jake, Your okay", she moved closer to me and hugged me tight. I used no energy on her. I needed it all for Renesmee.
Seth helped Bella up of the ground. Edward was over to her at once. He smiled at seth. Seth retreated back to my pack standing beside the Cullens. Ethan seemed to be perfectly comfortable here. I wished I could feel what he felt.

I had to get up. By myself. Rosile ran over to help me up. When I had more power I would thank her.
"No"I whispered.
"I'm Okay", she moved back into Emmets arms. Jasper was holding Alice softy. Alice seemed to be focusing into the future. But she looked angry.

I let more flashback fill my mind. They gave me power. I saw her smiles change over the years. Till i saw her Smile at me with love. Love for me. That was the Imagine I needed.
I rose to my feet. Edward was on his feet ready to grab me if I fell. Everyone was on edge watching me. I put up my hand signaling them I was fine.

Carefully I stepped over to Renesmee. Her body still. Not moving. I hoped these images wouldn't be the last I had of Renesmee.
Like before I softened my hand over Her heart. There was no movement. No beating. The electricity started as my energy entered her body.
Wake up Renesmee. My lungs will thirst for Air but I will not breath it without you. The wind will blow but I won't feel it without you. I will Love, but not with anyone but you. I reaped the words in my head over and over again. Edward smiled as he read my mind.

I was weaker than ever. If I feel this time I didn't no If I would get up again.
Marry me? Echoed in my mind.
I closed my eyes.Letting the words fill my mind. I imagined asking her. Why did I leave it so late?. I could of died with her. Married with her. Ms Renesmee Carile Black. The sweetest name I had ever heard.
I smiled. Then I felt it. A beat. My eyes squezzed shut. Another beat. Everyone gasped.

"Jake", her sweet voice asked.
Chapter 17
Jacobs Point of View


My eyes were still shut. I started to laugh. Great now I was insane. I was hearing her voice. My mind was longing to hear her. To hold her. To just see her one last time. I would do anything to just tell her how I truly felt. I never told her enough. I should have told her every secound. That I needed her. My life would be black without her.

I was still crying. My face was burning with the heat of my tears. I was terrified to open my eyes. Incase she was there, she might fade away. I kept them firmly closed.

What a better time to tell her how I felt. When I new even with my eyes closed she was lying infront of me.


There it was again. The voice. In my head. It seemed so clear. Like she was really here with me. I smiled.

My mouth moved. But words didn't come out.

Cmon Jaocb. This is your last chance to tell her how you feel. Don't blow it. You love her. You know that. I taught.

I felt around for her body on the table. I found it. Smooth and cold. I felt beating. Everything was playing tricks on me.

"Wait", Edward said. It sounded like he wasn't talking to me. I igored him. My hand brushed over her body. I wouldn't alow myself to open my eyes. I would not remember Renesmee like this. I began to talk again. Ready to confess my love to someone who would never hear me..again.

"Renesmee", I started.
"Now that you gone". I took a mintue to realise she was gone. I held back the screams that wanted to roar from my heart. The nothingness was starting to creep up on me. I fought agaisnt it.

How long would I be able to fight agaisnt it? I wondered. I would let it captivate me after my final goodbye to Renesmee.I inhaled a deep breath and tryed to start talking again.

"Now that you gone. I feel nothing. I want you to know we will be together soon. I want you to know I won't stay here without you.
From the momment I first saw you. Our future was planned out infront of me. I would have married you. I wanted to be permantly with you for all of my existence.
I imagined us having a child. Adopting. Not like this. Not one that killed you".

I smoothed my hand over her stomach. She was still ice cold.

"I'm sorry if it was a painful death. I didn't plan this. I just wanted you. Always.
It won't be that long till we are together again. Seeing you again will be all worth it. To banish this increditable nothingness, that with soon captivate me. It hurt to push agaisnt it.
I love you Renesmee. I should of told you that more. I'm sorry I didn't.
But you are my star. You sparkle so bright. Without you the sky is nothing. Without you the sky is incomplete,- Without you I am incomplete."

I knew all the cullens were listeneing to my final goodbye to Renesmee. Bella had stoped crying. I wondered why. I slowly moved my hand up to her face. Remembing her face hurt.

"Guess this is goodbye., Renesmee. With the purist love.
Goodbye Nessie". My crys were so loud. It was Almost ebarrassing. I had made a speech. From my heart. I should of felt stupid Or like shakespeare. I slowly removed my hand from her face.

As My hand was leaving her face. A new warm hand grabbed my hand. It's fingers twinded through mine.

"Open your eyes".

Chapter 18
Renesmee point of View of Chapter 17

Blackness was all I felt. Nothing. Until there was hope.
My heart beated. I was aware of the movements around me. I didn't no how it was possible. But I was back. Alive.

I opened my eyes. There he was. Someone I taught I would never see again. Jacob.
He stood emotionless infront of me. His eyes were red. Burnt from crying. I had caused him so much pain.
I waited for him to open his eyes. But he didn't

"Jacob". I asked.

He started to laugh but never opened his eyes. What was he laughing at?.

I focused on his amazing face. My best friends face. My loves face. It was so even. So sad to look at. I didn't want him to feel this way. I wanted him to open his eyes. To see me.

"Jacob" I asked again. My family never moved. They were watching me and Jake like a TV show.

Jacob smiled sweetly. He looked deep in taught. His mouth opened and closed. Trying to talk I guessed.

I wondered how long I had been...?. What was I? Asleep?... Dead?. I didn't want to think About it. I was getting a bit edgy that Jacob wouldn't open his eyes.

I was still lying down on the table. I didn't feel like I had the energy to move. I was so happy when Jacobs hand when to reach for my body. His smoothed his fingers out on my chest. Over my heart. I slowly moved my hand towards his. When it was inches away. My father steps towards me.

"Wait". His face was smiling. I Didn't understand it. But I left my hand fall again.
I didn't like the way Jacob, My jacob seemed so distance.

He began to talk.
"Renesmee", He started off. His sweet voice lingered in the air.
"Now that your gone", he took a momment to regain himself.
What? he taught I was dead?
I shoot a destressed look at my father. He nodded his head back towards Jacob. He must of been going to say something importand.

"Now that your gone.I feel nothing. I want you to know we will be together soon. I want you to know I won't stay here without you.
From the momment I first saw you. Our future was planned out infront of me. I would have married you".

I looked over to my mother. She was crying softly.
Impossible I taught. It wasn't,-
Water was falling from my own eyes. I was crying.
Marring Jacob. Nothing else sounded better in the whole world. I wanted Jake. Forever.

Jacob contuined.
"I wanted to be permantly with you for all of my existence.
I imagined us having a child. Adopting. Not like this. Not one that killed you".

I remember I was still pregant. I felt the child moving inside me. It was still alive. I felt like breakdancing. I was so happy. I could have Jacob and my child. We could be happy.

Jacob ran his hand down my chest to my stomach. Electric waves ran through my body. His warm touch was so irrestable. He rubbed the bump. I wanted him so badly to except our child.

Jacob was crying now. Heavy. With his eyes shut. His face portrayed so much loss. No emtions but pain. Pain didn't look like a emotion on his face. More like a way of life. Like he was cursed to feel pain. Forever.
His broken voice contuined. It hurt some much to hear it.

"I'm sorry if it was a painful death. I didn't plan this. I just wanted you. Always.
It won't be that long till we are together again. Seeing you again will be all worth it. To banish this increditable nothingness, that with soon captivate me. It hurt to push agaisnt it.
I love you Renesmee. I should of told you that more. I'm sorry I didn't.
But you are my star. You sparkle so bright. Without you the sky is nothing. Without you the sky is incomplete,- Without you I am incomplete."

I realised what he was doing at once. He was saying his farwell. He was saying goodbye. I wanted to stop him to run into his arms. I was so god dam weak.
Please I begged.
Give me power. I needed him close to me. To embrace him. He was everything I needed and more. My love for him was practally wrote over my face. Out in the open.
It was hurting me. His pain was hurting me.

His soft hand softly moved slowly over my body up to my face. He carefully cupped my face in his hand.

"Guess this is goodbye., Renesmee. With the purist love.
Goodbye Nessie".
It was quiet. So quiet as everyone listened to Jacob fall apart. As I watched him break down inside. It was finally hitting him. His hand was moving back to his side.

What was he doing? Was he mad?

I felt a new power. My hand moved quicker than I imagined. I twinded through Jacobs hand. I smiled.

"Open your eyes". I said.

I squeezed Jacobs hand. Letting him no I was here. Truly here. I wasn't going anywhere.
My mother was smiling at Jacob. She smiled at him so proudly as did my father. They were finally understanding our uncontrolable love for one another.

Jacobs eyes slowly opened. My lips trembled as I didn't no wheter to cry of smile. I cryed so loud as Jacob stood in shock.

His hand reached out again. It traced the line of my cheek. Behind the crys jacob laughed. I closed my eyes listening to the laugh I was terrified that my ears would never hear again.

"Your here", he whispered a cry.

Chapter 19
Jacob Point of View

Her hand grabbed mine. Her touch wasn't too cold. Or too hott. It was her normal perfect tempature.

"Open your eyes". She said.

I must be dream. There was no Other way to describe it. Or maybe the Cullen brothers had already killed me.
Bliss I taught.

I was terrified.
I slowly opened my eyes. My vision at first was blured. Secounds pasted and she focused into view. Her beautiful definded imagery. Her lips quivered. She bursted out into tears. She also was crying. I guess if a vampire experienced so much pain It was possible to cry.

I was dreaming for definated. Or I was in that place in the sky. With her. Had I died?

I looked down to see my hand reaching for her. It shook franticly in mid air searching for her. It reached her face. Electricty vibrated through my arm, directly to my heart,- slamming the nothingness that was dragging me under away. There was no blackness. I regained my feelings,
my emotions,-
My love.

My fingers traced the line of her cheek. It was so soft. So perfect. So symmetrical with the rest of her elegance.

I couldn't help it. I felt almost giddy that she was truly here.

"Your here". My voice was a breaking whisper.

She smiled my ravishing smiled up at me.

She closed her eyes. She turned around on the table and pushed her body up weakly. She sat in an upright position.
She opened her eyes again.
Eyes like saphire lakes.
But more breathtakingly deep.

"Jacob", she smiled. She seemed weak.

I wanted so badly to grab her and kiss her. But I new how much self control meaned to me now. She was thirsty. I needed to help her quench her thirst. I knew she was to tired to hunt herslf. I needed to carry her to the woods and get her a deer or elk or something.

"Edward can I?", I turned to face Edward. He was staring at me smiling.

"I..okay..just be carefull Jacob". he voice was edgy.

Nothing could ever make me hurt her againI taught towards Edward.

I carefully picked up Nessie off the table. So badly I wanted to embrace her I felt like crying trying to restrain.
I made my way to the door. Sam looked a bit nervous. Like something was eating at him.
"I'll be back soon Sam" he nodded in response.

I quickly ran to the forest with Renesmee. Her eyes were closed. I think she was sleping. I placed her saftely under a nice tree.

I heard a mountain lion in the distance. Bliss. She loved them. I phased quickly and took it down in secounds. Snapping its neck. I carried it back in human form back to Nessie. Who was now awake. She still looked extremly fragile. I placed the Mountain lion infront of her. Her nosiles flared and she jumped on the mountain lion.

Its blood was sucked out in secounds. She exhaled deeply from eating so fast. She looked more like herself now.

Flirtatiously she smiled up at me. There was no restraint. I jumped down on her. Her hands ripped through my hair. My hands gluded to her back. I kissed her passionatly. I felt water. I opened my eyes to see her crying.
"Whats wrong?", I asked I looked at her to see If I had hurt her. I wasn't leaning to hard on the bump. The child? was it dead or alive? There was no time to thing of that now. She was here. I brought her back to life. My love gave her a heart beat.

She cried even louder.
"I will marry you". I remmeber asking her to marry me in my farwell goodbye. The tears whelled up behind my eyes and streamed down my face like a never ending waterfall.
" I .. love you so god damn much". I cryed into her. I grabbed her face softly and kissed her all over. We both cried for hours continously kissing each other with more passion describable.
" I promise to Love you Forever". I promised.
"I have loved you forever. I will now love you for my existence".she vowed. The words were like a child waking up christmas morning.

She rolled me over and was on top.
"I love you Jacob Black". her eyes were pure serious.
" I love you Renesmee Black", she laughed at the sound of her new name.
"I'm getting married". she sung.
"To the most amazing person in the world".

She began to kiss me more passionalty again. Her hand started unbottoning my top. She gasped her air.
"Stay with me".
Chapter 20
Renesmee Point Of view

My eyes slowly opened. I waited for my eyes to adjust to the brightness. Snores filled the thricket of tree I was planned softly under.
I was lying softy across his chest. Jacob was fast asleep. I raised my face to his. Peaceful. He looked so amazling happy. Pure sleeplfuled joy.
Joy from my doing.

I softly traced circles on his blushed cheeks. I placed my hand on his forhead. He was now dreaming my visions.
I showed him last night. The adrenaline I felt. The happines of our engagement.
He smiled his sweet childish smile.

Slowly his eyes opened. The sun twinkled diamounds in his eyes of blue.

I leaned down to his ear.

"Morning". I whispered.

My lips traced down his jaw line tillI found his perfect shaped lips.

They pulled up into a teeth bared flirtatious smile.

"How was your night Ms Black", he asked kissing me.

"Best night Of my life". I replyed truthful.

His eyes screamed with Joy. I knotted my hands through his hair and kissed him all over. My hand traced his abs. So muscular. He winked.

"I can't wait to be Ms Renesmee Black", my face gleamed at the sounf of the name.

"I have waited so long for you. I will Never love anyone but you".

Jacob smiled and kissed me passinatly before stopping suddlenly. He put his hand over the bump on my stomach.
Our child. It was still alive I felt it growing.
His eyes were asking the question.

"Yes. It's still alive." Jacob showed no emotion. His fingers just stroked my stomach.
Until he jumped up and craddled me in his arms.

"C'mon lets get back to the House. Your family will be worried".

Jacob and I raced in the front door of my house to see eight vapmires and four uneasy werewolfs standing looking edgy.

My dad was looking hard at me. Almost angry. His eyes drifted down to my bump.

"Hello everyone", I gretted my family.

I saw emmet wink at Jake. Jacob smiled beside me.

Alice ran over to me and wrapped her arms around me.

"Congratz", she sung. I guessed they new about My furture arrangements.

Or maybe My father just read Jacobs mind coming in the door. Everyones face went to serious again.

My Mother approached me and hugged me tight. She hugged me for longer than appropriate.
I laughed and she retreated beside my father. Her face was not at all amused.

"Ethan", my father said directing my attention to the new boy standing in the corner of the room. He seemed very at ease her. I had never seen him before. He was extremly beautiful. He smiled at me showing me his radiante smile.

He walked over to me and shook my hand. It seemed very formal?

"Hey Nessie. I'm embry brother Ethan". I smiled at embry.

"I didn't no You had a brother". Embry laughed.

"We try to keep him locked up he scares away the neighbours". Ethan ran back and punched his brother.

Then like magic there faces were serious again.

I shivered as I turned to my dad. Jacobs hand was the only warm thing I felt. As it softly stroked the small of my back.

"Dad?, Whats going on?". I asked. My mother looked confused at the pack.

My dads head nodded back towards Ethan. I turned to face his serious face.

"It's about your daughter". How did he no it was a girl?

"It's A girl?", I asked kinda excited.

"Yes". He said looking to the ground.

"How may I ask do you know?".

Ethan looked to his pack. Sam nodded.

"We've herd her".

Jacobs hand froze on my back.

"What?" he almost screamed.

Chapter 21
Jacob's Point of View

"What?", I screamed. Heard her?. How was it possible.

Ethan. The new werewolf. A mind I have discovered yet. He had been oblivious to the hole werewolf synario. Embry father wanted to tell him but Embry refused. He taught there was no need. Because there wasn't going to be anymore vampires in forks. Embry didn't want this life for his brother.
I had done that to him. Cursed ethan to a life of immortailty.

Ethan was a bright child. He always asked why embry never changed and why he always looked the same. He was about 25 now stuck in a 17 year old body.

Sam looked flustrated and nervous. Had he heard her? How could her have heard her. Was she talking?. Did Renesmee hear her.
Carefully I turned to face Renesmee. The sun gleaming in the window sent sparkles across my finaces elegant face. I smiled. But she looked happy. She was running her stomach. Comforting the child.
Our child.
Our child that had killed Renesmee for a day. My Nessie had been dead cause of that,-thing.
I didn't no what to feel towards it. It was my daughter. It would look like me. It would act like me. It would love like me?
If it was half werewolf?, Could it imprint?. I wouldn't want my child to imprint. Finding love naturally was what I wanted for her.
A human life. Maybe if she didn't know about her werewolf side. She could life a normal half human half vampire Life like my Renesmee.
Would she want that?.
I began to feel love towards the bump. A different love. A fatherly love.

A new theroy crossed my mind.

"Heard her?",

Then it hit me.

"No", I whispered.

How could I have been so stupid?.

I turned facing my pack. The answers were wrote across there worried face. Except ethan. He looked confused at Renesmee. Embry touched his shoulder and he looked like he struggled to look away from Renesmee. But his eyes met mine. He nibbled on the side of his forever frozen 14 year old mouth.

"Ethan?", I wasn't saying his name but more asking the question I already knew the answer for.

I sprinted for the door. My fingers slidded apart from my sweet Renesmees reluctanly.
Seth followed me and phased with me. I sprinted to the forest. I kept running.
" I'm sorry man. Just slow down. You know I'm not as fast as you." Seth taught.
"Whats going on?" Leah asked.

Seth growled.

" Leah phase back I need to talk to him alone" she laughed.

" It's about that child he had with the leech"

I howled in anger. I wanted to find her and rip her apart.

" Easy bro. Leah GO HOME" Seth growled.

" Fine" She laughed until she was gone.

I slowwed up only focusing on seths mind. Not wanting to hear it.

" Let go bro. Listen to her" He said it as if she was standing beside me.

I let go of my focus.

There it was,-
Her voice,-

"Seth? Who he?" She was so intelliagent.

Seth laughed.

Her sweet voice. So pure. So not a killer. How could I have hated something so amazing.

I was crying.

"Child". He addressed her. I remmember She didn't have a name.

"This is your dad. Jacob". Seth said in a formal voice. He phased leaving me alone to listen to the sound of my daughters mind.

I listened,-
I cried.

"Dad?", her voice was sweet and childlike.

"Yes", i cried.

"It's me".

Chapter 22

Tears streamed down my face.

One word. Love.

I loved her.

I felt terrible for wanted to kill her.

I knew what edward felt like now. With Renesmee.

The girl was laughing. So sweet. So young.

How could she talk so well.

"What is your name?". I asked. Still feeling weird talking to my daugher.

"I don't have a name. Yet". she didn't seem at all mad at that.

"Would you like A name?" I asked. I knew what name I would pick. A name that was now special to me.

"Yes please". she giggled sweetly with each childish laugh i cried in joy.

"Do you like the name Rose?", she gasped.

It was so sweet her childlike emotions.

"Yes thank you dad". Hearing her call me dad. I broke and cryed so hard. I coffed and barked out tears.
I had named her after Rosile. She finally excepted me into her family.

"Daddy. Did I hurt your feelings? she asked with her childish emtion of sadness.

"No". I answered laughing a crying.

Her voice was fading. She seemed tired. I would let my sweetheart sleep.

"Then whats wrong?", she asked confused. Her emotions were so different on her. I could listen to her all day.

"I just Love you so much". I admitted the truth.

She was slowly slipping asleep.

"I love you too daddy". I cried softly wanting her to sleep.

"Sweetdreams angel". I sung.

She drifted asleep. I could hear the sound of Renesmee heart in her taughts. I wondered. Could I only her Rose. I awed at the name. Because she had phased to a werewolf inside Renesmee stomach? I wondered if I could hear here when she wasn't a werewolf.

I phased and cried infront of Seth.

"Brother you okay?", Seth ran over to me and help me up.

"She so beautifully amazing isn't she". I annocuned.

Seth laughed.

"Yeh bro she somthing alright. Gave us a good scare and all. Didn't know who she was. You never told us that Renesmee was pregant. You lucky devil you". Seth laughed louder.

"Engaged actually". I admited proudly.

"Congrtz bro, I'm glad. Better be the best man". Seth winked.

"Of course".

We both laughed and started walking back into the Cullens front door. I skipped with joy throught the door.

I felt the suddden blast of fear as the door opened. Ethan was drapped over Renesmee who was lying flat on the table.

"Not again". I cried.

Ethan looked in pieces as he rubbed my renesmee face.

Edward grabbed me at once.

"Itshappening. She giving birth" His eyes were screaming with pain.

"Help her. Jacob. Don't let my daugher die".

Renesmee screamed.

That awful sound. The sound I heard too many times. I hated it.

I couldn't feel angry at the cause of this pain. I loved her too much.

I ran over to Renesmee side. Sliding Ethan inches away.

"Renesmee". I cried. She was flat. Her eyes open. Out of focus.

She turned to face me slowly. Another jolt ripped through her body.

"Help me", she whispered.

Chapter 23

Ethan's point of view

Wow. There was so much pain I felt in this room.

I had only found out about this werewolf/ vampire secret about three days ago. It was weird. I was growing so fast.

Then I go mad at my dad. For the slightest thing. And suddenly I was a animal. Embrys been taking it pretty hard.
He said he never wanted this for me.
But I really enjoy it. Never aging.
Well I didn't like staying fourteen forever. But I did look like a 17 year old in my new buff body. Which is pretty awesome.

I suddenly snapped back. Feeling weird. I felt so weird.
Embry was acting so strange behind me. His and Seth kept exchanging glances.
Renesmee? I kept asking myself. Whats happening to me. Why do I fell the erge to run over to her. Your not suppose to do that to a brother. My favourite friend. Jacob had been there alway for me. Even though embry was a bit mad at him for missing my transformation. I didn't mind. I understood.

"Stop", Seth whispered. Suddlenly Jacob looked at me.
"No". he whispered.

Him ran for the door. Seth followwed him. I guessed he was going to listen to her. Such a sweet child.
The atmospshere was akward, for Sam and Embry. I felt perfectly normal here. In a house full of vemons vampires.
I noticed one of them was staring at me.
Edward. Embry had told me he had special powers. The element to read others minds. I guessed he was reading mine. Did he kniw this aching pull towards his daughter I felt. He huffed. That would be a yes.
"I don't understand. Im sorry" I taught towards Edward. He was tall. But Jacob was taller.
He stood beside a beautiful women. I guessed that was Bella. I had heard her. Well I had heard Seth and embry talking about the pain Jacob had went through with her. She was nice to look at very pretty. Everyone in the room was beautiful. But they all looked worried. Espically a small qirky one. She had dark spiked hair. The man beside her looked at her with pain. Her eyes were closed.

Her head was in her hands. She was focusing. It must of been Alice. Embry said she could read minds. I glanced around at the other vampires. There was a blonde one. She looked concerned at Renesmee. A tall dark hair guy wrapped his arms around her. She smiled.

The doctor one stood in the back with his wife. Seth had said they were lovly people.
I now considered these people as family. They looked nice. Except for now. There faces were waiting for something. Waiting for pain to strike. I looked around the room. Searching for an answers. Then it hit.

Renesmee screamed. Jacob and Seth still wern't back. I could hear them slightly in the near forest.
The were not aware of what was happening.

No one moved. Renesmee sat up on the tabe and started to breath heavy. I did what I taught was possible. I ran over to her. Everyone was shocked. I stood there as her agonynising eyes were hard on mine. The doctor ran over to her. He started to exam her. He turned to Edward.

"It's started", he said. Edward and the doctor sprinted upstairs with the big dark hair guy.

Renesmee was in so much pain. Pain pulsed through my body as I watched her screamed at me with her eyes.
I slowly moved my hand towards her face. Embry growled. But I couldn't stop my self I longed to touch her. Bella looked like she was going to cry. Again.

My fingers traced her jaw line. She smiled. Her eyes closed. I was inches away from her then. Jacob had pushed me away. A imaginary rope was dragging me back to her. Not her. I can't do that to Jacob. This pain hurts so much. But I will face it to be loyall to my brother. I stood up. Closed my eyes and walked away. Embry patted my shoulder when I reached him.
"I am sorry", i whispered to both him and seth.

"Help me", she whispered to Jacob.

Embry thightened his grip around my shoulder.

"Whats happening to me?", I whispered. Embry had to straigh to hear me.

"Youv imprinted", he whispered. Jacobs head flinched a little but keep his eyes on his love. Was I inlove with her.
I couldn't be. My legs wanted to run to her.
Embry seemed sad all of a sudden. I wanted to feel like him. I wanted to feel anything but this feeling. She was already taken. I would have to leave. Get as fare away from her as possible.
this was burning me. An unflameable fire.

Burning with out the flames I taught.

There was an unual quietness. Jacob screamed.
Oh my gosh... I bet Jacob is going to kill Ethan now cause he imprinted on Reneesme
Awww.. Okay I'm crying.... This is great..<3
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