The Twilight Saga

Chapter One- Her

I yawned as I relaxed in my bed, as soon as I got good and comfortable my door burst open. Enough to make me jump. "I can't believe you went out again, After I told you that you were grounded!" my mother screeched. I leaned back and took it in, There was no point in trying to explain. She screech about how I have made it another month that I was grounded. "Can I sleep?" I asked after she was done, she nodded and stormed out. I shook my head, sometimes I just wanted to tell her but then I remember that she would be worried. I'd rather have her mad at me than worrying herself sick about me. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

After about 9 hours I woke up, I got up and decided to enjoy my day off. I got dressed in a polo shirt and jeans and I walked outside. Looks like mom was at work, I started to stroll down to the Beach. When I got there I saw a girl just emerging from the water with a surf board. She was built very curvy, and slender at the same time. She ran towards my way, as our eyes met something happened. Like nothing mattered more than her, everything was second and she was first. It took me a minute to realize this feeling, I had Imprinted. She smiled and blushed, I jogged after her. "Hey, I'm Embry." I grinned, I ran my hand through my hair; It's going to take some getting use to remember that I cut all my hair off. She smiled shyly, "I’m Arena..." She blushed again, She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

We walked hand and hand down the beach, She was still trying to get over the fact that I was a werewolf. She had questions just like the others, "So, do you like....turn during a full moon." I chuckled and shook my head, "No, we change whenever we want and sometimes when we lose control of our temper we change." I swung our hands between us. I was just waiting to tell her about Imprints, but baby steps at a time.

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OMG absolutly loved it!!!! keep on writing can't wait to read more. post ASAP!!!!
Im glad you like it!
"Oh, So is there anything else?" She asked me, I almost burst in a cheer. I grinned, "Yep, We don't attack people...We protect them. And we have this weird have you ever heard of Imprinting?" I asked. She shook her head, Her curls bounced off her shoulders. I took a breath, "It's kinda like Love at first sight, but nothing holds you here but her, and nothing is important than her. Like you'd do anything for her and be anything for her." I smiled warmly at her, Her dark chocolate curls shone in the was breath taking. She absorb this, "So, why are you telling me all this?" She finally murmured. I stopped and she halted the same time with me as if our minds were connected. "Thats another" I was about to tell her but she finished for me. "You mean you imprinted on me?" Her eyes widened with surprise. After a few minutes she began to grin, "Yes, um once you meet your other half there's no secrets between us." Her face was so bright and it had nothing to do with the sun, It was her own sun shining through her.
oh...Im soo
We sat on the beach staring at the sunset, She lounged in my lap against my chest. I had my arms wrapped around her, she snuggled closer and we were almost into contentment until.
"Yo Bro! Watchya got there?" Jared boomed behind us with Kim tagging along, I snarled at him. "I'm chilling with my girl, you mind?"
He took a look at Kim and looked at me with the question in his eyes.
Was she my imprint?
I nodded and pulled Airina closer to me. "Yes, she's my imprint."
Airina giggled from underneath my embrace and peeked through my arms, "Hello, I'm Airina"
Kim smiled politely, "I'm Kim.."
Jared looked like he was about to explode, "Wow, you imprinted too?!?" He nearly shouted. I glared at him, good thing that the only people on the beach were in the water surfing.
He didn't let me reply in the witty response that I had searing on my tongue. "Wow, the only ones left is Seth, Collin, and leah."
My fury melted into sadness, poor kids. "Yeah, well lets hope that when they do, it won't be a Sam ordeal." I murmured to him.

Me and Jared built a bonfire and the girls went to the store for food. I poked the embers on burning log with a stick. The red and black almost matched the sun, "Bro, I've been wondering this for a you think that Leah will imprint? I mean she's the only She-wolf the pack has you think like Renesmee, she's excluded by gender?"
Of course using big words around him cause Jared to looked at me with confusion, "Like Renesmee?"
I blew out a gust of air, "Yeah man, remember that because she's a female she's not venomous.....well, what if because Leah's a female that she can't imprint?"
Jared shrugged. "I don't know dude, maybe she-wolves have their own way of meeting their mates."
The girls made it on time with arms full of groceries; Jared and I got up and helped them. Kim kissed Jared's cheek, "Thank you, Hun"
I looked at Airina, she blushed thinking that I expected one from her, but I didn't. "Here, Airina...let me give you a hand." I took her burden off from her hands and placed it near the bonfire. She murmured thanks and we both sat down as she crawled onto my lap to curl into my warmth from the cold night.
I laid my head on her forehead, I watched Jared dig through the bags. Kim giggled as he pulled out two dogs; putting one in his mouth as he put another on a stick and stuck it in the fire.
"Hungry?" I challenged.
“Starving." He said through a mouth full of uncooked hot dog.
“Gag, dude keep your mouth closed..." I pretended to gag as he stuck out his tongue that was covered in chewed food.
"Aw...Embry you know you love see-food." he chuckled.
"Your just sick..." I shook my head.

After the bonfire and the show of the girls watching me and Jared woofed down about 16 hot dogs and a liter of Cola, Jared and Kim decided that they wanted to have some alone time to themselves.
I wrapped my arms around Airina and murmured, "They'll wait until we finally get comfortable to surprise us again." She giggled against my chest and wrapped her arms around my waist.
I kissed her forehead, She froze and very slowly looked up. Uncertainty swam in her lovely hazel eyes; very slowly she pulled herself up on her knees. She moved her arms up my chest and circled them around my neck. She pulled my face down till it was only inches from hers, She paused and bit her lip.
I tightly wrapped my arms around her waist and closed the distance between our lips. Our lips so soft and so warm, moved in perfect synchronization. Excitement radiated through me as her soft lips moved mine this time as a smile worked its way on my lips.
write more love it update me plizz

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can u update me plz!!!!!!!!!!

love itt!! Can't wait for moree! i like how you chose to write about embry, its good to hear his story for a change!!
Wow! This is realy good! I looooove how you chose to write about embry. He isnt really mentioned much in the other books.

This is fab its really good write more!! xx


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