The Twilight Saga

I have always just been a regular girl, nothing special. My dad works a lot, he’s never really home, and my mom left when I was 7. I remember her a little, but try not to. I know she lives in Phoenix, she tried contacting me not so long ago, telling me she'd like to make up for lost time. Yeah right, like I’m just gonna forgive and forget., she broke my dad’s heart.

I see myself as a regular girl, okay not that regular. I’m not like girlish of me and for some reason I don’t understand, some guys can find me attractive, but that’s just annoying.  I’m not in to all that romance stuff.  To cheesy for my taste, I guess you can sort of call me a tom girl – all the other people do.  I really do hate it when guys hit on me, it makes me uncomfortable and when I turn them down, they just don’t let It go! That’s why I like to hang out with my friends, Edward, Emmet, Jasper, Jake and Seth. Yes, those are all guys, but dude, there so not like that. Okay, Jake has always been a little too much, but they are like brothers to me.  Anyway, today the school starts again, it has been spring break. I am so glad Alice isn’t coming over here, she would only want me to dress up to a girly girl, but that’s what made Mike like me like two years ago, and even though I don’t even let her dress me anymore, he stills like me!  I don’t really  like to wear tight things that shows my curves and all that makeup thing. I don’t like wearing heels, I’m more of a sneaker girl.  Alice would totally flip if I say that out loud. I could so hear her scream at me. “Any one that has boobs should never were sneakers! Girls are girls, now be proud of it! Any girl that choose sneakers before heals has something really wrong in the head.”  she is like the ultimate girly girl. I could totally se her in al pink stuff… ugh! Well, that’s Alice. By the way, she’s Edwards’s sister. Edward is the best of my best friends. We have been friends since like kinder garden, and he lives just around the block. Emmet is my next best friend, we aren’t really that close like me and Edward, me and Edward talk about everything. Emmet is more like a “in the moment guy” he’s up for anything crazy, and you can always have a great laugh with him… or at him… his kind of stupid.  The other guys are totally grate too, love them all. Emmet has this girl, Rosalie. She’s like Alice, just not that exited. She and Emmet have been crazy in love since 7:th grade. I’m glad that she makes him so happy and all that. Though I really can’t understand the whole “I love her so much, I would die for her” its like, Jeez … she’s just a girl. Anyway,  guess she’s not.  Jasper has always had a thing for Alice, they recently got together, finally! He had been talking about her every time we hung out! But since they are together, she kind of hangs out with us a lot, she has become one of the group I guess.  I have had plenty of guys in my life but  I never really had a boyfriend, okay yeah, me and Edward were together once when we were like 6. But that doesn’t even count, we just shared like 2 or 3 kisses. My first kiss was with Edward, and his first was with me, but we've both had a lot of kisses after that, just not with each other... But that was then, now we are the best of friends, we help each other with everything. I help him with the girls, he helps me with the guys, the few i likea anyways. Edward should be here in about 20 to pick me up to school.

I jumped in the shower and then headed down to eat some cereals. About 8.05 I could hear his car pull in on the driveway. I put my plate in the sink, took my bag and jacket and locked the door on my way out.

“Morning Bells” Edward said, nodding his head. I nodded back opening the door to the car to get in. Edward had a Volvo, it was his baby, and I could totally understand. My little audi was my baby as well. But today I was riding with Edward in his car, so my audi stayed at home. We were all kind of, I guess you can call it rich. I had to thank Charlie for that, he was the police chief. Apparently it gives great money, but the downside is that he isn’t home much.  But it’s okay though, I always manage great on my own. Edward and Alice had to thank their dad, he works at the hospital, and I’m kind of a clumps so I meet him a lot.  But none of us are like those spoiled rich brats.

“So anything happening tonight?” Edward asked as we headed out from my driveway.
“No I don’t think so, you have some ideas? Charlie wont be home, so we can be at my place.” I said,
“Yeah, sounds good. Maybe the guys have some ideas.”  We pulled in to the school parking lot and they all stood there in the same bench as last year. We stepped out of the car to go to them, Emmet sat on the table with his feats on the bench, while holding Rosalie’s waist, kissing her neck. Alice sat in Jaspers lap, her arms around his neck. Seth and Jake stood there talking to each other. Alice saw us coming and told the others, they faced us and gave us a smile, I smiled back.
“Hey guys, what do you want to do tonight? Charlie won’t be home so Bella says we can be there”  Edward told them, they all nodded their heads. Guess Rose will be coming to, she had been hanging out with us more frequently lately.
“Okay, so what are we going to do?” Jake asked.
“I don’t know, maybe take a dip in the Jacuzzi and then watch a movie or something?” Alice asked.
“Yeah, let’s do that, it sound good, but what movie?” Jasper asked while hugging Alice closer.
“Well, I want to see a scary movie!” Emmet yelled while tenderly biting Roses ear, sending her shills while she giggled.
“Fine, you guys go get the movie after school, and we girls go directly to Bella’s.” Alice said with a smile.
“Yeah sure, that sounds good, but can we get a move on? Class is about to start in 10 minutes!” Seth said as he stood up from the bench. We all nodded and started to walk to our classes. My first class was Math, and I had it with Alice, so she kissed jasper lightly on the lips, I waved goodbye to everyone and then we headed off. Alice and I sheared a table and we sat there doing our math assignments. This was so boring! I picked up my phone and texted Edward.

Dude, this is so boring. What ya’doing?   B” it didn’t even take a minute until I got a text back.
Auw, your only brain cell is to sleepy to do math? Im just sitting her watching Mr. Smith go on about stuff. Since there was spring break he just lets us catch up.  E
Ha ha, very mature of you “Eddie” oh I wish Miss. Farsa would let us do that. We have math assignments, totally annoying!  B
“Bells, who are you texting with?” Alice asked.
“Oh, just Edward.” I said, and Alice gave me a huge smile. Huuh? Anyways back to texting.
 “Don’t call me Eddie, or you will so pay! Hey Bells, guess what?  E
Yeah yea, you say that but what you gonna do? I don’t know, what?  B
There’s this new girl, she’s really pretty. She keeps smiling at me, think I should go for it?  E
Give it your best shot! I’m assuming she’s blind, or else you’re out of the picture.  B
Oh shut up!  E” I laughed at my punch line when Alice pinched me under the table, I looked up at her and she pointed her head at Miss Farsa that was walking and looking at the work of each table. I quickly typed
Miss Farsa is coming, gotta go, se you tonight.  B” then I put my phone back in my bag.

The rest of the day went by very fast and before even knowing it I was in the car with Alice and Rose headed to my place. Alice was all exited and Rose was in a good mood herself. Alice drove like a lunatic so we where home in about 5 minutes. We walked thru the door and before I could even hang up my jacket both Rose and Alice took me by the arms and started to drag me upstairs from behind.
“eeh, guys, what are you doing?” I looked at rose to Alice, and from Alice to rose, they just had smug smiles on their faces.
“ok, you’re kind of freaking me out!”  I looked at them pleadingly, but they just dragged me to the bathroom, sitting me in front of a big mirror, Alice put a big makeup bag in front of me and rose started the straightener.  I quickly understood what they were trying to do so I jumped on my feet shaking my head.
“NO way, no way!” I said looking at them with a hard face.
“Yes way, Yeas way. Bella, your going to thank us, so please just let us! “ Alice pleaded.
“I don’t like that make up stuff, and my hair is fine. I don’t see the point, its all going to disappear once in the water?” I said
“Bella, you don’t leave the heals home just cause it’s a long walk?!” yeah, totally do ? hah, this pixie is really out of her mind.
“Bella, you wont win this fight, so just give it up okay? The guys will be here any minute, I promise you wont regret it!” this time Rosalie pleaded. I knew I might as well give up. I could never win this fight, not if Edward or Emmet wasn’t here.
“Fine!” I heard myself saying, and then they started on their master piece. Rosalie brought me my Ipod and started on my hair, Alice stood in front of me, waving some brush on my face? After what seemed like forever they were finally done.

“Oki, all done! Now go put on your bathing suit that I put on your bed, along with the robe!” Alice squealed. I did what I was told, with no further question. Not even looking at what she had laid out for me I put it on, when I came out of my room Alice and Rose were also in their bathing suits and their robes. Alice had a baby pink one … go figure? Rose had a light brown. They pushed me to the mirror, and though I didn’t want to admit it, I did look different, but good different. I had a baby blue robe on me, my hair falling over my shoulders and framing my face.
“wow, this looks … different” I said, touching the mirror in front of me. Both Rose and Alice giggled as the front door opened.
“Babes, we’re home!” Emmet yelled with his booming voice.
“We’re upstairs! Go in the Jacuzzi, we will be down in a minute!” Rose answered.
“Alright babe, se you there. Hurry!” I could hear them splashing in to the pool.
“This is going to be so much fun, come on!” Alice screamed in excitement dragging both me and Rose down the stairs. I don’t know why, but I suddenly got nervous. We got out on my backyard, and up to the terrace where the Jacuzzi was. All eyes were on us and Edward looked at me with wide eyes. I felt the blood raising to my cheeks making me blush a bright pink. Jacob’s mouth hung open.  He finally broke the silence
“Wow Bells, you look … great!”
“Eum, thanks Jake. Its all Alice and Rose’s work though.” They smiled at me.
“Well jump in the water already!” Emmet said, anxious to have rose in his arms I guess. We took off our robes and then I realized what I was wearing. Damn I should’ve paid attention to what I put on! I can bet my cheeks were burning reed as I looked up at the guys that were sitting there. Edward looked at me like he had never seen me before, moving his eyes from my toes to my face, when his eyes met mine he smiled and I blushed even more if possible and looked quickly down to the floor.

“Well, come on now Bells,” Alice said, taking my hand as we entered the water. She made her way to Jasper, Rosalie was already in Emmet’s lap and I sat between Edward and Jake. Alice gave me a smug smile and then looked at Rose. Rose nodded. Huuh? What was that all about.
“Well, who’s up for truth or dare?” Rosa asked.
“Ooh I am, I am so in!” Emmet said, while jumping up and down, Rosalie looked like she was on a roller coaster while going up and down on Emmets lap.
“Jeez, chill Em. Im almost falling down!” She said in a irritated voice.
“Sorry babe, but you know I love truth or dare! Common everybody in?” I looked around at everybody and they all nodded their heads so I did so to.
“Ok, so who’s going to begin?” Emmet said while looking around at all of us.
“Oh, pick me, pick me!” Alice said raising her hand.
“Jasper! Truth or dare?” Alice face fell but she composed it into a very angry glare at Emmet, and I couldn’t hold in my laugh.
“Dear, no one here is going for truth Emmet, you know that”
“Yeah, but still. I gotta ask, it’s the game rules! Hmm… I dare you to make out with Edward” Emmet said, Jaspers face got so pale you could think he saw a ghost. Emmet was laughing so hard there was tear coming from his eyes. We all looked chocked then started to bend over in laugh, Edward looked really terrified and so did Jasper. I couldn’t breathe, I was laughing so much.
“Dude… chill. I’m… kidding, I wouldn’t …wanna see that, you crazy?” Emmet said in between laughs. Edward and Jasper relaxed and then the fits of laughter started again, I know they weren’t actually gonna do it, even if Emmet had been serious, but just the look on their faces was priceless!
“Fine, I dear you to hmm.. lets start with easy things first, I dare you to hold your breath under water for 1 minute” Jasper smiled, took a breath and went under water. Alice started laughing and we looked at her.
“hee…… is tickling ….. my … toes.” She said between laughter. After about a minute he showed up to the surface, alice smacked him in the head, then sat in his lap. She whispered something in his ear and he nodded.
“I give Alice my truth or dare” Jasper said.
“Hey! You cant do that, you have to ask her, she has to do” Emmet whined. Jasper rolled his eyes.
“Fine,  Alice, truth or dare?” he gave her a reassuring smile.
“Dear” she said,
“oki, I dear you to kiss me.” She leaned towards him, closing the distance between their lips as they kissed. They got a little carried away and Edward cleared his throat.
“Dude, that’s my sister.” Jasper gave him an apologetic look and then gave alice a small peck on the lips.
“Ok, so now it is my turn!” Alice squealed. She looked at me with a huge grin. Oh no!
“Bella, Truth or Dear?” cmon, I couldn’t choose truth, they would all think im the biggest wimp.
“Dear” I said, regretting my answer the minute it left my lips. Alice eyes sparkled as she prepared to tell my what my Dare was.

“I dear you Bella, to …. Kiss Edward.” What?! My whole face turned red and I looked at Edward. He didn’t really know how to react, he just looked at me, deciding if he should say something or if I would. I knew Alice was up to something, but i didnt expect this. Besides Things would be so awkward between me and Edward if I did do this dare, we're best friends.  I'm like a sister to him.
“Cmon bells, its just a kiss, you gonna back out?” Emmet teased. I gave him a death glare and felt Edward tap my shoulder. I turned around to see him smile, then he leaned in to kiss me, and I met him halfway. It was the strangest feeling, I thought it would feel so wrong, but it felt more right then ever. The kiss got more eager as he grabbed the back of my neck pushing my face closer to his, I took my hand making it twirl its way in his hair. Our lips moved together as If this was so natural, he traced my lips with his tongue pleading me to let him in, I separated my lips making our tongues meet. He tasted so sweet, but I was getting dizzy, I heard someone clear their throat but Edward didn’t react to it, so neither did I, next thing someone pulled me away, it was Jake. He looked hurt and mad.

“You did it now, no need to go overboard.” He said with a voice cold as ice. I glanced at Edward who had confusion all written in his face, then I looked at the others, Emmet, Seth, Jasper, all looked chocked, just sitting and staring at me, it made me blush. Rosalie and Alice just Smiled at me, I bet this was their plan all along. God I could kill them,  this was the most embarrassing thing ever! But I didn’t regret it at all, this was odd. There was this awkward silence and then Edward broke it.
“yeah so … eh, we should start seeing the movie before it gets too late.”
“Good idea, Bella, Rose come lets get in to our clothes.” Alice said while getting up of the Jacuzzi.
“But I want to finish the game! That doesn’t even count!” Emmet whined. Rose gave him a serious look and he quickly shut up. we followed Alice upp the stairs and when we got in to my room they closed the door and looked at me with wide smiles.
“What was THAT!?” They said at the exact same time. I blushed and tried to act stupid.
“What was what? I don’t understand what you mean?”
“O c’mon, you two were like so on top of each other. We all saw it!” Rosalie smirked.
“Yeah sure guys, really, where just friends. Promise, its Edward for god sake! Hes like my brother” I said, defending myself.
“He sure as hell didn’t act like your brother! And you sure as hell didn’t act like he was!” Alice giggled.

“Alright, we have to take this another time, now we have to get dressed.” She walked in the closet and threw me some clothes, a dress? Ugh! Really c’mon, never. I raised my eyebrow and she gave in, she handed me some skinny jeans and a black sweater. I gave her a thankful look.
“what the hell was that with the bikini? Why did I wear that?!” I asked
“Well, its not my fault you didn’t check it out when you put it on, besides, you looked gorgeous!” I let it drop, cause I knew it was kind of my fault. We went downstairs and the guys had already changed and Emmet was putting on the movie, I sat beside Edward on the couch. I was a little awkward, but he was my best friend, and this wasn’t going to ruin that, I mean, the kiss didn’t mean anything.
The movie started and I thought it was kind of lame, not so scary. Bet Alice and Rose where scared, hah. Or maybe they just acted scared so that they would be able to cuddle with Jasper and Emmet. I looked at Edward, hmm… maybe i shoul.., wait what!? Why would I do that? whats wrong with me.
The movie was so booring that I started to doze of after a while, my head fell on Edwards shoulder and it felt nice. He didn’t say anything so I just rested there, i was half asleep when I heard his phone buzz. He took it up and opened a message.

Hey! Its Julia, just wanted to thank you for the help in class today, its not easy to be in a new school. So thanks, I appreciate it.  J” So she’s the new girl?  She seems irritating.. nothing for him. what am i thinking... i dont even know her..
He thought I was asleep, and typed.
No problem, I can imagine how it is, im glad I could help. You know, if you want to I could show you around town tomorrow, grab a bite to eat, catch a movie?  E” What?! He was asking her out? Who is that stupid bimbo?! I felt hurt and disappointed.
Then it hit me, oh no this can’t be happening.  Am I jealous?


Hope you like it guys ! Dont forget to comment !

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New reader here! love your story
Thats amazing!!
Hello Beautiful readers. I know you are all anxious to read the next chapter so i won't keep you from it any longer. I just finished typin it, so read and enjoy.

Chapter 19.
Bellas POV.

"I dont think that's such a good idea, Edward"
"Im sorry you feel that way, but im not going to force her to fly to phoenix, she made it clear that she wants nothing to do with Renée."
"But Edward.."
"Dad, there really is nothing to talk about. Where Bella goes, i go"

I heard Edward and Carlisle argue about what i could do to avoid going to live with Renee these few weeks that were left until my birthday. Edwards suggestion was packing our bags and just run until i turned eighteen. Carlisle wasnt so happy about that and thought that we should give confrontation a try first. But Edward wouldnt have that, Renee didnt have a say in this, he said. This was all about what i wanted and needed. Typical Edward to put my needs above others. But he also knows that she would never allow me to stay, after all, she has been trying to get some sort of contact with me for several years. No way i was letting her .. it was her choise to leave us, and now she better deal with it, cause i sure had to.

But i also knew that running away wasnt the best choise to make, and besides, Edwards birthday is tomorrow. And i refuse to be the reason of wich he cannot spend it with his family and friends. I knew esme wanted nothing else then to give her soon a birthday cake on his eighteen'th birthday. so, no i was not running away with him, not today.

Once again, the memories of the past few days clouded my mind, how we got home and everybody was waiting for us. How Alice hugged me and esme cried in relief that we were both safe, and when her face turned to one of horror as she saw the blood covering Edward. Alice panicked, but Carlisle stayed calm. After seeing so many different accidents he could tell right away that Edward wasnt so badly hur that it would threaten his life. But noontheless, it was not a small wound. Carlisle explained that he would have to stitch it up and that a scar would remain for the rest of his life. Emmet joked it away by saying that chicks would dig it. I remembered the police calling and telling us that tyler was locked up and that he finally confessed to the murder of my father. They also told me how sorry they were for my loss, but that didnt really help at all. cause after all, it was indeed My loss. The only one that made it feel okey again, that made me feel okey again. that made me forget.. was Edward. But it would be too selfish of me to run away with him, he needs his family, and they need him. But i also knew that as soon as we werent with eachother, reality would catch up with me. I would have to accept that Charlie was gone. Ant the mere thought of it made my eyes moisty. Remembering Tyler confess to the murder of my father with such a wicked smile on his face made a small cry escape my lips. Ofcourse Edward heard it, as if he was trained to react any sound i ever made, no matter how far away he was.

"Bella ! Are you okay?" Edward said, worry in his voice, as he rushed in too the room.
I didnt trust my voice so i nodded.
"Love dont worry, i wont let you go to Pheonix. I promise."
I shook my head, but he missunderstood and took it as if i agreed. He turned around and started pushing som clothes in to a black bag.
"Edw.." i cleared my voice.
"Edward" i tried again, this time my voice didnt break. But he didnt react.
"Edward!" this time louder, a low shriek.
"What?" he said, his expression confused. I clearly broke his thoughts.
"Im not going"
"I know, your not going to pheoinx. Thats why im-"
"No Edward, im not going to run. We saw how that turned out, i mean .. I thought it was the best way to run and look how it ended," I said, pointing on his chest where the stitches lay under his shirt. He sighed and sat down, opened his arms and waited for me to fill them. I climbed up his lap and burried my face in his chest. He whinched.
"Ooh! Im so sorry!" I shrieked. And he knew i meant it in more than one way. I was the reason he even got the wound in the first place.
"its no big deal." he said smoothly and kissed my hair.
"Edward, i mean it. Im not running away, my birthday is in a feew weeks. In worst case cenerio, ill go live with her and come back as soon as im 18."
"Dont be silly."
"Im not being silly, im not the one planing to run away."
"I know you dont want to go to Phoenix, Bella"
"That has nothing to do with this."
"it has everything to do with this."
"Fine, but this is my decision to make Edward, not yours."
"Bella, are you sure?" he looked at me pleedingly, something hidden in his eyes. He didnt want me to go, he was just as troubled as me. To be so far away from eachother so shortly after whats happened. His eyes burned in to mine, and i had to look away.
"Im sure" I murmered.

”Hey guys?” Alice knocked on the door.
”Yeah, Alice?” Edward answered.
”can i come in?”
Edward rolled his eyes. I gave him a quick kiss and answered.
”Come on in, Alice”
Alice walked in, her eyes slightly red.
”Al, have you been crying?” i asked.
”No.. I mean.. a little. Are you two really going away?”
”No, We’re not, dont worry.” i said with a smile and stood up to hug her. Edward huffed from the behind me. An apologetic smile tugged at Alice’s lips. Sensing from her brothers expression that she interrupted something that wasn’t finished yet.

”What do you plan on doing then Bella?” Esme asks as we enter the living room. Carlisle looking at Edward for answers, and getting his answer from Edwards dully expression.
”Im staying. And im Calling Renee first thing tomorrow.” I said in one breath.
Esme, glad to have her son home for his birthday, but also sad because she could tell the difficulty behind the gesture of calling my so called mother, and practically beg her to let me stay where I belong. Carlisle’s posture relaxed as his expectations got confirmed.
With glossy eyes, esme stood up from the sofa and gave me a warm hug, whispering a small ”thank you” in my ear for letting her have the relief of having her soon near her after all the recent happenings.

As we sit in the kitchen, hearing esmes energetic suggestion for how to celebrate the Birthday of Edward, im suddenly hit with the realization that I havent gotten anything for him. Al though I have been planning for weeks to take the time to really look for something that just tells me ”That is so Edward, he has to have That” the recently events has taken so much of my energi and focus that the plans of shopping for a present had completely slipped my mind.
Panicked I searched for Alice’s eye around the table and waited for her eyes to lock with mine, the confused lock on her face when she laid her eyes on my expression made it easy to call her aside. Edward was in the living room with Carlisle, desperately trying to come to a conclusion on how to talk Renee out of insisting i go back to Phoenix.
Esme looked at us for a moment as we stood in the kitchen corner but was to busy with making the events for tomorrow as perfectly planned as it was possible. That she just shrugged her arms with a smile and continued to focus on the perfect day tomorrow would become.
”What is wrong? You look absolutely horrified.” Alice said, worry in her eyes.
”I forgot to buy him a present!” I explained franticly.
”Oh… well, there’s still time, we have like three hours before the stores closes in Port Angeles, I can get us there in 20 minutes if you let me drive.”
”Oh, thanks Al. You’re the best!”
”Yeah, Yeah. Go tell Edward and then were off. Ill go start the car.”

”Hey Edw-” the unexpected expression on his face caused me to swallow my words. And as soon as he realized I was present his eyes darted to mine before composing his expression.
”What’s wrong?” I asked, worried.
”Nothing, Love. Everything’s fine” He reassured, but the exchanged glanze between him and Carlisle told me otherwise. Carlisle nodded, not to answer a question, but it looked more like he agreed to something.
”Well, im off to help Esme. Im glad you’r talking to Renee tomorrow Bella. I really think it’s the best way.” he said, laying a hand on my shoulder as he passed by.
”Me too” I murmured as he left the room.
I looked at Edward with questioning eyes.
”Bella, it’s nothing. Relax.” He said, giving me a smile that showed his perfect teethes.
Still curious but to tired to care, and having to little time to force it out of him before the store’s closed, I let it drop for now.
”Ok. Im going out for a while. I’ll be back in a few hours.” I said, giving him a quick kiss.
”What?” he asked, confusion taking form on his face.
”Im going out?” I stated, forming it more lika question to see what part he didn’t understand.
”Why?” his face pale, I furrowed my brows at his confusion, trying to figure out why he looked so uncertain, and opposed to the idea. Suddenly a giggle escaped my mouth as I understood his worry.
”Don’t worry Edward. I wont run away. Ill come back, I promise.” I said, a smile tugging at my lips. He crushed me to his chest, burying his nose in my hair and breathing me in.
”Im going with Alice.” I said, to assure him further.
”I trust you, its just… hah, I don’t know.” He smiled against my hair. I knew what he meant, we hadn’t been apart since the whole Tyler thing had happened, and even being apart for a couple of hours were difficult to accept, especially thinking that the last time I left his side could have possibly been the last time we saw eachother..
”I know..” I whispered against his chest. I stepped back to stand on my tiptoes to better reach his lips. A small but passionate kiss was shared before I once again reassured I’d be back in a couple of hours.

The ride to Port Angeles went quick as Alice promised, 20 minutes was more than perfect.
The little pixie leading me from store to store, where she thought I could find a perfect gift for Edward. After visiting about 7 shops I finally found it. It may not have been the most expensive thing, or the most craved thing, but he didn’t actually wish for something, and I was terrible at buying presents so I was hoping a symbolic present would be as appreciated as any other. Ofcourse knowing Edward I also knew he would gladly accept whatever. For him it was the gesture that was important. What can I say.. He’s the perfect boyfriend. The ride home went quicker if possible and we were home before the shops had closed. My present was wrapped and ready and I sneaked it in to my jack pocket before entering the house.
”We’re home!” alice exclaimed as we kicked of our shoes and walked in the living room.
My walk dropping to an mediate halt as my face turned in to one of horror.
No, No, No!
Edwards pained expression facing me.
The woman from the opposite sofa watched me with curious eyes as she was rising from her seat.
”Hello Isabella.” She said. Her features similar to my own as she approached me.


There u go, I'd really like to hear your thoughts about this one! ;) Over here the clock is 05.11 and im exhausted.

Oh and remember.. Comments make me write faster ;)
omg! it's renee isn't it?
please post more soon!
holy snot its her mom
gaaaaah! it culd not be her! i won't allow it!
omg omg omg omg have to write more soon.. i couldnt find chapters 16-18. but i read 19 and i cant wait to read more....please write soon
oh my...........please write more!
Will do ! :D
OMG! Please write more! I will be your best friend EVER! Please please please please please please please please please! I will hate you if your don't! you don't want that don't you!?

of course i wouldnt want you to hate me ! ill start right away on the next chapter, haha :)
Hugs !


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