The Twilight Saga

I have always just been a regular girl, nothing special. My dad works a lot, he’s never really home, and my mom left when I was 7. I remember her a little, but try not to. I know she lives in Phoenix, she tried contacting me not so long ago, telling me she'd like to make up for lost time. Yeah right, like I’m just gonna forgive and forget., she broke my dad’s heart.

I see myself as a regular girl, okay not that regular. I’m not like girlish of me and for some reason I don’t understand, some guys can find me attractive, but that’s just annoying.  I’m not in to all that romance stuff.  To cheesy for my taste, I guess you can sort of call me a tom girl – all the other people do.  I really do hate it when guys hit on me, it makes me uncomfortable and when I turn them down, they just don’t let It go! That’s why I like to hang out with my friends, Edward, Emmet, Jasper, Jake and Seth. Yes, those are all guys, but dude, there so not like that. Okay, Jake has always been a little too much, but they are like brothers to me.  Anyway, today the school starts again, it has been spring break. I am so glad Alice isn’t coming over here, she would only want me to dress up to a girly girl, but that’s what made Mike like me like two years ago, and even though I don’t even let her dress me anymore, he stills like me!  I don’t really  like to wear tight things that shows my curves and all that makeup thing. I don’t like wearing heels, I’m more of a sneaker girl.  Alice would totally flip if I say that out loud. I could so hear her scream at me. “Any one that has boobs should never were sneakers! Girls are girls, now be proud of it! Any girl that choose sneakers before heals has something really wrong in the head.”  she is like the ultimate girly girl. I could totally se her in al pink stuff… ugh! Well, that’s Alice. By the way, she’s Edwards’s sister. Edward is the best of my best friends. We have been friends since like kinder garden, and he lives just around the block. Emmet is my next best friend, we aren’t really that close like me and Edward, me and Edward talk about everything. Emmet is more like a “in the moment guy” he’s up for anything crazy, and you can always have a great laugh with him… or at him… his kind of stupid.  The other guys are totally grate too, love them all. Emmet has this girl, Rosalie. She’s like Alice, just not that exited. She and Emmet have been crazy in love since 7:th grade. I’m glad that she makes him so happy and all that. Though I really can’t understand the whole “I love her so much, I would die for her” its like, Jeez … she’s just a girl. Anyway,  guess she’s not.  Jasper has always had a thing for Alice, they recently got together, finally! He had been talking about her every time we hung out! But since they are together, she kind of hangs out with us a lot, she has become one of the group I guess.  I have had plenty of guys in my life but  I never really had a boyfriend, okay yeah, me and Edward were together once when we were like 6. But that doesn’t even count, we just shared like 2 or 3 kisses. My first kiss was with Edward, and his first was with me, but we've both had a lot of kisses after that, just not with each other... But that was then, now we are the best of friends, we help each other with everything. I help him with the girls, he helps me with the guys, the few i likea anyways. Edward should be here in about 20 to pick me up to school.

I jumped in the shower and then headed down to eat some cereals. About 8.05 I could hear his car pull in on the driveway. I put my plate in the sink, took my bag and jacket and locked the door on my way out.

“Morning Bells” Edward said, nodding his head. I nodded back opening the door to the car to get in. Edward had a Volvo, it was his baby, and I could totally understand. My little audi was my baby as well. But today I was riding with Edward in his car, so my audi stayed at home. We were all kind of, I guess you can call it rich. I had to thank Charlie for that, he was the police chief. Apparently it gives great money, but the downside is that he isn’t home much.  But it’s okay though, I always manage great on my own. Edward and Alice had to thank their dad, he works at the hospital, and I’m kind of a clumps so I meet him a lot.  But none of us are like those spoiled rich brats.

“So anything happening tonight?” Edward asked as we headed out from my driveway.
“No I don’t think so, you have some ideas? Charlie wont be home, so we can be at my place.” I said,
“Yeah, sounds good. Maybe the guys have some ideas.”  We pulled in to the school parking lot and they all stood there in the same bench as last year. We stepped out of the car to go to them, Emmet sat on the table with his feats on the bench, while holding Rosalie’s waist, kissing her neck. Alice sat in Jaspers lap, her arms around his neck. Seth and Jake stood there talking to each other. Alice saw us coming and told the others, they faced us and gave us a smile, I smiled back.
“Hey guys, what do you want to do tonight? Charlie won’t be home so Bella says we can be there”  Edward told them, they all nodded their heads. Guess Rose will be coming to, she had been hanging out with us more frequently lately.
“Okay, so what are we going to do?” Jake asked.
“I don’t know, maybe take a dip in the Jacuzzi and then watch a movie or something?” Alice asked.
“Yeah, let’s do that, it sound good, but what movie?” Jasper asked while hugging Alice closer.
“Well, I want to see a scary movie!” Emmet yelled while tenderly biting Roses ear, sending her shills while she giggled.
“Fine, you guys go get the movie after school, and we girls go directly to Bella’s.” Alice said with a smile.
“Yeah sure, that sounds good, but can we get a move on? Class is about to start in 10 minutes!” Seth said as he stood up from the bench. We all nodded and started to walk to our classes. My first class was Math, and I had it with Alice, so she kissed jasper lightly on the lips, I waved goodbye to everyone and then we headed off. Alice and I sheared a table and we sat there doing our math assignments. This was so boring! I picked up my phone and texted Edward.

Dude, this is so boring. What ya’doing?   B” it didn’t even take a minute until I got a text back.
Auw, your only brain cell is to sleepy to do math? Im just sitting her watching Mr. Smith go on about stuff. Since there was spring break he just lets us catch up.  E
Ha ha, very mature of you “Eddie” oh I wish Miss. Farsa would let us do that. We have math assignments, totally annoying!  B
“Bells, who are you texting with?” Alice asked.
“Oh, just Edward.” I said, and Alice gave me a huge smile. Huuh? Anyways back to texting.
 “Don’t call me Eddie, or you will so pay! Hey Bells, guess what?  E
Yeah yea, you say that but what you gonna do? I don’t know, what?  B
There’s this new girl, she’s really pretty. She keeps smiling at me, think I should go for it?  E
Give it your best shot! I’m assuming she’s blind, or else you’re out of the picture.  B
Oh shut up!  E” I laughed at my punch line when Alice pinched me under the table, I looked up at her and she pointed her head at Miss Farsa that was walking and looking at the work of each table. I quickly typed
Miss Farsa is coming, gotta go, se you tonight.  B” then I put my phone back in my bag.

The rest of the day went by very fast and before even knowing it I was in the car with Alice and Rose headed to my place. Alice was all exited and Rose was in a good mood herself. Alice drove like a lunatic so we where home in about 5 minutes. We walked thru the door and before I could even hang up my jacket both Rose and Alice took me by the arms and started to drag me upstairs from behind.
“eeh, guys, what are you doing?” I looked at rose to Alice, and from Alice to rose, they just had smug smiles on their faces.
“ok, you’re kind of freaking me out!”  I looked at them pleadingly, but they just dragged me to the bathroom, sitting me in front of a big mirror, Alice put a big makeup bag in front of me and rose started the straightener.  I quickly understood what they were trying to do so I jumped on my feet shaking my head.
“NO way, no way!” I said looking at them with a hard face.
“Yes way, Yeas way. Bella, your going to thank us, so please just let us! “ Alice pleaded.
“I don’t like that make up stuff, and my hair is fine. I don’t see the point, its all going to disappear once in the water?” I said
“Bella, you don’t leave the heals home just cause it’s a long walk?!” yeah, totally do ? hah, this pixie is really out of her mind.
“Bella, you wont win this fight, so just give it up okay? The guys will be here any minute, I promise you wont regret it!” this time Rosalie pleaded. I knew I might as well give up. I could never win this fight, not if Edward or Emmet wasn’t here.
“Fine!” I heard myself saying, and then they started on their master piece. Rosalie brought me my Ipod and started on my hair, Alice stood in front of me, waving some brush on my face? After what seemed like forever they were finally done.

“Oki, all done! Now go put on your bathing suit that I put on your bed, along with the robe!” Alice squealed. I did what I was told, with no further question. Not even looking at what she had laid out for me I put it on, when I came out of my room Alice and Rose were also in their bathing suits and their robes. Alice had a baby pink one … go figure? Rose had a light brown. They pushed me to the mirror, and though I didn’t want to admit it, I did look different, but good different. I had a baby blue robe on me, my hair falling over my shoulders and framing my face.
“wow, this looks … different” I said, touching the mirror in front of me. Both Rose and Alice giggled as the front door opened.
“Babes, we’re home!” Emmet yelled with his booming voice.
“We’re upstairs! Go in the Jacuzzi, we will be down in a minute!” Rose answered.
“Alright babe, se you there. Hurry!” I could hear them splashing in to the pool.
“This is going to be so much fun, come on!” Alice screamed in excitement dragging both me and Rose down the stairs. I don’t know why, but I suddenly got nervous. We got out on my backyard, and up to the terrace where the Jacuzzi was. All eyes were on us and Edward looked at me with wide eyes. I felt the blood raising to my cheeks making me blush a bright pink. Jacob’s mouth hung open.  He finally broke the silence
“Wow Bells, you look … great!”
“Eum, thanks Jake. Its all Alice and Rose’s work though.” They smiled at me.
“Well jump in the water already!” Emmet said, anxious to have rose in his arms I guess. We took off our robes and then I realized what I was wearing. Damn I should’ve paid attention to what I put on! I can bet my cheeks were burning reed as I looked up at the guys that were sitting there. Edward looked at me like he had never seen me before, moving his eyes from my toes to my face, when his eyes met mine he smiled and I blushed even more if possible and looked quickly down to the floor.

“Well, come on now Bells,” Alice said, taking my hand as we entered the water. She made her way to Jasper, Rosalie was already in Emmet’s lap and I sat between Edward and Jake. Alice gave me a smug smile and then looked at Rose. Rose nodded. Huuh? What was that all about.
“Well, who’s up for truth or dare?” Rosa asked.
“Ooh I am, I am so in!” Emmet said, while jumping up and down, Rosalie looked like she was on a roller coaster while going up and down on Emmets lap.
“Jeez, chill Em. Im almost falling down!” She said in a irritated voice.
“Sorry babe, but you know I love truth or dare! Common everybody in?” I looked around at everybody and they all nodded their heads so I did so to.
“Ok, so who’s going to begin?” Emmet said while looking around at all of us.
“Oh, pick me, pick me!” Alice said raising her hand.
“Jasper! Truth or dare?” Alice face fell but she composed it into a very angry glare at Emmet, and I couldn’t hold in my laugh.
“Dear, no one here is going for truth Emmet, you know that”
“Yeah, but still. I gotta ask, it’s the game rules! Hmm… I dare you to make out with Edward” Emmet said, Jaspers face got so pale you could think he saw a ghost. Emmet was laughing so hard there was tear coming from his eyes. We all looked chocked then started to bend over in laugh, Edward looked really terrified and so did Jasper. I couldn’t breathe, I was laughing so much.
“Dude… chill. I’m… kidding, I wouldn’t …wanna see that, you crazy?” Emmet said in between laughs. Edward and Jasper relaxed and then the fits of laughter started again, I know they weren’t actually gonna do it, even if Emmet had been serious, but just the look on their faces was priceless!
“Fine, I dear you to hmm.. lets start with easy things first, I dare you to hold your breath under water for 1 minute” Jasper smiled, took a breath and went under water. Alice started laughing and we looked at her.
“hee…… is tickling ….. my … toes.” She said between laughter. After about a minute he showed up to the surface, alice smacked him in the head, then sat in his lap. She whispered something in his ear and he nodded.
“I give Alice my truth or dare” Jasper said.
“Hey! You cant do that, you have to ask her, she has to do” Emmet whined. Jasper rolled his eyes.
“Fine,  Alice, truth or dare?” he gave her a reassuring smile.
“Dear” she said,
“oki, I dear you to kiss me.” She leaned towards him, closing the distance between their lips as they kissed. They got a little carried away and Edward cleared his throat.
“Dude, that’s my sister.” Jasper gave him an apologetic look and then gave alice a small peck on the lips.
“Ok, so now it is my turn!” Alice squealed. She looked at me with a huge grin. Oh no!
“Bella, Truth or Dear?” cmon, I couldn’t choose truth, they would all think im the biggest wimp.
“Dear” I said, regretting my answer the minute it left my lips. Alice eyes sparkled as she prepared to tell my what my Dare was.

“I dear you Bella, to …. Kiss Edward.” What?! My whole face turned red and I looked at Edward. He didn’t really know how to react, he just looked at me, deciding if he should say something or if I would. I knew Alice was up to something, but i didnt expect this. Besides Things would be so awkward between me and Edward if I did do this dare, we're best friends.  I'm like a sister to him.
“Cmon bells, its just a kiss, you gonna back out?” Emmet teased. I gave him a death glare and felt Edward tap my shoulder. I turned around to see him smile, then he leaned in to kiss me, and I met him halfway. It was the strangest feeling, I thought it would feel so wrong, but it felt more right then ever. The kiss got more eager as he grabbed the back of my neck pushing my face closer to his, I took my hand making it twirl its way in his hair. Our lips moved together as If this was so natural, he traced my lips with his tongue pleading me to let him in, I separated my lips making our tongues meet. He tasted so sweet, but I was getting dizzy, I heard someone clear their throat but Edward didn’t react to it, so neither did I, next thing someone pulled me away, it was Jake. He looked hurt and mad.

“You did it now, no need to go overboard.” He said with a voice cold as ice. I glanced at Edward who had confusion all written in his face, then I looked at the others, Emmet, Seth, Jasper, all looked chocked, just sitting and staring at me, it made me blush. Rosalie and Alice just Smiled at me, I bet this was their plan all along. God I could kill them,  this was the most embarrassing thing ever! But I didn’t regret it at all, this was odd. There was this awkward silence and then Edward broke it.
“yeah so … eh, we should start seeing the movie before it gets too late.”
“Good idea, Bella, Rose come lets get in to our clothes.” Alice said while getting up of the Jacuzzi.
“But I want to finish the game! That doesn’t even count!” Emmet whined. Rose gave him a serious look and he quickly shut up. we followed Alice upp the stairs and when we got in to my room they closed the door and looked at me with wide smiles.
“What was THAT!?” They said at the exact same time. I blushed and tried to act stupid.
“What was what? I don’t understand what you mean?”
“O c’mon, you two were like so on top of each other. We all saw it!” Rosalie smirked.
“Yeah sure guys, really, where just friends. Promise, its Edward for god sake! Hes like my brother” I said, defending myself.
“He sure as hell didn’t act like your brother! And you sure as hell didn’t act like he was!” Alice giggled.

“Alright, we have to take this another time, now we have to get dressed.” She walked in the closet and threw me some clothes, a dress? Ugh! Really c’mon, never. I raised my eyebrow and she gave in, she handed me some skinny jeans and a black sweater. I gave her a thankful look.
“what the hell was that with the bikini? Why did I wear that?!” I asked
“Well, its not my fault you didn’t check it out when you put it on, besides, you looked gorgeous!” I let it drop, cause I knew it was kind of my fault. We went downstairs and the guys had already changed and Emmet was putting on the movie, I sat beside Edward on the couch. I was a little awkward, but he was my best friend, and this wasn’t going to ruin that, I mean, the kiss didn’t mean anything.
The movie started and I thought it was kind of lame, not so scary. Bet Alice and Rose where scared, hah. Or maybe they just acted scared so that they would be able to cuddle with Jasper and Emmet. I looked at Edward, hmm… maybe i shoul.., wait what!? Why would I do that? whats wrong with me.
The movie was so booring that I started to doze of after a while, my head fell on Edwards shoulder and it felt nice. He didn’t say anything so I just rested there, i was half asleep when I heard his phone buzz. He took it up and opened a message.

Hey! Its Julia, just wanted to thank you for the help in class today, its not easy to be in a new school. So thanks, I appreciate it.  J” So she’s the new girl?  She seems irritating.. nothing for him. what am i thinking... i dont even know her..
He thought I was asleep, and typed.
No problem, I can imagine how it is, im glad I could help. You know, if you want to I could show you around town tomorrow, grab a bite to eat, catch a movie?  E” What?! He was asking her out? Who is that stupid bimbo?! I felt hurt and disappointed.
Then it hit me, oh no this can’t be happening.  Am I jealous?


Hope you like it guys ! Dont forget to comment !

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this is amazingly beautiful....plz keep me updated!!!!!!
i would love to read it..........

Chapter 9
Bellas POV.

“wakey, wakey” I heard Edward say lightly as he nudged me on the shoulder, but I wasn’t ready to wake up just yet so I did no attempt to force my eyelids open.
“I know you’re awake” he whispered in my ear.
No response.
“I’ll pour water on you…” He threatened, but I didn’t budge.
“Okay, fine. I wouldn’t. But can you please wake up?” he pleaded.
“Shut up Eddie” I said in a voice thick with sleep. He huffed. Then I felt something on my closed eyelids, something soft. Edward lips kissed me gently on each eye and continued down to give me a kiss on the nose. Then he lowered his lips to mine, gently massaging them with his own, and there I lay, doing my best not to give in to this stupid battle. But sure enough, he knows he will end up winning, cause no way I can resist Edward Cullen’s lips. No way. So I let my hands wander over his chest, settling one on his neck and one in his hair, grabbing a fist with hair and pulling his face closer to mine to better reach his lips. He smiled at my defeat and slowly pulled away, leaving me with a pout on my face.
“Sorry for that, but you told me to shut up, so I had to do it without speaking” He said in a satisfied voice and a grin on his face.
“Fine … im up.” I muttered making his grin grow even bigger.
“We’re going to be late, come on, and don’t call me Eddie!” He said while pulling me out of the bed.
“Late? Late for what?” I asked with a confused face.
“Oh, you’ll see. Here put this on” he said while throwing me some clothes. I looked at him with furrowed eyebrows, the way he was acting reminded me of Alice. As if he read my mind he silently chuckled at my expression.
“Alice was here about two hours ago and gave me instructions on what to give you, she wanted to wake you up but I wouldn’t let her.”
“Thanks” I said with a smile.
“Well, you were so peaceful, talking in your sleep.” He said with humor.
“Well, It wasn’t peaceful, I was dreaming of a hurricane because you snored so loud!”
“I did not”
“Did too.” I muttered as I went to change into the clothes Alice had decided for me to wear.

“Where are we going?” I asked for the third time in 5 minutes. Edward took his gaze from the road in front of him and turned to face me.
“Relax Bella, you’ll see.” He said, and just then we pulled in to a drive way. I hadn’t been here often, but I knew where we were.
“Emmet’s house? Why?” I asked surprised. He nodded his head in acknowledgement.
“Just wait one second, they will be here any minute now.”
“Who will be-“ I said but stopped mid sentence as I saw Alice and Rose’s car pull in on the driveway as well. Was everyone coming here?
“So, will Seth and Jake come here too?” I asked, hoping Jake wouldn’t be here, I really wasn’t ready to be around him. Not so soon. And I had no interest in talking with him, though I knew I would have too eventually.
“No. They’re not.” He said cold. Anger flashing in his eyes at the mention of Jake.
“Good.” I said, letting him know he wasn’t the only one being mad, and walking out of the car the same time Rose and Alice did.
“So, anyone’s telling me what the heck im doing here?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Just wait and see. Please Bella, I promise you’ll like it!” Alice said while bouncing up and down. Then Jasper walked out of the car as well, and I looked at him pleadingly. Begging him to tell me what he knew. He sighed and shook his head.
“Sorry Bells, You saw what happened to Emmet last night. I wouldn’t dare to anger up Alice in any way. Who knows what that evil little thing can do to me” he said while wrapping his arms around her waist and planting a kiss on her hair as she smiled victoriously.
“Fine. Should we go in?” I asked and focused my gaze on Rose.
“yes, we sure are” She said while swinging the house keys in front of me.

We walked up to the porch and Rosalie planted the keys in place and opened the door slowly.
“Why do I get the feeling that we’re breaking in?” I asked with raised eyebrows.
“Shh! … and it’s not breaking in if you have the key Bella” Rose whispered back as we quietly slipped up the stairs. I glanced at Jasper and gave him a questioning look, but he just shrugged his shoulders as we continued our way up the stairs. Walking to a door furthest away, Rosalie put her finger in front of her lips, instructing us to be quiet as she gently opened the door like a smooth criminal. I wonder how much training she had in this, opening doors without anyone hearing, Could come in handy. In the room laid Emmet, spread on his large bed like a flat spider.
“You have no idea how it is to sleep next to him. Im lucky to still be alive, I should have choked, it’s a Miracle, Really.” She whispered while pointing at him, taking over the whole bed.

We stood there looking at Emmet’s spread out body while Rosalie slowly lifted her phone and put it on the pillow next to his ear. Then she sneaked over to his jeans that lay on the floor and dug out his phone, dialing a number and letting it ring.
GAWWWRRRRRRRR, HOTTIE ON THE PHOOOOOONE!!’ it screeched out from her speakers. And sure enough, it was Emmet’s voice as a ring tone.
“AAAAAHHHHHHG !!!!” He screamed in confusion, bouncing on the bed with his sudden movement and rolling down on the floor, hitting his butt.
“Make it stop, make it stop!” he cried out while holding his head in his hands. Rose had no intentions on stopping the song that Emmet clearly recorded for her to have when he called.
“What’s the matter Em, don’t like your own voice?” She asked while putting her hands on her hips and looking down at him. Emmets voice continued to sing. Telling rose to pick up the phone for ‘Hottie Em.’ Before he ate her up…
“I’ll do whatever you want, just make it stop. Please make it stop!” he pleaded.
“oh, I’ll get what I want alright. Payback’s a Bi*ch.” She said with a grin on her face as she pressed the red button, and hung up. He sighed and sunk down on the floor, relieved.
His eyes widened as he took in the scene in front of him. Jasper laughed so hard he was holding his hands on his knees to be able to stand up straight. Alice giggled so much I thought she was gonna choke. And Edward was trying to suppress a laughter but did so very terribly. I for once, was laughing so hard that my eyes were watering, Emmet made a sulky face and tried to stand up but didn’t do a good job. He fell on his butt again, and the fits of laughter’s got worse. This time Edward couldn’t hold it in.

“GET OO-“ he started but stopped mid sentence, putting his hands at his ears.
“Get out” he whispered. Clearly having a headache, and making it worse by screaming.
“oh come on your big baby, lets make you breakfast.” Rosalie said while tapping her foot on the floor. Feeling sympathy for Emmet, we all went down the stairs and Emmet held his hands over his ears muttering something about it not being necessary do stomp down the stairs cause his head hurt.
We all walked in to the kitchen and Rosalie started making some breakfast for Emmet. She started to take some pans from the cabinet, and making some noises as she did. Emmet flinched with every noise coming from the metal.
“So, Emmet… Nice ringtone there” Jasper said while chuckling lightly.
“Yeez Jasper, you don’t have to scream! I hear you. And if you had heard it all, you would have liked it” Emmet muttered while rubbing his temples.
“Oh, We can hear it all if you want Emmet” Rosalie said with a smug smile.
“NO!” He exclaimed.
“God please, no!” he begged as he opened his arms and looked up at the roof.
“Fine.” She said and put the pan on the stove.
“Rose, you don’t need to smash it down. Do it gently, and it doesn’t have to sound so loud” he wined.
“Emmet!” she screamed and he flinched.
“I am standing here, making YOU breakfast, its not my fault you have a hangover from yesterday, were you by the way started to paw on another girl!”
“I did not! Your lying” he said with a matter of fact voice.
“I have it on tape” She explained.
“But I don’t re- OH!” He said as yesterdays night must have been coming back to him.
“Im so sorry! I remember thinking it was you, and then when I looked at her face, she was.. not you. And then you came, and thought I was cheating, and then you took me home and..”
“ok! We don’t need to know what happened after I took you home Emmet!” she exclaimed. I tried to suppress a laughter but when Jasper cracked up I really couldn’t hold it in any longer.
“Please guys! Your making the whole house vibrate, and im pretty sure my head is going to explode” Emmet whined.
“Im sorry Emmet” I said while trying to turn my laughter in to chuckles.

“So, What do you guys want to do today?” Alice asked, lightening the mood a bit.
“Why don’t we just watch a movie and take it easy, Bella’s house?” Jasper suggested while walking over to Alice.
“How about … oh oh I know! Why cant we rent a little cabinet by the lake and stay there for a couple of days?” Emmet suggested with a happy voice.
“That sounds great Emmet, but we have school tomorrow, and graduation is almost here. I think we should stick to the movie, but Next weekend?”
“Yeah, ok fine. let me just call Jake and Seth to let them know.” He said while motioning to the phone.
“No” Edward said in a harsh voice while hugging me tighter to him. I twisted my head to look up to him.
“Edward its fine.” I said low.
“Wait, what’s going on?” Alice said, noticing something was off.
“Nothing, go ahead and Call him Emmet.” I said with a forced smile.
“No” Edward said again.
“Edward come on… we cant do this, they are his friends just as much as ours. Call him Emmet! Edward, im as mad as you are but he cant help it if his…” I trailed of, realizing something that had completely not occurred to me.
“Bella, are you ok?” He asked while I stood there, speechless at my new discovery.

“Yes… Edward we need to talk” All the eyes of the room darted to me, disbelief in their features. They didn’t think… oh.
“Its not that kind of talk!” I quickly added, and I felt Edward relax behind me.
“Im so sorry for making it sound like that, I did not mean it like that at all! But Emmet, you call Jake and Seth, let them know about tonight and next weekend”
“So, I tell them we’re watching a movie tonight, at your house?”
“Yeah. Tell them that, and do you guys want to eat dinner there too?” I asked
“Hell yeah!” Emmet said.
“Ok, tell them to be there at 17.00”
“Sure thing” He said while grabbing his phone.
“come on, I gotta tell you something” I said while dragging Edward to the livingroom. I hadn’t been at Emmets house that often, but often enough to know where everything was.
“what was it you wanted to talk about?” Edward asked me while we sat down on the sofa.
“Well, its about us.” He pressed his lips into a small line, and I wanted to kick myself for making everything sound so wrong.
“No! Edward, its not at all like you think. Its just, I love you, and I fell in love with you, without you knowing… when you just considered me as a friend.”
“When you thought I just considered you as a friend”
“That’s not the point, what im trying to say is… it wasn’t easy to have those feelings towards your friend, thinking that the whole relationship would be ruined by confessing them. And to see that person you like, being with someone else… I wasn’t until today that it occurred to me, that Jacob must feel exactly that.” I explained in a low voice, still taking in the information I told him.
“Oh.” He said while furrowing his brows.
“I didn’t think of it that way. But I’m not sorry for what I did Bella, He said terrible things about you, and there is no way I am ever going to forgive that. ever.” He said in a harsh voice.
“Im not asking you to. But I don’t want us to ban him from things we do either. Things wont be the same, but we shouldn’t ruin the relationship between him and the others.”
“So what do you want me to do?”
“nothing, I wouldn’t ask you to do anything, but I need to talk to him.”
“Yes, after dinner.”
“So I suppose you don’t want me there?”
“of course I do! If he can’t accept us, then that’s another thing, I just don’t think we need to rub it in his face. We don’t need to be like super cuddly around him, even if I want to…” I said with a sigh.
“Fine” he said, I knew he understood, deep down.
“Not forever Edward, just these next days, give him some time to get used to it. we just don’t need to cuddle when he’s around” I whispered and as to prove my point, I cuddled up in his lap, burying my face at the crook of his neck and breathing him in.

“Edward.” I asked against his neck
“you know, Charlie’s coming home tomorrow…” I began.
“I know”
“And… you know. ‘us’ , do you think, I mean. Should i..” I drifted off and looked at the floor, to my relief I felt him relax a bit.
“You mean, Should you tell him that we’re together?”
“Mhm” I said, still not looking him in the eyes. We hadn’t officially talked about ourselves as a couple, so I didn’t want to say anything to Charlie without really talking to Edward first.
“I think you should tell him you have a boyfriend Bella” He said with a smile as he put a finger under my chin to lift my gaze to his. I felt a smile appear when he said Boyfriend and I didn’t try to hide it.
“really?” I asked.
“yeah, I mean. If you want to.”
“you know he has a gun right?”
“yeah Bella, I know. It’s alright, ill manage.”
“Good cause I really want to tell him!” I confessed and gave him a quick kiss to distract him from chuckling. Just then the guys came in.
“Wohow! PG-13 right here!” Emmet chuckled, my cheeks turned red and I nuzzled my face deeper against Edwards neck while he just chuckled.
“Well, if you call that PG 13.. then what do you call what happened after Rose took you home?” he contoured.
“Well, I call that-“
“Emmet, don’t you say it!” She warned while giving him a death glare. I don’t know anything that can scare Emmet as much as Rosalie … I don’t think anyone does.
“Fine” He muttered.
“Are we done talking about this yet?” I asked.
“No, we haven’t talked about Jasper and Alice yet” Emmet said while giving them a glance. Alice smiled and Jasper chuckled.
“Well, if you must know. Me and Jasper hav-“
“And that’s my cue… im outta here… im not listening to my sister talking about her…. No…. Im out.” Edward said while grabbing my arm and pulling me off the couch.
“Come on Edward, like you didn’t know I-“
“shut up Alice!” He said while we walked passed them. I tried not to laugh at his expressions, he really couldn’t stand hearing about Alice’s love life.

“Bye guys, See you at 17.00!” I yelled as we walked out the door.
“Edward, you need to learn how to relax!” I said as I sat down in the passenger seat.
“I am relaxed. Its just not something I want to hear about Bella, how would you feel.. if Charlie started to talk about when he-“
“OKAY! I GET IT!” I exclaimed with a disgusted look.
“Exactly” He said chuckling.

Edward dropped me off at home and then continued to his home to get cleaned. Which I appreciated cause I also needed to get cleaned up. He offered to help with the dinner when he came back, but I told him it wasn’t necessary. He sat a while with me in the kitchen, watching me cook, but I cant imagine it was fun cause after a while he went to watch some television. I decided to make Spaghetti, just to tick Emmet off.
When the time was starting to get 17.00 the food was almost ready so I went to sit a bit with Edward. There wasn’t really anything good at Tv, so we mostly just sat cuddling until the door opened.
“Hey guys, dinners almost ready” I said while walking in to the kitchen.
“Oh, it smells good! What’s coo- Oh … spaghetti” Emmet muttered.
“Yeah, I thought you liked them, Em?” I smiled.
“Mhm… I did, when I could pretend it was worms… But now Rose is all against it” He muttered.
”Well, she’ll get over it” I said encouraging.
“Get over what?” She asked while showing up behind Emmet, he jumped in surprise.
“Yeez Rose.. You scared me. Nothing we were talking about… about … yesterday. That im sorry”
“Oh. Ok” She simply said.

“We’re here!” Alice yelled from the door.
“Don’t care!” Edward teased while trying to imitate Alice’s voice.
Brothers and sisters, I thought to myself.
“Mmmh, that smells great Bella” Seth said while walking in to the kitchen.
“Oh, I didn’t know you were here! Is Jake..”
“No, he’s not coming” He said with an apologetic smile. I felt relieved and puzzled at the same time.
“Oh ok, then lets start eating” I said while grabbing the plates and putting them on the table. I served the food and everybody sat down to eat. Edward sat beside me, and gave me a questioning look, probably wondering where Jake was. I shrugged my shoulders. I would have to ask Seth about that later. Emmet sat on my other side, in front of him sat Rosalie, Jasper and Alice sat in front of me and Edward and Seth sat on the corner.
“this is great Bella, it tastes delicious”
“Thanks Seth” I gave him a smile.
“Mm, its delicious” everybody agreed.
Emmet leaned in to my ear.
“Don’t tell Rosie. But im pretending its worms” He whispered with a victorious smile, like he just outwit rose.
“I heard that Emmet.” She said with a raised eyebrow.
“Darn” he muttered.

After dinner we watched a movie, though I found myself missing the content, my mind was wrapped up in what I was going to tell Charlie tomorrow, and how I was going to do it. Jake didn’t really matter that much, I knew I would be able to fix things between us in its own time. Cause he needed time right now, and quite frankly, so did I. that I would fix in a couple of days, he couldn’t stay away forever. We did actually have school together. I could always just talk to him tomorrow.
Edward must have noticed me being tuned out because at some point he whispered in my ear.
“Bella, are you okay?”
“yeah, im fine. Its just. I’m trying to figure out the best way to tell Charlie” I whispered back.
“Do you want me to be there when you tell him?”
“Do you want to be with me when I tell him?” I asked skeptically. He huffed.
“of course I do.”
“Then how should we tell him?”
“Well, how about I come over for dinner tomorrow after school, and then we’ll tell him?”
“that’s sounds … safe” I nodded.
“Don’t worry Bella, it isn’t going to be as bad as you think, I’ve known Charlie my whole life. he’s known me my whole life. He knows I would never hurt you. I love you”
“Don’t be so sure about that, like I said, he has a gun”
“Well, if he shoots me, you just call Carlisle, cause its closer to my home than the hospital.”
“Its not funny Edward!” I said while punching him in the arm. He chuckled.
“Im kidding Bella, Its gonna be fine. I promise. Just let me do the talking.”

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Chapter 10
Bellas POV.

I woke up in a rather good mood. Today was the day me and Edward was going to go public, not just letting Charlie know, but letting the whole school se the new couple addition to the group. So I couldn’t help but welcome the butterflies in my stomach that made me so much more Awake.
I knew Charlie had come home sometime during the night, but I was far too tired to even try to greet him the proper way, I remember he opened my door to check in on me, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw him sitting in the living room on my way to make some breakfast.
“Hey dad!” I exclaimed in a glad voice as I saw his familiar face turned towards the tv. He quickly reacted to my voice and swung his head at my direction before a huge smile appeared.
“Bella!” He said while standing up.
“Im so glad you’re home! Are you hungry?” I asked and walked up to hug him. He hugged me back, and I realized how much I had missed him.
“I wouldn’t mind something to eat.” He smiled and kissed the top of my head.
“Come on, ill make you pancakes” I said and dragged him in to the kitchen.
“So, how was work?” I asked.
“It was… well I cant say it was fun. A bunch of criminals and so on. But we did manage to save some ladies from getting robbed,” he chuckled.
“Well, that’s always something.” I smiled.
“And you. did you have fun here? Im so sorry for leaving you alone all this time Bella.”
“No dad, don’t worry. I don’t mind, and besides. I wasn’t Alone, The guys were here and we watched movies and had sleepovers.” I explained as I served the pancakes.
“Well, im glad you had fun, but still. I wish I could be home more.”
“We will just have to make the best out of the time you do spend here, when are you going back to work?” I encouraged.
“Yes, that’s sounds good. I go back to work on Friday, so we have almost 5 whole days. So what do you want to do today?” he asked with a smile. I felt the butterflies in my stomach flutter.
“How about we take it easy today? I’ll make something good to eat for dinner. Sounds good?” I asked
“Sounds absolutely lovely.”
“Edward is coming to” I added nervously.
“Ah, Edward. How is he? Feels like forever since I saw him. His such a wonderful young man. Just like a son to me. And Alice how is she?” Charlie always had a close connection to Edward and Alice, always treated them like his own children, I guess he kind of felt like that. Edward did to, in some way. Carlisle wasn’t really home that much when they were kids, we spend most of our time here so, this is sort of a second home to them.

“Alice is just fine, she and Jasper are like glued together, and you can ask Edward when he comes over here for dinner.” I said with a smile.
“ah, im so glad that she and Jasper are together, she looks really happy when she is with him. And he is a good boy, I should know. I remember when you all used to run around here when you were around 12. So small and happy, you, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmet, Jake and Seth” he muttered with a smile on his lips. I rolled my eyes at him.
“How are they, Emmet, Seth and Jake? I feel like I’ve missed a lot.”
“you haven’t dad. Seth is great, we all got together for dinner last night, then watched a movie. Jake is .. grate also, we had a little argument but it will work itself out. Emmet is… well you know Emmet” I smiled at him and he chuckled.
“He sure is. Is he still with Rosie?”
“yes, still with Rose. I don’t think that’s about to change.” I smiled.
“I hope not. She really has made him into a better man.” He mumbled.
“Why don’t you ask Alice to come over for Dinner as well?” he asked. I thought about it and it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, if I could just get her away from Jasper a couple of hours.
“Ill talk to her dad, what do you want to eat?” I asked.
“how about beef stroganoff with rise?” He asked.
“Sure, I can do that.” I said while starting to rise to put my plate in the sink.
“Time for school?” He asked.
“Yeah, im afraid so. But graduation is here soon so I just got to endure it a few more weeks”
“That’s right! Im looking forward to you graduation Bells!” he said happily.
“Im sure you are Dad. Ill se you after school” I said as I grabbed a jacket and sprinted for my audi.
The weather was cold, the clouds were thick against each other, pressing themselves towards forks and giving the air a damp feeling. What else could you expect in this green little town.
I sat in my Audi and hurried toward school. Toward Edward.
When I finally got there, the first thing I saw was his shiny Volvo. I smiled as I parked my little Audi just beside it. They made a cute couple. My Audi, his Volvo. When I stepped out the car there were several people looking at me with wide eyes. Since I got together with Edward, I had been a little more aware with what I wore, something they had not experienced with me.
So what, I got a little glances. Who cares, I have Edward.
I walked towards the bench, Edward stood there looking at me, making my way thru the parking lot. Rose was there with Emmet, and of course alice and Jasper. I wasn’t sure if I was to se Jake here today, I wasn’t counting on it, but there he was. Furthest away, standing at the side, talking to Seth. Not giving me as much as a look. But I didn’t care, I had Edward.

He stood up from the bench and stretched out his arms for me. I didn’t care who saw me, I didn’t care how childish I may have looked, but I started sprinting. Sprinting! To get to his arms and feel them wrap around me. And then I realized how much I had missed them, their tight grip against me as they embraced my body, I think I had gotten used to it these last couple of days, and now I never wanted them to disappear. I didn’t feel complete if I didn’t have him there. Holding me, making me feel safe. Ugh, I never thought I would feel this way, like im a 12 years old little girl who just touched the cute boy that destroyed her sand castle.
“Hey” I answered against his chest.
“I’ve missed you”
“I’ve missed you more” I said and hugged him tighter. He let out a chuckle.
“Oh, im so glad you finally made some sort of fashion sense Bella!” Alice exclaimed, clearly satisfied with my choice of clothes.
“Good morning to you too Alice.” I said as I peeked out from Edwards chest.
“Hi Bells” She said softly.
“Hi” I smiled.
“Oh, we’re gonna be late to math class Bella!” she said after looking at her watch. I sighed and gave Edward a tight hug and a kiss before allowing Alice to drag me off. When we walked past the others I quickly nudged Jakes shoulder.
“Jake, I need to talk to you.”
“We don’t have anything to talk about.” He said, not meeting my gaze.
“Maybe you don’t, but I do.”
“ill talk to you at lunch.” I said and continued to walk beside Alice.

“So you’re not gonna ask about it?” I questioned.
“Noppe, cause I already know.” She stated.
“Oh come on, like you didn’t?” she accused.
“Well, I guess I knew. I mean, I have always known. But I didn’t think it was so obvious”
“Well. It kind of was.”
“anyways. I don’t want to think about it more than I have to”
“Then don’t” she smiled. She made everything sound so easy. Like there was a simple way to everything. To just set your mind on something and then just … do it.

we slipped in the classroom just in time for class to start. Just like always, me and Alice were quite good at math, so we were a little more ahead then the others. Which meant we didn’t have to be so focused on the work we had already done.
“hey Alice, do you want to come over for dinner tonight, Edward and I are going to tell Charlie about us… and I want witnesses there incase .. Edward dies or something” Better to ask now then never.
“Oh Bella, I would love to come!” She exclaimed, hardly managing to sit still in her chair.
“I cant believe you would even consider telling him without me. I have GOT to see this.”
“So, you’re not worried for Edwards sake?” I asked in disbelief.
“Bella, you always imagine the worse! Stop it right now, Charlie loves Edward. His like a son to him. I’m sure he will be fine with it. But you should let Edward do the talking. Cause if you start to babble on, im sure Charlie will get a wrong picture and shoot Edward right in the head.” She chuckled. Chuckled! I sat there terrified of how she could take this so lightly. Maybe it wouldn’t get as physical as I thought, but I had no doubt about it not being awkward.

The classes passed rather quickly, one after another, until it was finally lunch time. I didn’t know what to expect really, but I was kind of chocked to se Jake stand there waiting for me. I somehow thought he would try to get out of this one.
“Hi.” I said as I approached him. Edward had taken his seat at out table, knowing that this would only get worse if he was here to talk as well. As it was clearly showed the last time, that they did not handle the situation as well as hoped.
“Hi.” He said cold.
“Jake, could we go somewhere?” I asked, not wanting to take this conversation in the middle of the cafeteria. He nodded his head for me to lead the way. I gave Edward a glance and a reassuring smile before disappearing out in the hallway. I stopped in a corner away from hearing distance.
“so, you wanted to talk” he said abruptly as he stopped behind me.
“Yes. I just wanted you to know … I understand. And so does he.” I began. He huffed at my words.
“Yeah. Ok lets say so.”
“No, Jake. I mean it. I understand what youre going thru, and im sorry for that. But im not sorry for being with him. And whatever you do, you wont make me regret it. I know this must be hard for you… no, I know this IS hard for you. But you have to understand. I love him. And if you had the chance to be with the one you loved… lets say you had the chance to be with me… would you not take it? Regardless of what he would think?” I asked honestly. I saw him react to my words, and he knew I was right.
“so, what do you want me to say.” He said, a little more relaxed. But clearly still mad.
“I don’t want you to say anything. I just wanted you to know that we understand. And I see why you are mad, but im still mad at you. That thing you did at the party Jake. That was so stupid.”
“Yeah, well… what do you want me to do Bells. I don’t know how to handle this.”
“I know. But it doesn’t mean you get to go around and hurt people just because you’re angry. You can take all the time you need. But please don’t stop being with the others just because you cant stand me and Edward.” I knew exactly how he felt, I couldn’t stand seeing Edward and Julia together. And from what Edward told me… I could understand him now also… Julia was like my Jacob. He liked me, but I wasn’t quite in to him. Edward was always the one for me. I was just to blind to see it.

“Its not that I cant stand you and Edward. Its just that … well, ok I cant stand you and Edward. But it isn’t because I hate you. its just because… im not used to it yet. And its gonna take some time.”
“I understand. And I will try not to rub it in your face, I know its hard. Take your time to get used to it. But don’t skip out on events because of it. Im sure Emmet told you about the plans for the weekend?” I asked. An idea coming in to my mind, im sure Edward wouldn’t mind.
“Yes he did.”
“you’re coming right?”
“I don’t know, I guess.” He said.
“Good. Cause I want you to meet someone. There’s this girl, who I think you would really like.”
“No Bella, you’re not setting me up with someone.” He said
“Oh come on, there’s no hurt in having some fun. Just meet her. You need to see other girls to realize that your not as into me as you think.” I smiled, I tried to end this talk with some kind of joke, I could stand the awkwardness in the whole situation, and he gratefully accepted the bate. Making the atmosphere a bit more bearable.
“Yeah, you wish” He smiled.
“Ok good, now lets go eat lunch” I said and dragged him off to the cafeteria.
“Hey Bella.” He said serious.
“I really am sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean it.”
“I know you didn’t, but it was still said.”
We took our lunch and went to sit at our table, Edward saved me a seat next to him, and I was very grateful for that. It sounds so cheesy, but when you know he is in the same building as you, and still haven’t seen him in the whole day. You get kind of cranky if you don’t get to be with him when you finally do see him.
Edward was tense, but relaxed a bit when I sat down, taking his hand in mine. I hope he didn’t take this whole cuddly thing to serious, I mean. Sure Jake wouldn’t want to see that, but I would be damned if that stopped me from being cozy with Edward. We were a new couple. Very much in love and I think Jacob could handle a kiss or two… or three. And us holding hands. Yeah, he could handle that, cause that wasn’t a compromise. We went to the same school, clearly he didn’t expect me to keep away from Edward. Cause no way I would.

The rest of the day went by really fast, like it always does when you don’t want it too…
As soon as I opened the front door to the house, I heard Charlie sit in his usual seat and watching sports.
“Dad, im home!” I yelled.
“Hi Bells! Im in here, watching a game. Everything alright at school?” He asked.
“Yeah, its all good. Im going to start dinner!” I yelled as I walked in to the kitchen. I started cooking dinner while thinking how wrong this talk could end. Maybe I was just overreacting.
Edward didn’t mind Alice came here, but I doubt that it was because he wanted her as a witness. I guess he just thought it would calm me down if she was here. It would.
while the rise was cooking and the beef stroganoff was getting warm I quickly went to take a shower to freshen up. When I was ready and pleased with my appearance I ran down to take the dinner of the stove. It was all ready at about 18.00, which was just when Edward and Alice stepped thru the door.
“Alice! Edward!” Charlie said in a pleased voice as he approached to give both of them a hug. They walked in to the kitchen when I was setting the plates.
“Smells wonderfully Bella” Alice said with a smile.
“Thank you Alice, take a seat.” I said, motioning to the chair. They all sat down, me next to Edward, on my other side was Alice, and in front of me was Charlie.
“So, what have you guys been up to lately?” He asked after swallowing down some food.
“Well, we’ve been enjoying ourselves, watching movies and so.” Alice exclaimed.
“Im glad you guys kept Bella company while I was gone” He said thankfully.
“Of course” Edward said.
“Actually dad. There is something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about” I said with a low voice. Better now then never.
“Ok… What is it?” Charlie asked warily.
“Promise you wont freak.”
“For god sake Bella, just tell me” he said, suspicious. Alice gave me a glare, maybe I was making it sound much worse then it was.

“Well, Bella kind of has a Boyfriend” She said, saving me from saying something else.
“What?!” he asked with raised eyebrows. Dropping his fork on his plate. I flinched. Take it easy Bella.
“Is that true Bella?” He asked.
“Yes, dad its true.” I said, as high as my voice aloud me to, which most likely sounded like a whisper to them.
“Have you met this guy she is dating?” He asked the others. His eyes furrowed as he watched my expression. I glanced at Edward, begging him to take over the talk.
“Yes I have Charlie. And you know I wouldn’t allow anything else then the best for her.” He said with a sincere voice.
“I see, and this guy. Is he nice to her. Is he truthful? Does he love her?”
“He does. Very much so. Charlie, I know he loves her with his whole life, he would never do anything to hurt her and that I can promise you.”
“And you Alice, what do you think of this guy?”
“I think he is perfect for her. I’ve never seen her so happy Charlie. She loves him, and he loves her incredibly much, its insane. I don’t think anyone else would appreciate her as much. And I wouldn’t let her have anything else then the best either.” She said with a smile.
“Well, then I trust that she is in good hands. I know you wouldn’t let her get hurt.” He said while grabbing another bite of the food. I relaxed a bit as I felt my cheeks turn red.

“Do you love him Bella?” he asked me.
“Yes, I do dad. I really love him”
“So, when will I get to meet this young man?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. My eyes narrowed at the knowledge that this was it, now or never. I took a deep breath.
“Dad… its Edward.

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Chapter 11
Bellas POV

“So, when will I get to meet this young man?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. My eyes narrowed at the knowledge that this was it, now or never. I took a deep breath.
“Dad… its Edward.”

“Eh, I must have heard wrong, you see. I thought you said Edward.” He said with an amused face.
“I did…” I confirmed with burning cheeks.
“She sure did” Alice added while giggling in her chair.
“Wait, Edward Edward, like in this edward?” he said while pointing his finger at Edward.
“Im Bella’s new boyfriend Charlie” Edward said with a smile while he grabbed my hand in his.
“Is this some kind of joke?” He said with skeptic eyes.
“what? No dad. Its true.” I said warily. Getting ready to jump up from my seat and block the door to stop him from getting to his gun. But he just sat there, frozen as his eyes scanned our linked hands. I was starting to get worried, maybe he was having a heart attack, no he wouldn’t be so calm if he was, shouldn’t he be in pain? I was just about to ask, when his lips transformed themselves into a huge grin. On second thought maybe he was having some kind of heart attack.

“Dad, are you okay?” I asked, a little freaked out.
“Are you kidding, im fine! Im so glad you two are finally together, I must say, What took you so long?! I have been waiting for this moment to come for five years! Five years Bella!” He said while clasping his hands and switching his gaze between Edward and I.
"right? thats what i said.!" alice agreed.
“What? So you’re not mad?” I asked in disbelief.
“Why, should I be?” He asked with narrowed eyes.
“no, you shouldn’t”
“Are you sure?”
“Eh, yes dad im sure!”

“Bella, you said that they slept here, did Edward.. did you two…” He tried to say something but he didn’t finish the question so I answered what I thought might be it.
“Yes dad, Edward slept with me.” His eyes widened and Edwards gaze found mine, disbelief in his eyes. Clearly he had gotten another question from what Charlie had said. And it wasn’t until I heard Alice giggle that I understood the real meaning of it.
“Oh, I mean, he didn’t sleep with me. I mean he did. But oh god. What im trying to say is we slept together. No! I mean, we slept in the same bed together, we didn’t sleep together together.. fudge, this isn’t coming out right… please don’t shoot him.” Alice was right, maybe I shouldn’t have opened my mouth. Everything I said just came out wrong, very wrong. Alice vas clearly enjoying this, way to much. She was trying to sit still in her chair, but failing miserably.

“Oh, this is good.” Alice chuckled. Oh no doubt, she was enjoying this.
“So you’re not pregnant?” He asked me warily.
“No dad! We just got together like 3 days ago.” I exclaimed.
“So you’re not, I mean, you two aren’t having …” He started.
“You have got to be kidding me… Dad stop it. right now.” somebody kill me?
“Edward, can I talk to you for a minute.” He said while motioning for the door.
“Wait, why?” I asked suspicious.
“Because I want to talk to him Bella!”
“Its fine Bella, ill just talk to him, wait here with Alice.” Edward smiled reassuringly.
“No, dad. What are you going to talk about?” I asked with a stern voice.
“Some things Bella… man stuff.” He said with a weird look. A look I knew far too well, a look I would never ever forget. The look he had before he attempted to do the most embarrassing thing ever.
“No! No dad! I mean it. I know that face. You’re going to try talking to him about the bird and the bees!” I exclaimed with a terrified voice.
“Well … that too”
“Oh no you’re not! You are not!” I said while stomping my foot on the floor. By now, Alice was gasping for air.
“Its okay Bella” Edward said, while trying to suppress a chuckle, but doing a terrible job at it.

“No, its not Edward. I’ve had that talk, and its embarrassing, and quite frankly, kind of confusing!”
“Well, im not that bad at it Bella! Its just, you’re two teenagers, hormones and stuff. Believe me I know, I was one a long time ago, a long long time ago..” he chuckled.
“But, its bound to happen. I just want you to be ready when it does.” He added.
“Oh my god dad.” I said while dropping my head in my hands. Could this get any more embarrassing.
“Are we done now?” I asked, pleadingly with my eyes.
“that depends. Edward, son. Have you had the talk about the bird and the bees?” he asked. Shoot me somebody!
“Oh this is way too good!” Alice let out between gasps.
“What?” Edward asked confused. Clearly uncomfortable.
“Well, have you had the talk about the bird and the bees?” He asked again.
“dad, you are not talking to him about the bird and the bees. End of story
“Its okay Charlie, I’ll tell Edward about the bird and the bees.” Alice chuckled.
“I know about the bird and the bees Alice! Shut up!” He exclaimed. Please somebody kill me!

“this is unbelievable. Please tell me this talk is over?”
“Actually Bella … “ Edward said warily.
“what now?” I asked.
“I was kind of thinking we could go tell My parents next … they’re both home right now” I rolled my eyes. Of course there was more to come, what else did I expect. Though I am pretty sure it cant be worse then this.
“Why not.” I said and got up from the chair.
“I am going to go now dad. And when I get back… I don’t ever want to talk about this again. Ever
“Oh, grumpy are we. sure you’re not pregnant?” he asked with an arched eyebrow.
“Well, sorry… actually it would bee fun to be a grandpa. well.. not in the near future” He muttered.
“And some day, I promise ill make you one.” I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
“Come on Alice” Edward said as he stood up.
“Oh, but please cant we stay a little longer, this was just getting fun!” Alice exclaimed.
“Alice, get your but here. Or else your walking home.” Edward threathened.
“Bye Charlie, and thank you for taking this so well.” He said.
“Please Edward, there is no other way to take it. I have seen you grow up, you are as close to me as a son. And I know you will do everything in your power to keep my Bella safe and happy” He said while shaking hands with him.
“That’s correct Charlie, I love her more than anything else. I really do” He said while looking me in the eyes. Of course I blushed, what else was to be expected when I heard Edward Cullen say he loved me infront of my dad. Or to hear Edward Cullen say he loved me at all!
“I love you to Edward. More than anything” I whispered as I grabbed his hand and led him out the door.
“Geez. In a hurry aren’t we… wait for me” Alice yelled while giving Charlie a goodbye hug.

Telling Charlie was a … success I guess, it ended much better than I had imagined.
“It wasn’t so bad Bella, see?” Edward said while we were on our way to his house.
“You’re kidding right? Did you not hear him ask you about the bird and the bees?”
“oh come on, he’s a father. He just wants us to be careful” He said understanding. But I knew he hated it just as much as I did.
“Well, I thought it was great! I wish I had a camera, Bella your face was priceless” Alice giggled.
“Shut up Alice.” I sneered.
“Oh come on, Edward, you thought so too didn’t you?” she asked. I looked at Edward who was trying to suppress a chuckle, but failing at it miserably.
“you did!” I accused and smacked him on the head.
“Sorry hun, but you are so incredibly cute when you’re nervous and embarrassed.” He said while taking my hand in his.
“Nice save” I muttered.

“Well, we’re here!” Alice exclaimed and jumped off the car.
“You ready?” Edward asked me.
“Nothing can be worse than what we just did” I muttered.
“Come on then!” he said with a smile as we stepped out of the car. When we walked thru the door we could hear Carlisle and Esme talking about something in the living room.
“Carlisle, don’t blame yourself. You could do nothing. Do you think we should call the police?” I heard emse say in a worried voice. I glanced at Edward, who glanced at Alice. They were both confused.
“I don’t know, lets just let it cool off and maybe he will back off. But its just what he said …” Carlisle answered with a thick voice.
“what do you think he meant by that?”
“I don’t know, I tried to trace the call but it’s a dead end.”

Edward cleared his throat and then we walked in the living room.
“Hey, im glad you’re home! Bella, how is Charlie. I heard he came back” Esme said with a smile.
“Yes, he is. He’s fine but he is going back to work on Friday so we want to make the best of the time he’s here.” I explained.
“Well, I can understand that. We would love to meet him, maybe we could have some kind of party before he leaves for work again, Dinner here on Thursday?`” she suggested.
“I think he would just love that Esme, I will ask him as soon as I get home” I said smiling.
“Good, I think I know just what to do for food.” She said.
“Ehm. Mom, dad. Is everything okay?” Esme glanced at Carlisle who nodded his head.
“Alice, we can talk about this later. Not now.” he said in a voice that made it clear it wasn’t up for discussion.
“Okay, later then. But now, I would like to talk to you.” Edward said with a smile.
“Well, sit down, lets hear it” Carlisle said and put his hand in the air, motioning for us to sit. Which we did. My nerves was getting the best of me, but Edward squeezed my hand in a reassuring gesture. Relax Bella, it cant be worse than Charlie…

“Dad, I want to officially present Bella as my girlfriend.”
“Hi” I said blushing.
“oh my gosh! Bella!” Esme chreamed and jumped up to hug me.
“Im so glad you’re together! Im so glad! Finally!” she exclaimed while she hugged me.
“eh, me too.” I said in chock. Alice sure got this part from her mother. Being all happy and jumpy.
“Mom, let her breath” Edward said chuckling.
“oh Bella, im so happy for you! Welcome to the family, though you were already a part of it!” She exclaimed.
“Thank you Esme. That means a lot”
“Well, I see she makes you very happy Edward.” Carlisle said.
“She does… she really does.” He said while giving me a meaningful look. What did I do to deserve him, really? He was the best there ever was.
“Does Charlie know?”
“Yes, we just came back from telling him”
“Well, did he take it good?”
“Yes… he did.” Alice answered with a chuckle. I blushed.
“Well that’s great honey, I look forward in to seeing more of you here Bella. I know you usually are at your house, but I hope that changes a bit.”
“Of course emse, hopefully you will see a lot more of me here” I said with a smile.
“don’t pressure her mum.” Edward muttered.
“She is not Edward. I love being here.” I said with a matter of fact voice.
“Well, if you say so. Come on lets go to my room” He said while grabbing my hand.
“Okey, Bye esme, bye Carlisle its so nice to see you guys again, its been far to long”
“Indeed” Carlisle agreed and esme just smiled. I smiled back.

“So, what do you want to do?” Edward asked while closing the door to his room.
“Ooh, I don’t know” I said while standing and swaying my arms in a shy movement.
“Okay..” He said chuckling.
“Maybe...” I started while looking up at him from under my lashes.
“no nothing” I said with a smile.
“Tell me” he said while walking to me and wrapping his arms around my waist. Always works.
“Well, maybe we could do this..” I said as I leaned up to kiss him.
“Mhm” he moaned slightly against my lips.
“I like doing this” he said with a smile.
“me too” I said while dragging him closer to me by pulling his shirt. We kissed passionately, letting our tongue dance together in perfect rhythm. But it didn’t last long until we were both panting, which made him tilt my head so that he could kiss my neck.
“You know I love you Edward, I really do” I said while shivering under his kisses. He held me tighter, pressed my body to his as he leaned in and whispered in my ear.
“As I love you. More than anything in this world.”

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Chapter 12
Bellas POV.

The days passed quickly, and Thursday was here before I even had time to blink. Charlie had been looking forward to the dinner because this was his chance to meet everybody, Emmet, Rose, Jasper, Seth and even Jake was coming.
“Bella! Bella, put on the jewelry next” Alice shook my shoulders impatiently.
“Okay fine, give it to me.” I said while putting my hand in the air, pointing upwards.
“thank you for letting me fix you today!” she squealed in delight.
“Its fine Alice. I want to look nice for this, and Charlie is going back to work tomorrow so why not?”
“I know, its sad that he cant stay here more frequently.”
“yes, but I manage. And he is needed for his job.”
“I know, but still,”
“Okay, enough talking. Lets head downstairs, everybody is here!” Rose said while walking in the room. I turned around and took a quick glance in the mirror then walked with the girls downstairs.
“Thanks Alice” I whispered as we were on the stairs.
“Any time Bells”

“Hey Bells, you look beautiful!” Charlie said when he saw me.
“She sure does.” I turned around with a smile, knowing who’s voice it was. I felt his strong arms wrap around my waist as he pulled me in to a hug and kissed my forehead.
“Hey beautiful”
“Hey” I said back with a smile. Charlie did not act at all as I had thought, whenever Edward embraced me or took my hand in his, or kissed my lightly on the lips, it only made a smile appear on Charlie’s face. And it wasn’t a little smile either. But it felt nice in some way, to know that I didn’t have to feel awkward while hugging Edward in front of Charlie, or holding his hand, or just leaning my head against his shoulder while we sat watching TV. No, it felt good to have it this way, but I still couldn’t help but wonder just why he wouldn’t react to it as I had thought. Was it just because he was Edward? Would he have reacted differently if it had been somebody else? The thought made me shrug; I couldn’t imagine me ever being with somebody else.

“Alice didn’t torture you too much now did she?” Edward asked with a chuckle.
“No, it was … bearable.”
“Ok good, or else I would have been forced to destroy her makeup” he laughed.
“You would do no such thing!” Alice said behind him.
“She always hears everything.” He said while rolling his eyes.
“Yes, so don’t even try! Come on now its food time!” She exclaimed.
“Well, what are we waiting for, come on!” Charlie said in anticipation. Clearly my food wasn’t as good as the food Esme was making. It was more like a buffe to be exact. Every dish that you could possibly want, she went big on this. But im pretty sure there will be no waist of food. Emmet, jake, Edward and Seth all eat like vacuums.

Not to my surprise, I was right. The food Esme had cooked did not go to waste. And Charlie had a lot to do with that also. After dinner I was so full I had to lay down so I walked up to Edwards room and laid down on the bed, rubbing my belly and letting the food settle down while starring up at the sealing.
“Mind if I come in?” I heard Charlie say from the door.
“No dad, of course not” I said.
“Bella … im so sorry, but I just got a call and they need me at work as soon as possible.”
“Bella, I really am sorry.”
“But cant they wait a few hours, at least until you get some sleep? You cant drive all night?”
“Bella, I will be fine. Would you be mad if I go now?” he asked.
“No dad, no of course I wouldn’t. If they need you then go.” I said while giving him a reassuring smile.
“Thank you Bella, I promise I will make it up too you. And I will try to keep in touch, better this time”
“You do that Dad.”
“Ok, bye honey. I need to go pack my things, stay here and enjoy the party. Ill call you as soon as I’m there” He said while leaning in and giving me a kiss on the forehead.
“By dad” I said before he walked out the door.

Edward walked in almost a minute later.
“Hey love.” He said while making his way to me, he sat on the edge of the bed.
“Im sorry for Charlie having to leave, I hope you’re not to sad.” He said with a wary voice.
“No, im fine Edward. I have you, remember?” I said smiling.
“Its just that … well, I know he loves his job, but sometimes I feel like he works to much, like he tries so hard, he isn’t as young as he used to be, maybe he’s working to much you know … Edward?” he was looking in front of himself, but I could see he was at another place.
“Edward” I said again.
“Sorry, I tuned out.”
“I noticed. Is something wrong?” I asked.
“No… I mean, I don’t know really.”
“Tell me what’s bothering you.”

“Well, you know .. you know the other night, when we came here and then heard Carlisle and Esme talk about something, well … after you left, we talked about it , and I don’t know. Im just worried.”
“What do you mean? What happened?”
“Carlisle had a patient at work, she was badly hurt, when he took her in to surgery there was a complication, and her heart failed. He tried to revive her, but it didn’t work. He said it was a lost cause, nobody could have done anything to change it. It was like a ticking bomb, and her heart just stopped. When he went to tell the guy that brought her in… the guy went furious, blaming Carlisle for her death, telling him that this wasn’t over, this wasn’t the last time he would hear from him.”
I nodded for him to continue.
“Well, he called that day, just before we came. When Carlisle answered the phone the guy said. ‘Remember me? I told you it wasn’t going to be the last time you heard from me.’ Carlisle knew exactly who it was, he knew the anger in his voice. ‘for what you did, I will make you watch one of your close one suffer. I will take that one’s love, just like you did with mine.’ Then he hung up. And Carlisle didn’t know what it meant. When he traced the call, it was a dead end. And when he called the hospital, the name he had given didn’t match to the person. He hasn’t called since that day, so maybe it was nothing, but it had them worried. And I still cant stop thinking about what he meant with that.”

“Wow, that doesn’t sound good at all Edward. I don’t know what to say. I dont know what it can mean either. I don’t understand.” I said confused. His words replaying themselves in my mind.
“ neither do I.” He muttered with furrowed brows.
“Well, lets not think about that now.” He said while smiling lightly at me.
“Do you want to go down and join the party again?”
“Soon, just give me five more minutes or my stomach is going to burst!” I chuckled.
“Ill give you ten if you want.” He said as he leaned in to kiss me.
“Ten sounds just perfect” I said while putting my head on his chest, looking up at the sealing and enjoying the quiet atmosphere.

“ten minutes up!” He said while nudging me on the shoulder.
“oh, to soon. It felt like five minutes.” I complained.
“Well, it was ten. Come on now” he said chuckling.
“Hey Edward.”
” I wanted to ask you about something, I know this may sound weird for you, but when I talked to Jake that day at school, I got this idea.”
“Which is?”
“well, while I talked to him, it popped in my head that I understood you, when you told me that Julia was one that liked you, but that you couldn’t find it in yourself to like her like that. I felt the same about Jake, so then I just thought ..-“
“That they should meet and match up?” He finished with a quirked eyebrow.
“Its silly I know. But I mean … why not?”
“No its not silly, I think it could be a good idea actually.” He said with a smile.
“Oh ok, then lets ask her if she wants do come with us to the cabinet tomorrow?”
“We’ll ask her at school” He said while he dragged me downstairs.

“Hey, were have you been! Im so sorry Charlie had to leave Bella!” Alice said.
“Its fine Alice” I said while smiling.
“hey Bella, can I talk to you for a second?” Seth said while walking toward me.
“Yeah sure” I said and walked out to the backyard with him.
“Bella, I want to ask you something.”
“Sure, what is it?”
“Well, you know that trip we are going to make tomorrow, the cabinet trip?”
“Yepp, what about it”
“Would it be okay if I take someone with me?” He said with a shy voice.
“Of course!” I said and his eyes lit up. His smile got wide and so did mine, to see him this happy felt good.
“Who is she?” I asked.
“Well, her name is Carrie, I call her cay. She is the waitress, at that restaurant you know. I really like her Bella, she is so funny and cute.”
“Well, I would love to meet her Seth, She sound wonderful”
“she is!” He said exited.
“I’ve never seen you like this when you talk about a girl, im happy to see she has this impact on you.” I said and he chuckled. I knew that this was a big deal for Seth, and I was happy to see that he had found someone, someone that could make him smile. I just hoped the she gave him half of the happiness that Edward gave me. But I have no doubt, how could I when he smiled like that?
“I’ve never felt like this, it feels so right. I want to be with her, forever.” he chuckled
“I hope you get to do that. if she can make you smile like that, then she really is something”
“she really is” He agreed. I gave him a smile and then we stood up to walk back inside.

I was getting really tired by now, Charlie should be there by tomorrow morning so there is no need for me to stay up all night waiting for him to call.
“Edward.. I think im going to go home. Im tired” I said when I found him.
“Okey, wait here. Let me just get our jackets then ill go with you”
“Your sleeping at my house tonight?” I asked.
“Yes, I mean, if you want?”
“Don’t even ask that. of course I want” he gave me a smile and then I walked over to Esme.
“Thanks for this Esme, Charlie really liked it. Im going to go home now, im really tired, thanks for the food it was wonderful”
“Oh bella, im sorry he had to go so early, and I am glad you liked my food. Go home and sleep, ill see you soon” She said while giving me a hug.
“Here you go” Edward said while putting my jacket over my shoulders.
“Thank you”
“Mum, im sleeping at Bellas tonight. So you know”
“Okay honey, ill see you tomorrow. Before the cabine trip?”
“Tell Carlisle I said Bye” I said to Esme before letting Edward drag me to the door.
“I will.”

The weather outside was refreshing, a cool wind clearing all the thoughts as I walked hand in hand with Edward beside me. it felt nice, to have him there by my side, having everything without having to say anything. He made me so happy, it was unbelievable.
when we got to the house, it was empty, just as expected Charlie had already packed his things and left. I would hear from him in the morning. I locked the front door and dragged Edward to my room.
“I love you, do you know that? you're so beautiful Bella” He said while walking up to me and holding me close to him. I breathed him in, letting his scent fill me.
“I love you too, You cant even imagine”
“I think I can.” He said as he leaned in to kiss me. This kiss was different from the others, it felt stronger, it completed me in every way, and I wanted more. I needed more. I needed him. Without thinking about it I pushed myself against him, making the kiss more passionately, giving it all I had. He kissed me back and yet again our tongues danced their well known dance. But I wasn’t pleased. I needed more. I wanted him, all of him. I put my hands on his shoulder, let them wander down his chest, then I started lifting his shirt off of him. I wanted to see his wonderful body, I needed it. the shirt came of easy, and I let my hands trace his mussels as I gently dragged him to my bed, still not breaking the kiss. Our breathes got faster but we still didn’t break the kiss. I started to unbuckle his pants. This would be our first time, and I couldn’t wait to experience it. He pulled away.
“Bella… are you sure, I mean…this is our … we don’t have to..” He said while looking up at me.
“I know, but I want to.” I said while starting to unbutton my own shirt.
“Are you sure? I don’t want to pressure you into any-“
“You’re not. I want this. I want you. And you know it., please just shut up and kiss me” He crushed his lips against mine with more force, letting me know he wanted it just as bad.

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Chapter 13
Bellas POV

I woke up with a grin on my face, last night was the most amazing experience ever. I opened my eyes and tilted my head from Edwards chest.
“Hi” He said while playing with a curl of my hair.
“Hi” I said with a smile.
“What are you grinning at?” He chuckled.
“It was amazing Edward. The best night ever!” I gave him a kiss.
“I cant argue with that.” he smiled and kissed me again. I sighed in contentment and went back to rest my head against his chest. Feeling my head move with every breath he took.
“Today is the cabinet, remember we have to ask Julia about… oh my god! Edward! School! We’re gonna be late!” I exclaimed while sitting up. He chuckled.
“Relax Love! Its 6.17, I would have woken you up if we were going to be late.” He said while pulling me back down to the bed again.
“Really? That early? Did you put on an alarm or something?”
“yes.” He said casually, still fiddling with a string of my hair.
“Why didn’t I hear it?”
“I don’t know. You were too busy dreaming I guess.” He chuckled.
“Did I say something embarrassing?”
“No, just that you loved me and that you wanted to be with me forever.”
“Oh.” I said blushing.
“Don’t blush. I love you too, and for that forever part. There’s no doubt about it” He smirked.
“You coming?” he asked with a raised eyebrow while standing up from the bed.
“Were?” I looked at him questioningly. We had a lot of time until school started so why would we want to go somewhere?
“I’m heading for the shower.” He said with a playful smile tugging at his lips. I laughed and got up.
“Bet you to it!” I yelled as I ran past him to the bathroom door. My lips turned themselves in to an involuntarily grin as he caught up with me and wrapped his arms around my waist.
“Did you really think you could outrun me?”
“Hey, you cant blame a girl for tryin.” I smirked.
“I guess I cant.” He said while kissing the back of my neck, I shivered at the feeling of his lips against my skin, and smirked at the memories forming from the feeling. You may think that standing in front of Edward Cullen butt naked would have made you uncomfortable, but to my big surprise it didn’t. And when you think about it, why should it? I’ve known him my whole life, since I was 1, until now. If I should feel comfortable being like this in front of anybody, then it sure as hell should be him, not that we were planning on spending all our time naked… though I wouldn’t mind that at all.
Edward brought me back to the present.
“Well, don’t just stand there, come in” He said while turning the water on. I skipped in the shower to him, thinking seriously by making this a morning routine.
“This is like our last shower for this weekend. I don’t think that the cabinet has a shower” I muttered.
“No, but they do have an ocean.” He smirked while he started shampooing my hair. I let a little “mmmh” Slip out because it felt really nice to feel him massaging my scalp. And on top of that he brushed my hair with his fingers, all the way down my spine and I how could I not shiver?
“When are we going there?” I asked with closed eyes, enjoying the warm water against my skin.
“After school. Alice already packed our things, so we’re good to go”
“Of course she has … This should be fun”

School wasn’t even worth mentioning, cause it was nothing compared with my shower with Edward. But anyways. We had a talk with Julia about this whole blind date situation, she accepted the idea rather quickly, which made me think. Was she exited at meeting jake or just hanging around Edward for a whole weekend. Making tabs on us, to try to make a move on him while I was away peeing or something? But then again she had this shy and innocent look which made it hard to believe she would even try.. and I gotta admit it was hard not to like her. So I was little amazed by why Edward couldn’t find it in himself to like her, when she clearly liked him. But what the hell, why should I worry, it was my gain, right? I trusted Edward, and he wouldn’t let anything like that happen, I knew for sure. I didn’t make me less worried though, but if she ever pulled anything, well, lets just say I wouldn’t give up so easily. But I think its green dough, she seemed like one of those nice girls so I don’t even think she would find it in herself to try taking him away from me, not like that pity excuse for a girl Jessica, god do I loathe her. Who cares, I wouldn’t let anyone succeed even if they tried. Anyways, back to the story right?

Julia agreed to meet up with us at my house after she was done packing her bag. So here we were, waiting for her to arrive. I got to say, Jake was a little anxious.
“Bella, I should never have gone along with this!”
“Oh come on relax Jake, its gonna be fine!” i tried to convince.
“Bro, listen. Meet the chick, see if you like her, if not… then what have you lost?” Emmet said.
“I don’t know. But the whole thing feels uncomfortable, what if we don’t click, and then you know, she wants to go home? But she’s too afraid to say so, and she has to stick out the whole weekend?”
“Jake, just relax, its going to be fine. And why wouldn’t she like you?” Alice asked while patting his shoulder.
“I don’t know why she wouldn’t like me” He said while his eyes bored in to mine. I knew the meaning of the question, which was with no doubt why he said it. I think everyone else got it too, cause Edward tensed.

“Jake, I don’t know. But she will be here soon so just try to be nice”
“Aren’t I always?” he asked with a quirked eyebrow. Edward huffed. We heard the engine of a car outside and Jake quickly stood up.
“deep breaths jake” Jasper reminded him.
“We’re here!” Seth said while walking in thru the door. Jake immediately let the air out of his lungs and sat down again. Disappointed or relieved, I didn’t know.
“In the living room seth!” I yelled. he appeared with a huge grin on his face, holding hands with the waitress we had all met the day we went out clubbing.
“Hey!” I said glad as I saw her mirroring Seth’s smile, good to know she’s just as happy around him.
“Hey, everybody, this is Carrie, call her Cay” the girl beside him waved at us while murmering a small ‘hi, nice to meet you all’.
“Well well, this is the girl who didn’t serve hamburgers?” Emmet said with furrowed eyebrows.
“Oh Emmet, you better shut up right now…” Rose warned from beside him. Low, so only we could hear. The girl, Carrie, looked taken back at his comment, and she was blushing.
“Don’t worry, Cay was it?... He was just kidding” Rose said while glaring at Emmet.
“Yeah, sorry…” he muttered.
“So, what are we waiting for? Shouldn’t we get going?” Seth asked.
“We’re waiting for Julia actually” I said with a smile.
“Oh right, the blind date!” Seth laughed.
“Shut up seth.” Jake hissed.
“Oh, loosen up Jake”

I walked to the kitchen with Edward following me. I checked the phone. No new messages. I frowned at the machine in front of me.
“something wrong love?” He asked while wrapping those gorgeous arms of his around my wais.
“I don’t know… Charlie still hasn’t Called” I said with furrowed brows.
“should he have? Maybe he hasn’t gotten there yet?”
“Maybe … but he should have been there by this morning.”
“maybe he just fell asleep when he got there, im sure he’ll call you when he wakes up”
“Yeah, he has my cell phone number.” I muttered. Then we heard a car driving in to the driveway.
“That must be her!” I exclaimed, and dragged Edward along with me to greet the new guest.

“Hi Julia!” I said while opening the door.
“Hi!” she said with a smile.
“Come in, come in”
“Thank you, hi Edward” She said, still with that smile.
“Hi there” he said and held me tighter, I liked it.
“Come, I want you to meet Jake …. JAKE!” I yelled for him to come. I heard him walking towards us and he let out a deep breath before coming in to sight. I watched the reaction of them both as they saw each other.

“YOU!!” they both let out in the same time.

“what, you know each other?” I asked in disbelief.
“Yes, I mean no. but we’ve met.” He muttered, eyes still locked with hers.
“Well this wasn’t bad at all” She giggled. I gave him a –what-just-happened- look and he just gave me a –ill-tell-you-later- look. So I let it drop.
Jake and Julia drove in her car, Seth and Carrie in Seths, Emmet and rose rode with Alice and Jasper. I rode with Edward.

When we finally got there, settled in to our cabine, that was quite big if I may say so myself, it was getting a little darker outside, and it was kind of chilly too so we decided do make a fire. We sat there enjoying the warmth coming from the flames and heating our cold limbs as Emmet stood up and started to rifle after something in his backpack. With a content smile appearing on his lips, he seemed to have found what he was looking for. He straightened up, having one bottle of liquor in his right hand and some plastic mugs in the other. He handed them out to each of us and started pouring us a drink.

“Well, we’re going down swimming for a while, anyone coming with?” Seth said while grabbing his drink and standing up with Carrie.
“Sure, we’re in!” Jake said while taking his own drink and dragging Julia along. They walked down the the little path that led to the ocean while the rest of us stayed there, enjoying our drinks while we talked and laughed at memories.
“Did anyone bring some mosquito spray or something?” I asked while scratching at a bite.
“Oh, damn! I forgot about that!” Alice said with furrowed brows. I have no idea why, but it was funny, and we all started laughing.
At some point, the bottle went empty, which only caused Emmet to sink his hands in to his bag again and retreat with a full bottle.
“Hey, I was thinking about something” Emmet murmered while looking at a mosquito sitting on his arm, drinking his blood.
“Euuw! Kill it Emmet” Rose yelled and tried to smash it but Emmet stopped her by taking her wrist.
“Don’t kill it, its just hungry. I wonder if it can feel the alcohol. Maybe it will fly and crash to a tree, hey you guys, do you know if they are aloud to fly with alcohol in their system? Or don’t they have the same laws as us?” He blurred out. we all started laughing, still with our eyes on emmets mosquito.
“Emmet, kill it” Rose wined again.
“Hey guys, listen” he said unsteady, he was clearly in the influence of alcohol.
“mhmm” Alice murmured out, leaning against Jasper for support.
“tell us Em” I giggled against Edwards chest, he held me tighter against him and I sighed.
“Well, when the same blood of yours runs thru someone else? What does that make you guys?”
“family?” Jasper asked. Emmet filled our glasses with what was left of the second bottle, then threw it on the ground empty.
“exactly!!” Emmets booming laugh echoed.
“soo? Whats your point?” Edward asked amused.
“Well, the point is … Rose just wanted me to kill my sibling!” He yelled. we looked at each other, confused at first, until we all bursted out in fits of laughter.
“Your telling me the mosquito is your sibling?” Rose asked with an arched eyebrow.
“Well, we share the same blood now! he has mine in him” Emmet said in a matter of fact voice.
“Emmet it’s only the girl mosquito that bite, so that mosquito, sucking you blood right now” Rose said while pointing at it.
“Is a chick.”
“Well, let her suck” He said, and we all fell in laughter again.
“my point is, im not killing my family” he blurred out in an unsteady voice.
“She’s my family now, and I’m not going to let anyone hurt her” he huffed. By now the little mosquito was retrieving from his arm and started to fly away, wiggling a little as it was full of blood.
“Bye bye now little girl, be safe” He waved.


as soon as the mosquito got in range to Rose she smacked it with no hesitation.
“ROSE!!! You killed it! WHY?!” He cried out.
“Sorry Em, but im the only one that gets to suck on you” She said while grinning big. And we all bursted out in fits of laughter again, none of us able to breathe.

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“Well well, this is the girl who didn’t serve hamburgers?”
"Bye bye now little girl, be safe"

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Chapter 15
Bellas POV.

So after I calmed down with Edward right by my side I was finally able to stand up without falling over in laughter.
He had taken me to the side of the woods to let me calm down without everyone seeing. Sometimes he would laugh with me , others at me. But it was all good and when I finally did calm down it had taken hours. We sat there together, holding hands and letting my chuckles settle. Now and then he would lift my chin up to kiss me on the lips and tell me he loved me, and every time I blushed while a smile crept up my face. Of course I told him I loved him to and gave him a kiss back. then we would just sit there in the silence, enjoying the time together.
“Are you ready to go yet?” He said while smiling at me.
“Yes, I think I am. I just, well. I think I need to apologize to Emmet.”
“I don’t think you need to do that. I don’t think he minded so much Bella, he didn’t really look like himself during the whole funeral thing, I mean .. sure that’s Emmet .. but that was a little overboard don’t you think? “
“Yeah, I know that. but I mean. He did drink more than any of us, maybe it was the booze talking. None the less, I want to apologize.”
“yeah yeah, come on then.” He said while straightening and pulling me up by our linked hands.
“Hey so how do you really think Jake and Julia met?” I asked curiously.
“I don’t know, didn’t you ask him?”
“No, I plan to though.”

When we arrived to the others, Emmet was sitting on a log and holding his head, by the look on his face my only guess was headace. Rosalie was with Alice and jasper trying to start a fire and I couldn’t see jake, seth, Julia or cay anywere. I guess they went swimming again.
I walked towards Emmet, still with my hand linked with Edwards.
“Hey Em.” I said carefully.
“Mhm” he said while he snapped his head up to look at me.
“Im sorry about … Sucky” I choked out.
“About what now?” he said confused.
“Eh… Sucky?”
“Sucky, who the hell is… oh!” he said while putting a hand in the air, clarifying he understood.
“The mosquito, yeah I know. Terrible thing” he added.
“Emmet, are you okay? I mean, earlier today you were all down because of it, and now you don’t even know … “

“Yes yes, im fine Bells. Im fine. I mean it was a horrible thing yes. But I don’t understand why I was SOO down over a mosquito. It felt so much more horrible then it really was, you know?”
“to much to drink huh?”
“I guess so. I cant believe I made you go do the funeral. Hah, I don’t know what took over me”
“Its called vodka, and you didn’t force us … Rose did” I chuckled while glancing at rose.
“Yeah, I know. But anyways.” He laughed.
“Well, we didn’t have a choice, if we didn’t to this for you, she threatened to kill us in our sleep.”
“Shes so beautiful. I don’t deserve her” he smiled.
“Did I hear someone say beautiful?” rose yelled while giving us a stunning smile.
“Come here babe, gimme a kiss” He said while opening his arms,
“Well, if you insist” she said while throwing the small branch on the floor and walking over toward us to sit in Emmets lap. She gave him a kiss and it wasn’t a small one either.
“Thank you for caring so much for me babe” he said with a smile.
“anything to see that smile on your face, I mean, I know you were still drunk but Em, you looked so pleased to have that funeral.” She laughed.
“Yeah yeah. Enough is enough, its just a mosquito.”
“finally!” she squealed and kissed him again, this kiss was more passionate and I felt like I was intruding their privacy by seeing it, though I knew they didn’t care. I looked over at Edward who was looking at them with amusement, i squeezed his hand and nodded my head towards Alice and jasper. He quickly understood my silent words and we started to wander over to help them with the fire.

“Hey guys, need any help?” He asked while punching jasper lightly in the shoulder.
“Well well, im glad to see you’ve calmed down Bella” Alice said with amusement.
“yeah, funny Alice. Listen I was think…” I started but I was cut off by the look on alice face when she saw me.
“Mom” she said.
“What? No alice it’s me Bella?” I asked in disbelief. She just shook her head.
“No! Mom!” she half yelled and lifted her hand to point behind me. Edward quickly spun around with the rest of us. And sure there she was, Esme was walking over the little path towards our cabinet.
“oh” I said, feeling a little stupid.

“Come on” Edward said while grabbing my hand.
“Mom!” He yelled and She spun around.
“Oh! Edward, there you are!”
“Eh, yeah. Here I am. What are you doing here mom?” He asked confused.
“oh yes. Well I am so sorry for ruining this for you guys, but I need to talk to you and Bella right away.” She said with a voice thick with … sorrow?
“Is everything okay?” I asked
“Oh, Bella dear. Lets talk when we get home.”

I suddenly felt a weight on my chest, something was wrong, I just felt it. Edward squeezed my hand lightly and began to walk back to the others to tell them that we were going. I continued to the cabinet to collect our stuff and pack them in the car. I was just about to close the trunk when Alice came and pushed her bags in.
“What are you doing?”
“Im coming with you guys” she said, matter of factly.
“Why? Don’t you and jasper want to stay with the others?”
“Oh, jasper is staying. But im coming with. Bella, you are my best friend, and Edward is my brother. I love you both and if mom and dad needs to talk about something concerning you two. Im hearing it! “ she said and closed the trunk with a bang. I shrugged my shoulders and went to sit in the passenger seat. Alice managed to climb in to the back seats, trough all the luggage we smashed in there as well. Shortly after, Edward came and then we speeded of to get back to Forks.
“Does any of you know why she wants to talk to you guys?” Alice asked.
“No, she didn’t say anything. Just to hurry home and to go to our place to talk.” Edward said while focusing his eyes on the road.
“Oki … weird” Alice muttered.

The rest of the trip was quiet, I couldn’t shake the strange feeling of something being wrong. Which I knew for sure I wasn’t imagining.
“Hey Edward. Can you just stop at my house quick. I just want to leave my luggage there.” I said carefully when we were at our street. He nodded his head and started pulling in to my driveway. He opened the trunk and helped me carry the luggage in.

“Should I leave this in your room?” He asked
“Sure, just put it there, I’ll unpack it later.” I said as he started to walk up the stairs.
“I want a glass of wather, do you want a glass of water?” I yelled towards him.
“No im fine, thanks!” he yelled from my room.
I filled me a glass and started to drink when the red light from my answering machine caught my attention. I quickly remembered Charlie when I pushed the button to hear the message.
Hey Bells! Guess what?! Great news! They didn’t need me here for long and they are letting me go earlier, ill be home on Monday morning, so I guess I see you after school then ok? We can do something fun this time. Invite Edward too, I miss that Kid. Im sorry I didn’t call sooner but I fell asleep as soon as I got here. I got to go now, catch a bad guy. I love you kiddo.” I smiled.

“Hey Edward! Want do something with me and Charlie on Monday after school?” I yelled but he was right behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and giving me a kiss on the neck.
“I would love to” he whispered.

“COME ON!” we heard Alice yell from outside.
“We’ll be right there!” I yelled and picked the phone up to call Charlie.
“Ill meet you in the car” Edward whispered before disappearing behind the door.
I got the answering machine, so I left a message.
Hi dad, its me. I guess you’re out catching bad guys, im so glad your coming earlier! Edward would love to do something with us, cant wait to see you. Call me when you get this.”
I hung up the phone and hurried out to the car.
“What did he say?” Edward asked.
“Oh, I got to the answering machine. But I left him a message”
“who are you talking about?” Alice leaned in to the front seats.
“Well, somebody is nosy! Hah, Charlie is coming back Monday morning.” I said with a smile.
“And he invited me to do something with them.” Edward laughed.
“Really? Well I hope it turns out better then the last time you met…”
“Oh shut up Alice.”

It didn’t take long until we were at Edwards house. It was only a few blocks away and when we arrived I got that weird feeling again. Edward, the perfect guy he is, noticed it and embraced me.
“Finally, I thought you had gotten lost in the way. Go sit down in the living room, I’ll go get Carlisle.” Esme said when we entered. We slowly walked to the living room to find Carlisle already sitting there in his chair.
“Bella, im so glad to see you again. Please sit down.”
Esme went to sit down next to Carlisle while me, Edward and alice sat down on the sofa in front from theirs.
“So, what is it you wanted to talk about?” Edward said while squeezing my hand in a reassuring gesture.
“Well, Bella. I don’t know how to say this” Carlisle began.
“Oh dear, I am so sorry” Esme said. Their voices sounded so full of sorrow it made my heart ache.
“What is it?” I choked out.

“Yesterday, when your father was driving back to his motel he…” she lowered her voice.
“ he what?!” I could hear my voice getting thicker and thicker and I was choking on my own words.
“Somebody please tell me what is going on!” I yelled. Edwards grip got tighter, or maybe I was the one holding on tighter, I don’t know.
“He was in a car accident.” Carlisle said. Everything stopped at that moment, the only thing I could hear was Alice gasping followed with Edwards soothing words in my ear, though I couldn’t tell what he was saying, it sounded far away. I closed my eyes, dreading to open them and realize that this wasn’t just a dream.
“Is he okay? I mean, he is getting better right? He’s in the hospital?” I asked, dreading the answer.
“Oh bella honey… im so sorry. Your father… he.. he didn’t make it” Esme said, it sounded like she was crying, but I was to afraid to open my eyes and see. This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t.

“No! No! he is not dead! I just heard from him! He is not dead!” I yelled, my voice shaky.
“bella…” Edward started.
“NO! you don’t understand! He is coming on Monday morning. You’ll se! he isn’t dead. He is coming” I choked out, wishing with every fiber of my being that it was the case.
“Bella, you’re shaking. Lets go to my room, lay down a bit.” Edward whispered.
“no. I nead to call Charlie! I need to call Charlie… I need to…”
“Bella, please.”
“Im afraid that isn’t all son.” Carlisle said.
“what do you mean?”

“Well, there is more we need to say, this concerning both of you.”
“Cant you say it another time? Don’t you think it is a bit to much to take in right now? you just told her Charlie is…”
“No! don’t say it Edward. Don’t!” I cried out.
“I am so sorry, but we really do need to say this.”
“What?” I asked, so low I was surprised they heard me.
“What is it?”
“Since Bella isn’t 18 yet …” Esme began, this time I felt Edwards grip tighten around me, pulling me closer to him. I opened my eyes to look at his face, only to find tears in his eyes.
“No…” he whispered in disbelief. Catching on to something I didn’t.
“Since she isn’t 18 yet, and Charlie is no longer … alive.”
“Don’t say it esme!” Edward said with a hollow voice. His eyes filling with every word.
“She has to go live with her mother.” She said. Edward closed his eyes and a tear fell down his cheek. A sorrow so deep filled my body and ripped my chest open while a pain so strong made me unable to breath. The thought of leaving Edward was unbearable.

“No! I don’t want do go. there is only 5 weeks until I turn 18!” I yelled desperate.
“I know honey, I know. But until then, there isn’t anything we can do.”
“No.. this isn’t right, Renee has never been my mother before! She has no right!”
“Bella, we cant do anything about it. if she wants you there, then you will have to go”
“I don’t know her, I don’t want to know her! I don’t love her, I don’t care for her.!” I yelled furious of what she was making me go thru.
“Bella … your plain leaves tomorrow.” Esme whispered.
“Dad … there must be something we can do… please?!” Edward pleaded.
“Im sorry son.”

I looked around, Esme was crying, Carlisle looked tired, sad. I hadn’t noticed that Alice was crying, holding her knees to her chest and crying her eyes out. Edward was trying to be strong, I could tell. But he was hurting to, just as me. I hated my “Mother” for doing this to me, to us. I already lost one man in my life, I didn’t need to lose “The” man! There was no way I was going to phoenix.
I stood up from the couch. They all looked at me questioningly.
“I have to go to the bathroom” I choked out.
When I got around the corner I ran for the front door.

I ran and ran, with no clue to where I was going or anything else. I just knew I had to get away. I left my shoes there, I didn’t have time to put them on or Edward would have noticed. I ran until I got to my house where I jumped in my car and drove off.
I didn’t know where I was going, but one thing I was sure of.
There was no way in hell I was leaving for Phoenix tomorrow.

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