The Twilight Saga

I have always just been a regular girl, nothing special. My dad works a lot, he’s never really home, and my mom left when I was 7. I remember her a little, but try not to. I know she lives in Phoenix, she tried contacting me not so long ago, telling me she'd like to make up for lost time. Yeah right, like I’m just gonna forgive and forget., she broke my dad’s heart.

I see myself as a regular girl, okay not that regular. I’m not like girlish of me and for some reason I don’t understand, some guys can find me attractive, but that’s just annoying.  I’m not in to all that romance stuff.  To cheesy for my taste, I guess you can sort of call me a tom girl – all the other people do.  I really do hate it when guys hit on me, it makes me uncomfortable and when I turn them down, they just don’t let It go! That’s why I like to hang out with my friends, Edward, Emmet, Jasper, Jake and Seth. Yes, those are all guys, but dude, there so not like that. Okay, Jake has always been a little too much, but they are like brothers to me.  Anyway, today the school starts again, it has been spring break. I am so glad Alice isn’t coming over here, she would only want me to dress up to a girly girl, but that’s what made Mike like me like two years ago, and even though I don’t even let her dress me anymore, he stills like me!  I don’t really  like to wear tight things that shows my curves and all that makeup thing. I don’t like wearing heels, I’m more of a sneaker girl.  Alice would totally flip if I say that out loud. I could so hear her scream at me. “Any one that has boobs should never were sneakers! Girls are girls, now be proud of it! Any girl that choose sneakers before heals has something really wrong in the head.”  she is like the ultimate girly girl. I could totally se her in al pink stuff… ugh! Well, that’s Alice. By the way, she’s Edwards’s sister. Edward is the best of my best friends. We have been friends since like kinder garden, and he lives just around the block. Emmet is my next best friend, we aren’t really that close like me and Edward, me and Edward talk about everything. Emmet is more like a “in the moment guy” he’s up for anything crazy, and you can always have a great laugh with him… or at him… his kind of stupid.  The other guys are totally grate too, love them all. Emmet has this girl, Rosalie. She’s like Alice, just not that exited. She and Emmet have been crazy in love since 7:th grade. I’m glad that she makes him so happy and all that. Though I really can’t understand the whole “I love her so much, I would die for her” its like, Jeez … she’s just a girl. Anyway,  guess she’s not.  Jasper has always had a thing for Alice, they recently got together, finally! He had been talking about her every time we hung out! But since they are together, she kind of hangs out with us a lot, she has become one of the group I guess.  I have had plenty of guys in my life but  I never really had a boyfriend, okay yeah, me and Edward were together once when we were like 6. But that doesn’t even count, we just shared like 2 or 3 kisses. My first kiss was with Edward, and his first was with me, but we've both had a lot of kisses after that, just not with each other... But that was then, now we are the best of friends, we help each other with everything. I help him with the girls, he helps me with the guys, the few i likea anyways. Edward should be here in about 20 to pick me up to school.

I jumped in the shower and then headed down to eat some cereals. About 8.05 I could hear his car pull in on the driveway. I put my plate in the sink, took my bag and jacket and locked the door on my way out.

“Morning Bells” Edward said, nodding his head. I nodded back opening the door to the car to get in. Edward had a Volvo, it was his baby, and I could totally understand. My little audi was my baby as well. But today I was riding with Edward in his car, so my audi stayed at home. We were all kind of, I guess you can call it rich. I had to thank Charlie for that, he was the police chief. Apparently it gives great money, but the downside is that he isn’t home much.  But it’s okay though, I always manage great on my own. Edward and Alice had to thank their dad, he works at the hospital, and I’m kind of a clumps so I meet him a lot.  But none of us are like those spoiled rich brats.

“So anything happening tonight?” Edward asked as we headed out from my driveway.
“No I don’t think so, you have some ideas? Charlie wont be home, so we can be at my place.” I said,
“Yeah, sounds good. Maybe the guys have some ideas.”  We pulled in to the school parking lot and they all stood there in the same bench as last year. We stepped out of the car to go to them, Emmet sat on the table with his feats on the bench, while holding Rosalie’s waist, kissing her neck. Alice sat in Jaspers lap, her arms around his neck. Seth and Jake stood there talking to each other. Alice saw us coming and told the others, they faced us and gave us a smile, I smiled back.
“Hey guys, what do you want to do tonight? Charlie won’t be home so Bella says we can be there”  Edward told them, they all nodded their heads. Guess Rose will be coming to, she had been hanging out with us more frequently lately.
“Okay, so what are we going to do?” Jake asked.
“I don’t know, maybe take a dip in the Jacuzzi and then watch a movie or something?” Alice asked.
“Yeah, let’s do that, it sound good, but what movie?” Jasper asked while hugging Alice closer.
“Well, I want to see a scary movie!” Emmet yelled while tenderly biting Roses ear, sending her shills while she giggled.
“Fine, you guys go get the movie after school, and we girls go directly to Bella’s.” Alice said with a smile.
“Yeah sure, that sounds good, but can we get a move on? Class is about to start in 10 minutes!” Seth said as he stood up from the bench. We all nodded and started to walk to our classes. My first class was Math, and I had it with Alice, so she kissed jasper lightly on the lips, I waved goodbye to everyone and then we headed off. Alice and I sheared a table and we sat there doing our math assignments. This was so boring! I picked up my phone and texted Edward.

Dude, this is so boring. What ya’doing?   B” it didn’t even take a minute until I got a text back.
Auw, your only brain cell is to sleepy to do math? Im just sitting her watching Mr. Smith go on about stuff. Since there was spring break he just lets us catch up.  E
Ha ha, very mature of you “Eddie” oh I wish Miss. Farsa would let us do that. We have math assignments, totally annoying!  B
“Bells, who are you texting with?” Alice asked.
“Oh, just Edward.” I said, and Alice gave me a huge smile. Huuh? Anyways back to texting.
 “Don’t call me Eddie, or you will so pay! Hey Bells, guess what?  E
Yeah yea, you say that but what you gonna do? I don’t know, what?  B
There’s this new girl, she’s really pretty. She keeps smiling at me, think I should go for it?  E
Give it your best shot! I’m assuming she’s blind, or else you’re out of the picture.  B
Oh shut up!  E” I laughed at my punch line when Alice pinched me under the table, I looked up at her and she pointed her head at Miss Farsa that was walking and looking at the work of each table. I quickly typed
Miss Farsa is coming, gotta go, se you tonight.  B” then I put my phone back in my bag.

The rest of the day went by very fast and before even knowing it I was in the car with Alice and Rose headed to my place. Alice was all exited and Rose was in a good mood herself. Alice drove like a lunatic so we where home in about 5 minutes. We walked thru the door and before I could even hang up my jacket both Rose and Alice took me by the arms and started to drag me upstairs from behind.
“eeh, guys, what are you doing?” I looked at rose to Alice, and from Alice to rose, they just had smug smiles on their faces.
“ok, you’re kind of freaking me out!”  I looked at them pleadingly, but they just dragged me to the bathroom, sitting me in front of a big mirror, Alice put a big makeup bag in front of me and rose started the straightener.  I quickly understood what they were trying to do so I jumped on my feet shaking my head.
“NO way, no way!” I said looking at them with a hard face.
“Yes way, Yeas way. Bella, your going to thank us, so please just let us! “ Alice pleaded.
“I don’t like that make up stuff, and my hair is fine. I don’t see the point, its all going to disappear once in the water?” I said
“Bella, you don’t leave the heals home just cause it’s a long walk?!” yeah, totally do ? hah, this pixie is really out of her mind.
“Bella, you wont win this fight, so just give it up okay? The guys will be here any minute, I promise you wont regret it!” this time Rosalie pleaded. I knew I might as well give up. I could never win this fight, not if Edward or Emmet wasn’t here.
“Fine!” I heard myself saying, and then they started on their master piece. Rosalie brought me my Ipod and started on my hair, Alice stood in front of me, waving some brush on my face? After what seemed like forever they were finally done.

“Oki, all done! Now go put on your bathing suit that I put on your bed, along with the robe!” Alice squealed. I did what I was told, with no further question. Not even looking at what she had laid out for me I put it on, when I came out of my room Alice and Rose were also in their bathing suits and their robes. Alice had a baby pink one … go figure? Rose had a light brown. They pushed me to the mirror, and though I didn’t want to admit it, I did look different, but good different. I had a baby blue robe on me, my hair falling over my shoulders and framing my face.
“wow, this looks … different” I said, touching the mirror in front of me. Both Rose and Alice giggled as the front door opened.
“Babes, we’re home!” Emmet yelled with his booming voice.
“We’re upstairs! Go in the Jacuzzi, we will be down in a minute!” Rose answered.
“Alright babe, se you there. Hurry!” I could hear them splashing in to the pool.
“This is going to be so much fun, come on!” Alice screamed in excitement dragging both me and Rose down the stairs. I don’t know why, but I suddenly got nervous. We got out on my backyard, and up to the terrace where the Jacuzzi was. All eyes were on us and Edward looked at me with wide eyes. I felt the blood raising to my cheeks making me blush a bright pink. Jacob’s mouth hung open.  He finally broke the silence
“Wow Bells, you look … great!”
“Eum, thanks Jake. Its all Alice and Rose’s work though.” They smiled at me.
“Well jump in the water already!” Emmet said, anxious to have rose in his arms I guess. We took off our robes and then I realized what I was wearing. Damn I should’ve paid attention to what I put on! I can bet my cheeks were burning reed as I looked up at the guys that were sitting there. Edward looked at me like he had never seen me before, moving his eyes from my toes to my face, when his eyes met mine he smiled and I blushed even more if possible and looked quickly down to the floor.

“Well, come on now Bells,” Alice said, taking my hand as we entered the water. She made her way to Jasper, Rosalie was already in Emmet’s lap and I sat between Edward and Jake. Alice gave me a smug smile and then looked at Rose. Rose nodded. Huuh? What was that all about.
“Well, who’s up for truth or dare?” Rosa asked.
“Ooh I am, I am so in!” Emmet said, while jumping up and down, Rosalie looked like she was on a roller coaster while going up and down on Emmets lap.
“Jeez, chill Em. Im almost falling down!” She said in a irritated voice.
“Sorry babe, but you know I love truth or dare! Common everybody in?” I looked around at everybody and they all nodded their heads so I did so to.
“Ok, so who’s going to begin?” Emmet said while looking around at all of us.
“Oh, pick me, pick me!” Alice said raising her hand.
“Jasper! Truth or dare?” Alice face fell but she composed it into a very angry glare at Emmet, and I couldn’t hold in my laugh.
“Dear, no one here is going for truth Emmet, you know that”
“Yeah, but still. I gotta ask, it’s the game rules! Hmm… I dare you to make out with Edward” Emmet said, Jaspers face got so pale you could think he saw a ghost. Emmet was laughing so hard there was tear coming from his eyes. We all looked chocked then started to bend over in laugh, Edward looked really terrified and so did Jasper. I couldn’t breathe, I was laughing so much.
“Dude… chill. I’m… kidding, I wouldn’t …wanna see that, you crazy?” Emmet said in between laughs. Edward and Jasper relaxed and then the fits of laughter started again, I know they weren’t actually gonna do it, even if Emmet had been serious, but just the look on their faces was priceless!
“Fine, I dear you to hmm.. lets start with easy things first, I dare you to hold your breath under water for 1 minute” Jasper smiled, took a breath and went under water. Alice started laughing and we looked at her.
“hee…… is tickling ….. my … toes.” She said between laughter. After about a minute he showed up to the surface, alice smacked him in the head, then sat in his lap. She whispered something in his ear and he nodded.
“I give Alice my truth or dare” Jasper said.
“Hey! You cant do that, you have to ask her, she has to do” Emmet whined. Jasper rolled his eyes.
“Fine,  Alice, truth or dare?” he gave her a reassuring smile.
“Dear” she said,
“oki, I dear you to kiss me.” She leaned towards him, closing the distance between their lips as they kissed. They got a little carried away and Edward cleared his throat.
“Dude, that’s my sister.” Jasper gave him an apologetic look and then gave alice a small peck on the lips.
“Ok, so now it is my turn!” Alice squealed. She looked at me with a huge grin. Oh no!
“Bella, Truth or Dear?” cmon, I couldn’t choose truth, they would all think im the biggest wimp.
“Dear” I said, regretting my answer the minute it left my lips. Alice eyes sparkled as she prepared to tell my what my Dare was.

“I dear you Bella, to …. Kiss Edward.” What?! My whole face turned red and I looked at Edward. He didn’t really know how to react, he just looked at me, deciding if he should say something or if I would. I knew Alice was up to something, but i didnt expect this. Besides Things would be so awkward between me and Edward if I did do this dare, we're best friends.  I'm like a sister to him.
“Cmon bells, its just a kiss, you gonna back out?” Emmet teased. I gave him a death glare and felt Edward tap my shoulder. I turned around to see him smile, then he leaned in to kiss me, and I met him halfway. It was the strangest feeling, I thought it would feel so wrong, but it felt more right then ever. The kiss got more eager as he grabbed the back of my neck pushing my face closer to his, I took my hand making it twirl its way in his hair. Our lips moved together as If this was so natural, he traced my lips with his tongue pleading me to let him in, I separated my lips making our tongues meet. He tasted so sweet, but I was getting dizzy, I heard someone clear their throat but Edward didn’t react to it, so neither did I, next thing someone pulled me away, it was Jake. He looked hurt and mad.

“You did it now, no need to go overboard.” He said with a voice cold as ice. I glanced at Edward who had confusion all written in his face, then I looked at the others, Emmet, Seth, Jasper, all looked chocked, just sitting and staring at me, it made me blush. Rosalie and Alice just Smiled at me, I bet this was their plan all along. God I could kill them,  this was the most embarrassing thing ever! But I didn’t regret it at all, this was odd. There was this awkward silence and then Edward broke it.
“yeah so … eh, we should start seeing the movie before it gets too late.”
“Good idea, Bella, Rose come lets get in to our clothes.” Alice said while getting up of the Jacuzzi.
“But I want to finish the game! That doesn’t even count!” Emmet whined. Rose gave him a serious look and he quickly shut up. we followed Alice upp the stairs and when we got in to my room they closed the door and looked at me with wide smiles.
“What was THAT!?” They said at the exact same time. I blushed and tried to act stupid.
“What was what? I don’t understand what you mean?”
“O c’mon, you two were like so on top of each other. We all saw it!” Rosalie smirked.
“Yeah sure guys, really, where just friends. Promise, its Edward for god sake! Hes like my brother” I said, defending myself.
“He sure as hell didn’t act like your brother! And you sure as hell didn’t act like he was!” Alice giggled.

“Alright, we have to take this another time, now we have to get dressed.” She walked in the closet and threw me some clothes, a dress? Ugh! Really c’mon, never. I raised my eyebrow and she gave in, she handed me some skinny jeans and a black sweater. I gave her a thankful look.
“what the hell was that with the bikini? Why did I wear that?!” I asked
“Well, its not my fault you didn’t check it out when you put it on, besides, you looked gorgeous!” I let it drop, cause I knew it was kind of my fault. We went downstairs and the guys had already changed and Emmet was putting on the movie, I sat beside Edward on the couch. I was a little awkward, but he was my best friend, and this wasn’t going to ruin that, I mean, the kiss didn’t mean anything.
The movie started and I thought it was kind of lame, not so scary. Bet Alice and Rose where scared, hah. Or maybe they just acted scared so that they would be able to cuddle with Jasper and Emmet. I looked at Edward, hmm… maybe i shoul.., wait what!? Why would I do that? whats wrong with me.
The movie was so booring that I started to doze of after a while, my head fell on Edwards shoulder and it felt nice. He didn’t say anything so I just rested there, i was half asleep when I heard his phone buzz. He took it up and opened a message.

Hey! Its Julia, just wanted to thank you for the help in class today, its not easy to be in a new school. So thanks, I appreciate it.  J” So she’s the new girl?  She seems irritating.. nothing for him. what am i thinking... i dont even know her..
He thought I was asleep, and typed.
No problem, I can imagine how it is, im glad I could help. You know, if you want to I could show you around town tomorrow, grab a bite to eat, catch a movie?  E” What?! He was asking her out? Who is that stupid bimbo?! I felt hurt and disappointed.
Then it hit me, oh no this can’t be happening.  Am I jealous?


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Ome this is soooo good! :)
Thank you ! im posting the next chapter right now :)

Chapter 2.

After I saw what he had written to that low life oups I mean Julia, I quickly got a little more awake. But that didn’t last long, I dozed off again after a while, only waking up when Edward carried me up the stairs, I opened my eyes, burying my face into his chest.
“Thank you Ed” I mumbled.
“No worry, anything for my best friend” ouch, that stung. Oh shut up I thought to the annoying voice in my head! No your jealous! I closed my eyes, hoping that the voice would disappear and stop making up things that wasn’t even true. No of course I wasn’t jealous, it is Edward we are talking about. His like my brother, and I am like his sister. I loved our relationship, and I didn’t even hush those feelings toward him. He was truly my friend and I was pleased with it. He laid me down on my bed, he must have thought I was asleep cause he said:
“You looked wonderful tonight, but promise me that you’ll never change.” Yeah, he must have thought for sure that I was asleep, I wanted to smile but that would ruin the whole charade, so I just continued “sleeping”. He walked out the door and I knew that there was no better friend then Edward. I promised myself never to do anything to mess that up. I dozed off to a slumber and woke up by my alarm the next morning. I read 7.30, woah, I had to hurry or else I was gonna be late for school. I jumped on my feet walking to the shower, I quickly slipped in some jeans and a t shirt. I ran downstairs to push a pop tart down and then grabbed my bag when I was running for the car. I got to school about 8.10 so I had some time before class started.

I parked my Audi next to Edwards shiny Volvo, they looked cute together, my audi and his Volvo, oh Christ, now im making our cars a couple? Shape up ! I shook my head and walked to the bench where everyone else sat.
“Hey guys, what’s up?” I said.
“ugh! Bella, what are you wearing?” Alice said with a disgusted voice.
“Oh shut up Alice. Mind your own business.” I said giving her a glare.
“Oh c’mon Bella, that’s just terrible. Even worse then what u usually wear!”
“Please Alice, don’t start, you know I don’t like that girly dresses and stuff, please just let me be!” I know that the clothes I wore wasn’t good-looking or even attractive, but it was “ok” and it felt comfy, so why wear anything else then what I want?
“I think its kinda normal for her, its … Bella.” Edward said with a smile. Huh, kinda normal for her” That didn’t sound good. Maybe I should try to think about what wear a little more. No! why would I, besides I don’t want guys like Mike after me.

Alice just rolled her eyes and faced Jasper. Edward gave me a quick smile.
“Hey seth, should we start walking to class? You know mrs. Marro gets so cranky when you come late to class.”
“Oh, your right. Come on.. Hey guys, me and Bella are gonna go to our english class, Cya guys later!”
“Yeah sure. Cya at lunch.”
I heard Edward mumble something to the rest of us, but I had already started walking so I couldn’t hear him.
Seth had his locker right beside mine, that was actually how I met him and got to know him. I had just finished a prank on Edward, when he tried to open his locker he got a electricity shot, it was genious, Edward still doesn’t know that it was me. Seth got it only because I was laughing my ass off. He just laughed and said.
“Your work?” with an quirked eyebrow.
“Yeah dude, its genious right?” I answered between laughs.
“Does he know you did it?”
“No! And he’s not gonna find out. right?” I asked him
“Right. No my mouth is sealed” and then we both said at the same time “Well, I got to go, my English class is starting” we just looked at each other and started laughing. Then we started walking together to English class and have ever since.

We had just taken our books from our lookers and I was just thinking about what we were going to do tonight. Seth’s voice broke my thoughts.
“So Bella, what the hell was that last night?” he said while moving his eyebrows up and down.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I said acting like it was nothing… because it was... nothing.
“Dude, don’t even try that on me. I know what I saw!” He said while nudging me on the shoulder.
“Oh really? Then tell me Seth? What exactly did you see?”
“well, you two. You were like… like into each other. I mean, I have always anticipated it, but I never expected it to be, that passionate ?” he sounded like he didn’t quite know the word to explain it. I just gave him a weird look .
“What do you mean you have always ‘anticipated it’?”
“Come on Bells, Everybody knows you like him, you have since like always?” he said in a matter of fact voice. A did not see that coming… at all.
“Wait, what?! Ha-Ha, come on dude, its Edward! Edward! He is my best buddy, my brother. Like all of you, I do not like him in that way Seth, that’s kind of disgusting, are you crazy or something? ”
“Oh, that was a little too much explanations for me to even believe, you got al defensive, that only proves my point.” He said in a mocking voice. I stopped in my tracks and so did he.
“Seth, seriously, I really don’t like him in that way. I am more than happy to have him as my best friend. I wouldn’t have anything else, I was afraid that kiss would screw up our relationship, so imagine how weird it would feel if he thinks I like him. Which I don’t , so please just drop it before he hears you and starts to believe you.” I said all in one breath. He nodded his head.
“Fine Bells, I understand, sorry I brought it up.”
“No its fine Seth, it’s just. It was a weird happening and I cant really understand what took over me, or him for that matter.” Seth opened his mouth and was just about to say something when I added;
“But I just want to forget about it and move on” He closed his mouth and then we continued off to class. We entered just in time for the bell to ring and we sat down on our places. The lesion began with Mrs Marro telling us what to do, I was deep in thought so I really didn’t pay any attention.
“I’ll begin, just sit still ok?” Seth said while poking me in the shoulder.
“huh? Sorry, I tuned out.”
“we have to paint each others profiles. So if you just look straight ahead while I begin painting, we can switch when I’m done?” he explained. Why would we paint in an english class anyway? but i didnt have time to think about that.
“oh, ok fine. You start” I said while starring in front of me and tuning out again.

That kiss kept replaying itself in my mind, how his lips gently but urgently pressed themselves against my own. The feeling of happiness, adoration and love .. wait no not love, but it felt… at home. I wonder how he felt about kissing me, if he thought it felt nice, I mean he did pull me closer and he didn’t even react to when Jacob cleared his throat. He just held me tight and continued to move his tongue in rhythm with mine. The look of confusion in his features when the kiss was over is something I cant understand, if only I knew what it meant, if only I knew what he felt. But then again, why would I care. We’re just friends and I am happy with that, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Yeah right, like that’s what you really think about the matter. You care more then you think. You are- “oh shut up!” I thought to myself. I am over analyzing this way too much I mean, it wasn’t even a big deal, just a kiss between two best friends, caused by a dare, nothing weird about that. Just let it go Bella!
I was brought out of my thoughts by the bell ringing in my ears making me jump a little, I hear seth giggle.
“What’s so funny?!” I said irritated.
“Oh, well nothing. Hey sorry I didn’t finish earlier, but next time its your turn, promise.” He said excusing himself.
“Ok, fine.” I said while getting up of the chair and grabbing my sketch pad. We walked out the door together and went to our lockers. I grabbed my math book and closed the locker only to fins alice standing right beside me, I jumped in surprise for the second time this day and seth giggled again.
“Yeez Bella, scared much?” he said.
“oh shut up dude.” I answered.
“Come one Bells, don’t wanna be late! “ she said while grabbing my arm and dragging me to the math room.
I waved a quick goodbye to Seth and gave in to Alice pull. We entered the class early and miss Farsa wasn’t there yet so we sat down and waited.

“So Bella… how is everything between you and Edward now… I mean, that kiss was kind of loaded”
“Oh come on Alice, that kiss was nothing, just a dare.” I said.
“Well it looked a little more than a dare to me” She accused.
“see, and that’s exactly why! See that grin on your face. It always appear when we talk about him, what’s up with that?” she said while pointing at my smile I didn’t knew I had. I quickly composed face.
“Alice, not you too! It’s nothing between me and Edward. Please can you all just stop it ok? I would have told you if there was.” I said while shaking my head from side to side in a disappointing movement.
“Fine, but if I’m not the first to find out, I will kill you. Understood?” she demand in a scary voice, I just rolled my eyes and gave her a quick nod.
The bell rang in and the room was filled with students, miss Farsa gave us assignments and told us what to work with. I finished quickly along with Alice, we are quite good at math if I may say so myself. I put on my Ipod and started listening to some music when Alice passed me a note.
-Hey bells, do you know who Julia is? A-
I felt the strangest reaction to her name, like my whole body froze and by breath got stuck in my lungs, the feeling was so strange to me, it felt like I was stabbed, but I couldn’t really feel where and why. My face must have mirrored my emotions cause Alice just raised her eyebrow at me and waited for an answer. I grabbed my pen and started writing.
-Some girl he met in class yesterday. I saw him texting with her last night… he thought I was asleep, but I wasn’t. why do you wonder? B-
I slide the note to her and waited anxiously for her respond.
-Bella Swan. Is that jealousy written on your face? A-
oh please, come on why would I be jealous? Seriously, what is up with everyone? If anything was up I would be the first to know, hello?! And why hasn’t she answered my question …
-Oh come on Alice, why would I be jealous? I don’t know who she is and I just don’t want him to get hurt. And why do you want to know who she is? What have he told you? –B
why was she so curious to who she was, how did she even know who she was, unless. Unless Edward told them about her.
-well, he told us about her. And I’m curious for the same reason, I don’t want him to get hurt so I just want to know if she is a good person, or if I should cut her hair in her sleep. A-
so Edward did tell them about her. I felt like I coudlt breath. I grabbed the pen and wrote in shaky writing.
-so what, does he like her? B-
The same feeling cut thru me again, why would he have told them? Is he serious about her?
-Yeah bella, he does. I know you say you don’t like him. but something tells me you do, and im sorry. But I think he likes this one. A-
I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate, tried not to think about it. But all I could think of was those two words. He Does. And it was killing me. I was the one that told him to go for it, how could I let this happen? ! God, im so stupid. Now he’s gonna forget all about me and be all “Oh Julia”. The feeling got even worse and I couldn’t even breath,. I felt likte the more I tried to breath, the less air got in my lungs. I wanted to scream but nothing came out, my body was frozen, and so was i. Alice brought me back to reality by shaking my shoulder slightly. I turned my head to her seat to se a very worried Alice.
“Bella, what’s wrong?”
“Alice, I cant be here. I … I have to go.” I whispered while choking on my own voice. I got up from my seat and started walking away. I left my books beside Alice. I just had to get away, the closer I got to the door, the more panic I felt and the faster I went. When I exited the class room I was practically running, I don’t know why, or even where. I was just running away from everything.

As I ran thru the hall I saw Edward standing there talking to someone, I couldn’t see who cause my eyes were all fussy. Edward looked at my direction, and it made it all so much worse, the feeling got stronger and even worse if possible, the tears started falling down my cheeks. I continued to run out of the building and didn’t stop until I was att the red bicked wall behind the school. I sat down against the wall and braught my knees to my chest. I let the tears run down my cheeks, no point in hiding them now.
“Bella! Bella are you okay? What happened!” Edward half screamed while running towards me from the corner of the building.
“Nothing Edward, please just go.” I said, not meaning a word of it. But I had to figure out this whole mess.
“The hell I’m going… what happened to you Bells, did someone do this to yo? Cause I swear to god if some-“ he half screamed, anger clear in his voice until I cut him off.
“No Edward, nobody did this to me, I mean, well kinda… “ the tears started falling again and he lowered himself to sit down beside me, while grabbing me and putting me on his lap while holding me and stroking my hair like I was a little girl who just had a night mare. No one would ever treat me like a girl who needs protection of anybody except for Edward.
“Bella, please tell me whats wrong. I cant stand seeing you like this.” He pleaded in a sad voice. No way I was going to tell him what was wrong, I didn’t even know myself. He’s just gonna think something stupid like I liked him or something. But it wasn’t like that! But I cant just tell him that im afraid he’s gonna forget me when he’s with… Her. He held me tighter and I buried my face down his chest, while crying stronger. He whispered things like “Everything is going to be okay, Bells ill stay here with you the rest of the day.” No it wont be, you’ll leave me eventually. And. “we will fix this, just tell me whats happened” Your gonna think im stupid if I do, I don’t wanna lose you.

I wrapped my arms around his neck.
“Edward, promise me you’ll never leave me, ever?” I whispered in his ear. He tightened his grip on me.
“Never in my wildest dreams bella, I promise.”
We sat there for what felt like minutes, hours. I couldn’t tell, and I didn’t care. All I knew was that Edward was with me right now, holding me, and I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else, all I could ever want was here, holding me in his arms.

“Bella honey,” he whispered. Only Edward called me honey, no one else would ever call me that, I wouldn’t allow that. But from Edward it just… came naturally.
“Can you hold on just a sec, I just need to make a call” he said while lifting me of his lap, putting me down beside him, he got up and picked up his phone. He put a finger on the air signing me to give him a minute, I gave him a quick nod. He dialed a number and started talking.
“hey its Edward, listen I’m so sorry but I cant” he stopped mid sentence. “No it’s not like that, listen, cant we just do a rain check? Ok, thanks, I’ll call you tonight. Bye” he closed his phone and came back to my side.
“Edward, im so sorry. I didn’t mean to… you can go. Ill be fine.”
“No way bells, I rather be here with you anyways. Come on, ill take you home.” He said while reaching out his hand which I took without hesitation. We walked to his Volvo.
“Wait, my car is here” I said while looking at my precious Audi.
“Ill take you too school tomorrow, you can take it home by the end of the day?” he suggested and I gave him a smile and sat in the passenger seat. We sat in silence when he pulled out of the school.
“Soo, Bella… about yesterday I feel like it kind of… I mean, do we need to talk about it or should we just let it go?” he said while looking forward, not meating my eyes. I looked down at my hands, playing with my sleeves.
“No Edward, it was nothing. Just a dare.” I said, what else was I suppose to say? I can’t just blur out but it felt amazing and its all I can think about, how did you feel? No way in hell I was gonna tell him that, he would freak out. no, this was the best way. Forget about it and move on, just like I told Seth. We are best friends, and all I am afraid of is that he is going to leave me, and forget about me when he is with Ju… when he is with her. But he promised me he wouldn’t. so can let it go now.
“Oh” he said. “yeah ok” he murmured while pressing the gas making the car go faster. we didn’t speak again until we came inside my house. And I was the one to break the silence.
“Listen, Edward im sorry I made you miss class and all that. We didn’t even get to eat lunch, let me make you some food.”
“you didn’t made me do anything Bella. Yeah, do something tasty, ill be in your room.” He said while dragging his legs up the stairs to my room. I went in the kitchen and started making some sandwiches. I made them quickly, but took my time for them to still be tasty. I walked up the stairs quietly and walked over to my room, my door was slightly open and I peeked in to see Edward lying on the bed with furrow eyebrows, pressing his thumb and his finger against his nose line. He looked deep in thought. I knocked gently on the door before opening it.

“Oh hey Bells, wow, that looks delicious.” He said while straightening up on the bed.
“Yeah, well, try not to expect much, I made them in a hurry.” I said while putting the tray on the bed and taking a seat infront of him.
“Oh , and why is that?” he said rasing an eyebrow.
“Oh shut up Eddie, you know why.” I smirked at him and he’s eyes sort of glowed.
“Oh no I don’t think I do. Tell me”
“Well, because … I wanted to… DO THIS!” I screamed while taking up a pillow and smashing it on his head. His eyes almost popped out in chock then this huge smirk took its place on his face.
“Oh no you didn’t just do that.”
“Oh, I kinda think I did” I smirked right back. He just glared at me and took a pillow from the bed.
“You wouldn’t …” I said with my eyes wide in disbelieve. He smirked and nodded his head. I jumped off the bed and ran to the door, a pillow past by me and I smirked at his miss and was just about to reach the door, but before I could make it I felt Edward drag me down to the floor and started to tickle me. I started laughing and pleading for him to stop between breath but he just continued tickling me. I panicked and tried to lure out of his grip, I tried to reach the pillow beside me but the tickling made it hard, he saw what I was about to do so he grabbed my hands and put them over my head holding me in a tight grip. He had no hands to tickle me so he lowered his head to my neck and tickled me with his nose.
“Please, no more tickling!” I pleaded in one breath. He laughed against my collarbone then lifted his head to look me straight in the eyes. I could just drown in his green eyes. There was this silence, it felt awkward but still so important that none of us wanted to brake it. I could feel his breath stroking my face and then I finally let out a breath I didn’t knew I held. He gave me a smile and I knew, that if I didn’t do anything to break the silence I would have gotten stuck there, drowned in his green eyes forever. Never being able to escape, not that I wanted to, but something told me that I would end up getting hurt if I let myself.
“Edward … who did you call when we were in school? “ his face hardened and he quickly got on his feats.
“Julia…” he said like he remembered something. He sounded ashamed and he looked like he felt… Guilty?

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Chapter 4
Bellas POV.

After I asked who he talked to on the phone earlier, Edward just answered and went off. I stood there, not really knowing how to react. I heard his car pull out from my drive way and I went back to my bed, picked the tray up and went downstairs to throw it in the garbage, I didn’t feel like eating anyways. I don’t know why he’s acting so strange against me, and what was up about that question of the kiss, I was almost choking while I answered it. He’s been acting a little weird since the kiss. I hope I haven’t done anything stupid, or maybe he overheard something Alice and Seth said. Oh god I hope not, I really don’t want him getting the wrong idea, I would never expect our relationship to change. Even if I did like him.
I tried to shake of the thoughts that were rolling around in my head making me feel dizzy. I decided to take a shower and just relax from all the thoughts, of course that didn’t work, and as usual I couldn’t stop analyzing every move that Edward did today. I don’t get why he got so alert when I asked the question, like he was remembering something, something bad. I hope he’s not mad at me, I don’t know if he is dough, he just marched out of the house before even got a grip of the situation.
I went downstairs to watch a movie, make the time go a little faster, when the clock started to make its time against midnight I decided it was time for bed. I changed to my pyjamas and put my alarm at 7.00, wait, was Edward picking me up or not? I picked up my phone.

-Hey Ed, you kind of stormed of today, are you mad at me or something? B- I layed there just watching the sealing and waiting for an answer.
-Hey bells, of course im not, im sorry for just leaving like that, but I had a reality check and I just remembered I had some things to do. forgive me? E- I smiled at him, he knew I always forgave him.
-Nothing to forgive Edward. You just got me worried. Still picking me up tomorrow morning? B-
-You bet! Hey Bells … I am going to ask you a question, can you answer me honestly? E- I took a deep breath biting my lip while typing.
-Sure, ask away. B- His message came right away, like he had written it before I even sent mine.
-Did you really not feel anything at all when we kissed last night? E- I layed there starring at the little screen in front of me. Was he kidding, was this some kind of joke? Or was this my chance to really let him know. I startet typing.
-Edward, I promised I was going to answer honestly so here it is. Of course I felt something, I don’t know how to explain it, but it felt right. Its been replaying itself in my mind the whole day and I just don’t know how to react to it. I didn’t want to tell you cause I didn’t want to freak you out. B- but as the chicken I am, I bailed. I deleted the whole thing and typed.
-no Edward, don’t worry, I felt nothing. You were wondering so there wouldn’t be awkward between us two right? B- I pressed send and waited for an answer.
-Yeah, no that’s it alright. Well now I know. Sleep tight Bells, I’ll pick you up tomorrow. E- I bit my lower lip hard while suppressing the tears that were trying to fill my eyes. I’m such I coward. I put the phone on my nightstand and rolled under the covers like a ball. I let the drowsiness take over me.

"Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you lie?” he asked, racing his voice for every second.
“I don’t know. I thought it was the answer you wanted. I didn’t knew you ...” I stopped mid sentence.
“Yeah, well now its to late.” He said in a hard voice.
“No its not, I still feel the same way… ” I whispered.
“I don’t.” he said, fast and cold.
“Don’t say that. I know you don’t mean it.” Suddenly the scene changed, we were in the middle of a path, the rain pouring down.
“just leave, I never want to se you again” He screamed at me while turning his back and walking away. This couldn’t be happening, how did it come to this, how?!
“No , please wait! Let me explain!” I pleaded with my arms stretched out. he stopped, not looking back. I felt the rain hit my face and mix with my tears, my clothes were soaking wet, so was his.
“I’m done waiting for the truth, you had your chance. Now leave!” he said thru clenched teethes. He stood there waiting for me to leave before he did. But I refused to be the coward this time. I ran, the fastest I could, ran straight to him. Grabbed his leather jacket by the arm and turned him to face me. His face was hard, sad, hurt..
“You want the truth! Here!” I screamed while stretching up to meet his lips with mine, wrapping my arms around his neck trying to pull him closer to me, he just stood there motionless. I kissed him eagerly, moved my lips against his, but no reaction. Then he moved his hands and put them on my shoulder, pushing me away.
“I don’t want you. Your dead to me.” He whispered, I stood there defeated. He didn’t look at me, he just turned and walked away again. The panic started to rise in my chest as my breath accelerated. My chest hurt and everything went blank. I cant lose him, I cant. I wont. I started running after him, he was so close, but I couldn’t reach him, the faster I ran, the longer away he got. I started screaming after him. I heard the splashing sound of my feats smashing against the ground, making the water go everywhere. My hair was stuck on my face and I tried to brush it away.
“but I don’t love you…” I heard him say before he disappeared.

I fell down on my knees with my hands hard to my chest while crying like never before. Sobbing and crying while screaming his name.

“NO!” I screamed while sitting up in my bed. I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath. I was sweating and shaking. I looked at the clock and it read 06.45, I walked to the bathroom and took a long shower, I washed my hair and blow-dried it. The dream really freaked me out, I needed to talk to Alice about it. I knew she could help me with this whole mess. Something is wrong.
I decided to try and make Alice happy so I put on an outfit she bought for me last week. I had never worn it before, but I really needed to talk to her, and I knew she would be all ears to me if I looked good doing it. I even went so far as to put on heals. Ok, that was mostly to impress Edward. I think he would be in chock, I never wear heels! I put on the red tight top and the black jeans with the black pumps. This would freak everyone out. I brushed my hair and walked down to push a pop tart down my throat. Woah, it was really hard walking in these kind of shoes. I don’t know how Alice manage to wear them every day. Right! Alice. I picked up my phone and called her.

-“Yellooh!” she answered in the first tone.
-“hi Al, its Bella. Listen, I know Edward is suppost to pick me up today, but I really need to talk to you. And I kind of don’t feel ready to see him before I do.” I said all in one breath.
-“Fine, but I want to know what the hell happened last night, before we talk about the other stuff.” I knew this was coming. I sighed.
-“Fine, ill tell you what happened yesterday, in the car on the way to school. Then ill tell you what I need to talk to you about in math before lunch?” I asked.
-“Sure, sounds good. Wait im just gonna tell Edward I will be picking you up… EDWARD!!”
-“Yeah, whats up`?” I heard him in the back.
“I will be picking Bella up today. So you just drive right to school!” She screamed.
“What? No, I am going to be picking up Bella today!” he screamed back.
“Oh,.. really? … well fine!” he said and then Alice voice was closer to the phone again.
-“Well, ok. All done, Ill go to my car right now!” she squealed.
-“Oki, good. And thanks Alice” I said before hanging up and getting my bag ready for school.

when I heard her pull in on my driveway I took my bag and closed the door behind me. I saw Alice eyes widen in chock and then she was jumping up and down on her seat. I went down the porch, almost falling on the last step. I heard Alice giggle, and when I opened the car door and got in she hugged me so tight I swear my eyes almost popped out.
“Yeez Alice, Happy much?” I said sarcastically.
“Not everyday you get to see you in normal clothes! And im glad to see your okay. Now spill!” She demanded. I rolled my eyes at her and when she pulled out the driveway I started to explain.
“I don’t know what happened to me, but when you told me he liked her, my whole world just froze, and I couldn’t stand the thought of me losing him. I don’t know why I felt like I felt Alice, but it hurt so much to think of him with someone else, and its so strange you know? I’ve never felt this way before, especially not towards him. Whats wrong with me?”
“First Bella, I want you to know. Nothing is wrong with you, and second. It’s obvious that you like him, I know you say you don’t. but you do. And the sooner you accept it, the better you will feel.” She said in a matter of fact voice.
“So by accept, you mean, should I tell him?” I asked insecure.
“Well, do you want to tell him?”
“Yes, I mean, no. I don’t know. I want to tell him, cause it feels like I’m keeping this huge lie from him. And he’s been acting strange aswell” And then I told her about the question in the car, and the text about the kiss.
When we were in math class I talked to her about my dream, she listened patiently and didn’t interrupt. When I was finished she furrowed her eyebrows and chewed on her pen a little before talking.
“Well, I think it’s kind of obvious that your dream is about you answers to his questions. You feel like you lied to him, and that you have betrayed him, and you are afraid he will be mad at you for that. And when you finally decide to tell him, you are afraid that he won’t feel the same, and that it would simply ruin your friendship and that it will end up with him leaving you… damn I’m good!” somehow I knew that myself. Why I didn’t think of that, well. I don’t know.
“So what do you think I should do?”
“Bella, I think he likes you too. I have never seen my brother like that with another girl. You know he have had girls, especially Tanya, and he didn’t even look at her like that!” she sighed.
“I think he likes you, and whenever he has tried to figure out if you like him, you have just told him a lie and I think that’s why he’s been strange. I think he just wanted to know if you liked him back Bella, I think you should tell him. If he doesn’t feel the same, I promise you… he wont leave.” I thought back to the day he promised me… no he wouldn’t leave. I knew he wouldn’t.
“Okay Alice, ill tell him. I’m doing it.” I said nervously.

When the bell rang out both me and Alice knew it was time for lunch, time to see Edward, time to confess. She linked her arms with me.
“It’s going to be okay” she whispered. I swallowed and then we walked to the lunch room. We walked over to our table, me looking down on the floor the whole way, I was way too nervous to look Edward in the eyes. I knew how I was going to talk to him, alice and I went thru it. I was just going to ask him if we could talk outside for a moment , and then I was just gonna confess. I just started speaking when Alice came to a halt.
“Edward I…” I said still looking down when Alice pressed my hand gently, signing me to look up. I lifted my head, only to see Edward standing there with what I suppose is Julia. I just looked between Edward and Julia, then back to Edward again. i felt like such a fool, i glared at Julia, my cheeks burning red, and this time from anger.
Edward looked at me with Wide eyes, scanning my whole body, practically with his moth hanging open. i wanted to punch it closed.. why now? why did he have to be with her now? just when i was about to tell him..
“Hi im Julia, nice to meet you.” She said while reaching me her hand. Edward still looking at me with an open mouth.
I looked at her with disgust.
“Sorry, I don’t touch trash” Fudge! Did I actually just say that?!

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Chapter 5.


Omg! This cant be happening, I thought to myself as we entered the lunch room. I saw Edward standing beside our table with a girl i assume is Julia. I saw that Bella was just about to talk and I went to a halt, but “Edward , I..” escaped her mouth before I gently pressed her hand, signing for her to look up. Edward was looking at her with wide eyes and open mouth, his chin was almost on the ground and he was about 1 step from drooling. I just wanted to roll my eyes at him and just tell him to go for it. I cant imagine how this felt to Bella… she had finally pulled the courage up to tell him she liked him. I cant believe he brought her to our table, he couldn’t have chosen a worse time. I saw the anger build up in Bella as the realization hit her, that it was indeed Julia standing in front of us, beside Edward, at our table … while she was ready to confess.

“Hi, Im Julia. Nice to meet you” she said in a angelic voice that would have made me smile, if I wasn’t standing her whit my best friend on the edge of breaking down. She put her hand forward for Bella to shake. Bella was just looking from Edward to Julia and then back to Edward. Damn, he would catch a fly if he didn’t close his mouth soon. Bella’s face hardened and she said
“Sorry, I don’t touch trash.” Edward head snapped open at the comment leaving Bella’s mouth, he closed his mouth in a smack.
Oh no! oh no oh no, not good. Not good at all. Think Alice, think!! I have to save Bella from this situation, Edward would get mad at Bella for embarrassing him like that in front of Julia. I think Bella realized that to.

“Well, then ill just come by your place to pick it up after school?” I blurred out. god, please let this work! Edward didn’t fall for it the least, but he let it pass, incase Julia did. Julia looked at me with confusion written on her face. I squeezed Bella’s hand, trying to let her know to just play along with me, it looked like she understood. She shaked Julia’s hand, and Julia just looked at us still confused.
“Excuse me what?” she asked uncertain. Bella looked at me with pleading eyes asking me to come up with something, quick!

“oh, see I was just talking to Bella about some trash she has in her house, yeah some meal that her dad has had in his room for like a week now, and yah it’s all jucky now and she doesn’t want to touch it so I was like ‘Just throw it in the garbage Bella, it isn’t so bad’ and she was all ‘eeu, you dumb? That’s nasty, its all gross’ and I was like ‘oh please c’mon, you just pick it up and throw it out’ and then she was like ‘Sorry, I don’t touch trash’ and then I just simply responded ‘Well. Then ill come by your house to pick it up after school" which seems like the perfect plan, does it not?” I said while sighing. Too much for an explanation. Oh, I talk to much when I get nervous. I looked at Bella while she was just glaring at me. yeah, too much talking. Then she simply nodded her head. And played along.

“yeah, cause I mean, dude its gross you know? And besides, I just got my fingernails done yesterday. Ugh, I cant break one, it would ruin my whole week” she said with a snobby voice probably trying to repeat some of my earlier sayings.. Edward tried to suppress a laugh, and I was on the verge of rolling on the floor bending over in laugh myself. Bella caring about her nails? It was the biggest joke of the year. Everyone knew Bella didn’t care about her nails, especially not if she broke one. But Julia didn’t know. So I just nodded my head.
“oh ok.”
“Yeah, by the way, Im Bella, and this is Alice.” She said while pointing her finger at me.
“Nice to meet you, I’ve heard so much about you! The lovely sister, and the best friend” I could see Bella flinch at the words that described her. I just squeezed her hand and she squeezed it back.
“Soo … yeah, um … we gotta go. To you know. Take out the trash from Bellas ro-I mean Charlies room!” I said, while kicking myself in the butt for being so bad at lying.
“oh okay, bye guys!” she said waving us off.
“Bye Julia, again, nice to meet you” Bella said in her best voice.
“Bye Edward, will you come by tonight along with the others?” she asked, Julia looked at him and then back at Bella.

“Eum, actually im taking Julia out tonight…” he said, if I didn’t knew my brother like I did I wouldn’t have noticed, but it sounded like he almost regretted it. I knew he would rather be at Bella’s then out with Julia on a date. Bella flinched, but no one noticed, just me because I felt it in our linked arms.
“Oh, well… have fun then.” She said with a fake smile. He nodded his head and we turned to leave. We didn’t speak until we got out of the school, it was like we already knew what to do. She went to her Audi and I went to my Mercedes. She drove off in front of me and I followed, when we pulled up in her driveway we got out at the same time. As soon as we got in the house she went to the living room and sat down on the couch. I went straight to the kitchen and got out a bucket of ice cream. I put two spoons in it and went down to sit beside Bella on the couch.

“Bells…” I started. She looked at the bucket and grabbed a scoop of ice cream with her spoon.
“I don’t want to talk about it” she sighed.
“ever” she added.
“Bella! Don’t, don’t be like that!”
“I mean it Alice. I just want to forget it.”
“you cant bella! I wont let you!” I protested.
“Alice, I don’t see the point, he is with Julia now, and if I say something it would only ruin everything. I just don’t think it’s a great idea.” She said while filling her mouth with a scoop.

Bella’s POV.

Alice was trying to convince me to still tell Edward what I felt, even after the fiasco that happened today. It reminded me that I hadn’t thanked her yet.
“Hey Alice,” I said while she ate a spoon of ice cream.
“Mhh?” she answered.
“Thank you … for today I mean.” Just then my phone buzzed. I frowned when I saw it was from Edward.
“Think he bought it?” Alice asked me before I got a chance to read it.
“Not for a second.” I sighed. No way he would have bought that, he knew me well enough to see what I meant when I said it. and he knew Alice well enough to know when she’s lying. I opened the message.
Don’t think I fell for that. I’ll come by before my date. I’ll be expecting an explanation. B-
I frowned and Alice giggled.

“That bad, huh?” she asked.
“I don’t know, he’s coming here for an explanation before his … date.” I whispered the last word and handed over my phone for her to read.
“Bella that is perfect! That’s your chance to know! To tell him! This is it! it’s now or never. Before he takes things further with Julia” She explained. I wanted so bad to tell him, to get this out of my chest. What if he didn’t feel the same ? Alice sounded so sure about it when she talked about it… I mean, she should no right? She’s his sister … I need to do this, or else it’s just gonna end up like my dream.
“Alice, how will he respond?” I asked, feeling like my voice would break.
“I don’t know, but you will feel a lot better, regardless.”
“Fine, ill do it. but damn it Alice if this ruin things, I promised myself not to screw things up with him.”
“BELLA! It won’t! Believe me, he will never leave you!” how could she be so sure?

“Oh my god Bella, I have to fix you ! ooh, hang on, im going to run over to my place and get some clothes, be right back!”
“NO Alice! No way!”
“Way Bella! Yes way! Come on I have the perfect outfit for you! I promise I wont make you dress up anytime soon”
“how soon?”
“1 month?” she asked.
“4 months!” i demanded.
“3 months, my last offer”
“FINE!” I said while stomping my foot in the floor. She took off to her house to pick up the clothes.
This was it, I was gonna tell him. Nothing would stop me this time.

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Chapter 6


Saying that Alice went home to get some clothes was an understatement. She came back with an amount of clothes that would fill my whole closet. I jumped in the shower, washed my hair and when I got out she immediately started on her masterpiece and I was in no position to argue, I mean. 3 months without hearing her wining about playing dress up? It was a dream-come-true.
She began to blow-dry my hair and then curling it with locks that framed my face perfectly, she even did my makeup, eyeliner with mascara and then ended with a final touch, an adorable pink rouge on my cheeks. When she was done with my face she asked me to change in to the clothes on my bed. When I was done she made me put on the jewelry and some really, I mean really high heels.

Me and Alice left school at lunch, and it was about 12.00 then, I looked at the time, it read 16.45. Woah, time sure goes fast when you don’t want it too. The nerves were getting the best of me, school was over by now for sure, and Edward would be here soon.
“Relax Bella, its going to be fine. Call me okay, call me as fast as you can. I want to hear the details”
“Alice, shut up! How can I relax? What is going to happen, what should I say? Maybe I …. Maybe I don’t have to say anything! I can love him from a distance, in silence, yeah, that will work?” I tried. I knew it was nonsense, I would never be able to do that, to se him with another girl that I wished would be me.
“Bella, listen to me. Do you want to do this?” Alice asked me with a serious voice.
“Yes, I do. but-“
“No buts! If you want to do it then you do it” she cut me off. I swallowed hard and nodded my head. I had to courage up. Come on, I can do this, I can do this.
“Oh you have got to be kidding me!” Alice bursted out while stomping her foot in the floor. I looked at her questioningly.
“It’s raining! I have to hurry home before it starts pouring. He’ll be here any minute Bells, just build up the courage and go with it!” she said blinking at me and walking down the stairs. When I heard her car leave my driveway I was really starting to panic.

About 15 minutes later I heard Edwards car pull in. My heart instantly started pounding. I sat on the end of my bed, trying to get a grip off myself. I heard him enter the front door, no one in the gang knocked anymore, my house was pretty much every ones house.
“Bella! Im here, where are you?” He half screamed ,he didn’t sound so mad. But there was no way he wasn’t going to be…
“Im upstairs, wait ill come right down” I said with a shaky voice.


“Hey honey, everything alright at school?” Mum said when I walked in thru the front door.
“Yeah, hey mum, is Alice here?” I asked.
“No, I think she went home to Bella after school. Why?”
“Ok, no its nothing, just wanted to talk to her. Well, I’m gonna take a shower and change then head off to Bella as well.”
“Alright sweaty” she said while I started walking up the stairs to my room.
I took a quick shower and changed into a shirt and some jeans. When I walked downstairs I noticed Alice’s shoes were standing at the door.
“Alice!” I yelled.
“Jupp. What’s up?” she said behind me.
“Wanna tell me what the hell happened today?” I asked with my serious voice.
“Noppe, Thought Bella was gonna tell you.” She said while smiling so her teeth showed.
“She is. What were you doing over there anyways, I thought the guys weren’t going to be over there until later or something or is everyone there?”
“No, the guys will be coming here instead. And she is my Best friend Edward! I can be there when I want! Besides, we needed to talk about some stuff. Now hurry there, she’s waiting!” she said while pushing me out the door. I just sighed while shaking my head and started to walk to my Volvo. i didnt even have time to take a shower.
The drive there really wasn’t long, it was just a block away. I could easily just have walked but it rained and I didn’t want to be soaking wet when I got there.
I stepped out of the car and went to open the door, there was really no need to knock or ring the bell cause it was like my home as well. I probably spent more time here than at my own house. I smiled at my thoughts as I went in to the house.

“Bella! Im here, where are you?” I yelled, still with the smile on my face. I didn’t see her in the living room so I went in to the kitchen, noppe not there either.
“Im upstairs, wait ill come right down” she sounded nervous?, she probably expected me to be mad. I probably should be, that’s the reason I came right? To demand an explanation.
I heard the tapping of heels on the stairs, was there anyone else here? Rosalie maybe… yeah, perhaps they had a girl talk with Alice or something. No, Bella wouldn’t have girl talks. I walked out of the kitchen with my eyebrow furrowed in confusion and when I looked up I was met by the most beautiful sight in the world, in the history, in the existents. Bella.
I watched her descend the stairs with wide eyes and at that moment, nothing else existed. Her brown curls that framed her face, her pink lips that was slightly parted and her chocolate brown eyes that was staring in to mine, was all I saw, that was all that was. Her eyes were framed with her long black lashes and her cheeks were the most astonishing color and on top of that, was she blushing?
“Hi” she said, and I realized my mouth was wide open. I blinked a little and shook my head, trying to remember how to speak.
“You look…” I trailed off. There were no words to describe her.
“Alice” she just simply said, and i just nodded my head, still with my gaze on her. Of course it was Alice..
“You want a towel for your hair?” She said with a shy voice.
“Oh, no its fine. Just some rain.” I said, remembering my hair must be wet. I automatically brought my hand in to my hair and shook it, messing it up and throwing water drops all around me. One drop fell on Bellas arm and I quickly wiped it away. I felt her shiver at my touch, and I couldn’t help but shiver at it myself, her skin was warm and soft. I caught myself wanting to kiss her again, kiss her like that time in the Jacuzzi, but this time, I didn’t want it to be because of a dare. I wanted to say something, anything to hear her voice again, but I didn’t know what to say. Wait, why was I here? Come on, think! Why was I here? … right!
Sorry, I don’t touch trash? Really Bella, what were you thinking?” I said, pretending to be a little upset.
“You caught that huh?” she said while biting her lower lip, wow. She looked so hot when she did that. I wonder if she knew that… no Edward, focus!

“How could I not? Alice is a terrible liar, and so are you.” Its true she truly was.
“Oh come on, it wasn’t that hard to believe.” She defended.
“Really? Like you caring for your fingernails and Alice picking up trash? Who would be so stupid to believe it, look at Alice, she would never touch something gross like that, and your nails aren’t even fixed.” I said while rolling my eyes at them. Bella always bite her fingernails or just start playing with them until they brake and Alice would never think the thought of touching something that in her opinion looked nasty. Then Bella just started to giggle.
“Whats so funny Bella? Cause quite frankly I don’t get it.” I said, still trying to act upset. At least I could act.
“You just called your girlfriend stupid…” she said while turning her giggle in to a laugh. I was just about to say something but she stopped me.
“Edward… I have to tell you something.” She said in a nervous voice.
“Actually Bella, I have to tell you something too…” I had to say it now, I couldn’t wait.
“Oh, well you go first then” she said a little unsure.
“oh.. eehm … ok, I think im in love wh-“
“no! no! wait. No you cant be in love with her!” she screamed and cutting me of before I had the chance to finish my sentence.
“But Bella I –“ I tried to explain, but she cut me off again.
“Im so stupid! I told you to go for it, I was the one that brought this on myself! Oh I hate her!” she screamed while her eyes started to water. Why did she react like this?
“What? I don’t, I …” I started on a sentence but couldn’t finish. Confused and worried at the same time.
“I love you … I love you Edward.” she whispered defeated, while the tears started running their way down her cheek. My face expression must have been utterly confusion mixed with an happiness that I cant even begin to explain. I put my hand on her cheek, lifting her gaze from the floor and wiped away a few tears.
“I love you to Bella” I whispered with a smile on my face.
“No, no, you don’t understand Edward. I LOVE you! Like love lov-“ she said while letting more tears fall. I cut her off by putting my thumb on her lips with the hand that rested on her cheek.
“Its you, its always been you” I whispered while I closed the distance between our lips. She was confused at first, but she reacted almost immediately.

she put her arms around my neck and lifted herself on her tiptoes to better reach my lips.
She lifted her hands to my skull and grabbed a fistful of hair, pushing me closer to her, All the feelings I had tried to suppress welled over inside of me, and I finally accepted it. How could I be so lucky to have such a beautiful creature love me back? Our lips moved as if they were made for each other, The kiss was eager and filled with passion, I cant believe I didn’t fall in love with her sooner, so many years with friendship, when this was what I could have had.
my hand was still on her cheek and the other at the small of her back. she parted her lips and I eagerly let my tongue dance with hers. I never broke the kiss as I backed her up to the wall and rested my hands on the wall at each side of her head, supporting my weight. We were both panting and I we were both out of air so I started to kiss her jaw and slowly moved up to her ear.
“You look so damn beautiful” I whispered and I felt her shiver under my lips.
Then down to her jawbone again, her breathing got faster, and so did mine, I never left her skin though, I just continued down her neck.
“Edward” She whispered, shyly and unsecure.
“Mhmm” I answered against her skin, she smelled so wonderfully, I moved back to her lips and started to kiss her again.
“I don’t want to ruin this, by saying something stupid… but, what about Julia?” she whispered.
“its you I love Bella swan, I belong with you” I answered against her lips while remembering my talk with Julia.

I sat in my car with Julia just outside her house, dropping her off from school. We were sitting and talking about something , but as I stared at Julia’s blue eyes all I could think about was Bella’s brown ones. They wasn’t as beautiful as Bella’s, but then again, who’s are? Bella was taking over my mind constantly with her beautiful eyes and wonderful lips, it drove me crazy to not being able to be at her house with the guys tonight. But atleast ill get to see her a while, I texted her earlier, telling her I wanted an explanation.
“right? Don’t you agree?” She said while twirling a her hair with her fingers. What were we talking about? Oh right.
“eeh, yes. Summer is better than winter”I said. I wonder what Bella is doing? Maybe I should call her…
“Edward !” I heard Julia wine and I snapped in to reality again.
“You’re not listening are you?” She said while rolling her eyes.
“Sorry, I tuned out?” I said excusing. , I really liked Julia but sometimes when I was with her, I just tuned out and began to think about other stuff, like memories about me and Bella in 3;rd grade, when she had those little pigtails and curly brown hair, and I used to push her on the swings or when we had snowball fights and mud fights, she was beautiful even then.
“Edward, tell me what’s wrong, I can see something’s up.” Julia said with a soft voice.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know whats taken over me.” I do know actually, Bella…
“I think I do.” She said in a whisper.
“What do you mean?” I said with confusion in my voice, was it so obvious? She sighed.
“Edward, a girl knows when a boy looks at her and sees someone else. I saw the way you looked at Bella today, and my suspicions only got proved. I know you like her, I can tell. And I know she likes you too, that’s why she reacted like that. I know she didn’t mean it personally and for that I am not mad.” She said while looking deep in my eyes, she sounded concerned and honest. I sighed, feeling glad not to have to put on this facade around her.
“Im sorry Julia, I really tried” I said, feeling a little awkward, it felt horrible trying to sit here enjoying Julias company when all I could do was think about Bella.
“Yeah well, when you try, its just not meant to be. I just wished someone looked at me that way, you know?” She said.
“Someone will, I promise you, someone will” I said.
“Just go Edward, go get you’r girl, ill be fine.”
“Thanks, and again im sorry.”
“Don’t mention it, ill see you around school, and Edward.”
“Tell her how you feel, I promise you it will be so much easier for you, getting it off of your chest.” she said while opening the door to get out.
When she walked in to the house I pulled out of the drive way and headed home to shower and get to Bellas house. I had to talk to her. I had to be close to her. I wanted to tell her, I really did.

After I finished telling Bella about my talk with Julia, all she had to say was “Oh,” followed by the most wonderful smile in the world, that lit up my whole world.
“I’m so sorry for saying I hated her now, I feel so awful” she said shyly while blushing a bright pink. I just laughed at her and kissed her on the cheek, feeling her warm blushing skin under my lips but before I pulled back, she took my head between her little hands and held it there to kiss my lips, I of course kissed back and the intensity started all over again, it was different now though, we didn’t want to crush each other with the suppressed feelings, the kiss was just, pure love. Adoration, love and passion. I chuckled as I pulled away, leaving her with a pout on her lips.
“Not that I don’t want to kiss you all night long, but I just thought you may want to go to the others?”
“Oh, I don’t know, where are they? Thought they were coming here?” She said confused.
“No, Alice told them to go over there. But I can call them to come” I suggested and she nodded her head. I gave her a peck on the lips and grabbed my phone and dialed Alice number.
“Yellloo?” She answered.
“Hey Alice, come over to Bellas with everyone.”
“Omg, did you guys… are you guys?” She said desperate, trying not to yell in suspense.
“Just get your butts here Alice!” I rolled my eyes while shutting the phone closed.
Bella giggled at my expression and I just smiled while leaning in to kiss her yet again. Cause now she truly was, My Bella.

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Chapter 7


Alice sure didn’t take much time to get the whole gang over here, I and Edward were wrapped up in our kiss when we heard the voices outside the door. I laughed against his lips and tried to get out to open the door but he held me tight against the wall while kissing me further, controlling my thoughts with his lips against mine, and making me forget about the people behind the door. My hands travelled up his chest and his neck, and my mind and soul still couldn’t comprehend that this guy before me, kissing me, actually liked me. No, Loved me. My heart pounded loud in my ears while kissing him more passionately. I cant believe I told him I hated Julia, but when he said those words “I Think im in love with…” I just freaked, my thoughts were bouncing around in my head and I thought for sure I had lost him to her, that he loved her and that i… that I was left alone, without him. No one. Cause that’s what it felt like, without him im no one. When he told me he loved me back, I thought for sure he misunderstood the whole thing, that he thought I loved him like a brother or something, and when he kissed me, I didn’t really didn’t react at first, I didn’t even know if it was real, or if it was all in my head, but none the less, I didn’t want to spoil that chance so I kissed back with every fiber in my body.
And still here I am, kissing the man of my dreams.

“I know you guys are in there, open the door!” Alice said impatiently for the third time. I giggled and the comedy in the whole scene made him laugh to.
“Let … me ... Open ... the door… Edward.” I said in-between kisses. I gave him one last kiss and put my hand on his chest to push him back a little. He let me pass under his arm and I quickly went to open the door for the pixie and our friends. Edward went in to the living room and put on the TV.
“Dudes! Look that chick must have eaten Bella!” Emmet bursted out.
“Yeah, I know!… hello, Bella.. are you in there?” Jasper said against my ear.
“Ha Ha guys, really funny. You know im a girl right? And besides, its Alice’s work.” I said while rolling my eyes at my stupid guys.
“Well, you look beautiful, Bella” Jacob said while giving me a smile.
“Oh, Thanks Jake.” I said, feeling a little uncomfortable. I preferred the mocking instead of the compliments. I didn’t really know how to respond to the compliments.
“Well Bells, you look just like a girl now, Just try not to fall on your heels.” I laughed at Seth’s comment, I was going to be kind of hard to not fall on my heels.
“Well, what took you so long?” Rose asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Sorry, I didn’t hear you, I was in the bathroom and Edward was … watching television.” I said, not wanting to tell them we were making out and didn’t really care if they were outside waiting in the cold weather, even though the rain had stopped a while ago.
“Oh, Really ?” Alice said with a sneaky expression. I gave her a sterned look that said ‘shut up or I’m not telling
“I mean, what are you guys watching?” She added while walking in the living room.

“Not anything good anyways, did you guys bring any movie or something?” Edward said while looking at me with a smile, I smiled back. Alice eyes widened and she took my arm and dragged me to the kitchen.
“Spill it! like now!” she demanded while trying to stand still.
“Well, I told him and, he kinda told me to… I guess? Anyways, we kissed and, I don’t know. I think were together?” I said with a grin on my face.
“Well, I knew it. I told you it was a great idea Alice!” Rosalie said from behind me. I turned around and saw her smiling wide at me.
“Well, thank you Rose, I couldn’t have done it without you!” Alice exclaimed. I just rolled my eyes at them.

“I knew it was you’re plan all along! God… I never thought I was gonna tell you guys this … but thank you. Really. Without you and without that truth or dare, I don’t think I would have ever realized my feelings for him. And I can’t really imagine just being his friend anymore.” I said sincerely.
“well, we all kind of knew you guys liked each other, but the funnies think was that neither of you had a clue about your own feelings, it was messed up. But hey, we fixed it so now everybody is happy!” Alice squealed while clapping her hands.
“Well, almost everybody…” Rosalie mumbled.
“What?” I asked, not really understanding what she meant.
“Oh no nothing. So what do you say girls, should we go to our boys?” she said while winking.
“Sure thing” Alice said and I could resist of rolling my eyes. It was like some bad teen movie.
“you guys go on, and I will pick out some snacks. Be there in a minute.” I said while turning around and opening the cabinet to take out some chips and candy.
I didn’t usually eat much of it myself so we always had plenty to take out when the guys came over, and when it ended i always bought more. Or Charlie did… I missed him, but he told me he would be home by Monday. That’s 3 days away, ill see him soon.

I started filling one bowl with chips when I felt Edward put his arms around my waist. I jumped in surprise and felt him laugh against my hair.
“Don’t do that, I almost had a heart attack.”
“Oh, well we wouldn’t want that now would we?” I shivered at the feeling of his breath against my neck and couldn’t help but smile that tonight’s confession had come to this. Edward and I... together, finally.
“What are you smiling at?” He asked while kissing me lightly on the neck, he turned me around and looked me in the eyes.
“You, of course” I said while rolling my eyes, like it was obvious.
“Oh really? Well, I’ll give you something to laugh about!” he said while starting to tickle me at my sides.
“No, no! please! I give, I give!” I said desperately while my knees got weak and i started to wobble. Edward of course wouldn’t let me fall so he just held me there tight.
“You give?” He said with a crooked smile.
“I give” I repeated while leaning my head against his chest. He kissed my hair and held me there for a while before breaking the embrace.
“Come on then, lets go watch the movie. I’ll help you with that.” He said while grabbing a bowl of chips. I finished pouring the candy in another bowl and then we walked in the living room to put the bowls on the living room table. Emmet of course didn’t even wait until I put the bowl safely on the table before taking it from my hand to start eating. Rosalie rolled her eyes at him.

Edward sat down in the armchair and gave me a smile, I walked to him and sat down on his lap, resting my head against his chest while he put his arms around me. Every eye on the room stared at us, Emmet and Jasper where kind of chocked I guess. Rosalie and Alice just looked pleased and Seth looked like he was happy, like he really was happy for me. Seth was a better friend then I had realized, and I promised myself I would get a better friendship with him. Jake… Jake was a whole other story, he didn’t even look at us, he just sat with clenched jaws while staring straight at the TV. I wanted to ask what was up with him, but I didn’t want to leave Edwards arms. I had finally gotten my happiness, finally gotten Edward. I didn’t want to let him go, not tonight.
Emmet broke the silence.
“You go Ed! Finally you dudes got together!” He said with a smile. Jasper started laughing at his words and Emmet of course didn’t understand why.
“Well, thanks Em, but in the future, don’t tell anybody I got together with another dude... it kind of sounds a little… gay” Edward said holding me tighter. Now everybody started laughing and Emmet still hadn’t gotten the joke. Well, Jake didn’t laugh, but I think I could see his lips winch a little.

I was starting to doze of on Edwards lap when the movie had ended, but Alice caught me from letting the slumber take me.
“Bells, what are you doing this weekend?” Alice asked while looking at me and Edward.
“Oh, I don’t know Alice, Charlie won’t be home until Monday, so I guess I’m all yours” I said while faking disappointment. I felt Edward chuckle behind me.
“Oh really, but since its Friday, cant we all sleep here tonight?” Alice asked with pleading eyes.
“Yeah sure, no problems.”
“And can’t we go out tomorrow? To some club or something?” Rosalie added.
“I don’t know Rose, you know what happened to Emmet the last time…” Edward said and we all just shook our heads.

“Hey! I didn’t know it was alcohol in the drinks, and to my defense, the stage really did look like a toilet!” And then everybody broke in to laughter.
“Its okay babe, ill take care of you this time.” Rosalie said while cuddling up in Emmet’s lap.
“Well, I think it’s a great idea… if Rose watches over Emmet.” Alice said.
“Fine, I guess I’m in, Edward?” I asked while looking up at him, his green eyes meeting mine.
“Of course” he said then adding in a whisper so only I could hear “I wouldn’t want you there alone with every guy looking at you dancing.”
“They don’t have a chance against you, no one has” I whispered in his ear, watching his crooked smile take its place. He held me tighter while I breathed in his scent.
“oki, so what about you guys?” Alice asked Seth and Jake.
“I’m in.”
“Yeah, sure why not?”
“well then, that’s what we’ll do, sleep over tonight and go clubbing tomorrow?”
“I cant stay tonight, I have to go home and help mum out with some stuff, but ill se you guys tomorrow ok?” Seth said while standing up from the couch.
“Yeah, and I’m gonna catch a ride with Seth, so ill se you guys tomorrow also.” Jake added.
“Yeah, sure. See you tomorrow” We all said when they walked out the door to Seth’s car.
“Well, I guess it’s a couple’s nigh then!” someone said, but I didn’t know who. The slumber was grabbing me and my eyelids were getting heavier with every second.
“Hey guys, I think you will have to manage on your own, Bella is tired so ill go put her to bed.” I knew who said that, Edward. No matter how tired I was, I know I would always recognize his voice. His velvet voice that belongs to his flawless face. I forced my eyes open.

“No, I’m not really that tired Edward. Its fine.” I said, but my voice gave me away.
“Its okay Bella, we promise not to break anything while you’re sleeping.” Alice said with a giggle.
“Fine, enjoy yourselves, I’ll see you in the morning.” I said, then added
“And Alice… try not to wake me up so early.”
“Don’t worry Bella, im sure Edward will be the one waking you up” she said while winking and I felt my cheeks heating.
When we got to my room I didn’t feel as tired as before. Maybe it was because I was alone with Edward, or maybe it was because I just got more alert when we walked up the stairs. Who am I kidding, it was because I was alone with Edward.
“Im really not tired anymore” I said while sitting on my bed.
“Well, then we don’t have to sleep, what do you want to do?” he asked with a smile. I blushed at my thoughts of attacking him with kisses, and rolled my eyes in my mind for being such a girl.
He laid down on the bed and pulled me close to him, I put my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

“Im sorry for lying to you… you know, when you asked me about the kiss. I didn’t know how to tell you, and I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me… so I said what I thought you wanted to hear” I explained apologetically.
“What made you change your mind? To tell me I mean.” He asked with curiosity.
“My dream.” I said with a shaky voice, just the mere thought of the dream made my throat thick and my eyes watery.
“What dream, Bella?” he said concerned. He must have heard the change in my voice. But I didn’t want to tell him, I didn’t want to think of the dream. It was so real, so vivid. Him telling me he didn’t love me, him leaving and me never being able to catch up with him. It hurt to think about it, even though I knew it was just a dream, even though I knew he was holding me right this second, it was still too hard to think about. It hurt me more now than before, cause when I had the dream, he wasn’t mine to lose … but now? Now that I have him here, loving me… if he left me now?
it didn’t make sense for the dream to have such an impact on me. but the feeling of falling to the floor, defeated after having the man of your dreams leave you there. It was unbearable. Even for a dream.
“Bella, please tell me” He said, worry clear in his voice as he stroked my hair.
“You were angry, cause I lied to you … about the kiss. You told me it was too late for the truth and that you wanted me out of your life, you started walking away and when I tried to explain you didnt want to listen, you just wanted me gone. I ran after you and kissed you, but you didn’t react, you just stood there, pushed me away and told me you didn’t want me, that I was dead to you” I told him with a voice thick with sorrowt. He sat up and so that he saw me straight in the eyes.
“Bella…” he said with pained expression.
“You just walked away, and I started screaming after you, but you didn’t listen, I ran and ran, but you were too far away Edward, I couldn’t reach you. And I fell on my knees and screamed for you to come back, that I loved you… but you told me you didn’t love me back, and then you were gone. You were gone Edward, you left me…“ I said while sobbing. I hated to cry, especially in front of him. But if I would cry in front of someone, it should be him.
“it was just a dream, I would never…” he whispered while pulling me close to him, crashing me in to his chest and holding me there while my tears fell on his shirt.
“I know, its just… it was so vivid.” I whispered, “That’s why I decided to tell you I loved you”

“I will never leave you Bella, I swear” He whispered in my ear.
“You promise?”
You cant survive without a heart, and you’re the one holding mine” He whispered as he leaned in to kiss me.
“I love you, Edward Cullen”
“As I Love you Bella Swan” He whispered against my lips.

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hahaha emmet is so FUNNY "I WANT A HAMBURGER!!" wait ju not Rose sowy?" gotta luv emmet!! ur story is awesome!!!
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