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I thought about a new story and I liked the idea it’s about edward before he met bella we know that edward is a mind reader so this story is about what he listens in the people mind  it’s like his dairy there might be many different characters  so I hope you like it , if you like the idea please comment and I’ll post the first chapter..



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i'm so so glad that you liked it

i'll post more very soon

and i hope that you will like the next chapter

i'm glad that you like it

Chapter 15:


                                                        *exams week*

The exams week was the funniest week to me because of how the students look like that week they look ill and sick their faces were pale and they had big black circles around there eyes .. when I entered the class there were a few students sleeping and some of them were studying at the last moment and the others were texting or talking ..


( OMG!! I didn’t know that he broke up with her because he--) I’m not really interested .


( please god make this exam easy to me and I won’t steal my brother’s money again ) HA?!


( I can’t understand this point of this freaken lesson )


(why do we have exams ?) I asked myself the same question when I was human .


A few minutes later the teacher entered the class she was a women in the middle of 40’s .. when she entered with the exam’s paper in her hand nearly all the students froze and when she gave us the papers some of them were about to faint .


( I hate this true or false question I don’t know anyone of them maybe I should do it by luck)


(I know that I’ll fail so why should I bother myself by looking at this paper?)


(wow this exam is so easy :) )


(look at that boy he look so so so handsome I can’t help not to stare at him I really should stop this I’m 20 years older than him but I just can’t stop it )


I hate when teachers think of me like that :(


(OMG!! Look at his fingers how long and perfect they are , his eyes are so beautiful and his lips I bet that his a great kis-- ) can’t she stop that … I tried so hard to finish this exam quickly …


After a 30 minutes I finished the exam as fast as a human could I stood up to give her the exam’s paper while I was walking toward her I was trying so hard not to laugh from her thoughts ( OMG!! He’s coming toward me , I wish he would ask me to marry him or kiss me both of them are perfect )


“I’m done can I go to the bathroom?” (WHAT? No you can’t I didn’t get enough of you)


“yes dear you can”


“thank you” (bye bye Romeo ) I really think there’s something wrong with her . 

hope that you like it

Hey C.O.O.L
That was freaking hilarious!! I loved it!! I hope you post more soon!! And no matter what age from 5-100 all females (and probably some males) fall for Edward Cullen!!
Post more soon!

glad that you like it

i'm really happy to know your opinion

i'll update soon

i love it

glad that you do..

i'm sorry about the very late update

i'll try to update sooner


chapter 16 :


everyday is the same to me i can even predict what will happen today like Alice we'll go to school have some boring lessons that i heard thousands times and that i can teach better than the teachers then we'll have lunch and after lunch more lessons then home ... what a nice day?! i think i lost my mind thank god that no one could read my mind .

" Edward, are you ready? we have to go "

"i'm coming" it's not like as if we will be late.

" good morning Alice'

'good morning edward .... how was your night ?"

"it's not like you don't know"

"ya right "

we arrived to school after 10 mins the parking area was full as usual it took as too long to park the cars , i went to my first class which was English as usual no one was sitting beside me it's not that i care .. mabye i didn't notice this before but we have a new English teacher she didn't look bad she was young mabye 25 or 26 she was blonde with blue eyes and she was skinny  .

' hi kids ... i'm miss mary your new English teacher so let's start the class by introducing ourselves ... like what i said before I'm mary smeth i'm 25 years old's your turn we will start from the right side" she was looking to the girl who was sitting in the first desk on the right side ..

"i'm lara jakson '

'i'm john '

'Mike Newton ' the student we saying their names one after one till it was my turn .

"Edward Cullen" - omg this boy can't be a student he looks like 2o something whatever hw is so hot bad thing he is a student a teacher can't date a student who made that stupid law?-

you want to know who put that stupid law someone who definitely had a brain what's wrong with teacher these days ? everyone introduced himself to the new teacher then we begun our lesson.

" to know a little more about everyone i would like from everyone to write a report about him/her-self and give it to me tomorrow , you can go now" finally this lesson ended the teacher was looking at me almost the whole lesson . the rest of the day went normal tell I opened my locker I found a pink envelope i put in my pocket and went to the cafeteria for the lunch time , i sat on our table as usual .

" hi eddie-boo how was your day?"

"Emmett if you didn't stop calling me that I'll send to the whole school that video when you were singing 'all the single ladies' "

" if you did that I'll start a rumor that you are a gay"

" ok do it so that I can tell the whole school that you slept with me"

"ewww that's gross , but I don't mind of course "

"maybe you don't but I do"

" why eddie I can make you change your mind"

"shut up Emmett" I took the pink letter out of my pocket . the letter was written by a nice decent handwriting .


Dear Edward,

                     I have a big crush on you and i can't stop staring at you the whole time.


                                                                     Your secret admire

That was the silliest letter I have ever read .

hope you like it :)

New reader...
Your story is great
Love it please keep me update


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