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I thought about a new story and I liked the idea it’s about edward before he met bella we know that edward is a mind reader so this story is about what he listens in the people mind  it’s like his dairy there might be many different characters  so I hope you like it , if you like the idea please comment and I’ll post the first chapter..



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glad that you loved it .
thanks for the comment
Poor Edward! he's so lonely!
ya .. poor edward
thanks for the comment

Emmet loves girly movies.
yeah. freaking WEIRD.

write more please : )

i know .. it's weird
i'll write more soon
and thanks for your comment

chapter 4 ( have fun ) :

Everyone was having fun at this game night , everyone but me and I don’t know why ?! I will think about it later but now I should try to have some fun ,, we were sitting in Emmett’s jeep , em was driving and singing with his rap songs and me & jasper were talking about what we’ll do next we had no idea ..we started our game night from 3 hours we played all the games that Alice planned for we played truth or dare I don’t know why but people like this game .. we played poker and I won 7 times it was boring .. now we are having a human road trip .. the girls were driving in Rosalie’s car only alice know where are we going to she was thinking about the road so I can tell to Emmett where to drive …

( Edward we’ll stop at the first café you’ll find when you turn right )

‘ Emmett turn right and stop at the first café you’ll find ‘

‘ok bro .. but why?’ ( what we will do at a café ??!)

‘I don’t know..’

We arrived to the café and it called “moon light café” , the café was kinda big the walls were blue , red and black , they were covered by singers posters there were small circle tables at the corner and in the medal groups of couches …

( this music sucks )

(table 4 ordered 3 cups of tea and 2 bottles of water )

( he’s talking like he knows everything … that jerk )

( OMG… who are they??... they look like models ) I was sure that this thought was about us cause I saw her from the corner of my eyes , she was sitting with three girls her eyes were like they are going to jump on us ..

We sat on the couches Emmett was making fun of everyone ..

‘ hey ,Emma .. I’m going to give that hot guy my number .. what do you think??’ I heard the water saying that to her work mate .. she had a long black hair with dark brown eyes

‘ ok .. go ahead’

‘ but how ??’

‘ wait tell the order something and when you give them the bell give it to him and put your number with it’

‘good idea’ … great …but the good thing that we won’t order anything …

‘water ..’ Emmett called the girl that I think her name is Mary but why he called her ??!

‘yes sir ..’

‘ we want 2 orange juice , one apple juice and two strawberry juice’ … why?...

‘ ok ‘

‘Emmett why did you order those?’ Rosalie asked

‘ just to have fun ..’


‘ five of us will drink one of those drinks .. if he or she dares’ he put a huge smile on his face .

‘ Emmett we are 5 that means that all of us will drink’


We drank the juices they weren’t bad I took the apple juice ..

( I hate it ) jasper thought

( it don’t taste bad ) Rosalie thought..

‘who will pay the bill ?... you Eddie boy’ Emmett said ..


After we spent an hour there the water came with the bill and of curse her number under it I didn’t take it I just paid the bell ..

( why he didn’t take it? .. maybe I should try another way)

We went to home everyone sat in a circle in the living room .. they were going to play more games I got bored so I didn’t join them I went up stairs and lay dawn on my couch ..

sorry about this boring chapter .. i'll try to make the next one better> hope you like it
Emmett as always doing stupid, crazy things!! But I love him,he's so funny.

This chapter is not one of the best but I LOVE it anyway :)
Will be waiting for more..
i will try my next chapters more interesting
thanks for your comment..
it's awesome!!!!!1
thanks .. i'm glad that you like it
thanks for your comment
love it!
he needs Bella!!!


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