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I thought about a new story and I liked the idea it’s about edward before he met bella we know that edward is a mind reader so this story is about what he listens in the people mind  it’s like his dairy there might be many different characters  so I hope you like it , if you like the idea please comment and I’ll post the first chapter..



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thanks for your comment
i still feel bad for edward! his lifes so empty :(
ya his life is empty but we all know that he will find his bella

thanks for your comment

poor Edward.
^^(you can have me if you like). LOL

thanks for your comment
i don't like it!!!!!!!i love it!!!!!!!
i'm glad that you love it

thanks for your comment
This is so cool. I love it ^_^

Can you please tell me how to insert animated smileys in comments? Thanks.
Good chapter can't wait for more. Poor Edward!!
i'm glad that you liked it

thanks for your comment
i'm glad that you love it selveena

and sure i'll send for you how to put a =)

thanks for your comment

Chapter 6 ( my place … ) :

This place is amazing it looks so beautiful and peaceful , I love those wild flowers they look beautiful , I think I’ll come her a lot , I sat on a rock that was beside a tree , I was in a meadow I found it when I was exploring the area I didn’t notice this place before when I was at my hunting trips but I’m glad that I found it, the sun was shining there up in the sky I went to the middle of the meadow and liyed on the ground between the beautiful flowers I felt the sun light hitting my cold and hard skin it was good it felt warm I closed my eyes and sat in my own little world .. I was leying there for hours the sun was warming my body and my head was clear without everybody’s thoughts in it , I really liked it , I think it’s time to leave and I know that time means nothing to me but I’ll explore the rest of the place …. After a few seconds after I saw the rest of the place .. I’ll go back to home there’s no any more interesting things here …

‘ HELP , PLEASE CAN ANYBODY HELP ME’ I heard a voice male asking for help , he was at the edge of the mountain he was going to fall dawn , and if he slipped his hand he will fall dawn , I ran fast toward his voice I can’t hear someone needs help and don’t help him , helping people makes me forget for a while that I’m a monster and a killer , I slowed down when I was near him I ran in a human speed …

( OMG , I’m gonna die … what will happen to my family if I died )

‘ HELP ‘ he shouted ..

‘ sir give me your hand , I’ll help you ‘ I said to him , he was confused at first but he gave me his hand and when he touch my hand he shivered and pulled his hand he was going to fall dawn but I caught his hands and pulled him up I acted as if it was hard for me … when he was finally on the ground he was shocked …

(OH , thank god .. I’m still alive , I own this young man a lot)

He sat on the ground for a few minutes without saying any word .. so I broke the silence

‘ sir are you ok ?? ‘ I asked .

‘ yeah , thanks for saving my life I own you a lot ‘

‘ you are welcome .. ‘ ( where’s I’m I don’t know where’s the camp ) he thought

‘ are you lost?’ he asked me ( what a teenager will be doing in the forest alone ??!)

‘ no I’m not .. I was just walking ‘

‘ ok .. thanks again … do you live here?’


‘ so you know where’s the beginning of this forest .. I’m camping with my family and I lost the camping site’

‘ yeah .. I know the beginning of the forest do you want from me to show you?’

‘yeah .. please’

I went with him to the beginning for the forest , it wasn’t that hard

‘ thanks .. by the way I’m mark’

‘ I’m Edward .. it was nice to meet you .. have a nice day’ ( there isn’t any boys like this now . he is so polite)

‘ bye’

I feel good for helping him… I went back to home … and stared listening to music..


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