The Twilight Saga

Ohkay, so basicly the whole gangs in a band.(I claim no music it will probably be from Paramore or Avril Lavigne)

Of Course, love is in the air. Basic couples + groupies and s just an idea I think it would be good heres the 1st chapter.

Chapter 1-Bella POV

1st performance! So excited but so nervous! I'm the lead singer in our band-Love Seeking Vamps. Yes harsh name but what do you expect our name to be? Picking Dasies? We are a rock band duuude! And as of now our band has 5 members,Me, Edward, Alice,Jasper and Emmit. We started this band in 8th grade and we finally got a gig! It's just at a little club in Forks, Washington. Not to big except that I called the biggest record producer in Hollywood-who happens to be Jaspers cousin-(Rosalie) to come watch us. Shes from Forks so I think she will really go for us.

As is was gettin my make-up all fixed up my little pixie of a best friend (Alice) came in wearing her completely leather outfit.

"Hey! We gotta get out there. Emmit has gotten his drums set up,Jazz is doing his weird ritual,and Eddie is strumming our guitars right now and the manger said we go on in 5 minutes."-she said pulling me out of my chair.

"Coming Pixie Sticks! Don't rush me. Perfection takes time."-i joked while picking up my lucky guitar pick.

"Yeahhhhh Okay. Just hurry Laffy Taffy."-she laughed while grabbing her guitar strap.

As we walked out we talked about how out friendship at her moms candy shop. She would always get the pixie sticks and I would always get the laffy taffy. Good times!

When we hit the stage Eddie Boy handed us our guitars and said-

"Don't look directly at the lights, believe me.I warned Emmit, he didn't listened, and he almost feel off the stage."-laughed Edward

"Only Emmit"-We all said together.

We hit the stage and preformed our set
That's What You Get-Paramore
Sk8ter Boy-Avril Lavigne
Complicated-Avril Lavigne

"They freaking loved us!"-declared Emmit as we walked backstage

"You think?"-i said

"Yeah! Your guitar solo was awesome!"-said Jasper...gotta love ya big brother

"Thanks bro! And your keys were on fire back there."-i smiled at him

"Duuude those drums were BLAZIN!"-Edward said to Emmit

"Thanks, and Alice your bass was amazing in the rhythm."-Emmit said giving Alice one of his famous bear hugs

"Your the best Em! And Edward you were awesome on your new guitar! Those notes hit super high."-Alice said messing up Edwards hair.

"Thanks sis. But Bells I thought you said you had a suprise after the concert?"-questioned Edward

They all looked too me...Welp! I guesss its time to tell them.

"Right...Well I kinda called a record producer to come watch us..."-i said while looking at my shoes.

"WHAT!!!!"-they all said together

"Yeah,i did and she is coming so act cool! And Jazz close your mouth you look like a fish."

It feel silent as Rosalie walked over, with her review in her hand.....

Ohkay! That's chapter one...tell me what you think, dont be too mean. =)

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Sounds really interesting...please continue:)
This is a new twist, I can't wait to read more.
luv it :)

I Love it, it sounds soo awesome.

Please keep me updated :) :)

OMG WRITE  MORE AND PLEASE UPDATE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love it!!!

HEY !!!! its your friend/ author of 4 stories Navi

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