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End of the Line

The black tar river stood in my path. I looked both ways. This strip of road was deserted on this black moonless night. Not a soul in sight. No thoughts touched my mind as I crossed into the real world, leaving the comfort of the place where people died. I haven't been to the living world since my death, all those years ago.
The ground felt squashy under my feet, like walking on a wet sponge. I felt like I didn't belong here. I knew I didn't, I was needed in that light at the end of the tunnel; but I never reached the end of the tunnel, now I'm forever lost in the void between life and death. Forever bearing the long dress and uncomfortable slippers I had died in.
With the mortal days passing by like lazy clouds in the sky, I was losing all my humanity, all of my hopes and dreams, my memories and even my facial features were long forgotten memory.
I've sat in the same place for so long. I saw when the road was paved. I will see when the road will crumble away. I saw the living coming and going, seen people die and enter the light. I saw the cars get sleeker and faster, cars getting bigger and smaller.
I froze as an unexpected car came over the small ridge moving to fast. Its headlights going right through me. I blinked and tried to move out of the way but my feet sunk right through the ground.
"Darn it" I muttered though my teeth.
I used most of my ghostly energy to pull my legs through the ground again. I balanced, trying to find some weight.
I could feel the humans before that horrific crash. I could almost hear the metal scraping together as the great beast swerved and then became air born.
The car passed right through me, it felt weird, like a whisper of wind going through your entire body. I was annoyed, the human was warm, and as it passed, I was one with the living man. I felt his heart beat, could smell the liquor on his breath, and see the blurry vision of his sight.
He crashed on my grave. I gave up trying to walk and just floated toward the wreak. The man had flown half way out of the windshield. He was bloody and broken. He wasn't breathing. The child in the back seat was also broken and bleeding, also not breathing. This was an old car, no seat belts.
I felt it when the man's soul went into the light. The light I will never see.
I went back to my place where people died right next to the crash. It would be morning before anyone would notice the scrap of metal that was the car.
A low whimper came from my little patch of heaven. The child, now dead, looked up at me with frightend eyes.
"Welcome" I said.

This story is dedicated to the people who lost their lives or who now has an empty spot at the dinner table due to a car crash. Please don't drink and drive and always wear a seat belt. thank you.
cool short story!! post more.. I'd be happy to read them
I did post more if you'd like to read them.
Dark Wishes

"Come on, it won't hurt. I promise." Felix said, taking a step toward me. I took an automatic step back. I looked up into his eyes, the eyes I had looked into for what seemed like my whole life. They were hungry, his mouth was rimmed with the blood of my protector, my friend, my love. My eyes filled with the warmness of tears, They spilled over silently and rolled of my cheeks. Craven's body lay limp and broken on the snowy ground. He had a large bite mark on his neck which was still wet with blood. His hand was still extended toward me. Even in death, Craven tried to protect me. Sandra run!! I heard his last words in my head.
I looked to my death, almost welcoming it. For I would be with Craven again; but the instinct to run overpowered my wishing. I bolted toward Felix, trying to weave around him. He was quick. His arms created an inescapable snare around my waist.
"Don't be like that" Hissed Felix. He turned and nudged Cravens body with his foot.
"Don't" I cried harder. The tears were spilling faster and faster. A river was starting to form around my feet. I struggled to get out of Felix's grasp.
He threw me into the back ally wall. The warm wetness spilled where I had make contact with something sharp in the pilled garbage. It soaked onto my already bloody and tear stained shirt. I looked into his eyes for what I hoped was the last time. His face looked of that like a predator, and my hope turned into a twisted anticipation. It was my time.
I felt everything in those final seconds as if they were important. The cold stone ground that I lay upon, the warm blood cooling around me, the light breeze that swirled my hair around my face. I felt peace. No more pain. Felix's breath left goosebumps on the skin of my neck. Sharp pain then floating into darkness.

"It's a girl. Congradulation Mrs. Collins" The doctor said. He handed over a small girl fresh and new to the world.
"She's beautiful, my little Sandra." The mother whispered.

I know what I am and I know what I was, but I’m still just Alex.
I was a normal person, hard working and an eligible bachelor. All in all, it was a great life, until the dreams began.
I was running, the forest sounds and smells were magnified to the highest degree. I could hear everything and could smell everything too. The wind rushing through my fur, my ears. I could feel my claws digging into the soft soil.
I usually wake up in a cold sweat. And in a place I’ve never remembered being in. Waking in the living room, the kitchen and even the bathroom. Then there were the strange tracks in my front yard. Big and deep, they looked oddly canine, with very large claws. My house is surrounded by a thick forest, great for the vivid hiker like myself.
There was a strange howling out side my windows before the dreams. My neighbors denied ever hearing anything. But we all live a mile apart.
My skin is burning and I can hardly breathe. Claustrophobia is creeping up and I go outside for some fresh air. The moon is full, giving me enough light to see. A jolt goes through my body, and I land face down on the lawn.
I groan in agony and slowly pull myself toward the trees, the trees promise safety and shelter. The moon is then covered by a sheet of dark clouds, my groaning stops. But there is a buzzing in the back of my skull.
The moon is uncovered, and the buzzing becomes a full blown pain through my skull, my hands start to shake and the bones start to grow longer. My legs now become longer, growing claws. I scream and again drop on all fours. Course hair starts covering my arms and face. I claw at my skin, trying to rip it from my body. My cloths are shredded, and my nose is blooded. The bones in my face elongate to form a snout full of needle sharp teeth, and my ears grow longer sprouting their own tuffs of fur.
I rip the final shreds of my shirt off, and freed from my tiny human body, turn my head to howl at the one thing that will decide my future from now on, the moon.
The Headless Monster of the Bay

“It’s a beautiful night Mrs. Lynn. The bay is beautiful, like a clear blue crystal in a full moon.” Captain Lawrence said standing next to Catherine Lynn.
“Yes, it is quite beautiful isn’t it.” Catherine wrapped her shawl tighter around herself to keep the night chill away.
“It is getting chilly, a storm is coming” she said.
“Ay, a storm in deed. It would be best if you get inside, this ones coming on fast.” he looked across the bay. Dark almost purple clouds were appearing on the horizon. Catherine felt a shudder pass down her spine. A bad storm indeed.
“I thank you for your company, Captain. I bid you farewell” Catherine said. Captain Lawrence tipped his small fisherman’s hat.
Catherine got on her horse, Marigold. Marigold paced back and forth, nervous of the approaching storm.
“Come on Marigold” soothed Catherine, trying to make the frightened animal move.
Catherine could feel the electricity in the air, taste the rain on her tongue. The hairs on the back of her neck were sticking straight up. This was no ordinary storm. She could tell.
Hoof beats behind her made her turn. Who could be out at this time of night? This was no human, and it wasn’t riding no horse. This thing was running on its own spiny goat legs. It was to dark to see the monster properly, but it looked to have horns. It was carrying some large lump in its left hand. A strange odor of rotting meat and seawater reached Catherine’s nose. She coughed as it smothered her and made her head swim.
She fell off of Marigold, too dizzy to tell which end was up, to confused to remember to keep her self upright on the horse. She lay there, breathing shallowly. Her leg was bent at an awkward and unnatural angle, as was her arm.
The creature looked down at her. She gasped, this creature had horns like a goat, a face like a dog, and an upper torso like a man. This strange and ugly thing opened its mouth to show two rows of razor sharp fangs. It raised it’s left hand, in it, dangling there, was Captain Lawrence’s head. His eyes were rolled up into his head, and his mouth was dripping drool and blood. Then the creature reached up and took of its own head. Catherine screamed.
“Don’t scream, Catherine, it will only hurt for a moment” The Captain said. The monster had replaced its own foul head for the Captains.
The creature then grabbed Catherine’s hair, and put its other hand around her neck. A sharp pain. Then soft ever lasting darkness.


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