The Twilight Saga

My name is Stormi, I just moved to Forks Washington from Manhattan, New York. I'm going to miss Shannon, my friend back in Manhattan. We weren't the most popular people there. Probably the least popular.
Anyways, three years ago my mom died in a car accident here in Forks,so my dad wanted to move back to his hometown where she died. Its kind of confusing, but thats my dad for you. They were separated about six years ago. But my dad never stopped loving her.
We moved to Manhattan and lived with my grandmother after the separation. When dad heard about moms death, he was heartbroken. It took him three years to get the money to move to Forks. 
My grandmother didn't want us to go, but something in Forks was pulling dad to the small town.
So i packed up all my rain gear and we set off.
"Stormi! Hey Storms! Wake up its you first day of school!" Dad was calling from downstairs.
"No...Five more minutes!" I shouted back.
"Nope i got to get to the hospital so you need to rush honey! And your breakfast is getting cold."
Dad works at the hospital.His friend Carlisle works there too. Dad makes jokes that he doesn't age. He's been looking like he's 20 for a couple years now.
I really have to get ready, my dad goes to work when I get to school.
I really cant wait to go in my back to school outfit. Its my favorite color.
I hope I don't stand out.
Then I went downstairs where dad made, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and pancakes.
After i ate it was time to go. We hopped in his Ford Fusion, and took off.
When I got to school, it was crazy! Kids running, jumping on top of trucks!
This is gonna be some year.
"Hi!" I heard a voice behind me.
I turned around to see this beautiful girl standing in front of the stairs, right near where I was( sitting on the railing of a stairs)
She had Darkish brown hair, deep brown eyes, and pale skin.
She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I feel bad for the other girls here.
"Oh, hi." I said.
"Crazy here, huh? Oh, let me introduce myself. I'm Renesmee. Your the new girl, Star right?"
"Stormi, actually." I said
"Oh, I like that name! So where did you come from?"
"Manhattan, New York." I said.
"Cool!" She said as she pulled a purple cashmere scarf out of her bag, which matched perfectly with her white shirt with a purple peace sign design on it, her denim skinny jeans, and her black Converse.
"Getting chilly, lets go inside."
"Sure." I said.
When we got inside another girl came beside Renesmee.
"Ness! Oh my god! You'll never BELIEVE what happened!" She shrieked.
"What, Jacks?"
"JORDAN ASKED ME OUT!...Who's this?" She said and pointed over to me.
"Thats awesome! Oh, this is Stormi. She just moved to Forks from New York.
Stormi this is Jackie." 
"Hi, Jackie." I said
"Hi." She said
I have a feeling she doesn't like me.
"Do you need some help with your schedule Storms? Is it okay if I call you Storms?" Renesmee said.
"No I think I got it. The room numbers on the card."
"Okay, I gotta head to Spanish. Adios!"
Her and Jackie went off to their classed while I stammered about trying to get to mine. 215. I can find it. I can find it. 178...180?
Oh no, I'm on the first floor! My class is on the third!
Oh no the bell rang!
I'm so dead.

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*sob* omg this is soooooo sad!!!!
i love it!!
luv ur pic
omg this is blazin like the bestest ever
i like it alot
luv luv luv it
love it!
thanks guys! I'll post more soon!
I sat in my bed with Seth,sobbing. It was about two in the morning. I opened and closed my eyes hoping this was just a nightmare.
"Shhh, Renesmee. We'll get through this. It's okay."
"I'm an ORPHAN!" I sobbed. I had no mom or dad. The thought made me clench my heart. I have to give up my house. I won't have a place to live! I'll be a homeless orphan. I'll have to stay at an...orphanage! Waiting for someone to adopt me! The thoughts running through my head made me cry harder.
"Seth. I can't get through it."
"Don't say that. Stormi. You can live with me. Leah might not be too happy about it..."
"No, Leah didn't do anything, I don't want to upset her."
Then my cell phone rang next to my bed. Who could be calling me? I looked at the number,it was Renesmee.
I answered.
"Hello?" I sniffled.
"Stormi! I'm so sorry!" It sounded like Renesmee was crying too. "Stormi you can live with us. Everyone agreed, they all like you, and we would love it if you stayed."
"Renesmee, I couldn't."
"Ohh, yes you could. You don't have any other place! You have to come, if I have to drag you by your feet. We have an extra bedroom in our cottage."
"We'll pick you up in the morning."
I started to cry again, Seth put his warm hand on my shoulder from behind me.
"Don't worry." She said
"I'm not,it's just...I'll miss this place."
"It's okay Storms."
"I wish people would stop saying that." I said.
"I'll see you in the morning,okay?"
I hung up and slumped back onto the bed.
Seth held my hand and kissed my cheek.
"I love you Stormi Marie Heffer." He said.
"Don't,not now."
"Nothing. Just I'm so...frazzled. I can't process anything."
He hugged me tight. I had to sleep. Just...sleep....
All of the moving vans pulled up to the Cullen's. I can't do this. I thought as my stomach churned.
I have to. Where else were I go? I looked at my new home. The entire family was standing in front of the house. When the car stopped I got out. Carlisle stepped up in front of me and said "Welcome home".
Thats when I knew I would be here for a long time.
ohh my god. now she gets to liv with renesmee? wow bestest story ever
*3 years later*
Me and Renesmee just graduated and She stopped growing...already.
I'm so happy that the Cullen's adopted me last year. I'm one of their own. And me and Seth are still together. I love him so much. We just went on vacation to California. We both really enjoyed it.
Here I am, In the cottage alone. Renesmee went to go hunt with Jake.
I'm just sitting on my bed.
I was looking at my closet door. I haven't look at the old cardboard boxes in years, inside of the closet.
I got up and opened the door, And took one of the boxes.
I pulled out a picture frame.
I wiped off the dust from the glass, and a tear ran down my cheek.
It was a picture of my dad. A day before he died. I remember I took a picture of him in his Hospital scrubs when he came home from work. I miss him so much, I put the frame in the box because I could't stand to look at it at night.
"Hey." I heard a familiar voice say.
"Hi Seth." I said.
"I have something to tell you Stormi. Can you come with me to La Push?"
When we got there my heart started thumping. What did he want?
"Listen. You know I love you right?"
I blushed and said "Yes."
"And you love me right?"
"So Stormi, I need to ask you something."
My heart started beating again. I stared at the ocean,as my toes dug in the sand.
Seth took my hand,and got down on one knee. Thats when I knew what was going on.
"Stormi Marie Cullen, Would you like to be Stormi Marie Clearwater? In better words would you like to marry me?" He said and opened up a little black box with a diamond ring.
I started hyperventilating.
"Seth I-" I choked
He got up and hugged me. " I knew you'd say yes."
"-can't." I said.
He let go of me.
"You don't want to marry me?"
"It's not that,Seth. I'm only seventeen,and so are you. I just-"
"Age doesn't matter."
"Just let me think about it." I said.
I walked away,leaving him with the ring box in his hands.
I felt like such a horrible person. I probably just broke his heart.
A day later I made my decision. I would marry him. I mean-age is but a number right?
I'm going to see him later. I can't wait!
I went to the house to eat some breakfast with Renesmee. We sat at the table and ate,and talked. Alice was talking to us about "Juicy Ca tore" and "Duney and Burke" Purses that she's thinking of getting us for Christmas. I keep telling her she doesn't have to get me anything-for the third year. I guess its alright since I get everyone something for Christmas.
Renesmee asked for a glass of milk,and Alice went to look. But there wasn't anything. She said she's go Grocery shopping. She goes every time, I should go. They do a lot for me, I'll do something for them for once.
"No, Storms. I'll get it."
"I insist." I said as I put my coat on.
"Just be careful." Ness and her said together.
"I'll be fine!"
I got out into my car-that the Cullen's got me for My sixteenth birthday, I ended up crying when I saw it- And started driving to Port-Angeles. I really think there should be a Stop-and-Shop near our house. But we have to drive to Port-Angeles.
It was pretty dark for 11:00AM, but thats Forks for you.
Port-Angeles is not the safest place. I heard there was a lot of gangs.
After I got the groceries, I tried to hurry to the car.
"Hey, baby!" I heard a man behind me.
I froze in place. I still had the food bags in my hands. What if they try to take them?
"Hey honey, can we help you with those bags?" Another man said.
"No. I'm F-f-f-fine." I said quickly.
I turned around and saw about five guys, that looked like thugs.
"Let me help you." Said a man walking up me.
I pushed him away "Don't touch me!" I yelled.
There was no other cars here. We were the only ones.
Then I dropped the bags and ran as fast as I could away from them.
I finally lost them when I made it to a dark alley.
"Hey, are you lost?"
"I thought I told you guys to BEAT IT!" I said.
I looked at the man who said that.
Then I noticed a little detail on the pale mans face that made me collapse.
That one detail that made me start to cry.
That one detail that made me clutch my heart.
"I know what you are." I said with my teeth chattering.
The detail;his red eyes.
"Now,Stormi. What do you think I am? I mean. Why are you even here? Not with Seth? He's get pretty sad if you...never told him what you wanted."
How did he know my name? Better yet,how did he know my love life?
No one was here. I guess thats a good thing.
"H-h-h-how did you know that?"
"I have my ways."
"Don't kill me. Please."
"Why makes you think I want to kill you?"
He grabbed my chin with one hand, and made me look at him.
"What do you think I am?"
I paused.
"WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM?!" He yelled,shook me, and threw me on the wet ground.
I could hardly see him in the alley. There was no light. But something hurt, in my hip. I very sharp pain, so I screamed.
That was the biggest mistake of my life to scream.
He took my arm, and lifted me up, I winced in pain and screamed again.
Then I was on the ground again, only the pain was worse.
Then I felt a worse pain in my neck. A burning pain.
I let out another scream.
I'm going to die,I'm going to die. I thought
Then I blanked out.
I'm pretty sure he killed me. But does death take this long?
I mean,he was a vampire, but I have no idea how he could make me a vampire, so I'm just assuming I'm dying.
Is death this painful? Is it supposed to be? I don't know, I've never died before.
If it's this painful, I must be going to hell.
What did I do? I mean, I punched a girl in 9th grade, but thats it! Is that all it takes to go to hell.
Oh well.
I just have to face the fact that I'm dead.


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