The Twilight Saga

In the woods- Chapter 10 (PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

My body was still, my breathing was irregular, somehow my ears blocked out the sound around me and I remained silent. Of course I was in agony, a wolf almost ate me alive,but I couldn't bother with screaming for help. But there was already help by my side. I opened my eyes to see my parents looking down at me, crying hysterically. As soon as my eyelids fluttered they wrapped their arms around me and squeezed me until I felt less blood was in my body.

"Mum.Dad." I coughed, sitting up. I didn't dare look down at myself because I knew it was a horror movie.

An ambulance had just pulled up to the scene and doctors were rushing out to examine me. Police were writing notes and swearing whilst my neighbours panicked in circles. I looked to my right, where I remembered Connor, Tom and Adam were. No wolves laid next to me. Where were they?

Heaven? Hell? As if animals could go to either. It would be hell anyway, they were supposed killers and everyone would think that.

I was carried into the ambulance with tears in my eyes that no one noticed. Then it struck me like the lightening outside that I was wrong. Maybe Connor was ok, outside, just not in my sight.

"The wolves..." I mumbled, reaching out "I need to go back!"

"Shh" The nurse held me down "Honey, it will be ok. We just need to get you to the hospital!"

"You don't get it! I need to go back and find those wolves"

"No. They almost killed you. God, there is something wrong with her brain too. Where's the medication?" she mumbled.

"Let, me go..." I struggled out of her clutch. And ran out of the ambulance. Not bothered about anything but my love...Connor.

"Somebody! Get her!" The nurse grabbed my arm and tried to tug me away.

I stared into space, he wasn't there. Everyone else was disgusted with me for some reason. I noticed my cream t-shirt was now permanently crimson with huge rips and tears in it. Numb, weak, defenceless, I let the nurse drag me into the ambulance and put me to sleep.

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