The Twilight Saga

Aha, the woods: a place only I knew too well. I searched around me for any traces of recent movement or pawprints in the mud. Luckily, it was early January so no one would think about entering the woods. But there were no signs of life around, even the trees and bushes were practically dead. I gave up on the woods and went under the secret arch made out of trees towards Connor's house.

There it was as I last remembered it. I then realised that it was almost impossible to be welcomed by a family after I made their sons look like killers. But I couldn't hold in my emotions any longer so I knocked on the wooden door and recieved an odd reaction. Fear.

A distressed woman hid her body behind the door, only letting her head out. She examined me head to toe and approved.

"" she stuttered, loosening her hold on the door.

"I'm so sorry, I'm Rosie Williams....I"

"Was attacked?" the woman grinned and let go of the door "Yeah I'm pretty sure I should have known you"

She was acting cynical and loose compared to before. It freaked me out.

"I'm Connor and Tom's mum, Claire. Come in, they told me all about you" I was welcomed into their warm home but I was still puzzled.

"But Connor and Tom are dead, right? They were wolves and they got shot, I got attacked when I tried to save them..."

Claire looked at the floor and mumbled "Well...". She served cookies and hot chocolate by a real wood fire and we talked about the attack. Claire refused to listen to me apologise as she believed I had no reason to be sorry.

I was asleep in the large, green velvet armchair by fireplace, snug and cosy. Suddenly, there was a gun shot and a megaphone announcing one of my biggest fears.


Claire turned and raised her eyebrow "That's you?"

I nodded "Hide me!"

She showed me the understairs cupboard and shoved me into it just as a fist banged on her front door. I curled up and held my knees in knowing it was the police looking for me.

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I love it! It's got suspense =D


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