The Twilight Saga

"Why do you keep running away from me and school?!" Amanda screamed as I hopped down the steps outside school. It was lunchtime and half the school were watching us.

" Ok...I need to go to the woods! I left something behind there last night..." I lied, my lip was trembling.

Amanda put her hands on her hips "Didn't you know? The police are investigating the woods for those killer wolves, my dad is there right now. He could find anything you lost! But why would you be in the woods anyway?"

She was demanding and answer and it all came back to me now. The poster I saw on Monday. Was Connor one of those wolves? The audience watching us were cheering me on for an answer. I had no choice but to run off towards the woods.

I sneaked through the trees until I reached the clearing. Luckily, the police hadn't reached here yet.

"Connor? Connor! I'm here! It's me Rosie!" I hissed, I keep my eyes peeled for bronze coloured wolf with almost chocolate coloured eyes.

Slowly, the wolf I was looking for came from out of the bushes. He nodded and I knew that was one of the few comunications he could make. As he came closer I reached out and stroked his soft fur. I was treating him like any dog but I was still thinking about him in human form.

"Ok" I mumbled, sitting cross legged on the ground "Do you have a pack?"

His head nodded and he looked in the direction of the two leaning trees that formed an arch. I guessed that was where he and his family lived.

" We have to be quiet because the police are coming here any minute to investigate. They're looking for you." I whispered.

He pulled a puzzled face which reminded me of the one Amanda pulled when I told her about the woods. It would take her some time to forgive me, if I was sorry. We could suddenly hear the rustling of leaves, the stamping of feet and the deep voices of the police. Connor growled and we both crawled behind a bush.

"Shhhhhh!" I whispered, peeking round the bush. The police had reached the clearing now and were examining my footprints. I took a deep breath, hoping that there wasn't a trail leading to us. I turned to Connor who had just magically transformed back into a human. We both smiled and realised the police were leaving now. All we could hear was their grumbling.

"Nothing! We came here looking for wolves and all we find is human footprints!" One growled, dragging a gun across the leaves.

"Do you think a human was killed here?" another voice asked.

The angry policeman shrugged and they were out of sight.

"That was a close one!" Connor panted.

"Yeah...but did you hear them? They think a human was killed!" I cried.

" I would never kill you..."

"Yes I know that!" I snapped "Sorry but they think a wolf killed me!"

It was cold and my coat wasn't really helping me. Connor noticed I was shivering, he placed his hand on my arm and my arm turned red.

"The town's winter fair is on Saturday. I want to go but I've fell out with my best friend. Do you wanna go?" I asked.

"Fair? Rollercoasters? Yeah!" he shouted.

"Well...I'll meet you at the entrance at say...11?" I asked.

He grinned, nodding his head.

"Bye until then!" he smiled walking through the arch of the trees.

"Yeah, bye!" I waved as he disappeared.


I was expecting Amanda to glare at me through English but the minute I walked into the classroom, she was out of her chair. She threw her arms around me, squeezing me like a cuddly toy.

"Thank goodness you're alive!" she screamed "I was so curious about you i texted my dad! He told me he could only find human footprints, no you and I was crying because they had a suspicion a human was killed there today!"

My mind was a bit confused but at least Amanda would clean up the mess about someone being killed.

"I forgive you!" she smiled, being her typical self "And we are so going to the fair on Saturday together!"

It was all a bit quick for me and I was tempted to pick up one of Mr Carter's translators. I remembered how I invited Connor to the fair and I was quite shocked.

"Look...I've already invited a friend!" I stumbled " He's a guy..."

"Great!" Amanda grinned " I love guys!"

"Yeah..." I trailed off.

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chapter 6 is up! i'll just get the link
wow this is good!


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