The Twilight Saga

Amanda was tapping her foot with crossed arms.

"So where's this Connor?" she asked looking at all the stalls and rides around her.

"He's coming, trust me." I sighed, my eyes were locked on the entrance.

"Is he your boyfriend?" she asked.

"No!" I shouted "He's just a friend"

She rolled her eyes and dropped her jaw at the entrance.

Connor walked under the giant entrance in a clean pair of jeans with a grey t-shirt. He waved and ran towards me.

"Hey!" I smiled. He was about to reply when Amanda interrupted.

"You must be Connor!" she gushed, reaching out to shake his hand "I'm Amanda, Rosie's best friend!"

"Nice" He smiled, shaking her hand. He made his way towards me.

"So sorry!" I cried "We made up and she..."

"Don't worry!" he laughed "Now I really want to go get some candyfloss!"

We walked to the candyfloss stall. It was obvious Amanda was trying to grab Connor's attention. After buying our candyfloss, Amanda insisted we went on the Twister. We watched as 10 people sat in the big box, holding onto the bars as they were thrown into the air. Round and round they went. I wasn't so keen but Connor pulled me into the queue.

The ride started swinging slowly.

"Do you wanna come and meet the pack on Monday night?" Connor asked me.

"Yeah, that sounds cool" I smiled.

Amanda had overheard our conversation.

"Pack?" she laughed "Isn't that what wolves are part of?"

She looked so dumb to us. I was glad I hadn't told her about Connor being a wolf. There was no doubt she would tell Megan who would think I'd gone insane. But a part of me wanted to tell her. She would stop her dad from going to the woods altogether, Connor wouldn't get injured.

The ride speeded up and I could feel my face going green. I watched Amanda scream like a 3 year old and Connor was shouting with glee.

3 minutes later, we were walking round the amusements. The music boomed from the speakers. It was louder when we entered the indoor amusements.

"Dodgems look good" Connor smirked "And Amanda seems keen"

Without even telling us, Amanda was paying for a dodgem. We both laughed and pushed our way through the crowded queue to get a dodgem.


It was great fun to just sit in the passenger seat and let Connor drive. He bumped into every dodgem at least 3 times. As he was focused on the wheel I decided to look into his eyes. They met my gaze and our car kept ramming into the metal bar. It made the most irritating noise. A million eyes were watching us as our heads leaned in second by second. I felt as if we were falling into a kiss until the DJ spotted us.

"Ooooh! And there's a couple in the purple dodgem people!" the voice shouted. He reminded me of one of the annoying boys in my math class. The music changed from pop to romantic. I was sure Connor's tanned skin was hiding the fact he was blushing. Connor drove the car to the edge of the arena and we got out before we could be bombarded with people cheering us to kiss. It was so weird to see daylight again. I couldn't speak to Connor after that and I immediately started talking to Amanda.

"OMG! You two, to k..." she stuttered.

I nodded.

"I'll see you on Monday!" Connor smiled as he walked out of the fairground.

"Bye!" I smiled back.

Behind my smile I felt a rush of blood. I wasn't sure how I felt about Connor but I knew we were certainly friends now. But I wasn't sure what else we were.


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