The Twilight Saga

Chapter1 part 1- The secret that kills                                                                                                       Renesmee-P.O.V

   "Renesmee...I love you. You're the only one I've ever loved and the only one my heart belongs to. We've had something going for a long time and you know this. I've told you this so many times but it hasn't changed anything because you're were to young but, Nessie, you're 15. I understand that your father would KILL me if he found out that I feel this way about you. I have to hide this from him all the time. But I can't hide this from you. I love you.I love you so--"

But that was all Jacob could say because before I knew it I was kissing him. His lips were so warm, so soft, guiding mine. Everything was calm, perfect. But then my head was on the pillow and Jacob was on me, kissing me. His hands on my ribs, my hands on his back. His lips moved to my neck. But his fingers started moving to the buttons of my shirt. 1st button. 2nd button. 3rd button. 4th. 5th. 6th button. Shirt off and on the floor. No, if my dad found out about this he would kill Jacob. He would torture him slowly to hear his every scream. We had to stop. But I couldn't. This was the one time me and Jacob were completely alone in this house. Everyone went hunting. We couldn't stop. Before I could grasp what was going on, I was in my under clothes and jacob in boxer breifs. Both of us were under my bed sheets.
"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU" was all I heard my father say.
Suddenly, Jacob was on the floor his nose dripping blood. I just couldn't see how. My father was hitting so hard and so fast that I could barely see what was going on. "Daddy, STOP! Please!!!!! Daddy, NO!!!"

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I Love it!!! Keep me posted!!!!


Thank you so much and I'm workin on the next part right now :)

Chapter 1- The secret that kills part 2

I was in my bra screaming at the top of my lungs. Which made the whole family come upstairs. I never did hear them come in. "Ahhhhhh" my Jakey screamed. He was being thrown across my room. Back and fourth like a rag doll. CRACK! Jacob's arm was broken. "AHHHHH!" my Jacob, my poor Jacob.  "DADDY! PLEASE!!!!!!"
"AHHHH" my father was kicking Jacob in the ribs breaking them one by one, like icecicles. Grandpa Carlise and Uncle Jasper  grabbed my father by the arms. Trying to restrain him but my father wouldn't stop. My Jacob was on the floor, losing conciousness. I tried to run to him but my mother was holding me back. "Stay where you are" Jacob tried to say but he was barely able to breath. "JACOB!!!!" I screamed for him as my father was choking him "STOOOOP!" I kept screaming. Emmet finally grabed my animal of a father and dragged him out of the room. I ran to my Jacob. I put his head in my lap and shook him, trying to wake him up. "Jacob" I was sobbing uncontrollably. "Jakey, wake up" his chest wasn't moving. Carlisle ran over to my side. He tried to resesitate the man laying in my arms. He tried to find a pulse...

If you guys like this please comment and I'll continue. Thank youfor reading :)!

OMG!!! Awesome!! Whats wrong with Edwardoo??   Kepp me posted!!

I bet i knw whats wrong with him I beet its just the way he feels about what almost happend to bella he dosent want that to happen to renesmee or am I wrong renesmee
love it please keep wrighting i want to hear more it sound like a good fan fiction

Thank you. And I will :)

ur welcome :) I could give u a few ideas if u like


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