The Twilight Saga

To prevent confusions every POV (Point of View) will be from Bella’s perspective.

This story takes place during Bella’s second year in Forks. She never met Edward because Alice saw that he was going to kill her. To avoid this, Edward never started at Forks high school. Life is hard for Bella, her mind is really sensitive about past, present and future events, she can slightly detect people’s emotions, thoughts or wishes in every moment of their life, but she’s not Aware that this is more than just an abnormality she was born with. Bella is Jacob’s girlfriend, but she’s extremely unhappy about this fact. What will be Bella’s way out? Find out!~

EDIT* Every character is the same specie as it was in SM's saga. Vampires are still vampires, humans are humans and the rest well.. they are all the same, okay? :)


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 An Edward & Bella story


Chapter 1: Forest's Monotony

Bella's POV 

There I was, staring deeply at my man. Trying to uncover his thoughts and comprehend his look. We were both sitting on his rooftop, I was holding my knees and snow was peering from my arms, but I couldn't feel it. I couldn't feel anything. We were piercing each other's eyes. He didn't seem to understand the complexity of the moment. He just sat there and enjoyed my company while I scanned his soul so deeply that I hardly believe I was awake.

I kept trying to get his attention, but as I saw that was imposible I buried my head into my arms and silently dropped a tear. I couldn't go with it anymore, it was too uncomfortable. He was the first person whose thoughts I couldn't perceive.

Was he really thinking of something? I don't know.

I raised my look softly and continued to watch with my head slightly tilted his pitch black pupil shrink.

I closed my eyes in an unending second; when I opened them I leant forward with my palm against my thigh to push myself in a standing possition. I let my hair whip around my face as I looked down and examined the scene from a height of 8 meters up.

"Where are you going?" He asked in an undertone

"Who cares?" I replied, but my tone wasn't intended to sound rude, it was just a casual answer; the truth.

"I do" He was obviously becoming annoyed by my desinterestedness.

"Right…” I muttered as I, with exaggeratedly slow movement in desire to delay, turned around until my back was completely facing the edge. With one final sigh, I closed my eyes and allowed gravity to take over as I took a step backward. When I felt the rush of the free fall, I opened my eyes gently. My eyelids were drooping as I gazed nonchalantly at the sky. I saw an endless gray with flecks of white swirling in a giant spiral. I didn’t have the time to turn and look at the ground approaching, so I just waited until I felt it. I smiled, sinking in the pleasure of finally feeling free; of finally letting my chains leave me and let me fly.

Of course, the ground never showed up. The fall lasted what a 10 floor fall would last. I could see trees moving upward beside me. Suddenly a face I’ve never seen started to come into view. It wasn’t clear, but I could make his eyes out perfectly. They were green, and extremely compelling. They were indeed, very easy to read. I went through his cornea and went straight to his soul. He was full of hesitations, but he was sure of what he was looking for. And, surprisingly, that was me. He was looking for me. I could envision it in both, his and my mind.

Feeling a streak of warmth on my face, I opened my eyes at a leisurely pace to be greeted by the sun's warm kiss in all its brightness for the first time in months. I looked at the clock and saw that it was past eight and I knew that I have allowed myself to sleep longer than usual but I was feeling especially weak right now. I gathered myself then walked over to my window and drew the curtains even farther open. I visualized the forest in all its grace. There was something different about it. It’s so green here. Besides being covered in a white and wet snow blanket this place looked so green – too green, but somehow, among all the monotony I found something about it extremely confusing and mysterious.


Like his eyes.


Amidst the dreary feeling of today, I could not help my mouth from curving upwards as I remembered that I dreamt of him again. Who was he? Why would he appear in every single one of my night wonderings? Would he want to communicate with me? I had to find out, but that surely wouldn’t happen right now.

I took a deep breath and slowly closed my eyes. After that, I found it impossible to open them back. I fought and fought until I got my eyelids up. I was sitting in a stretch pale brown chair to the right side of a big window. With my left hand I held my head, which felt incredibly heavy, with my other hand I stroked the plain desk before me. It was full of cracks and fissures. It was written all over with absurd messages like “Amanda 2008” or “Peter & Bonnie 4 ever” I felt a huge hole in my heart.

I groaned quietly and suddenly jumped at the rough and dry feeling of a hand over my right shoulder. I turned around sharply and hiccupped, after having chocked with my own cry.

“Hello” He said.

“Wh-who are you?” I bitterly asked looking down to my hands while I was nervously playing with them.

“That is not very significant… Is it possible that I saw you crying?” He observed.

“Maybe” Once again, I replied, trying to get rid of the one who interrupted my sobs.


I felt how he continued to stare at me so I turned, really annoyed, to directly tell him to let me enjoy my suffering alone.

I could sense that this was uncomfortable for him just as it was for me as well so I decided to make things easier for both of us.

I smiled at him and asked for his name, again. "Won't you tell me who you are?" I inquired in a funny tone.

Finally my crudity was leaving, until...

Until I noticed something familiar about him.


"Cullen... Edward Cullen" He said, mimicking James Bond. He winked an eye to me, and that is when I notices his eyes; his attractive, captivating, green eyes.


I looked at him frantically, I had to leave, and I had to do it now. I knew I had seen him soewhere before...


"My dream..." I softly whispered to myself opening my eyes widely.


"Edward I have to-"

He shook his head.


"No. Don't leave. Stay, please" He said almost pleaded.


"I'm sorry, I can't" I murmured and I saw as he grew even more puzzled.




"This is just not right, Edward. I hope someday you understand"


"When will that be?"


"Soon, I hope" I concluded.


There were million things I had to understand, and there was no better place to think than my boyfriend's roof. Of course, when he was not there with me, to confuse me even more.


I never cared about the weather so I left without even grabbing an anorak. Hading to my boyfriend's house, I cried all the way, thinking of who Edward Cullen was, and why would I dream of him every night.


EDIT* thanks to everyone who read, next chapter will be up very soon. I'm glad you liked it guys!!


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Chapter 3: Page 4


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