The Twilight Saga

This fan fiction is a mix of the famous “InkHeart” and “Twilight.” Characters of

“Twilight” and some of “InkHeart” too and the stories are mixed. It’s about Bella a book lover who’s the top grades student and also a nerd and Edward a book hater who doesn’t do so well in school and a popular football playing jock. This is all human.



Ok guys, I’m sorry for doing this to you. But yet again I have started a new fan fiction. My sixth one to be exact. But rests assure that I have finished my chapters on the other fan fictions and they would be posted shortly after this one. Thank you for reading this and the rest. Enjoy once again another tale.





ChApTeR oNe: Who I Really Am…      





Some books should be tasted

some devoured,

but only a few

should be chewed and digested thoroughly.

Cornelia Funke, InkHeart





Bella laid on her warm bed listening to the pitter patter of rain drops fall onto her windowpane. It was a fine whispering rain. A dog barked in the distance but as usual she didn’t even hear it.


A book lay under her pillow whispering their tales in her ear. She couldn’t take anymore. Slowly she rose from her sheets and pulled it out. It had a red binding and was hard covered. The Words on it read “InkHeart”. It was one of her favorite childhood books and still at the age of seventeen took it out and read it once more only to sigh and smile with delight.


She was nearing the end of the book but knowing that the sequel awaits her downstairs in her father’s book cabinet. You know, Bella had inherited her father’s gift of reading, understanding words then inferring on what should happen next. She absolutely enjoyed it and never whinnied about it.


Bella jumped so suddenly hearing her father’s footsteps outside her door. She quickly shoved her book back into her pillow and slowly laid down in fear of her bed creaking at her movements.


When she was sure he was gone she again slowly raised and took the book out of its hiding place. Her hand reached to the drawer next to her grabbing a small pink candle and she lit it up.


It reminded her of when she was little. About the age of eleven or twelve; Charlie used to come into her room and find her reading. Sitting on her bed he would say “Have you ever seen me lit a candle?” He would ask and she then would shake her head. “Because fire devours books.” His reply simple.


But Bella was older now, wiser with her actions around an open flame. So with that she read the night away.



Bella woke up early the next morning to the sound of her beeping alarm clock. She groaned and turned around.


Unheard Charlie walked in saying. “No, no. None of that. You’re going to be late for school.”


Isabella groaned once more but this time she did get up and headed to the bathroom in which she shared with her father. Her toiletries already being there she took a long thirty minute hot shower.


When she had finished, hurriedly she ran to her room and dressed. Bella put on a navy blue bead trim halter top.  Jessica was right. The wrinkles didn’t seem unnatural at all. It somewhat complimented the look. She thought as she continued dressing. She then slipped into her grey skinny jeans and placed black high heeled boots onto her feet.




Halter Top:


Grey Skinny Jeans:



Black boots:




Unhurriedly she made her way downstairs and into the kitchen. Her father had already left. So she grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat down on the small kitchen table to eat. The house was calmingly quiet. She was used to the unusual silence.


Isabella finished her meal in a matter of minutes and was out the door. Escaping back inside to get her jacket then once again running outside. 


Snow pilled up in the drive way. The land before her was beautiful. As if it were taken out of a picture and placed there for her to see. A smile touched her lips as she spotted a yellow porche at the corner of the street. Even though she was wearing dangerously high boots in the dangerously slippery slow Bella ran towards it. Her chestnut brown hair waiving behind her. Her eyes glistering. She had a feeling it was going to be a fine day today.


When she reached the passenger side the door was already opened for her. So she cleanly got in.


“Hey, Alice.” She breathed.


Alice did not reply. Bella even thought she didn’t even hear her. She was wearing earphones in her eyes and her head was bouncing to the music she was captivatingly listening to.


Bella frustrated tapped her on her shoulder and waved her finger in front of her eyes. Alice jumped surprised and the earphones plucked out of her ears.


Ms. Swan smiled once again. “Hi, Alice.”


Alice did not seem upset but in nonchalance way she replied. “Hey, Bella. Ready for school?”


Bella shook her head. “Not remotely. Let’s go.”


It took Alice a while to understand what Bella had said but anyways turned the car back on and they were of their way to Fork high school. The only high school in this little town of Forks, Washington.


Alice parked the car in reverse and the girls got out. The school was once an old factory so it’s boxed like. But on the inside it’s tremendously immense.


Looking around they noticed the familiar faces. Jessica Stanley and her entourage the only massive group of people nearest to the school. It included Lauren, (Last names Bella had forgotten no matter how many times it has been said.), Rosalie Hale and Angela Webber (The sweet innocent girl they always send to do their dirty work). They call themselves…well; actually the social status of the school calls them the cheerleader (girlfriends of the football players) and popular girls. Alice disagrees with that opinion more often than not.


There were also the popular boys. The jocks Rosalie calls them. It is colonized with Emmett McCarthy (Line backer and Rosalie’s boyfriend), Mike Newton (Sub of line backer and also Jessica’s boyfriend), Tyler (Last name that nobody really knows except some teachers), Ben Lee (receiver and Angela’s boyfriend), and of course the prestigious Edward Cullen (quarter back and future NFL football player; so they say). Those are the two popular cliques.


Others are unidentified and include the most random people. So basically the Tech clique, Music clique, Goth clique, Emo clique, Drama and Arts clique and the one Alice and I are in Book nerd clique. It also includes the social status range. Either you are popular (Everyone knows and adored you, people want to be you, people are on hating you) middle class (Most of the popular’s know you and invite you to some parties) and then there is the nerds (No one knows you. You’re technically invisible). Very organized high school some might say.


Ignoring everyone the girls walked passed the groups and fled inside. But of course they on impulse caught the eyes of the future NFL football player.


“Hey check them out. What’s up book lover?” Edward yelled out and the group of boys turned to see. 


I flushed tomato red and looked down and kept walking. But he was much quicker and stronger blocking their way.


“Where you going? Don’t you want to hand with us?” Edward asked jokingly.


“Just leave her alone.” Alice said a bitter taste in her tongue.


“What you gonna do short stuff.” Emmett laughed.


Emmett unlike most teenage boys was extraordinarily enlarged. No wonder he played in the football team.


“Let us pass.” As much as Bella had tried to make her voice sound bold and forceful all that came out was a soft tone full of fear.


It only made the smile on the two young men larger. “Let you go eh? I don’t think I will.” That was Edward.


His figured touched Bella shoulder and forcefully pushed her back. Knocking her off her feet and her back and books went flying onto the wet paved ground. Bella’s face heated with embracement as everyone else looked and laughed. Rosalie came up to her and kicked her side. A bruise would surely arise later on that day and painfully annoy the poor girl to death. Bella did not do anything.


Rosalie now looked at Alice a frown on her face of disapproval. “Why do you hang out with this piece of trash? You could be popular like us but instead you’re wasting you time on this book lover.”


Alice shrugged in reply. “I guess being a little mean beast like you who cares more about wearing the most revealing cloths in the coldest of winters except for her scholarliness.”


Rosalie did not say a word back but huffed and turned and headed back to her group.


Alice help Bella get up and recollect her study books. Edward and Emmett did not bother them no more. Even as the day excelled they were left untouched.

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I like update soon!
Update soon I can't wait
Rosalie kicked Bella that ---------. How dear she do a mean thing like that.It hurts to think that someone can be so mean, but you have so many mean kids in this world.let that have been my friend or sister, it would be so on. I am not a fighter that I just get just set when people are not nice. you can say all the crap you want but just don't touch. Not that the words are right and they should get into trouble for them. Please let Rosalie die, get in a car accident and seriously get burned.LOL she should get some of her own abuse.
Love it post more soon

this is really good i cant wait till u update

thank you...


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