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Okay, so I have a new fan fan fiction, because my other one Blood Lust didn't turn out as successful as I wanted it to be. If you wanna read it here's the link :
Okay, this is my idea of a new fan fiction, but to those who want to read, make sure it should be full of positive reaction (if you dont mind).

In love with my Best Friend (preview)

(all human, all characters belong to stephanie meyer)

I have been best friends with Edward Cullen, since second grade. But now emotions are suddenly settling in. I have been trying to tell him but fate keeps me away. Is it a
sign that we were not meant to be . Or he was too good to me. So many
questions, only time can answer. Should I be in love with him or just remain as
friends. Now, I'm 22 and still thinking should I tell him, or just walk away. I better make it fast because time is slipping away.

Isabella Swan has been best friends with Edward Cullen since they met. Now she is considering that she is inove with him. Will he have feelings to? And will fate let her tell him? It all comes down here in: In Love With my Best Friend.

Okay so what do you think, should I write it. And if you have time please make a banner and give me the link or tell me how to put multiple banners in one post.  Thanks, and please tell me what do you want to change..... :)

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Yes write it, i like the idea
yes u totally shuld if i knew how to make those banners id make one lol
let imagination take u tothe next level


myfirst one iknow its not geat but i tried!


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