The Twilight Saga

Alice is a vampire Bella is human a strong conection brings them together but when they meet the cullens love rivalry tests their friendship! will their friendship last?

Alice and Bella feel a connection they don’t know what it is but it leads them to each other. Alice is a vampire, Bella is a human and they become inseparable best friends. Alice hears about a vegetarian clan so she goes to move with them, Bella comes too. Bella and Edward fall in love with each other, but Jasper loves Bella too while Alice loves him. It is going to be very competitive between the two Cullen brothers and Alice becomes jealous of Bella. Will their friendship last?

Alice pov:
I was out hunting on my own, when I felt this weird spark inside of me. I don’t know what it was, but I didn’t feel myself anymore. It was like I was suddenly incomplete. I had to find out what this new feeling was, what was causing it. It was like a pull of gravity-I couldn’t resist. Electricity pulsed through my veins and I had this urge to run. It was beyond strange but I knew where to go. I didn’t know where my senses were leading me, or what they were leading me to, or if they were even leading me to anything. I was following a path I had never followed. Letting my instincts overcome me. Things like this had happened before, indescribable urges taking over.
Like when I was prancing down Fifth Avenue and I saw the cutest Yves saint Laurent heels in the style called the “Tribute Double Platform”. These were beautiful covered platforms, made with black patent leather, with a rounded toe and blue lining. It was the closest thing to perfection I had ever seen. Pure ecstasy over came me and I was drawn to the window-then in to the shop-then towards that beautiful podium they were delicately displayed on-then my credit card was out my purse-within minuets and I was out of the shop with my new best friends wrapped carefully in the bag swinging gracefully by my side. That designer is pure genius, with a god given talent. The day I found those shoes- I found my calling. I was addicted- i am addicted I can never go back, fashion is my life, shopping is my life. Nothing can beat that! Nothing.
Yes it is true I get these strange urges, I like to think of them as my callings, the strange thing about this newest calling is that I normally get visions when these things happen. Yet this time nothing. It was different, that’s why I didn’t even know if this meant anything, and this is why I will have to go by my gut instinct. Great I am setting off blind to find my new calling, which like my fashion obsession could be life changing. When I know what I’m looking for it will be easy though, because, you see I’m a natural born predator….a vampire and when I want something it is mine.

hey hoped you liked it, will be posting more in a couple of hours x

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lol i think it sounds great hehe!!!!
wooooo put more lol :D:D xx
Hey tell me what you think and if you like it, i'll post another chapter :D
i like it its good.
i don't like it i love it
Thankyou :D
Glad you liked it wooh......... Tee-hee
i'm a natural born predator ......a vampire
wow i like it, its something new i guess, i´m looking forward for more chapters!!!!
i love the shoes!!!
Thanks!! :D
yay i may like this chapter for a lot of reasons georgia :D x
Chapter 2
Bella pov:

Last week my life changed drastically. I can’t say whether it was for the better or for the worse all I know is it will never be the same. Last week I moved to Forks, it’s so different to Phoenix, where the sun beat restlessly against the well lit side walks, where even the coldest days could leave you with heat stroke. Yes forks was different it was so wet and green. I had escaped the wet clutches of forks once before with my mother. But that was along time ago, and now I had to return, my mothers happiness depended on it. She had long since remarried to a minor league baseball player named Phil. Due to his job he had to travel a lot, and because of me my mother couldn’t travel with him. I saw through her eyes the longing she felt whenever they were apart, though she would never admit it,it made her so unhappy. I had to leave, and that was what made my decision to move back to forks with my dad so final, I would do this for Renée, I would do this for my mum. I could learn to live with the rain or at least put up with it.
So far nothing too terrible had happened. Everyone at school had been really welcoming, especially Mike. But he is a little too welcoming for my liking I am not quite sure whether I like all the attention I am getting from him, well from any of the boys really, it was like they were all dogs and I was their new play toy to drool over, I cant understand it I am nothing special just your regular plain Jane. Anyway mike, he’s a good friend to know, even if he spends all his time staring at me, because he listens, that is one thing we have in common.
Since arriving in forks, everyday has been the same, boring. But today was different. I was talking to mike in the Canteen, when I felt this strong tingling feeling inside me, I was a bit confused. Something inside me told me I had to leave. To run! But I couldn’t though; Charlie (my dad) only just got me back. I couldn’t do this to him again, it would break him. I couldn’t do it to my mum. I have to stay put. But Wow, this is beyond weird, I wonder what is making me feel this way, I hope whatever it is, I work it out soon, I can’t bear the suspense of an unsolved mystery.
What the hell! Something snatched me out of my inquisitive pondering. Mike had just grazed my boob. How long had I been unresponsive? It didn’t feel right at all, and I have a sneaky suspicion that he did it on purpose. Taking advantage when I was clearly preoccupied with my own thoughts. I’ll have to watch him more carefully, to make sure no more incidents happen. This day was just getting weirder and weirder.
I like it so far,
Want to see what happens:)
love it wright more


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