The Twilight Saga

Alice is a vampire Bella is human a strong conection brings them together but when they meet the cullens love rivalry tests their friendship! will their friendship last?

Alice and Bella feel a connection they don’t know what it is but it leads them to each other. Alice is a vampire, Bella is a human and they become inseparable best friends. Alice hears about a vegetarian clan so she goes to move with them, Bella comes too. Bella and Edward fall in love with each other, but Jasper loves Bella too while Alice loves him. It is going to be very competitive between the two Cullen brothers and Alice becomes jealous of Bella. Will their friendship last?

Alice pov:
I was out hunting on my own, when I felt this weird spark inside of me. I don’t know what it was, but I didn’t feel myself anymore. It was like I was suddenly incomplete. I had to find out what this new feeling was, what was causing it. It was like a pull of gravity-I couldn’t resist. Electricity pulsed through my veins and I had this urge to run. It was beyond strange but I knew where to go. I didn’t know where my senses were leading me, or what they were leading me to, or if they were even leading me to anything. I was following a path I had never followed. Letting my instincts overcome me. Things like this had happened before, indescribable urges taking over.
Like when I was prancing down Fifth Avenue and I saw the cutest Yves saint Laurent heels in the style called the “Tribute Double Platform”. These were beautiful covered platforms, made with black patent leather, with a rounded toe and blue lining. It was the closest thing to perfection I had ever seen. Pure ecstasy over came me and I was drawn to the window-then in to the shop-then towards that beautiful podium they were delicately displayed on-then my credit card was out my purse-within minuets and I was out of the shop with my new best friends wrapped carefully in the bag swinging gracefully by my side. That designer is pure genius, with a god given talent. The day I found those shoes- I found my calling. I was addicted- i am addicted I can never go back, fashion is my life, shopping is my life. Nothing can beat that! Nothing.
Yes it is true I get these strange urges, I like to think of them as my callings, the strange thing about this newest calling is that I normally get visions when these things happen. Yet this time nothing. It was different, that’s why I didn’t even know if this meant anything, and this is why I will have to go by my gut instinct. Great I am setting off blind to find my new calling, which like my fashion obsession could be life changing. When I know what I’m looking for it will be easy though, because, you see I’m a natural born predator….a vampire and when I want something it is mine.

hey hoped you liked it, will be posting more in a couple of hours x

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Oh no you dont! Jasper loves Bella!
omg that is so sweet i wounder what Edward thinks of Alice liking Jasper and wanting to tell him I LOVE YOU JASPER! awwwwwwwwwwww
please update it as soon as possible
LoL right now its 10:01 at night
Now it will be interesting...
I'm wondering what if Alice will say JASPER I LOVE YOU!!!????
Great , keep writing.
Ok, so i promised i'd post every night of the week, but i couldn't yesterday, cause it was my cousins birthday and she had a sleepover, so to make it up to you i'll post extra tonight!!
Bella pov

Arrghh! I was burning. Every inch of my body felt like it was on fire an unimaginable pain worse than any I had ever felt and it wouldn’t stop, it was growing stronger.
‘ALICE…………I NEED ALICE’ I screamed at the top of my lungs.
Why wasn’t she here? Didn’t she know how much I needed her right now.
‘AHHHHH!’ I let out another blood curdling scream as the fire intensified.
Why weren’t they putting it out?
Please just put it out.
‘ARGHHH!’ I thrashed about on the floor trying to put it out, but I could see anything and despite my best efforts I was getting nowhere.
I heard voices around me and felt two cold arms wrap around me holding me still. The voice was soft and gentle trying to comfort me, it belonged to esme, dear kind esme my second mother, but why couldn’t she do anything. I wanted to die, this was too much, what was happening to me.
‘hush bella it’s okay, it will all be over soon, I promise’ she said stroking my hair.
But how could that be true? She was lying, it was getting worse. It would never end. I just wanted it to end. The pain was torture, like a thousand knives stabbing through illuminated flames all over my body.
‘Make it stop…….please make it stop’ I begged.
I couldn’t take much more of this, I was never one to be afraid of death, but I never welcomed it either, but right now I would do anything to make the pain stop, if this is what dying felt like, I wished I was dead, all the pain of living had never amounted to anything like this.
‘I can’t honey, I’m sorry but you will be alright’ her voice sounded strained as if she was hiding the hurt she was feeling.
But what about what I was feeling, the agony ‘ARGGHHH!’ I just wanted it to end ‘kill me… please just kill me’
She gasped at my plea and seemed to stiffen but did not reply.
I could tell whatever this was, was hurting her, and I hated it, but I needed it to end.
Then her voice was joined by another, I could not tell what they were saying or who the voice belonged to, but I felt esme release me from her grip.
Nooo. She was leaving me, why won’t it stop?!
I had never felt so much despair, I couldn’t do this alone, hell I couldn’t do this at all. I didn’t even know what was happening to me. What had I done to deserve this?
I wanted esme to come back, this nightmare wasn’t going to end.
I felt the hands recoil themselves around me moving my body forward. This sent a new course of pain through my body.
‘ARRRRGHH!’ I waited for esme to comfort me, I could hear weeping but had no idea where it was coming from. The next voice shocked me, It was telling the same lies but it belonged to someone else.
‘shhhhh, I know it hurts, but trust me you will be okay’
the shock flowed through me, it was rose?
She had never done anything to show she disliked me, but at the same time never showed she liked me either, deep down I believed she didn’t want me around and yet here she was comforting me?
‘shhh, it’s okay’ she told me rocking me back and forth ‘I know exactly how you feel, we all went through the same pain when we were going through the change’
the change?!!!! WHAT? What did she mean the change she couldn’t mean that I would….. that I was……..but that’s impossible!
‘shhhh, that’s right, we had to change you otherwise you would have died, you’d lost too much blood’
God didn’t she know I wanted to die right now. Why couldn’t they have let me die?
Secretly I had wanted to become a vampire since the day I discovered what Alice was.
I wanted to be a vampire so that I could stay with her forever.
But if I would have realized that that would have involved this, not in a million years! Never not for anyone not even Alice!
‘ARRGGHHH!’ I screamed again, it was no good trying to hold it in, I wasn’t that brave.
Oh well I deserved this, taking so much from life when I was with Alice, and now this was life taking it right back from me.
I was burning! I felt like I was in hell. All of a sudden the pain intensified, all of my limbs started to cool down apart from my heart.
It felt like it was going to explode.
I felt it beating so hard as if it was trying to escape from my chest, faster and faster, hotter and hotter.
Something had gone wrong this was it my heart could take any more.
Goodbye everyone you did all you could.
I let out one final scream and then with one final ache it stopped.

It wouldn’t take long to get back to Bella and Carlisle, and they weren’t exactly hard to find, I mean Bella’s scent was everywhere. The scent was getting so strong now, so I knew we were close, I followed Jasper and Edward. We didn’t have much time until the process was complete.
I was trying so hard to keep the smile that had erupted on my face, hidden.
All I wanted to do was tell jasper how I felt.
Hee ironic that all I needed to tell him, when he could so unavoidably feel it already, but I needed to tell him.
My heart that hadn’t beat in over 100 years felt like it was beating at 1000mph begging me to tell him how I felt, it yearned for me to be in his arms again to feel the touch of his skin against mine, to smell his unbelievable sent, to set in motion the vision I could never had dreamed up in a million years. I had never wanted that before, but now that I had seen it I longed for it more than anything in my entire life. No my entire existence, but that all had to wait.
We were close and Bella needed me right now, I wish I hadn’t ran away, when she needed me most, but I had done, it was the lowest I had ever been, and now I was getting a second chance, me and Bella could be together forever, I would never come close to loosing her again, I wouldn’t allow it.
I couldn’t wait to tell her about my vision, she would be almost as exited as me!
And then she was going to look completely different, she already looked completely beautiful, but now all her minor flaws would disappear, and that of course would be excuse enough for a new wardrobe.
‘ARGGGGGHH!’ I heard her pain filled scream and it brought me back to reality, we were close, and it was done!
The three of us ran faster than we ever had before, jasper and Edward had got there first, but as we came into the clearing everyone had suddenly frozen dead still on the spot.
I pushed forward to see what had caused that reaction, and there she was looking radiantly beautiful. Her now deep crimson eyes looked at me, and I could not recognize them, yet they were filled with the same warmth and openness as bella’s chocolate brown eyes always had done.
‘Bella?’ I breathed waiting for her reaction.
She smiled at me opening her arms. ‘Alice’ I needed no further invitations. I was filled with such deep emotions I ran straight to her embracing her in the biggest hug I had had ever given.
‘I’m sorry I ran away’ I whispered close to tears, hoping she could forgive me.
‘That’s okay, I knew you’d always come back’ and she was right I would always come back, better still I would never leave her again, ever.
‘I won’t leave you ever again, I promise’

hope you like it x
Wow! Please update really soon!!!
i love your story
please update soon!!!!!!!!!
YaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she's a vampire
Wow that was something...Even Rose helped...I am impressed!!
i totally love it!!!!
can't wait for the next chapter!!!!
i know it sort of just felt right when we were writing it :D


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