The Twilight Saga

Alice is a vampire Bella is human a strong conection brings them together but when they meet the cullens love rivalry tests their friendship! will their friendship last?

Alice and Bella feel a connection they don’t know what it is but it leads them to each other. Alice is a vampire, Bella is a human and they become inseparable best friends. Alice hears about a vegetarian clan so she goes to move with them, Bella comes too. Bella and Edward fall in love with each other, but Jasper loves Bella too while Alice loves him. It is going to be very competitive between the two Cullen brothers and Alice becomes jealous of Bella. Will their friendship last?

Alice pov:
I was out hunting on my own, when I felt this weird spark inside of me. I don’t know what it was, but I didn’t feel myself anymore. It was like I was suddenly incomplete. I had to find out what this new feeling was, what was causing it. It was like a pull of gravity-I couldn’t resist. Electricity pulsed through my veins and I had this urge to run. It was beyond strange but I knew where to go. I didn’t know where my senses were leading me, or what they were leading me to, or if they were even leading me to anything. I was following a path I had never followed. Letting my instincts overcome me. Things like this had happened before, indescribable urges taking over.
Like when I was prancing down Fifth Avenue and I saw the cutest Yves saint Laurent heels in the style called the “Tribute Double Platform”. These were beautiful covered platforms, made with black patent leather, with a rounded toe and blue lining. It was the closest thing to perfection I had ever seen. Pure ecstasy over came me and I was drawn to the window-then in to the shop-then towards that beautiful podium they were delicately displayed on-then my credit card was out my purse-within minuets and I was out of the shop with my new best friends wrapped carefully in the bag swinging gracefully by my side. That designer is pure genius, with a god given talent. The day I found those shoes- I found my calling. I was addicted- i am addicted I can never go back, fashion is my life, shopping is my life. Nothing can beat that! Nothing.
Yes it is true I get these strange urges, I like to think of them as my callings, the strange thing about this newest calling is that I normally get visions when these things happen. Yet this time nothing. It was different, that’s why I didn’t even know if this meant anything, and this is why I will have to go by my gut instinct. Great I am setting off blind to find my new calling, which like my fashion obsession could be life changing. When I know what I’m looking for it will be easy though, because, you see I’m a natural born predator….a vampire and when I want something it is mine.

hey hoped you liked it, will be posting more in a couple of hours x

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Wow! Please update really soon!!!
i love your story
please update soon!!!!!!!!!
YaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she's a vampire
Wow that was something...Even Rose helped...I am impressed!!
i totally love it!!!!
can't wait for the next chapter!!!!
i know it sort of just felt right when we were writing it :D
loved it.
Now Bella can really be part of the family!!
Bella’s POV:

The pain left every inch of my body, and I felt new, I opened my eyes shocked by how clear everything was. So sharp and defined. It was like a pair of magnifying glasses had been inserted into my eyes. I could distinguish each individual grain in the dark wooden trees overhanging the clearing. It was like I was blind and now I can see, every little thing caught my attention as I got used to these new eyes. The insects crawling on the forest floor, the water droplets falling off plants and trees. I could even see the dust motes in the air, the sides both in darkness and light were so distinct and separate. Everything so dull and insignificant before were now so beautiful. I inhaled, and the action felt wrong, it was like there was no relief tied to the action, like I didn’t need the air. I held my breath again, it wasn’t even hard, it felt natural. I didn’t need the air, but I liked it. I could taste it, the taste of cinnamon and of a faint hint of something warm and desirable, something alive. That something, it’s smell and taste made my throat burn dryly, but only cast a small shadow compared to the venom burn.
I sat up, and in what would have token twice as long only took seconds.
‘Bella honey I know this may all look weird to you, but it’s natural, you just need time to adjust’
I looked over to where the sound came from, it was Esme. I was so glad it was over and that she was here I felt like running over and hugging her. But as I moved forward, Carlisle and Emmett took a protective stance in front of Esme. It didn’t take me long to understand why, Alice had told me this before. It was me, I was the danger. As a newborn it is thought that I should have very little self-control and the littlest things could set me off. Even hugging someone is dangerous, my strength is at it’s peak and of what could feel like a gentle embrace to me could be a deadly chokehold for the others. I’d have to learn to control myself, and by what Alice say’s it could take ages.
I wanted to say it’s all right, but it came out as a whisper, instead of being heavy it sounded so light and calming. It was like it didn’t belong to me. I didn’t even know if I was myself anymore, I’m so different, I don’t know if I’m me.
Carlisle and Emmett straightened out of their protective stance, and they both just stared, even Rosalie an Esme stared, but why I did not understand. What was even worse than be the center of everyone’s attention was that Alice wasn’t here, neither was the other two, my eyes wondered searching the immediate area, but they were no-where. Finally realizing this felt like all my emotions were stripped from me leaving disappointment. I looked down at the floor, why didn’t she come back?
Looking down at the floor was strangely amusing, everything small, so big, It really gets me how something like me could scare one of them, I mean I don’t want to hurt them but they were all crawling away. Maybe they could sense I was danger, sense my nature. I was so carried away that I didn’t realize the extra presence.
My head snapped up, it was Alice.
I couldn’t help but smile and open my arms, it’s like an automatic reaction. ‘Alice!’
My voice sounded so bell like, but I couldn’t focus on that. Alice ran into my embrace and I had to remember to be gentle, like I would handling a baby. I let my arms coil around her shoulders, and I didn’t get the ‘ow’ I expected.
‘I’m sorry I ran away’ She said.
But that didn’t matter anymore, she came back.
‘That’s okay, I knew you’d always come back’ I didn’t know how I knew, I guess it was because she was my best friend and I was hers and I know I’d do the same for her.
It went silent for a while, as if she was thinking.
‘I won’t ever leave you again, I promise’
the smile on my face seemed permanent, she wouldn’t leave me, and I wouldn’t let me.
I looked over to the boys who were staring at me, a smile danced on my face they were both so amazing i had never seen them like this, hell they had never seen me like this, it was like I was meeting everyone again for the first time. And I loved what I saw.

Edwards POV:

‘ARGGGGGGGH!’ Bella screamed, we were close and she had changed. I Know she had changed, everyone’s thoughts said so.

She’s so beautiful

Okay she is pretty, but she is nothing compared to me, I am perfection in a vampire form!

Woah dude, HOT, Dam Rosalie’s got some competition, not that Bella’s better looking, my Rosalie’s still got my heart. But Her body is just so so sexy.……

I wasn’t liking where Emmett’s thoughts were going, it brought out this jealousy in me, I felt strangely possessive, I don’t know why, she doesn’t even like me.
Emmett’s perverted thoughts pushed me faster, I needed to see her, I changed her, I love her.
As we came into the clearing everyone was frozen.
I looked to see the cause of this and there she was standing dead still. My angel.
She looked beautiful, the light seeping through the trees danced around her, illuminating her beauty. Her soft brown hair hung in messy ringlets down by her face but they still looked perfect.
Her skin now as hard as rock looked so soft, like it was glowing, I longed to touch it.
Her amazing cheek bones, her amazing body, her perfect lips, it all made me want her all the more.
She was beautiful, beyond beautiful, I reckon you could search the world over 100 times and never find any one that ever came close to her.
And then her eyes, although now stained with the crimson colour of her blood, they still held more depth than ever I had seen before.
I felt as if I could swim in them, loose myself in there deepest depths, look right into her, a window into her brilliance.
I could tell I was staring at her but I couldn’t pull my eyes away, she noticed and looked back a smile pronouncing on her lips warming my heart.
I loved her so much right now, my feelings were taking over me.
I barely noticed Alice pushing past me.
‘Bella?’ she called.
I continued to stare at this amazing reunion, her self control her compassion captivating me.
Bella held her arms out welcoming back Alice.
‘I’m sorry I ran away’ Alice whispered saying each word with as much emotion possible.
‘That’s okay, I knew you’d always come back’
I heard Alice’s secret agreement to that
Your right I would always come back, better still I would never leave you again, ever.
I smiled at Alice’s secret promise, she made Bella so happy, and for some indescribable reason that made me the happiest I had ever been. She then proceeded to say the promise out loud.
‘I won’t leave you ever again, I promise’
They both looked so content hugging each other I wanted to join in too then someone’s thoughts hit me hard and the jealousy was hard to contain.

Look at her she is so beautiful, amazing, and how she had just forgiven Alice like that. Change is hard to come by, but this reunion has made feelings erupt that I had only ever felt from others………….I am in love ………… with Bella! Oh how my silent heart longs to be near her, how my skin longs to feel the electricity as it brushes along hers. I want to be with her, I need to be with her.

I glared at jasper, no way was I going to let that happen. It was all wrong!
It is me who is in love with Bella, it is my heart that longs to be near her, my skin that longs to feel the electricity when we touch, it’s me who wants to be with her, it’s me who needs to be with her. Me! Me not him! He can’t have her!

Jasper pov:

Her screaming ceased as we neared the clearing, I prepared myself for all the possible sights I may have seen, but as I got into the clearing nothing had prepared me for what I saw, she was so beautiful, her skin radiant and smooth, her hair in beautiful, loose curls bobbed up and down surrounding her heart shaped face, it looked great even though it was messy. Her body as gorgeous as it was, but her features more prominent and obvious, but beyond all her face. Her face withheld such beauty I thought was not possible, So fun and light, so cheerful shining like a star in the darkest places of space.
I was staring at her, but what else could I do she looked at me a small smile forming on her perfect lips, she was just so…so, she made me want to sing a thousand love song, recite a thousand poems.

I mean Look at her she is so beautiful, amazing, and how she had just forgiven Alice like that. Change is hard to come by, as a vampire, but this reunion has made feelings erupt that I had only ever felt from others………….i am in love ………… with Bella! Oh how my silent heart longs to be near her, how my skin longs to feel the electricity as it brushes along hers. I want to be with her I need to be with her……………….

Everyone felt so happy, except for Edward, his emotions felt like they were on over drive, euphoric even that’s when I realized………….Edward loved Bella too!!!!
Jealousy suddenly overwhelmed me, no he couldn’t that was wrong I loved Bella, she was going to be with me, I looked over to glare at Edward who was already glaring at me.
He wouldn’t give up without a fight.
Well if it’s a fight he wanted, it is a fight he would get.
He nodded.
I loved Bella and I was not going to loose her!
Let the battle commence, just so you know Edward I won’t give up until I have won her heart.
hee hee i swear we have like covered bella waking up 4 times now lol
oh well if i get really bored i will write it in
carlises view
then esmes view
then roses view
then emmets
that will make it 7

x hope you like it x
okay that was a joke x
i don' want to bore you too much :D lolz
No that will be 8! lolz, i thought you were in set 1 for maths :D.........X


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