The Twilight Saga

Alice is a vampire Bella is human a strong conection brings them together but when they meet the cullens love rivalry tests their friendship! will their friendship last?

Alice and Bella feel a connection they don’t know what it is but it leads them to each other. Alice is a vampire, Bella is a human and they become inseparable best friends. Alice hears about a vegetarian clan so she goes to move with them, Bella comes too. Bella and Edward fall in love with each other, but Jasper loves Bella too while Alice loves him. It is going to be very competitive between the two Cullen brothers and Alice becomes jealous of Bella. Will their friendship last?

Alice pov:
I was out hunting on my own, when I felt this weird spark inside of me. I don’t know what it was, but I didn’t feel myself anymore. It was like I was suddenly incomplete. I had to find out what this new feeling was, what was causing it. It was like a pull of gravity-I couldn’t resist. Electricity pulsed through my veins and I had this urge to run. It was beyond strange but I knew where to go. I didn’t know where my senses were leading me, or what they were leading me to, or if they were even leading me to anything. I was following a path I had never followed. Letting my instincts overcome me. Things like this had happened before, indescribable urges taking over.
Like when I was prancing down Fifth Avenue and I saw the cutest Yves saint Laurent heels in the style called the “Tribute Double Platform”. These were beautiful covered platforms, made with black patent leather, with a rounded toe and blue lining. It was the closest thing to perfection I had ever seen. Pure ecstasy over came me and I was drawn to the window-then in to the shop-then towards that beautiful podium they were delicately displayed on-then my credit card was out my purse-within minuets and I was out of the shop with my new best friends wrapped carefully in the bag swinging gracefully by my side. That designer is pure genius, with a god given talent. The day I found those shoes- I found my calling. I was addicted- i am addicted I can never go back, fashion is my life, shopping is my life. Nothing can beat that! Nothing.
Yes it is true I get these strange urges, I like to think of them as my callings, the strange thing about this newest calling is that I normally get visions when these things happen. Yet this time nothing. It was different, that’s why I didn’t even know if this meant anything, and this is why I will have to go by my gut instinct. Great I am setting off blind to find my new calling, which like my fashion obsession could be life changing. When I know what I’m looking for it will be easy though, because, you see I’m a natural born predator….a vampire and when I want something it is mine.

hey hoped you liked it, will be posting more in a couple of hours x

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Thank you so much :D
We'll post at least two chapters tomorrow!
Sorry for not telling you about the holiday, it's been really busy lately...........x
that was really good and when or if you update it can you message me
please write more soon?!!!!!!!!!!.
Sorry everyone!!!
This weekend me and my cousins are spending the weekend together so we can write more chapters!!!
So new chapters should be up soon, this time i mean it!
Last time i was going to, but because i'm moving my mum banned me from the computer till i was packed up
Bella POV:

Alice quickly got me my clothes and I got dressed. I sighed, I was constantly thinking of school, I didn’t even have room in my vastly increased mind to think about what on earth Alice was dressing me in. Maybe because the reality of this really hit me, hit me hard, I didn’t expect I’d feel this way, but the thought I’d lost so much. Angela, Ben, mum dad, I longed for their company, I wanted to prove to myself I was strong enough to not lose them completely. I knew some-day I would have to, but that day’s not now. I don’t regret becoming a vampire, it’s all I ever wanted, Alice and me together, friends forever. Cliché I know But I still wanted more. All these thoughts swirled round in my head taunting me. Maybe I should talk to Alice about it she always seemed to know what to do, the exact thing to say, to make everything alright. I slowly walked back to them, who were still facing the opposite direction. Well here goes nothing. I lifted my head up and straightened my shoulders.
‘Bella, you look amazing but…!’ She called getting cut off as Edward burst into guffaws of laughter?.
I gave him my best attempt of a glare, but I knew the expression was empty. I was curious, why was he laughing and why was he looking at me?
‘What?’ I snapped a little too harshly. I can’t stand being confused.
‘Bella… your top is… on… backwards’ he said in between chokes of laughter.
What? I looked down ‘Oh’ was all I could say.
Why me!!?
‘I thought after18 years of practice you’d be capable enough to get changed by yourself, but it looks like you need help!’ Edward gushed. Damn Edward! Get over yourself it’s an easy mistake!
Even though it was a harmless joke, I couldn’t help but feel angry.
‘ I’m sure I’ll manage’ I said storming off behind the shed I did not appreciate this.
Once I was suitable again I approached Alice, doing a neat turn to show Edward that I was capable of dressing myself. He just sniggered, urgh I needed to tell her.
‘Ali… umm…alice, before I wanted to go back to school and you agreed, but then I had a few doubts and well I’m not sure whether I should anymore’
‘You don’t want to go to school?’
‘No I’m certain I want to go back to school, but I don’t want to risk it, think of all the things that could go wrong. Hell apparently I can’t even dress myself!’ I said gesturing to my now corrected top, it made the point.
‘Silly Bella! What on earth are you doubting; we wont let you do anything! It’s too important for us not to!’ a smile danced on her lips and then she added smugly ‘oh and if you are having problems dressing yourself, we’ll help you, we can start lessons after school, I have loads for you to try on, after all, new you new wardrobe!’
urgh why did I open my big mouth. Supportive? No annoying!
‘Ha! Too right it’s important’ Rosalie retorted darkly. I hadn’t even noticed rose standing there so her words came as a shock.
I didn’t know what her problem was, but she made it very clear she didn’t like me, it was only a couple of days ago she was helping me, comforting me throughout the most painful three days of my existence, ha existence it’s funny how easily those words come from me now, I’m not sure what changed.
‘ROSALIE!! Be nice!!’ Esme scolded. She was like a second mother really. And her words of protection warmed my insides, But this moment in time she wasn’t really helping, I wanted to know what Rosalie thought.
‘WHAT!!, This selfish, one track minded girl, comes across, becomes like us, then thinks she can risk us being exposed, because she thinks she CAN!!’ I shuddered she had a point.
‘And what’s worse is that your just going to let her!! I don’t want to move any more, and She’s not even worth the trouble!!’
This time Rosalie looked directly at me. Oh great why did I even want to know what she was thinking? Protect me Esme, I take it back you were helping.
‘Do you want to get us KILLED’ She screamed at me.
I shook my head knowing my voice couldn’t answer she really scared the life out of me, even now when the worst she could do is scream and shout.
‘Do you then, If you don’t then why are you risking it for us, don’t you care? Are you so absorbed by what you want you’ll do anything?’
I started sobbing, not crying, more like wailing tearless sobs. I didn’t want to be like this in front of the others either, I didn’t want the fuss, I wanted to be alone. I ran outside, and kept running. I know I was probably over-reacting, but what she said really hit me. I wanted her to like me but She didn’t want me, I wasn’t worth it. She was probably right, who was I kidding? I’m selfish!
I knew someone was following me, but I’d rather pretend they weren’t than let them see me in this state.
‘Go away!’ I yelled
Whoever it was they didn’t answer, but they were still there.
‘What do you want?’
A hand reached out for my shoulder and spun me around. I looked up, It was Edward. Why was he here?
He looked at me apologetically and pulled me into his strong embrace. why was he being so nice to me? I was being selfish surely he could see that. I thought I could handle it, the thought of human blood repulses me. All I wanted was some time, I wanted to see if I could handle it. If I couldn’t manage I would leave school and never go back. Was I being so unreasonable?
‘What’s wrong with me, how can I make Rosalie hate me so much? What did I do?’ I sobbed into his chest.
‘Shhh’ Edward soothed rocking me back and forth in his arms.
‘Nothing absolutely nothing, she’s just jealous’
‘Jealous?, How do you know?’
He tapped his head in response.
‘ Oh I didn’t think about that. Why’s she so jealous of me?’
He didn’t answer. He looked thoughtful, like he was struggling to find a way to put it.
‘She’s… She’s Jealous because… You had everything she wanted, she was jealous of you when Alice first introduced you, you see she has never really understood why I don’t want her, Carlisle changed her and she was meant for me. But she didn’t appeal to me. I said some things which stuck in her mind And then you came along and I paid you more attention than I ever did her’
I sucked in air as I thought of what he was telling me.
‘ But it’s not so much that, it’s because she wanted rid of you ever since she saw you, it’s not your fault. It’s just that, she thought living with a human was too risky, she didn’t want you here now you knew so much. She could see that if you stayed you’d become like us, a vampire. And she could see all that you would throw away and she wanted what you had, she wanted to be human, to have babies and she didn’t want you to give that up.’
‘So she’s jealous of me because I threw away what she wanted, and because she wants attention?’ I could tell shock was painted all over my face
‘your attention?’
‘Yep! But I’d just ignore her, she’s not worth it. I do it all the time’
We stood there for a second. I wasn’t expecting anything like that, and in a weird way it made sense.
Great! Oh btw, you forgot to put in the link for the story in your message...
Whoops, how did you find it?...........x
Nice chapter - Like the way Edward went to help and make her understand.
Yeah...could you include the link to the story...makes life easier...
Job well done!
love your story please update soon
can't wait to see what happens next
I'll post another chapter in the morning!!
Thanks :D
Edward pov:
I walked back to the house with Bella, my arm still draped around her shoulders from our previous embrace.
She seemed content with me holding her and that did wondrous things to my emotions. Whenever I was with her I felt so….so…complete. I didn’t want to let her go. I loved having her safe in my arms. The thought of being away from her was unbearable. I would do anything to make this moment last forever. We weren’t talking, but the silence wasn’t awkward, it was peaceful. I kept gazing down at her, our eyes occasionally meeting, loosing myself in their endless depths, a window to her soul, a window to mine.
As we got closer to the house I realized that I was going to have to let her go. We had to go to school. Panic rushed through me. No I was not ready to let her go! My mind was on over drive; I didn’t want to leave her.
Hmm maybe I should ask Bella if she wants a ride with me to school. Then she won’t have to leave. I can get to know her more, and she know me. And then maybe she’ll start to like me more than that bloody jasper! I smiled to myself Edward I think you are a flipping genius. Great now I’m talking to myself.
I patted my coat and jean pockets trying to find my keys, that way we wouldn’t even have to go into the house. I felt around but there was nothing there. Damn I left my keys in my room. Fantastic!
We entered the clearing in front of the house. She looked up at me ‘thank you…you know for coming to get me’
Her voice filled me with pleasure. ‘no problem. Hold on I’ll be right back, I need to get something.’ She looked at me and nodded.
I ran as fast as I could to my room, not stopping to speak to anyone. Come on where did I put them. I didn’t want to leave her waiting. I rushed round my room like a hurricane chucking anything and everything everywhere. Where are my keys!!! I saw the keys glinting in the light of the window. I grabbed them and darted for the front door. Hold on act cool. Don’t rush, she’s no going anywhere and I don’t want to seem overly keen. I stepped towards the door. When I saw something I defiantly did not want to see. Wait is that jasper walking towards Bella? Grrr JASPER!

Jaspers POV:
Dam it Edward had beat me to the post following Bella out of the house. I couldn’t believe rose had even acted like that. I considered getting a little pay back for Bella but Emmett gave me a warning glare. Humph what’s the point in doing it anyway, if Bella can’t appreciate it.
As the minuets went by I felt increasingly anxious. They had been gone for ages. What on earth is going on? I wanted to go find them, but that would look great wouldn’t it. God checking up on them in case anything happened. Urgh this was torture every second she spent away from me, with him.
Yeah I expect he’s loving this, being the one there to comfort her, hell he’s probably using this to the best of his advantage. Right now I was hating Edward.
That’s when I saw them appearing through the trees his arm draped around her shoulder.
‘Hold on I’ll be right back’ he said rushing upstairs.
‘Hey Bella!’ I called walking towards her.
‘I was just coming to over to see how you are’ I said, I had to set the conversation; I didn’t want to seem to eager.
‘I’m fine now thanks!, is that all or did you want something else?’
‘Um yeah, I was just wandering if you would like a lift with me to school’
She didn’t respond.
‘… Or are you getting a ride with someone else?’
‘No, no, no, I was just wondering … I um..’
‘So, do you want a ride’ I said attempting my best smile.
‘Yeah, should be fun’
‘So have you ever rode on the back of a bike before?’
‘No, my dad Charlie would never let me, but I… want to’
‘Then what are you waiting for, I’ll be your first ride!!’
This was going better than I thought.
Just as we were about to leave, Edward came out face like thunder. PERFECT!

Hey!! The competition between the cullen competition is about to start ;D
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I want Edward to be with Bella. Maybe you could have Edward and Jasper get into a heated arguement. Edward could say "I love Bella more than you do".


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