The Twilight Saga

The young maiden Isabella, is part of the Tudor Court in the 1600's and she faces her own journey of love, war, pain and loss.But there are 4 members of the Tudor Court who keep her going, Find out who they are and what will happen.

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Chapter 1


The house of Stuarts was strangely silent, Tudor courts were usually busy and loud, But not today. As the young Isabella Featherston wondered the halls of Edinburgh Castle, she thought about her father Richard Swan, who died in the wars a few years ago and she sighed softly. She never took her father’s name, her mother insisted, she’d keep the Featherston blood line and name running in their family. She missed her father, but she knew he was with the angels now and in heaven, safe in the arms of God.

She had been part of the Stuart/Tudor Court from her birth, but now she was one of the maidens to Anne of Denmark who was the wife of their King James 1. Even though she was not even 16 yet, she was full of spirit and she knew how to treat the older generation and make sure her ruler and queen were satisfied with the jobs, she done for them and for the court. Sometimes, it was much of a tougher job, than anyone had warned her, but it had its advantages, even if she was of low Noble blood. Or as many people in her society referred to her kind, the Gentry. Yet, she still managed to surprise the House of Commons and every other house in the Tudor court, with her tenderness, her innocence and her graceful beauty. Even the King him self, knew there was something special about Isabella, something that was not quite along the lines of Tudor Beauty. But that made Isabella more cherished and beautiful in court, as there was no one like her there. Many people spoke of Isabella, outside of the court and the castle grounds, it was said to be true that she was the royals’ family favourite maiden in the whole court. It was like she was almost regarded as royalty...a child of the king him self.

As Bella walked through the halls, she spotted King James and she instantly bowed down to him “Good Morning, sire.” She spoke, in her elegant and soft voice, that sounded almost like silk. It was pure music to the ears.

King James smiled down at her softly “You may stand now child and good morning to you too.” He said as he gently touched her chin as she stood up, her eyes gazing up into the kings. She had a soft and warm look in her eyes.

“Why is the court so silent today Sir?” Isabella asked “Surely, there should be more, people in court today?” she questioned, with a gentle tilt of her head. Her eyes lit up, with a gentle spark, she always had in her eyes. Something that made her stand out, amongst the other women and young girls in court. Her blue eyes, almost seemed like the most crystal blue lakes, on the entire planet.

James nodded as he looked at her “Yes there should be, but some of the court members went to negotiate with the King of Spain, they left early this morning, before you awoke. They should be back in a few days, if war does not break out.” He said and he gently touched her shoulder, when he saw the worry in her eyes. “Do not fear for my men, dear. They are well skilled and trained. I am sure they will be safe.” He said, a kind smile on his lips. “You may take a few hours off today, if you are needed, I will send someone to fetch you.” He told her.

Isabella nodded and she smiled a bit, when he told her not worry about his men that went off to negotiate with the king of Spain “Thank you sire.” She said before she curtsied to the king, she smiled softly before she walked out into the gardens. She made her way down the marble stone floor and down the spiral stairs until she reached the big wooden doors and she opened the latch of the door, that led the way into the castle’s beautiful and tranquil gardens. As soon as she stepped onto the green and beautifully kept grass, she spotted her queen, she smiled a kind warm smile as she curtsied to Anne “Good morning, your majesty.” She said.

Anne looked up hearing her Maiden Isabella and she smiled softly “Oh hello, dear child. Come and join me.” She said as she waved her hand over to Bella softly, so Isabella walked over to the queen and with a warm smile.

Anne looked down at Bella, seeing the far away worry in her eyes. “Ah, I sense my husband has told you about the negotiation with the king of Spain?” she said, and Bella gave a soft nod.

“I know his Majesty said, I should not fear for the safety of his men, but I do.” Isabella said, looking up at Anne.

Anne smiled softly “You are a sweet child, my dear.” She said, placing a soft kiss to her forehead, as if Bella was a little child. This gesture from Anne, made her feel like she was one though. “I am sure, they will all be safe, especially with William and Benjamin by their side.” She said softly. The queen knew very well, that Bella was fond of the two noble warriors, whom she had known since she was a little girl.

Isabella looked at the queen, a bit alarmed that the queen knew of her affection for both of Ben and Will, but her expression softened a bit, when she saw the kind smile Anne gave her. “They are both charming and handsome men, worthy of your attention.” She told Bella. “They will be safe, they are capable of many things, and they know how to stay safe. You worry too much dear.” She told Isabella.

Bella looked at the queen and she smiled kindly “I just worry for their safety, these years are tough with hardship and cruel with war.” She said softly, as the light breeze picked up slightly and caused Anne’s hair to be rather messy, as her plait loosened up. Bella saw her queen’s hair about to fall from place “May I?” she asked nodding to her lose hair.

Anne smiled “Of course you may.” She said and she turned around so Bella could fix her hair. Bella brushed her hair using her long, slender and delicate fingers before she parted it equally carefully, not tugging or pulling at the queen’s golden locks with her bare fingers as she plaited it into, a delicate plait that she then pinned up with the pins that slid into the queen’s hair.

Anne smiled, as she saw the reflection in the fountain water that stood tall and proud in the garden, she was pleased with Bella’s handy work “Your hands are so soft, did you know that?” Anne asked Bella.

“I’ve been told, your majesty.” Isabella said smiling warmly at the queen. Anne laughed her gentle and warm laugh, her smile could be heard within it.

Anne nodded “I forgot, but it is true.” She said as she touched Bella’s cheek softly “You are a sweet child, and you deserve happiness. I wish one day, it shall come to you.” She said and she smiled softly at Bella.

Bella looked at the queen and she smiled softly “Thank you, your majesty.” She said, a warm smile on her lips.

“No need to thank me child.” Anne said as she stroked Bella’s brown hair and she smiled before she let her hand drop to her side “I will go inside now my dear, enjoy the fresh air and try not to worry.” Anne said and Bella gave a soft nod and curtsy before, Anne walked back inside the Castle walls.

Bella watched as her queen left to go back inside and Bella sat by down the fountain and she ran her hand in the cold water, it prickled her skin gently and she looked at the sky and she closed her eyes, wishing that Ben and William would get back home safely.


Jensen! Fangirl moment.! 
Aww I love this time era,I wish so bad that I could live in it. Anywho. I really like this story so far. Can't wait for more.!

ahaha yeah Jensen is smexxie :) it's okay, fan girl all you want dear :)

I know, I love this era too. I learned about it in my History Class, yeah. I would love to time travel back to that time :) I am glad you like it :) I will post more soon, when I can.

Deary Take you time.! 
Jensen is one of my many obsessions.

I love history class. My parents like to joke around and say I was born in the wrong era. Cause in my head im stuck at so far back in time,lol. I want smart people to just come up with already. Cause as of right now. Only my imagination is traveling back in time,lol.

Thanks :)

I noticed with the gifs, you send on this one and Euphoria lol :)

Mhh, maybe we are all stuck in the wrong era, at times :)

I like to think so,too :D

:) great minds think alike

So do Awesome ones,lol 

so true :) I can't even believe that Jensen is 35 though, non of them look like they are older than in their mid 20's, well Will is 26 but he looks younger but Ben is 31 and he doesn't not look it. I mean seriously, all 4 of them look so young, aging gracefully I must say, good genes. lol

Beautiful!  I would definitely like to read more of this story!

I am glad you like it :) I will post more soon, when I can :)


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