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I haven't slept in what seems
Like a century, and now I can
Barely breathe.

Just like a crow chasing the butterfly,
dandelions lost in the summer sky.
When you and I were getting
High as outer space, I never
Thought you'd slip away.
I guess I was just a little too late.



Perhaps it wasn't just my soul at question, What if it was my entire exsistence? I been alive for centries already, and I now had to wait for the trials that hadn't been a custom in any culture for just that long.


I wished I could escape, with my life and my innocence. But it was impossible, since their had been a lifeless corpse lying at my feet only hours ago. It was too late to turn from the crimes that have spanned over the past five hundred years.


Now, Johnathan will slip farther and farther away from every living. He had been many things to me, my consort, my warrior, and my love. I wouldn't couldn't, let him go.


And with my last breath we would both be dead.


(Okay, so I realize this sounds crazy and incoherent, but it is going to be part of some big story I thought of. This is going to be fun.

P.S. The new HoN book jus came out and it was fantastic.)

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Here's the song it was inspired by!!


nice plz post more
Awesome, loving it already. Read the new book, amazing!!!! Going to a signing on Monday.
lucky!!!!!!!!! :( I want to meet them!

I think it sounds awesome! I cant wait for more :)


Ps. Love the song <3

Pss. The book friggin rocked!!

If you need a co writer let me know!!!



I know, Mee toooo!

It was the best one so far in my opinion.

I will!


I love it, Minn!! Thank you!
lov it
thanks ^-^
Why havent you post on this yet?


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