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Okay, so here goes...
I got the idea for this story after watching the mini-series "Lost In Austen". If anyone doesn't know what the series is about here is a simple explenation: A girl switches place with Elizabeth Bennet from "Pride and Prejudice" and pretty much messes the story up. Then she has to make it right and everyone gets together with the ones they love. (END OF SUMMARY)

I guess you're now going to say something like "Is this just going to be a story copied from that storyline?"

Yes and no. Basically it's a girl entering the world of "Twilight" together with Bella, messing up the story-line, falling in love (though not with the person one would expect her to :P) and trying to get the story back on track so she can return home again.
But then again, would she want to leave the one she loves? Even if it was to go back 'home'? Or is the world of "Twilight" really where she belongs?



This book cover was made by me ^^


Both banners by the amazing Andra Lee from ☮The Banner Group☮ :D Seriously check out her shop now! xD

Please tell me what you think and if it's a story you'd like to read. :)

Peace out

P.S. Updates might be a bit slow, since I tend to write lengthly chapters;P & I'm an artist on "Twilight Fantasy Graphics" and I have a Banner discussion I regularly take orders from.

So as you can see, I actually shouldn't have time for this but somehow I actually manage to squeeze in writing in my calendar ;P




Chapter 1: Closets

Chapter 2: Fictional Characters

Chapter 3: Sleepovers

Chapter 4: A New World

Chapter 5: Meeting Charlie

Chapter 6: Forks High School


Outtakes: Katherine's Last Letter

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Please guys, I need to know if this is worth continuing!
So worth it!!!
Thank you Jasmine :)
'I shall begin right away!' :P lol
Wow.... that's different..
U should continue I'm curious...
Thanks for your comment :) I will try to write the first chapter now :)
Thanks :) The first chapter is on it's way :D
Inside A Book

Chapter 1: Closets

It was like any other day before it. I was sitting in my room, making my homework, eating a sandwich. Everything seemed perfect, except that I was bored to tears.

I wanted to read instead of doing my math homework. Who needed math anyway, It wasn't like I was going to need it for anything else than handle my money.

I sighed, put the pen away and buried my head in my hands. Sometimes I wish my life could just be like that of a character in a book, I thought. Life should be so much easier for me then.

I shook my head, while a smile broke through my lips. Kathrine, you're fantasizing again! What wouldn't mom say to that? It made me sigh again, and I pushed the chair back and got out of my seat. If I already was distracted I saw no point in delaying the invertible anymore. My feet guided me in the direction of the bookshelf - first thing to my left - and I ran my hands over each and every treasured book I owned. There was Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Edgar Allan Poe - and last but not least my favorite series - Twilight.

I had no idea what drew me in about the story, but I guessed it was how the author had written it and how Edward's and Bella's love evolved into something more beautiful than I, as a simple human, could understand. That was why I was yearning so much for the fairytales to be true, for a prince on a white horse to come and just sweep me off my feet and onto his saddled horse...

Whoa there Kath! You've got a boyfriend, remember? I sighed - for the about millionth time that evening - as I remembered him. He was good looking, and probably a real good catch with his blond-streaked hair and blue eyes. He even had a slight tan and a body that would make every girl at school swoon.

I did smile a little as I thought about him, but recent event's made the smile disappear almost as soon as it had come. Jack had tried to take me on a romantic date, and it had ended as the worst possible joke I had ever experienced. Of course as any other girl, I had expected him to be polite and romantic, but definitely that had been too much to expect.

My head started to lean against the shelf after I had taken out the book that I wanted to read, "Twilight", but thinking about Jack just ruined my mood. And as if that hadn't been enough, I heard the familiar tune of my cellphone, whenever Jack tried to call me.

I seriously thought about just letting it ring and having him think I wasn't home, but of course he wouldn't fall for that. Although Jack was unromantic, it didn't mean that he was necessarily stupid. He just wanted to be 'macho'.

Against my better judgment I went to my bedside table and answered the phone.

"Kath are you there?" His husky and attractive voice asked. My eyes darted to the book now lying on my bed, and I seriously wished he would make this quick so I could just read.

"What do you want Jack?" I asked, and I was genuinely surprised by how tired and void of emotion my voice sounded.

"Whoa there, sweetheart! Don't go emo on me just yet!" he joked, but I couldn't see the funny side of it. Actually it started to irritate me that he could make fun of my mental state - he who was my boyfriend, who was supposed to love me and encourage me, was making fun of me instead of asking if I was alright!

I felt the threatening tears in my eyes long before they fell down across my cheeks. He's not Edward Cullen, I reminded myself. No man is. You just have to accept what you've got and work with it from there.


I didn't want this, and I certainly didn't want to be called by Jack in the middle of the night, where I wanted to be alone. So all I did in answer to his joke, was hang up and turn off the phone. Hopefully he would get the message then.

It made me think about if I even still loved Jack the same way I did when we first met, and I realized that I had gotten over my girlish crush on him long ago. In fact, since reading "Twilight".

I sighed again. Maybe I was going emo. But if I was I'd do it with a smile, so I forced a smile upon my face as I lifted "Twilight" from my bed and lay down.

"Now where was I..." I mumbled to myself as I tried to find the passage where I had last left Bella waiting...

- "I said it would be better if we weren't friends, not that I didn't want to be."
"Oh, thanks, now that's all cleared up." Heavy sarcasm. I realized I had stopped walking again. We were under the shelter of the cafeteria roof now, so I could more easily look at his face. Which certainly didn't help my clarity of thought.

"It would be more ... prudent of you not to be my friend," he explained. "But I'm tired of trying to stay away from you, Bella."
His eyes were gloriously intense as he uttered that last sentence, his voice was smoldering. I couldn't remember how to breathe." - (Twilight - page 72; lines 1 to 11)

Well I certainly wouldn't be able to either, I thought and an amused smile spread on my lips. Oh, just read on! Another part of me thought, while wondering about what might happen next, even though I already knew.

- "Will you go with me to Seattle?" he asked, still intense.
I couldn't speak yet, so I just nodded.
He smiled briefly, and then his face became serious.

"You really should stay away from me," I read out loud. "I'll see you in-"

But I never finished the sentence. I was distracted by a noise coming from the closet on the other side of my room. For a moment I was scared to death and I felt my heart beat frantically inside my chest. Then I heard the muffled 'ows' and 'uffs' and realized that it was probably only my younger sister, Joanna, who was trying to play a prank on me.

"You can get out of the closet now Joe!" I called and went back to my book. But I didn't notice the words on the page, as I was waiting for the handle of my closet to turn and for my sister to walk out and stick her tongue out at me.

She never did.

At first it unnerved me, and I called for her to get out once more. This time the sound turned quiet, and I was sure I had goosebumps all over my arms.

"Joe?" I called again, but there was no answer. Reluctantly I made my way towards the door of my closet, and lightly touched the door handle. You can do this, I chided myself. You're strong and brave! Which then reminded me that Jack was currently 'borrowing' my baseball bat. I was so going to kill him later, if I survived this.

My mind prepared itself for what might be behind the door, while I took a deep breath to calm myself. Then I quickly opened the door and turned on the closet lights.

The sight that met me was not at all what I had been expecting. In front of me stood a girl, not much taller than me, with long brown hair and deep, brown eyes. I somehow got the feeling I had seen her before...

"Um, hi," she said in a shy voice. "I'm Bella-"

"Swan," I interrupted, while feeling my knees starting to tremble. "I know that." It felt like someone had just elbowed me in the gut.

Her expression turned curious and confused at the same time, while she started to ask, "How did you-"

But I never got to hear the end of the question as my knees failed to hold me upright and the world turned black...
I know this was a bit short but I was in a hurry for bed(hope you won't notice in my writing :p lol) and there are probably some grammatical errors, due to the fact that I'm Danish, not English, which means that English isn't my first language.
If you by chance find any mistakes please tell me, so I can correct them for later drafts of the story :) It means a lot to me if some of you would take the time to correct me and teach me to get better at this amazing language :) It makes me want to give a hug and a cookie to everyone who has (and hopefully will) review this story in the future :D You guys are awesome! :D

Peace out ~
Minnie :D
I like it :)
Glad you do :) Am working on the second chapter :)
lov it


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