The Twilight Saga

Okay, so here goes...
I got the idea for this story after watching the mini-series "Lost In Austen". If anyone doesn't know what the series is about here is a simple explenation: A girl switches place with Elizabeth Bennet from "Pride and Prejudice" and pretty much messes the story up. Then she has to make it right and everyone gets together with the ones they love. (END OF SUMMARY)

I guess you're now going to say something like "Is this just going to be a story copied from that storyline?"

Yes and no. Basically it's a girl entering the world of "Twilight" together with Bella, messing up the story-line, falling in love (though not with the person one would expect her to :P) and trying to get the story back on track so she can return home again.
But then again, would she want to leave the one she loves? Even if it was to go back 'home'? Or is the world of "Twilight" really where she belongs?



This book cover was made by me ^^


Both banners by the amazing Andra Lee from ☮The Banner Group☮ :D Seriously check out her shop now! xD

Please tell me what you think and if it's a story you'd like to read. :)

Peace out

P.S. Updates might be a bit slow, since I tend to write lengthly chapters;P & I'm an artist on "Twilight Fantasy Graphics" and I have a Banner discussion I regularly take orders from.

So as you can see, I actually shouldn't have time for this but somehow I actually manage to squeeze in writing in my calendar ;P




Chapter 1: Closets

Chapter 2: Fictional Characters

Chapter 3: Sleepovers

Chapter 4: A New World

Chapter 5: Meeting Charlie

Chapter 6: Forks High School


Outtakes: Katherine's Last Letter

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I beg to differ! xD
(differ = my word of the day ;P)

German isn't too hard when you know what you're doing (and have the right one to teach you ;P) 


I can only agree with that :) Atrocious - sounds so fancy xP


Me too! :D

I like to call it "My Inner-eye Film" ;P (You know a book is a hit when it has the ability to do that ^___^)

This is really great! I'm really sorry to hear about your aunt, and I hope she gets better soon.

The potato chips made me laugh and crave them, so I have to go out to the store to buy some. -pout-.

Why didn't I see this until now?? xP

(That's what you get for being so active on TFG xD)


Aww thanks so much for your comment!! I'm so glad you like my story!! :D

My aunt is better now btw - she has been to two family birthdays already :D


xD That made me want some too!! ;P (But I couldn't go to the store at the time I was writing this ;P)


More will come soon, I just need to finish the next chapter completely :)


Hi, I'm back again and hopefully with a new chapter soon! :D

(Thanks to Abby for her inspirational comments! Those are the ones making me come back and finish this story! :D)


I am very sorry for not writing anything for so long on this one, I will update as soon as I can (hopefully this weekend if I'm lucky) :D

I just want to warn you beforehand that my real updates might be of the slower kind, since I like to write such long chapters. I hope you all won't mind though - I'll try to make the chapters extra long because of the wait ;P

Take care everyone!!


post more soon plz!

Hi everyone! :)

I'm sorry for being absent once again, and I would explain further if I wasn't in a rush to go to bed and sleep ;P (It's about 2 AM where I am xP)

All I wanted to say was that I might have a chapter up tomorrow or the day after that since I don't want the mods to close down this discussion.


That was all for now, but rest assured, I'm back for good now ;)


See ya! xD


that was 1 yr. 6 months and 6 min ago!

what are you going to do?

if you have posted something that answers my question i haven't seen it and sorry.

if not then can you PM me plz?


- Blacklight1798 -



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