The Twilight Saga

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Part One: Glimpse

It was mid-January and the sleepy town of Forks in upstate Washington was blanketed in a heavy sheet of sparkling white snow. Fat wet snowflakes were still falling gracefully from the clear grey sky overhead as the sun slowly sank, preparing itself to meet the western horizon in a brilliant red-gold kiss. As the sunlight waned, the temperature plummeted steadily. Any creature in its right mind would be holed up somewhere safe and warm. One being deep in the forest surrounding the La Push reservation was decidedly not in her right mind.

The tall, lithe form of the grey wolf moved easily across the top layer of deep snow, her heavy paws preventing her from sinking into its cold depths. The she-wolf’s vivid gold eyes surveyed the landscape before her with little interest but she picked up her pace to a steady trot as she entered the forest. Leah Clearwater wanted to get as far away from her pack as possible. It was unlikely that any of the others would be wandering around in wolf form, but even so she wanted to be sure that any possible mental contact was broken and that she was completely alone. She needed to be alone.

Leah came to a halt next to a snow-laden log, ears pricked and listening. When it appeared that the coast was clear, she shook off her wolf form like a mantle. Even without her fur, she was only vaguely aware of the cold. She stood naked in the middle of the forest and it was amazing that the tiny snowflakes didn’t steam as they melted against her hot skin. For several seconds she merely stood where she was at, trying very hard to keep her composure. Even as her now human feet were sinking into the snow, she could feel her heart sink with them. At last, she sank down onto the log, ignoring the chill that crept up her bare backside, and buried her face in her hands.

It had been over a year since Renesmee was born and she’d suffered with this thought for over a year; more than a year of hearing Jacob’s thoughts about the child; more than a year of Sam trying to get her to rejoin the old pack, calling her “Lee-lee” in the hopes that she would come crawling back. She had gotten over Sam a long time ago. She had thought that Jacob would be the one to heal her heart completely as she had genuinely cared about him and she had thought that he had felt the same way. She quelled the sob rising in her throat with a deep breath. Leah hated the Cullens but she had agreed to run away with Jacob and Seth under the excuse that she wanted to protect her brother. In reality, she wanted to show Jacob how much she cared about him, how she’d protect the very creatures she despised, all for him.

And then Renesmee came into the world. Instead of destroying the foul child as he had intended, Jacob had imprinted on it. Imprinted! How could this have happened? How could she have lost the two men she cared most about to something so ridiculous? She couldn’t go back to Sam because she couldn’t stand seeing him happy with Emily. She also couldn’t take much more of hearing Jacob thinking about Renesmee all the time. It was just too much for her heart to handle. Was it possible to break the spell of an imprint? Was it possible to show Jacob that she, Leah, was better for him than Renesmee? She knew she was being cruel and selfish with these thoughts but, in her mind, nature was cruel and selfish. Was imprinting itself not cruel and selfish? Wasn’t it selfish for nature to disregard the true feelings of the creatures involved and force feelings on them that they would not have otherwise?

Leah got to her feet as a low growl rose in her chest. She was determined now. She wanted to show Jacob how much she loved him, to show him that the power of her true feelings could be more powerful than any damned imprint. Perhaps this obsession and determination was Leah’s own brand of imprinting. Perhaps her desire to show him how she truly felt was a sign that they really were meant to be together. Why couldn’t he see that? What if he had been falling for Leah before he saw Renesmee? What if, deep down, he still wanted her? The idea was more than a little farfetched but Leah ran with it. She needed him to understand that her heartbreak with Sam and Jacob’s heartbreak with Bella was what would bring them together. Screw imprinting! Forget Renesmee!

Leah phased quickly and set off through the forest at a sprint. She was going to get Jacob to understand, to see the truth. She had to. There was no one else out there for her. She needed him. She was barely aware of the pads of her slim grey paws hitting the snow lightly as she ran. It was getting late and she needed to get back before anyone realized she had gone. It seemed like ages before she finally reached the edge of the wood and slowed to a walk, her pink tongue lolling out of her parted jaws as she panted. She took a few steps away from the trees when a sound caught her attention.

The noise of a twig cracking behind her made her freeze on the spot. Hackles raised and lips curled back in a snarl, the she-wolf turned to peer into the trees. It was very dark now and very little moonlight filtered through the bare branches of the naked trees. She couldn’t see the body of whatever it was but she could see two bright orange, lamp-like eyes staring back at her. An uncertain growl rose in her but died in her throat. She didn’t know what this creature was but she felt a sense of comfort at its presence, a heat deep inside like a flower of fire blooming in her stomach to warm every inch of her body. The eyes blinked and disappeared.

A little unnerved, Leah retreated a few steps before turning again towards La Push and taking off at top-speed across the snow. She didn’t look back. She didn’t want to know what that thing was. She wanted to get back home and snuggle down in her bed. She should never have left in the first place. Jacob wasn’t out here in the forest.

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that was brillant!!!!! i love it, please write more!!!!!!!


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