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So this is a new idea I have been thinking about a lot lately; that I'm going to test out. The way this works is I will post chunks a of a story and then leave it at a cliff hanger, with a few different options for what you want to see happen next, the option with the most votes wins and that is the path the story will take. Hopefully you're still with as the reader will be able to decide what POV the story will be told through, if 'they go in that room' or 'if they take the leap and kiss their crush' and hopefully this will be as fun and active as it should be if it goes well I will defiantly do more like this.

Story Summary to New To Town; This is the story of Vampire girl with the ability to hide her sent and blend in, the girl she is hunting, and the wolf girl hunting her. When all three wonder into forks everything gets out of control when the wolves and possibly the Cullens get involved. Where the story goes from there is up to you.
New OC Characters.
(These are characters I made up, they belong to me, if you like them or the idea behind them and wish to use them Let me know in the comments and send me a link so I can read your story.

Character's Name: Maribel Terrence
(Name Pronounced Mary-Bell)
Role in story: Wolf Hunting Stella
Age Fifteen
Background:Maribel was the runt of her pack back home; trying to prove her worth every time she had the chance. She followed Stella to forks hoping to catch her and earning the respect of her pack and protect the leaders Imprint Emma.
Character's Name: Stella Pellvon
Role In the story: Vampire Being Hunted.
Special Ability: Casting a Shade on herself hiding her true identity from Wolves and Humans.
Age: Eighteen (178)
Background: Stella is a vegetarian Vampire who has been avoiding Human blood for 98 years, with her mate Keller; when the two of them tried to pass through the territory of Maribel's pack Keller got killed by the wolves. Focused only on revenge now Stella is after the Imprint of the Alpha in the pack hoping to strike when she is visiting family in La Push/Forks.

Character's Name: Emma Howell
Role In The Story: Girl being Hunted
Background: Emma meet Marcello, the pack alpha, when they had a science class in middle school. She found out two years later he was wolf; and than three weeks after that she learned he had imprinted on her. When Marcello (Marc) told her of Stella's Plan to kill her, she was immediately sent to "Safety" with her family in Forks/La push. She wasn't exactly okay with being shipped off; and doesn't plan on lying low because her the wolves told her too.


This is where the Current Question will be posted, it will also be posted under each chapter.

Question #4 Who's POV do you want to read though in the next part? Emma? Maribel? Stella? Or someone new?

Questions and Chapters
Question#1 Should the Cullens Be Included in this story?
Part One-I Don't Like This
Question #2 Who do you want to be behind Maribel? Seth, Leah, or Jacob?
Part Two-Welcome To La Push
Question #3 Who's POV do you want to read though in the next part? Emma? Maribel? Stella? Or someone new?
Part Three- Home

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Yes, they should maybe come at the end somewhere to sort out all the mess, maybe have a few chapters of there p.o.v's just so they know that something wrong is going on.

I like that idea of having them come in toward the end and talk about what's been happening :) 

I like this :) Mhh I like the idea of the Wolf pack getting Involved-there could be some Vampire/Wolf tension between the pack and Stella if she got imprinted on :)

as for the Cullens, they might get involved :) I was thinking maybe one or two of them might get involved-before they were part of the Cullen family? Just an Idea :)

I did want to try and give Stella a small love story, but i'm not sure if I should match her with a wolf. We shall see though I have nothing planed so anything is possible :) 

Thank you guys for posting your ideas I am really excited to be doing this and I hope it goes well, I am posting the first Chunk of the story Tomorrow on Friday and this little project will officially begin then so here's hoping it goes well :)

[Marcello and Emma saying Goodbye]

POV →Emma
“I don’t like this.” Marcello was always trying to control the things I did based on his “wolfie claim” he had on me, “I don’t want to run away, this is my home I don’t want some leach to chase me out.” At this point me arguing with him was pointless, especially since we were at the airport, he had told my father about the vampire hunting me and I was being shipped off to the gloomy old la push to visit my grandmother. I was never really okay with anyone telling me what I had to do, Marcello knew this about me, he liked to remind me it was the thing he loved and hated most about me.
I know when the girl in the story meets her soul mate she lives happily ever after with him; knowing she will always have him to love her. I was not that kind of girl, being told the boy in my class who used to throw eraser chunks at me was now suddenly my soul mate wasn’t something I took well. That seems strange I know, but I don’t like the mystery being taken out of life, I always wanted to go out and fall love in some novel worthy way, not be told that this was the man of my dreams, by a pack of stay mutts.
Needless to say Marcello and I didn’t live happily ever after when I found out he imprinted on me. I took a lot of convincing to even consider being friends, and now that we are sort of together, he wants to ship me off like I’m some sort of piece of art that needs protecting. This wasn’t helping him with sweeping me off my feet; and he knew it.
“It’s just for a little while,” he was so hard to be mad at when he looked me the way he was right now, with an ‘I just worship you’ smile plastered on his face. “She’s really tricky, we can’t track her like we did her blood sucking complain. I know you don’t like this but it would destroy me if you were hurt.”
“You don’t think I could take care of myself?” I knew I was being silly with question, how would I defeat a Vampire, I wasn’t a wolf like Marcello and his pack. I just didn’t like this feeling of being helpless, a damsel in distress.
“I’m sure you could,” he teased moving a peace of hair from my face and tucking it behind me ear.
“Don’t be cute,” I laughed hitting him on his side.
“You have to go,” I know I protest about him being the one all the time, but I already missed him and he was only inches away right now. I guess I’m going to have to get over the face my fairytale would never make on the big screen, and be happy with what was. “Your plane will leave without you.”
I nodded slowly looking down at packing lot ground. I felt him pick my head up and give me one last kiss good bye before I had to leave him.

POV → Maribel
I had been running for what felt like days, but I had finally made it to La push. I had been humming stop songs in my head all through my run trying to keep the pack out of my head until I could make it here. I changed back to human form; I had been dragging a bag with me all the way here, just enough stuff for a few weeks, simple clothes, some cash for a place to stay plus food all I had to do now was not change and the pack would never know.
My pack was always treating me like I was too delicate to do the job of a wolf, it wasn’t even because I was a girl, they just thought I was too young for this. They wouldn’t let me go to any pack meetings, I wasn’t allowed to patrol the town with the others, and I would even get scolded for practicing quick changes. Marcello just says I have to wait until it is my turn to run; but I think they are all a bunch of hypocrites who were just like me a few years ago.
I started digging into my bag and getting dressed; I started with my oversized tee shirt first slipping my bra and underwear on under it and then dragging on my shorts, as I started to shake my hair out I turned around choking on my breath when I saw…

Question #2 Who do you want to be behind Maribel? Seth, Leah, or Jacob?

A/N: I hope you liked this part of the story I tried to give some insight into Emma and a little about her and Marcello as well as introduce Maribel. I hope you enjoyed reading it make sure to answer the question and I will post more soon.

This is interesting :) I wonder what will happen now.

I hope they get the Vampire that's after Emma.

As for the question either Seth or Jacob :)

Jake, i just dont know why, probably because he is the one i think who gets angry the quickest.

Paul's the biggest hot-head of the wolf pack Bella :) Jake does get angry fast at times, but Paul even faster 

Yes, i would have put paul but between jake, seth and leah i think jake. Yes leah is another but i dont know.

Leah's mostly misunderstood I think. She has it rough and bit angry because of what happened between Emily and Sam :)

Yes I know, Paul was not in the question list-I was just saying he's the most hot headed out of the wolf pack in general

I think Leah is just angry with her situation, then anything, which is why i thought it would be fun to use her behind Maribel. She would find a new girl wolf, after being the only one for a long time you know. 

But yeah I think Jake would be the quickest to get angry out of the three.

I'm glad you guys like the story so far :D 

I will update it on Tuesday if not Monday ♥


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