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So this is a new idea I have been thinking about a lot lately; that I'm going to test out. The way this works is I will post chunks a of a story and then leave it at a cliff hanger, with a few different options for what you want to see happen next, the option with the most votes wins and that is the path the story will take. Hopefully you're still with as the reader will be able to decide what POV the story will be told through, if 'they go in that room' or 'if they take the leap and kiss their crush' and hopefully this will be as fun and active as it should be if it goes well I will defiantly do more like this.

Story Summary to New To Town; This is the story of Vampire girl with the ability to hide her sent and blend in, the girl she is hunting, and the wolf girl hunting her. When all three wonder into forks everything gets out of control when the wolves and possibly the Cullens get involved. Where the story goes from there is up to you.
New OC Characters.
(These are characters I made up, they belong to me, if you like them or the idea behind them and wish to use them Let me know in the comments and send me a link so I can read your story.

Character's Name: Maribel Terrence
(Name Pronounced Mary-Bell)
Role in story: Wolf Hunting Stella
Age Fifteen
Background:Maribel was the runt of her pack back home; trying to prove her worth every time she had the chance. She followed Stella to forks hoping to catch her and earning the respect of her pack and protect the leaders Imprint Emma.
Character's Name: Stella Pellvon
Role In the story: Vampire Being Hunted.
Special Ability: Casting a Shade on herself hiding her true identity from Wolves and Humans.
Age: Eighteen (178)
Background: Stella is a vegetarian Vampire who has been avoiding Human blood for 98 years, with her mate Keller; when the two of them tried to pass through the territory of Maribel's pack Keller got killed by the wolves. Focused only on revenge now Stella is after the Imprint of the Alpha in the pack hoping to strike when she is visiting family in La Push/Forks.

Character's Name: Emma Howell
Role In The Story: Girl being Hunted
Background: Emma meet Marcello, the pack alpha, when they had a science class in middle school. She found out two years later he was wolf; and than three weeks after that she learned he had imprinted on her. When Marcello (Marc) told her of Stella's Plan to kill her, she was immediately sent to "Safety" with her family in Forks/La push. She wasn't exactly okay with being shipped off; and doesn't plan on lying low because her the wolves told her too.


This is where the Current Question will be posted, it will also be posted under each chapter.

Question #4 Who's POV do you want to read though in the next part? Emma? Maribel? Stella? Or someone new?

Questions and Chapters
Question#1 Should the Cullens Be Included in this story?
Part One-I Don't Like This
Question #2 Who do you want to be behind Maribel? Seth, Leah, or Jacob?
Part Two-Welcome To La Push
Question #3 Who's POV do you want to read though in the next part? Emma? Maribel? Stella? Or someone new?
Part Three- Home

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POV Maribel: I started digging into my bag and getting dressed; I started with my oversized tee shirt first slipping my bra and underwear on under it and then dragging on my shorts, as I started to shake my hair out I turned around choking on my breath when I saw, a boy standing behind me moving out of the trees toward me.
“Oh-” I picked up my duffel bag shifting my weight to me back leg as he got even closer. “How long were you standing there?”
“Long enough, that you being naked a few seconds ago wasn’t the surprising part,” his face was unreadable at the moment, I wasn’t sure if he was scared, or I should be. “Who-”
I made by break when he was looking down, probably trying to process seeing a wolf change into a girl before his eyes. I had heard stories of people who would hunt werewolves before and I wasn’t risking the chance he could be one of them. If I changed now the pack would know where I was and more importantly that I had already screwed up, but I didn’t get a chance to put on my shoes yet and the ground was rough on my feet.
I turned back to see if he was chasing me; what I saw instead was an empty space of where he had been. As I kept running I ran into something solid and soft in front of me, I hit it with such a force that it sent me back landing on my duffel bag. When I looked up I saw a large wolf in front of me, I could feel my eyes begin to widen as I looked into the rust wolf’s eyes.
My first thought was that someone from my pack had followed me here and was now going to drag me back home, but none of my pack was that color and the only one that size was Marcello. The next thought that crossed my mind was that this was a real wolf, and it had smelled me entering its territory, and now I was toast. Finally I realized though that he was changing before my eyes into the boy from the clearing, I felt my cheeks start to heat when he was almost done changing back, I covered my eyes and tossed him a pair of gym shorts from my bag, which he tossed back to me a few minutes later. When I looked up he had another pair of shorts on I hadn’t noticed he had, but he must have been carrying with him.
“So now that I have your attention,” he started, offering a hand to pull me up “Would you mind answering my questions?” I found myself a little lost for words, so I just took his hand and nodded my head.
“Who are you?” he started, but before he could let me answer the first question he hit me with a second one, “Are you from Sam’s Pack?”
“Um,” I shook my head watching his eyes study my face, “I don’t think so,”
“Where are you from?” He asked looking at my bag again. “Not from here I’m guessing.” I shook my head again, watching him get more and more distracted by his own thoughts to notice me looking past him at the other wolves hidden in the trees watching us.
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Huh?” I watched as he caught up to what I asked “Okay.”
“Are you going to hurt me?” I had heard a lot of stories about wolves and researched them as well I was worried this pack might be especially territorial of me being here, and it sounded like they were already having issues with a nearby pack.
POV → Emma
I got off the plane, hugging my bag close to me as I waited through the crowds off to the parking lot, we I got there I turned Air Plane mode off on my phone checking to see if my ride was here already. Just when I was going to send her a text I felt two arms come up behind me picking me up in a squeezing hug.
“Hey cuz!” Ryder laughed spinning me around twice be for putting me down. “Oh my gosh, are you shrinking?” he laughed taking my bag out of my hands.
“Emma look at you,” I smiled for my aunt Linda as she my me twirl for her, it had been a few years since I had been down her to visit her, or my grandmother. “You look so beautiful, and grown up.”
“Me,” I laughed pointing to Ryder again, “he’s a giant!”
“I’ve just been eating my greens and drinking milk,” he joked “It’s not my fault you’re just really short.”
“Stop teasing your cousin,” My aunt scolded hitting Ryder on the arm. “Help her with those bags and let’s get to the car before the rain starts in.”
“So tell me,” I whispered as me and Ryder trailed behind his mother to the car, “are you doing steroids or something? How are you this big?”
Ryder shrugged a little, “Genetics.” He suggested bumping into me, for what to him was lightly, but because he was way bigger then I was felt like being tackled. “Why are you so small, how old are you again six?”
“Shut up,” I laughed getting into the car. I had missed being here just a little, I won’t lie, and the reason behind my visit is what had upset me. I liked my family out here, my grandmother lived in a beautiful house, and when she started getting sick, my aunt and her two kids moved out here to help her out. Ryder and his sister Marley really weren’t so bad, Ryder was funny and Marley…well Marley wasn’t annoying.

When we got to the house Ryder took all my bags inside, running them in like they were marshmallows instead of three heavy bags of clothes. “Didn’t you pack anything Emma?” He laughed rubbing it in as he trotted inside.
“I will let you settle in sweetie,” my aunt said following Ryder in, “I am making you a treat for you first night here.” She smiled waiting for me to follow her in.
“I’m going to make a call out here,” I said taking my phone out of my pocket, “and maybe go for a walk down the road, to stretch out.”
“Okay, make sure you stay close by okay.” She smiled walking in and closing the door. The house was big and surrender by woods I really liked being out her with my headphones on, I hadn’t been out hiking a lot lately with all the Vampire drama, and it was nice to feel a little less watched.
Just when I was going to dial Marcello’s number, I saw a shadow lurking in the woods, just when I was going to run inside I noticed it was too large to be a person or a normal animal, I started to think maybe Marcello followed me out here, I decided to…

Question #3 What do You Want Emma To Do? 

Go Inside or Follow The Shadow, or something else?

A/N: Okay So I hope you guys are still liking the story, I am timing it for after breaking dawn, after the pack splits and Renesmee is born and all those things in case I didn't put that somewhere else. Thanks for reading :)

Wow..interesting :) Who is the wolf you decide to go for with Maribel? But confused lol

As for Emma...I'll say follow the shadow :)

Sorry I didn't answer this sooner, I went with Jake as the Wolf who talks to Maribel :) 

It's been a month since I added to this story oh goodness!  I have to fix that haha I shall update this soon 

Oh yeah...I wondered about that. I hope to see where the story goes :)


[Answer to #2 She follows the Shadow]
I decide to walk toward the shadow. Then I started to notice it was too small to be Marcello, it was a big shadow that was for sure but I had seen Marcello enough times in wolf form to know his was even bigger.

                If Marcello were here he would have dragged me inside kicking and screaming, claiming it was dangerous to go poking at shadows in the woods, but Marcello wasn’t here.

                Pulling my jacket closed I walked toward the woods trying to get a better look, but as soon as I stepped forward the shadow started to retreat into the woods. Okay go inside now. Definitely don’t follow it farther in, my common sense whispered in my ear, and for a moment I almost listened, until I saw a second shadow move along the ground following the first.

                I rushed forward into the trees moving along the parts of the ground that weren’t muddy from the rain, doing my best to no slide. Listening for some sign of the shadows I had followed in I heard loud bark come from farther into the woods, I had herd barks like that plenty of times when Marcello used to take me hunting with him. “It’s not enough to send me away, but now you’re going to pretend you didn’t follow me here…” I muttered to myself climbing over a big rock onto the small trail. When I got to the edge of the cliff I thought for sure I had lost trail but then I spotted a bush to the side with a small hole in it, just big enough they you could crawl through it but small enough that anyone who didn’t know what they were looking for would pass it by.  I dropped to my knees and crawled deep into the thicket and entered a small clearing on the hill. I smiled proudly as I dusted myself off, I had proven myself right this was a clear wolf hiding spot; the problem was it clearly wasn’t Marcello I had followed here. Whoever was using this spot had extra clothes pilled in a clear tub along with food and other random things. I did a quick scan of the clearing; the only exit was the thicket I had crawled in through, that or a cliff dive into the ocean. The wolves using this spot had clearly been here longer than a day; I had found the hiding place of a pack in La Push.

                I spun back to the bush; it was defiantly time to leave now. I jumped back when I saw three boys standing in front of my exit. I lost my balance and felt myself fall backwards toward the side that led to the ocean.  Luckily one of the boys grabbed my arm pulling me back from the edge, I felt my checks start to burn as I realized all three boys were shirtless and had to pull me very close because of how small the clearing was.

                “Sorry,” I said finally getting my footing back, “I didn’t mean to break in.”

                “You can’t break into a bush,” one of them remarked, he was clearly amused by the situation, the other two were not.

                “You’re Emma.” The tallest boy in the middle stated; I was sure I had never met him before. I knew La push wasn’t the biggest place, so it was possible I had meet him and just forgot, but I didn’t think that was the case.

                “Yes, do I know you?”

                “No,” the boy on the left answered, even though the question wasn’t for him.  He seemed on edge almost angry at me. I wanted to run around them, I knew the risks of being near wolves and though I trusted Marc and his pack, I didn’t know these wolves.

                “What are you doing out here Emma?” The taller boy asked, putting his hand on the angry boy’s shoulder, not so much to calm him but as more of a command. Alpha.

                “Hiking,” I watched as the alpha pushed the angry boy back as his nose twitched. “I was just about to go back to my Aunt’s.”

                “Jared will take you,” the alpha said pushing angry back away from the bush so I could get passed.  I was relieved to see that Jared was the amused on.  I nodded not wanting to argue with them while my back was too a cliff; I crawled back through the thicket no waiting for Jared as I started walking back to the house. It didn’t matter that I had a ten minute head start of the wolf he still was right by my side by the time we reached the road, wolf speed.

POV→ Stella

 “Don’t drop that,” I scolded the mover, as he carried in the last box full of my stuff. I had never liked to travel light; Keller was always the one who said settling down was too big of a hassle.

                “That’s everything” The manager of the moving crew announced handing me a sheet on a clip bored.

                “Great,” I smiled baring my teeth, “Now get out.”

                “You need to sign the paper,” he argued looking confused, they always do.

                “No I don’t,” I took the clip board in both hands snapping it in half and handing it back to him, “Now get out.”  He was about to say something else, when I handed him the purple envelope with cash in it. “Beat it.”

                “I was never here,” he nodded rushing out the door.

                I looked around my new place; it was a small little house off the side of the woods, just on the edge of Forks. The inside was dusty, the hard wood floors would need to be swept and mopped, the walls painted, and the windows replaced. Once I killed Emma, her mutt boyfriend would be coming after me, chasing the trail I would lay down for him later down to LA, while I sat in my new home.

                Served him right, a place like this had always been my dream. I always hoped Keller would surprise me one day with a place and tell me we were done with the running, but he couldn't give it up. Always said staying in one place too long brought on old memories he would rather not remember. Serves him right too, he never stayed in one spot long enough for us to have any sort of life together and now he doesn't have a life at all. I smashed my fist through one of the front windows; I don’t know who I was angrier at, the wolves or Keller. 

                Well it was time to head into town, I knew going when I wasn't fully focused would be risky; my powers could weaken and fail. In a town like Forks being a vampire wasn't safe, everyone had heard about the Cullen’s and their Wolf friends the last thing I needed was to me outed by another gang of mutts. That didn't mean I was going to just sit in this house until I calmed down though, I was in a mood to test fate. 

Question #4 Who's POV do you want to read though in the next part? Emma? Maribel? Stella? Or someone new?

A/N: Okay I kind of Rushed though Stella's POV and I feel like she might be too angry, but oh well, if I write through her next time I will keep her more clam.

Mhh interesting situations.

I wonder if the other two wolves were Jake and Sam?-Or maybe someone else :) I hope she will be okay, I honestly expected the shadow to be someone more dangerous and or an enemy not the wolves lol.

As for Stella, she does seem angry, but I guess it suits her since she's being hunted down and can't trust people.

I would like to hear from someone new :) 


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