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This story is about Bella and Edward after the Jasper incident in the beginning of New Moon. But Edward doesn't leave. There will also be Jacob later on. So don't worry Team Jacobers! Oh! And if you love Seth like I do, he will be here too! :]

As always, these are STEPHENIE MEYER'S characters. NOT my own, I don't intend to act like they are mine or publish it, it's all in good fun! So here it is..... Into the Nothing.


His black, red eyes bore into mine with the intensity I had never expected to see. He watched me like his prey. This was supposed to be the day I remembered forever, but for another reason.

I waited to make my move, I slowly shifted to see if this would be my end. He moved with me. I turned to run but there he remained in front of me. His mere strength would kill me, he wouldn’t need the speed.

Edward, I love you. I whispered to myself. I put my head in my hands and waited for the fatal blow. I wanted Edward to do it, but the decision was made.

Chapter One

I woke up in the morning and felt my arm instantly, I didn‘t open my eyes. It throbbed and ached from the stitches that were holding the skin together from my birthday instance with Jasper. It wasn’t his fault, I should’ve been more careful with the paper. I knew I couldn’t tell Edward any of that because it would just make him more angry. I continued to replay last night in my head. Carlise’s story of how Edward came to be. I tried to picture him with the emerald eyes Carlise said he once had but it wasn’t the Edward I knew so I gave up.

I finally opened my eyes to see Edward smiling softly, it wasn’t exactly a full smile but he was happier then last night. I looked at him curiously and returned the smile. I watched his face as he brought it to my own and kissed my cheek softly. “I’ll see you at school.” He whispered and ducked out the window.

I was surprised by his mood this morning, not at all how I had pictured it. He was happy and that put my mind at ease. He would get past this and so would everyone else.

Eventually I moved my achy body from the bed and walked to the bathroom for a shower. My hair was tattered from the sleep I had lost because of the pain. While I showered my arm was out in the open air that was steamy from the heat the water exudes. I stepped out minutes later and brushed my hair that remained knotted even after the long shower.

I got dressed and walked downstairs to the kitchen where Charlie sat drinking coffee and reading the paper. I smiled at the paper and continued to the counter where I poured a drink and sat with Charlie. “How’s that arm of yours?” His voice said from the other side.

I shrugged. Then realizing he couldn’t see the shrug I smiled to myself. “Better.” I lied, feeling another pang of pain.

“Well that’s good.” Charlie said and put down the paper. “I got to head to the station. See you tonight.” He said softly and got his coat.

“Yeah.” I replied awkwardly. I took some more of my drink and heard the car leave. I looked at the clock and seeing the time I rinsed out my cup and walked to my truck, new stereo and all, to go to Forks High School.

I arrived and there was a parking spot waiting for me beside Edward’s Volvo. Before I could get my hand on the handle he opened it gently for me. I smiled and stepped out of my old truck that was perfect for me, although everyone else didn’t see what I saw in it. I got up on my tip-toes to kiss his lips and he returned it. Once he pushed me away as he always did I looked around for Alice but couldn’t find her.

“Bella!” Alice’s voice sang from behind me.

She startled me and it was obvious that that’s what her intention was. I turned and smiled at my best friend. “Hey Alice. Uh, is Jasper alright yet?” I felt Edward stiffen beside me but I ignored it. “I really wish things hadn’t happened the way they did. I’m sorry, will you please tell him?” I asked kindly. I didn’t want my ‘brother’ to be upset, with himself because he was newest and he can’t help it. My arm didn’t even really… Never mind. The pain reclaimed my mind and was mostly all I could think about.

“It’s okay Bella.. But I will tell him. He is mostly anger that he can’t control himself as we all can. He feels weak.” Alice said softly. “But he is home..” She smiled, obviously excited that her true love was back to where he was supposed to be.

“We better get to class.” Edward interjected. I nodded and hugged Alice quickly then returned to Edward’s side, his hand taking mine. We walked to our class and sat in the back as usual. My friends had distanced themselves from us now that we were together. I wasn’t asked out by Mike, Eric, or Tyler anymore, they just left me be.

I listened to the blabber of teacher after teacher, soon, the day was complete and we met up with Alice again who talked about my terrible taste in clothing for the millionth time this week. I held onto Edward, staying close so his cold touch would cool my burning arm. He walked me to his car and helped me in.

“Are you coming over?” I asked sitting up a bit higher then his eyes because I was in the truck. His face watched me intently and then smiled my crooked smile.

“Alice wants you over to our house… She’s screaming in my head… So is that okay, love?” He laughed.

“Yes.” I leaned down to kiss his lips and he met me half way. I eventually got to into the kiss and he pulled me away, I pouted in reply.

“You have no idea, how hard it is for me… So can you at least try to contain yourself for my own sake?” Edward smiled and kissed me quickly. “And please. Stay away from Jasper tonight.”

“No, I need to say something… I need to apologize.” I said quickly.

Edward sighed and began rubbing his temples, his bright smile fading quickly. “No.” He said sternly.

“I am going to whether you like it or not.” I said trying to sound strong but usually I didn’t win the arguments where my life was in danger, but this time I knew it wasn’t.

“Bella, we aren’t talking about this. Please, just listen.” Edward cautioned.

“Sure, sure.” I said not intending on listening.

“You’re going to talk to him anyway, aren’t you?” Edward asked, now a bit more anger in his tone.

“Yep.” I smirked and shut the door. I turned the keys in the ignition and began the drive back to Charlie’s empty home.

I drove into the driveway already seeing Edward’s car there. I smiled and got out, when I reached the door Edward opened it for me. Usually I would be wondering how he got in my house, but then again I wondered that a lot. He smiled and took my hand and sat me down at the kitchen table.

“Please?” He begged, desperation filling his voice.

“I have to talk to Jasper, I can tell that Jasper isn’t alright. And I’m the only one that can make it better.” I said sadly.

“Then you’re not going over.” Edward demanded.

“I don’t need your car and I will visit with Alice.” I smiled.

He thought for a moment. “Can I be there when you talk?” He compromised.

“Fine. But please. Let me say what I need to.” I replied.

“Fine and thank you Bella.” Edward said. “I love you.”

“I’ll always love you.” I nodded. I stood and grab some paper to write Charlie a note so he would know where I was. When I was finished Edward and I walked to the car and drove in silence to the massive Cullen’s home. The home was beautiful as usual and the glass glimmered from the raindrops that had fallen on them. Edward escorted me into the house and upstairs to where Esme told us Jasper and Alice were. I knocked quietly on their door.

“Come in.” A weak voice said. I stepped in and immediately the words I wanted to say were going back and forth in my head.

“Hi. Jasper I just wanted to say that--” I was cut off mid-sentence by Alice.

“They are coming. Ten of them? The sun is shining. The baseball field? Bella. Why, why her? Stop!” Alice said looking into the air. A vision and I am in it? Why?

“Who is it Alice?” Jasper whined.

“The Volturi.” Edward and Alice recited together.

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