The Twilight Saga

Bella is from New York and Edward is from London. They meet up when both there buisness is dealing with each other. They first meet in Toronto and since the first minute they meet they dislike each other. They won't reveal there true feelings for each other in till its too late.


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Chapter 8
I waited before I entered the living room where my parents were. I don’t know why I was so afraid to go in. I feel like a teenager sneaking in from a party the next morning and getting caught. I opened the door and walked in closing it. My mother Renee hugged me tightly planting a kiss on my cheek. She let go and gave me a nod to go talk to my father. He sat on the couch.
“Dad?” He looked up at me slowly.
“Bella. Get on with what you would like to tell me.”
“I’m sure you know that there is rumours going around that Jacob Black and I our dating. Were not, but Emmet said I should come back and let everything cool down.”
“What does that boy know.”
“Everything because he’s your favourite.”
“Bella don’t start with me.” He said getting angry.
“Don’t worry I’m leaving, you won’t see me. You won’t have to. If you didn’t want me to be in New York with you then you could have said so. You and Emmet are a lot alike. Either of you can be a man considering the fact that you never taught him.”
“Bella where would you be if you didn’t have me?”
“Right here with Renee.”
“Is that right, she lives with me so I can decide that.”
“I didn’t come here to bother you, just to tell you the truth. I have a place to stay.”
“With Emmet?”
“No, I fell in love with someone that cares for me more then anyone.”
“Really? Why isn’t he here? I would love to meet him. What’s his name?”
“Edward Cullen.” He smiled back at my mother.
“That guy that quit our project.” I nodded not saying anything.
“I see Bella, but where are you going to end up staying?”
“I’m leaving New York.”
“Bella where are you staying. I’m worried considering the fact that you have terrible taste in man and that you have no friend to stay with.”
“Bye mom.” She hugged me and I gave her my number on a piece of paper. I didn’t look back for one second. I headed off to my next destination… Where ever that might be.

Alice point of view.

“Hey Jasper how has Emmett been for the past couple of weeks?”
“He’s stressed out. Not only about work, but Bella. He doesn’t know where she is and his parents don’t know either.”
“I haven’t told you something.” He nodded his head for me to continue. “ I’ve been talking to Bella for the past couple of weeks.”
“That’s great, Emmet’s going to be happy.”
“Listen I can’t tell him. Bella made me promise not to tell anyone and here I am telling you.”
“Do you know where she is?”
“Yeah we talked today. She said she was still in London and I’m guessing she might be with Edward.”
“At least she’s with someone.” I nodded my head drying the dishes.
“I was thinking of asking Bella to come to my get together next week.” He stopped washing the dishes and looked at me.
“Do you think Bella wants to come back?” I shook my head putting the towel down, sitting down at the counter. I leaned my head into my hands covering my eyes trying to hold back the tears.
“Alice? Come on, you invite Bella and Edward and I’m sure they will consider it.” He sat down beside me pulling me towards him.
“Yeah your right. I’m going to call them.” I got up grabbed my phone and went into the bedroom. The phone rang twice before Bella picked up.
“Alice what’s wrong?” she asked in a worried voice.
“Nothing why?”
“Because your calling early in the morning?”
“Yeah sorry Bella. I was wondering if you could make it back in time for Saturday?”
“Go back to Toronto? Why?” I heasitated for a second before answering.
“I wanted to invite you to a get together. It’s my birthday.” It was silent over the phone before I heard a sigh.
“A small get together. With your friends?”
“Yes and that’s all I want from you. You don’t have to get me anything, just please come.”
“Yeah, of course, I’ll try and get there Wednesday.”
“Sounds great and Bella do you mind asking Edward to come?”
“Umm I haven’t talked to him in weeks.”
“Oh well since I thought you were in London you would be with Edward.”
“No, sorry Alice, but I’ll see you soon, so be prepared for me to just arrive.”
“Okay thanks Alice bye.” She hung up leaving me on the phone thinking about what she’s doing in London if she’s not with Edward.

hope you guys like it srry i havent updated school and all has kept me busyy sooo ill hopefully update soon
loved it
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i loved it
I loved this chapter.I can't wait for more!
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