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Bella is from New York and Edward is from London. They meet up when both there buisness is dealing with each other. They first meet in Toronto and since the first minute they meet they dislike each other. They won't reveal there true feelings for each other in till its too late.


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heysz guy i think your in for s shock towards the ending of this chapter :) i hope you guys enjoy and ill try to post the next chapter, but i have exams and culminating that i still haven't finished so yea... hope you guys like


Chapter 10

I felt embarrassed as he saw us break apart. He quickly closed the door and I sat up on the sink. Jacob Black always at wrong moments.

“I am screwed Edward.” He didn’t speak and continued looking down.

“I’m sorry.” He quickly said opening the door. I closed it shut with my back and looked at him.

“Edward, I think we need to talk.” He looked up at me and closed his eyes.

“We can’t be together.” I said quickly regretting the words as soon as they came out.

“Maybe we shouldn’t for a while. Your back and I don’t want to ruin that for you and then people thinking about us being together when I come back.” I was shocked as he continued to speak.

“Your coming back?”

“Yes, I’m coming back. I am actually already living here.”

“And I didn’t know?”

“You didn’t know that because I try my best to stay out of the magazines Bella.”
“What are you saying, that I enjoy all this attention?”
“Not necessarily, buy I saw that picture of you and Jacob Black I was hoping I didn’t have to bring anything up tonight.”
“You were going to bring it up anyways.” I opened the door and left. I put my sweater back on and sat beside Rosalie. She smiled at me.

“Bella you have something red on your neck.” I quickly pulled up my sweater so it hid the red mark.

“Yea… Where’s Emmet?” I asked changing the subject. It was too late she knew what happened.

“Who’s the guy that was all over you?” I blushed as she pointed towards random people. She pointed to a guy with his back facing us talking to Emmet. I couldn’t see who it was, but soon Emmet spotted us and strolled towards us with… EDWARD. I blushed a deep red. Rosalie laughed.

“You and Edward. That’s great Bella, I’m so happy especially with him back. You and him together for the winter. He can keep you warm.” He came closer smiling at me. I grabbed Rosalie’s elbow to make sure she didn’t continue talking.

“Were going to be getting back soon and Edward offered for you to stay at his place, remember that place you guys were sharing for a while? The extra room is free and you can both ride together to the office.” Whoa, where did this idea come out of?

“Rosalie and I were thinking of spending more time together and staying at her place.” I said quickly.

“No Bella you go ahead, Emmet and I are fine at home and we can always spend time together after work.” I looked at Rosalie giving her an angry look. I didn’t want them actually knowing the truth about Edward and me. So I agreed and an hour later we arrived back to Toronto. I congratulated Alice and Jasper once again. I said bye to Emmet and Rosalie. I walked toward Edward he was waiting by his car. He held the door open for me and made his way around to the driver’s side. He slipped in and drove off.

“I heard about the fight between you your brother and the parents.” I looked away thinking of that memory. I nodded my head because I knew if I talked I would cry.

“Where were you all this time?” I looked towards him and as he turned to face me, he grabbed my hand.

“I was in London.” He seemed surprised and smiled.

“You should have called me; I would have invited you to my place.”

“Yeah thanks, but I guess it’s too late.”

“Never too late for you.” I blushed and felt cold.

“Is kind of cold Edward.” He turned up the heat.

“Its fine, so what brings you back to Toronto?”
“Alice’s birthday and to be honest you.” I smiled and seemed confused why he would come back for me.

“You knew I was coming?”
“Of course, you think Alice doesn’t tell me everything. She demanded I come and win your heart over.”

“From whom are you going to win my heart over? No ones in love with me.”

“Bella if you only knew. I’m just one of the many people that love you.” He said he loved me. I didn’t say anything and neither did him realizing what he said. We got to the condo and he carried his suitcase into the main room. I went into the kitchen to see if there was any food. Nothing.

“Bella,” I walked out into the living room, “you did all of this.” He was looking around in the living room, after they left Rosalie made me the favour of waiting for the things I ordered. The couches and the tables and dining table. The main room looked amazing and I knew it would.

“You can sleep in this room.” This bed had originally supposed to be for both of us.”

“I’m the guest and this is your room.”

“It’s yours too. It wouldn’t be right sleeping without you.”

“Sorry that’s not how I meant it.” I laughed.

“I know Edward don’t worry.” I laughed even harder as he put his hand through his hair and was grinning. We stood there for a while not knowing what to do.

“It’s big enough for the both of us.” I said and went to turn on the T.V. to make it less awkward.

“Edward you don’t mind if I go get food do us.”

“In fact I’ll take you.” We took the car and got a whole bunch of groceries. We arrived back home and started to make dinner. We laughed and had a fun time making dinner. I mad macaroni and cheese and he made fries. I served both of us and we sat down at the breakfast table taking in the view of Toronto. I tried some fries and almost puked.

“Edward these fries are terrible sorry, too must salt and a little under cooked.” He laughed.

“Well your macaroni and cheese isn’t any better and I like the fries.”

“You’re crazy my macaroni and cheese is amazing, it’s probably the best ever.”

“Yeah well so are my fries.”
“Says who?” He shrugged and brushed it off.

“The truth Edward what are you doing back in Toronto?”

“I’m getting back on board with Emmet and there is another project that it almost done.” I nodded.

“Tell me about it.” He looked a little hesitant.

“Well it’s a small restaurant that was originally supposed to be a hotel.”

“Oh wow that’s great. Is it done?” He smiled.

“Well I’m actually having the grand opening this Friday and I was wondering would you be interested in joining me.”

“That sounds like fun; I haven’t gone out in a while.”

“Everyone will be there.” I nodded and looked done at my phone that started to ring. It was Jacob Black, I let it ring.

“Aren’t you going to answer that?”
“No.” He reached for my phone before I could stop him he answered. He put on the worried face he always wore. I shook my hands in front of me motioning for him to not give it to me.

“I am sleeping.” I said in a whisper. Edward listened and hung up.

“He said it was an emergency for you to call him back.”

“Did he sound worried?”
“Yes, nervous would be a better word.” I got up and grabbed my phone.

“You don’t mind if I call him back do you?”

“Not at all, I’m actually going to take a shower.” He got up and thanked me for the macaroni and cheese. I waited for hi to get to the room before calling back Jacob Black.

“Bella! We might have a problem?”

“Yeah and what problem.”
“Apparently you’re pregnant with my kid?” I didn’t speak, I couldn’t move.

“I have to go Jacob, but we should just leave the problem. It will clear up.” I turned my phone off and went into the room. I took out my pyjamas and put them on. I surf the channels in till I stopped on the news. I sat there watching the breaking news of a house on fire. Edward came out and walked by me a couple of times.

“Are you looking for something?” I asked him.

“My pyjama pants.” I got up and looked under his pillow there they were. I pulled them out and threw them at Edward who was standing in the middle of the room with boxers. He came and sat on the bed and turned to look at me.

“If you don’t mind me asking but what was Jacob Black so worried about?”

“I’m pregnant.” He looked at me with hurtful eyes.

“You’re pregnant with him?” He looked down.

“Edward I would never have…”

“Bella! You’re pregnant with HIM! How—why would you?” He yelled at me and cursed under his breath. Tears rolled down my eyes.

“I didn’t!” He waited for me to continue.

“I’m pregnant with you!” He didn’t say anything. I turned away from him so I was lying facing the wall.

“Bella I didn’t mean to yell at you. I just would never imagine you and him.” He put his hand on top of my arm and moved closer to me. I was now lying on my back facing him. He put his hand on my stomach.

“We should go see a doctor. Tomorrow. Bella how long have you known for?”
“I found out last week and you’re the only person I have ever been with.”
“Why did you drink at Alice’s party if you knew?” Tears flowed down my face again.

“I don’t know.”

“When were you planning on telling me?”

“I don’t know, I’m stupid and I make dumb choices.” He kissed my head and I cuddled into his chest.

“Bella you have to take care of yourself. I know about your eating disorder.”

“I’m sorry Edward, but I needed you and I couldn’t sleep without you. And I couldn’t eat.” He rubbed my arms.

“Edward I’m sorry I got you into this mess, I can leave and no one needs to know about this.” I pointed to my stomach.

“Bella this is our child. I would never say no to my own child. I love you Bella and nothing can change that. You’re pregnant and I’m extremely happy to be having a baby with you because I love you.” I was token back by that, even if he had said it many times before, but I was happy.

“I always loved you Edward.”

“Now we can relax and I’ll make an appointment with a doctor. I promise you everything will be okay Bella.” I nodded and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you for being here Edward.” He smiled and I closed my eyes becoming tired again.

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its nice ... i lik it :)
Awww, so sweet...Love it!!!
love it

New Reader!  I love it but am a little confused how did she get pregnant if it has been three years since they seen each other or did I miss something.  Sorry if I missed something I really do love the story

that was awesome!!!!! update soon

it has been way to loong PLLLLLEEEEEAAASSSEEE UPDATE SOON! =)


AWSOME chapter....keep on going plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (:


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