The Twilight Saga

My own version of jaspers story introducing his sister jemma, his parents, sindey volturi and daphne volturi. If you would like to use them you must ask my permission as they belongs to me and so does the plot. The rest belongs to stephenie. Thank you and i hope you enjoy
Chapter one:
It was dark. I could hear jasper upstairs being shouted at by mother. My name is jemma whitlock and i am fortunate enough to be the sister of jasper whitlock.i could hear her now. Barking off at him. One day i would get back at her for doing this. Kicking me off onto the street and torturing my lovely brother. The shouting soon stopped and i could faintly see my brother sliding down the drianpipe to come to me. He did that. Every night he would bring food and comfort me. I loved him and i would never lose him. Not to my mother, not to anyone. "Dont worry jem. She has always been like that and you know it. Im used to it now so dont worry." He carried on letting me cry into him as he kissed me and went back. I had told himright at the start not to stay long as father liked to go to sleep early and would always check on jasper before going to bed. "Goodnight my jemma. Sleep well and dont worry. I will always be here for you." I gave hima quick kiss, said goodnight and he was climbing up the drainpipe. Back to his bedroom.
Id lived through another day of this. Stayying outside and living on the streets while people stared and pitied me but they never did anything about it as mother and father were both highly ranked in the community. This day went quicker than the rest but i would never forget it. I would never forget it. The worst day of my life. It was noon and my cruel parents had gone out and were due back at eight. Jasper insisted that he did not want to go so he was ordered to tidy the kitchen like a slave. I went inside to help him and soon enough we were finished. It was seven so we still had one hour together. Jasper hugged me close and held me there whispering to me that he loved me and vowed that he would get me off the streets. I whisperd back that i loved him as well but nothing else as i didnt have anything to get myself off the streets never mind him. He went in the kitchen to take the cake out the oven. I traced his face as he sat me down. If we were ever seperated i would recall his face. He cut me a slice. "Eat up. You must be hungry. Ill smuggle some for you tonight." He said to me. " ill try to saty awake." I mumbled, yawning. "Youre not sleeping?" He asked me worriedly. "Its fine jazz. I am sleeping but its those damn owls. Tooting away.!!" I told him. "I wish i could do something to help you jem." He sighed. " you already have. You are the best brother anyone could have." I said, leaning into him. Little did i know that my whole life would change with the next two musical notes. DING DONG! Jasper rushed up and ushered me to the stairs in case it was mothers freinds come to pry. "Hello" i heard jasper say but the next voice wasnt what i was expecting. "Yes, yes. Of course. O i must introduce myself. I am alec volturi and this is my sister jane. We are here from italy and we have some very greiving news to share with you" this voice sounded like flowers dancing but the next was like birds singing. "Your parents have died. Unfortunately, they were killed on their way home. We are your new guardians for the time being." Jasper looked stricken for the moment. He couldnt move and our new guardians could see that.i came to stand next to him and i noticed that their eyes were blood red, their faces pale white and their dress code, black. "Hello, you must be siblings just as me and alec are." " yes." I replied smiling. "Shouldnt the death of your parents be of loss or sadness?" Alec asked. "Yes but we didnt like our parents so we are glad to be of rid of them" jasper said. " come in." They walked in and sat down.
I watched in awe and amazement as jasper took our dinner out of the oven. I didnt know he could do that yet he was jasper. He could do anything. The door opened as our guardians came in. "Would you like dinner?" Jasper asked but the reply, as usual, was no. They never ate and they never told us why i would find out one day. Me and jazz sat down. Again as usual, alec sat as close to me as possible, almost touching, and jane did the same to jasper. "Why do you sit so close and why do your eyes change colour!?" I blurted. A blush was clearly visible. Why did i do that? It was rude and icould see it on their faces. "We do not wear contacts. Why do you ask? Is there something wrong?" Finally a reply from alec. Usually it was jane who asked the question. I wasnt going to waaste this oppurtunity and neither was jasper." Because they are red as they are now, soon they will darken and after you go somewhere and come back they turn red again. Implying that you are either wearing red or black contacts." Jasper told them. Wow he could be so formal at times." Aro think they are ready to be told as sindey has seen their gifts coming at a sooner time if we decide to tell them now." Jane confered. "He has? Well then there is no point disobeying aro's orders" replied alec. "Children. Do not be frightened. You must promise. Everything is fine and we were not sent here to harm,more to protect you. You are special to our master, aro so you will be told what we are." Jane said. I was going to stay quiet during this even though i was as confused as a baby animal. I had no idea what they were talking about. Alec continued,"we are vampires though as my sister said we will not hurt you. We belong to the volturi, a coven, a little like a family, who enforce the law in the vampire world. We kill anyone who we think is a threat to giving away the secret of vampires. Our eyes darken once we are hungry. Whenever we go out, we hunt, fill our thirst, and come back as you are precious to our leader and we were instructed not to harm you inany way." Woah, infrmation overload. And i dint know alec could talk that much."but why arent yoy supposed to harm us i mean were not special and were human?" I asked. "In our coven their is a vampire named sindey. He has the ability to rad the future. He saw you becoming members of the volturi so our master said we must not let anyone hurt you. That is why we are her." Jane told us. Things were starting to make sense now. The day went on and soon i was in bed. Jasper didnt let me sleep on thefloor and i didnt want to sleep in our parents bed so i shared a bed with jasper. "Everything will be alright, once were together forever. Thats all i want jemma. You. Noone else." I heard this before i fell asleep.
Breakfast. Jane wasnt her as she had to go back to volterra for a few days. Jasper had to go out and buy more food and he would be back after lunch. Sk it was just me and alec. Me and alec. Me and alec. "Tell me. Why are you so attractive?" What!!!! Nobody had ever called me attractive. "Ermmmmm what do you mean?" I asked. "You smell so nice and your attitude is that which i like. You attract me through yourself, not through your scent. I have seen it on others. Love. But i dont feel for you as much. Tell me." I could feel a small blush coming on. " not quite sure. I dont feel for you either, not much anyway." "Though you have completely denied it i do not hink it is what you agree too." "I dont know. We're just feeinds, ok!!!" I snapped. "Yes, i understand."He replied calmly. I could see a little unhappiness in his voice but he covered it up quickly. I looked at him. He was quite good looking though i should never let myself think that. Jasper was who i loved though he was my brother. The conversation dropped as i cleared up. This was going to be a long day i thought. I sat down and picked up uncle toms cabin. A book published in 1852. It was now 1858 so about 6 years ago. Not long i thought to myself. I got comfy and started. The book was about anti slavery and laid the foundations for the civil war. Such a boring book but i has to get my mind off the earlier conversation. "Do you like that book?" Alec asked, looking at me. "No." I replied reluctantly. The shorter the reply the shorter the conversation. "I dont believe i have read that book though it dosent look as good as others." He laughed, the voice ringing in my ears like a tuneful bell. I just stared. He read books. He read books. OH! I didnt think he would be that kind of personbut i guess he was. "Is there a problem with the book i choose!?" I snapped again. What was this snapping buisness? "No, but it tells a lot about you." He said. "What, that im anti slaveryand i like learning about wars?" I laughed. He laughed too. Such a beautiful sound, i thought again, but not everything was as beautiful as that. I looked towards the door as a newspaper was posted through it and saw the gruesome headline. BLOOD SPLATTERS AT THE ABANDONED MUESUM. "Blood splatters?" I asked. "Hmmm nothing to worry about as theirr are no vampires in the area. It must have been some crazy human." He told me. Now, as much as i like being human i had to agree that someone had to be crazy to leave blood splatters on the wall. But this wasnt the end of this blood scenario.
Jasper had come home a few minutes ago when another newspaper slided its way down the door. "MURDER AT THE OLD PUB." The title read. "Two murders in a day!" I exclaimed in hororr."no, one was uesterday and one today." Jasper told me holding up and pointing to the date of both newspapers. "But you have to do something. I mean people are dying!" I looked plaedingly at alec but he just shook his head. "Are only buisness is vampires who will give away our secret not humans who want to kill others." He just stared at me, his eyes boring into mine. "It seems like a killer working by themselves killing people at abandoned places but we have to wait and see. Detectives have been calle din to investigate at the mueseum tomorrow." Jasper read aloud. Tomorrow, i thougt to myself. I had to wait and be patient. I would go and see for myself but in secret. Alec and jazz would both try to stop me. The auestion was how would i get past alec. He was a vampire snd from what he had told us he could see, hear and move better than humans. It was goingto be tough. Dinner was on the table as i plucked at my food. "Your not eating." Jasper told me. "Just these murders. INNOCENT people being killed," i said with emphsis on the innocent, glaring at alec. "Im not going to do anything and you know that jemma. You cant force me and i wont let you so eat up and then i can go hunting." Alec said with the same hardness. I thought about what he said about being attracted to me and knew this was all just a cover up. He didnt want jasper to know and neither did i. But why did it hurt me when he talked to me like that? I stared at him not seeing any expression on his face. How could he like me but he had said it. It intrigued me and i had to find out more. "Jem..........." Jasper urged. "Sorry, yes i know. Staring is rude." I felt bad for making jasper angry at me. Alec and jasper couldnt live in my world in the same time. What was i talking about, i didnt like alec but i was still going to question him. "If this makes you feel better i will go hunting early tomorroew and stop by at the investigation to find any trace of vampires, ok" alec said. Grrr..... Now i couldnt go myself. It would just have to wait. "Yes, tht would be great."i told him keast he was doing something to help.

The next day i waited by the dooras alec came down. "Going somewhere?" I asked. "Yes hunting, then after that the investigation scene." He replied, pushing past me to the door. "Like that?" I scoffed. He might have been a vampire but he still looked liked one and that totally wasnt tthe style. I mean it was 1858!!! "If there is something wrong with my clothing people will just have to ignore me or die." He answered. I gritted my teeth. I hoped people wouldnt stare. Not because i liked them just because there had already been too many murders already. "Fine,but im coming to the investigation." I spluttered. God, what was it with me around alec. "NO!!!" All that niceness had gone. Wait, what! No alec wasnt nice i had to stop myself from thinking otherwise. He was outside and away in under a second. I wanted to go to the site but he would smell my scent and anyhow i dont thjnk he would lie to me not after that cknversation anyway. I had to trust him, it was the only way. I went inside as jasper came down. He hugged me. "Jemma.......jemma. im sorry. I didnt want this to happen. Im sorry." He cried. I looked at him. He was mine and j loved him too. I hugged him back. This wasnt like any of the other hugs it was different. As if he would never let me go. I wished it would go on and on forever but it didnt. Not until we heard, "TOO RIGHT YOU SHOULD BE GREAVING, BUT WITH YOUR SISTER OF ALL PEOPLE!!!!!I WOULD HAVE THOUGT BETTER OF YOU JASPER WHITLOCK!!!!!!" The old women cried. Shs stompsd off bjt not before slamming the door shut. "ill ask alec to sort her out when he gets back. Talking about that i sant some fresh air. Would you like to come?" "Ys!" I replied eagerly.

CHAPTER SIX: Wed been walking for a good half hour and were on our way back. We passed thr market and were nearly home when geuss who would arrive but alec. "What are you doing here!?" He exclaimed angrily. This bought some attention to passersby but they didnt ask any questions. "We thought we would go for a walk." Replied jasper. I couldnt contain myself so i blurted out, "What did you find out." Now this did catch some peoples attention so they turned to stare at me and the older ones tutted angrily shaking their heads. His voice turned affectionate as he looked back fromthe people to me. I could definetley feel a blush coming on, i mean in front of jasper, he must have been out of his mind. If anything was going to happen between us which involved the word love it has best not be in front of my brother. "There was nothing. Not a trace of any scent. No need to worry." He said and with a flourish ussered us to walk home. "So how was your walk?" He asked. Me and jasper just stared at him. Who was this because alec, the one we knew anyway, was not this polite. "Ermmm.......fine." Jasper replied. Alec laughed then. Beautiful sound. And i wasnt the only one to think that. "My, what a beautiful laugh. Are you taking care of the siblings?" Someone asked. "Yes, me and my sister but she is away at the moment." We carried on walking and when we got home alec told us, "i need t go back to volterra. I have some buisness to attend to. Daphne volturi will come to take care of you." Little did i know daphne volturi will want more of me than just my company


she had arrived a few minutes ago but it took her days to get here. i thought vampires were supposed to be fats. anyway i wasnt going t ask her that. She had bright blonde hair and a perfect round face. she wore the same dress code of black and looked absolutely beautiful. 'So you must be the whitlocks. I have heard so many great things about you two. So beautiful and obviously very precious and sindey has said that you will become great volturi members." She said his name like he was the best person in the world and i geuss to her he was just like alec was to me. "ALEC!!!" I screamed!! "ALEC!" Why would i think of alec. Foul, stubborn and hateful alec. And everything stopped then, eventhe world, i swear. I remembered the time when me and jasper jad taken a walk in the park and how affectionate he had been to me. Now, i could definetely feel a blush coming on. "Jem? Are you alright. What about alec?" Jasper asked, stealing a quick glance at daphne who had obviously heard even though she was examinig the staircase. "Nothing, im sorry jazz. Everything is fine." I said. That night i woke up, screaming. Jazz was by my side in an instant and so was daphne. "Jemma! Jemma!" Jasper cried as daphne examined me though she probably would have known if anything was wrong with me. "Everything is fine. Just a nightmare. Its common in humans isnt it jasper? Oh poor jemma. Maybe we should get her walmed up or do something about her. I mean, that screaming might attract nosey people." She told jasper talking if i wasnt there and it annoyed me. "SHE is right here!" I shouted realizing by the look on her face that she wasnt forgiving like alec. Instead she slapped me. HARD. Not like i-will-start-bleeding hard but hard enough to hurt. "Dont irritate me unless you wnt to die!" She shouted back. "Now jasper make sure your sister gets some good nights sleep." She kissed me then, her lips cold as ice and then did the same to jasper. He winced and i guess she moticed but didnt mention it as she walked off, probably to go hunting. Actually she was going hunting. What was it with me and probably this and probably that. "I want alec back." I sobbed not caring what jasper thought but he agreed with me and as i leant into his chest i fell asleep. CHAPTER EIGHT: Weeks passed and we were still under daphnes care. One thing i realised was she liked me more than jasper. But something was wrong and i couldnt put my finger on it. I mean you woudnt change your mind about jasper that easkiy after calling him beautiful and precious on the day of her arrival. She treated me like a princess, no, no a queen and jasper like a slave and i hated her for that. At least and least alec..alec....alec...alec! God what was it with me and alec. There, you see i said it again. Grrr. Daphne would go out hunting staying for a long period of time then maybe just a few minutes. And everyday there would be a newspaper telling us of some tragic death and like i said before something was wrong. Seriously wrong. Day by day the deaths per day increased and i coudnt help but ask at the dinner table, "When will alec be back?" "Hell be here tomorrow and sindey will come a few weeks after. I will stay but will be out most of the day so you will have alec to yoursleves." Great. No i mean great(!) No i mean... I dont know what i mean. I looked at jasper then. My jasper wonderful jasper and coudnt help but wonder that alec coudnt livein my world no matter what. "Jasper i hear there are some mew stalls being put up in the market and they need a kind and trusting boy to go help and i thought of you. Would you like to go?" Daphne asked suddenly. Well obviously, shes a vampire, she would here everything! I could see jazz wavering at this but eventually smiled and said, "id love to." And off he went saying goodbye as he went. "Now jemma i was thinking we should go to that old arena where the latest murders have happened. Alec tells me that you want to make sure there arent any vampires doing anything there, besides there is an investigation party." She told me leading me towards the door. CHAPTER NINE: I walked with her to the arena which was just on the outskirts of town. Everyone i saw, or should i say every man i saw, was eyeing daphne up but she didnt really seem to care but i knew she'd noticed. After all she was a vampire. I was intrigued by this beautiful but deadly woman standing next to me and coudnt help but envy her as i asked, "how did you come to be?" I was going to rephrase the question but she seemed to understand. "Well, i was taking a walk in the park when i saw purple smoke coming just on the perimeter of the woods. I thought it was witchcraft but i as i ran i saw sindey. I remember thinking he was the most brautiful man i had evr seen. He saw me then and ran towards me. I was scared at first but then he changed me, whispering sweet nothings in my ear as he did so." She told me. I thought of that conversation when alec had asked me why i was so attractive and i wondered if their love was like a magnet or if it was just the type of person they were with. She laughed then but this was different. Not like alecs beautiful and made-to-calm laugh but the one of i-will-kill-you-if-you-get-on-the-wrong-side-of-me. That made me wonder then. Was her love for sindey true or was it something she did just to use him? I opted for option number two but if so then what was she using him for? CHAPTER TEN: We went inside as the darkness closed around us. "Where is the investigation going to take place. Are we early?" I asked, just a little bit worried. "Yes, maybe we're early." She replied looking around as if someone was hiding. "Jemma...jemma. I coudnt help notice on the way here how alec emphasised to look after you well. Funny really. I should think he was joking but he wasnt. You do know that alec and jasper cant live in the same world as you?" She laughed. Id been thunking about this for a long time and didnt really like it to be said out loud. Daphne turned around and laughed."sindey, so good you could make it." Out of the shadows atepped a man. He sort of looked like jasper, same lips, same nose, same hair colour. But obnviously we wernet related. "Oh jemma, your just like your father arent you?" She asked me. My eyes went wide open as i shouted, "I am nothing like my father!" Father was kinder than mother but wasnt so kind as to argue against my staying outside, so yes i was nothing like my father. Daphne laughed, "Your just like you father," she said again, "She is just like you sindey dont you think?" They both laughed. "Well yes, i geuss she is." I coudnt breathe, he did look like jasper because he was his father and mine. But......what......wait......i was so confused. "But what about..." I started but daphne cut me off. "Your supposedly father was just a dummy created by me and your mother, well she was made to think he was your father, that way not knowing of the vampire world." Daphne told me. "Dummy?" I asked, getiing confuser by the second. "Yes, daphne here can put people into a sort of trance and make them do whatever she wants them to." His voice was clear and elegant as he spoke. "Yes..." Daphne cooed as she locked her arms around his waist. "Yes." Sindey said as he allowed her to do so. But sindey didnt see the menacing glare as she tightened her grip. He didnt see the sly smile on her face as she said, "Dont worry sindey, ill tell your son." Talking about jasper. "You mean we." Sindey corrected. "Yes.......we." Daphne said, obviously distracted. "Jemma. Say goodbye to your father." She cavkled. The next seconds felt like forever. The first second i lunged forwrd, screaming, realising what she was going to do. The next second i saw daphne rip off sindeys limbs and chuck them on the floor. The last second i fell as she gathered up the body parts. But i didnt really see that part because my eyes were blurred with helpless tears. Though id only known him for a few minutes i had been thinking abojt the different things we could do together. But i geuss that wasnt to be. CHAPTER ELEVEN: "You used him! You used him like a dummy or what not! I hate you! I hate you!" I spat. I stood there looking like i was homeless, tears raining down my face. I couldnt wipe the memory of sindeys death, and probably would never be able to. "You hardly knew him, jemma. Why the tears. I mean he could have been anyone. You wouldnt have known.......and will never know. Oh he was good. A nice toy to suit my desires." She told me. "Alec. Dear alec. STUPID ALEC!!" She screamed the last words.i coudnt help but jump back. "Whers alec?" I asked, frantically looking around. "Dont worry he is back in volterra, sorting out a very big mess. Fortunately for me, that gives me enough time to lay out and finish my plan." She said. Now what ever her plan was i wasnt staying to find out so i leapt for the doors. But being a vampire daphne was there already. "Going somewhere?" She asked, smiling and cocking her head to the side. "Dont worry jemma. Alec. Lets talk about alec. You know he is well respected in the volturi. Very well respected. I wonder what would happen to the person who killed him?" She wondered, looking at me from the corner of her eye. "No......." I started. "Yes. I want to kill him but i could never get close enough to do any particular damage. That is why i am going to use you." She said, pointing at me. Could things get any worse!? CHAPTER TWELVE: I stared. I knew exactly what she was talking about. Me. Me killing alec. I coudnt do that even though i hated him. Ok...ok... I admit i do like him a little bit but i could never bring up the courrage to kill him. "No." I simply said. "No." I started crying. "You killed my parents didnt you?" I asked. "Well...yes i guess. I mean they werent of any use to me now so i had to." I just sat there to weak to do anything. "I wont kill alec. I wont kill anyone. I wont be your toy!" I shouted. "Really....hmmm well i see you are going to be hard to bargain with." Do i have to tell you she was being sarcastic? "Well what about this. If you dont agree to do what i tell you to do then i will tell aro that your brother murdered sindey." She said, obviously proud of this excuse but she had made a great faulty. I wasnt going to point that out. "HAHAHAHAHAH! You actually think aro would belkeve that! A petty human killing.......killing...." She coudnt stop laughing. Eventually when she did stop she said,"actually ill say little jasper whitlocks power has come and his power is strength. Aro is stupid enough to believe that." I started to protest but daphne was holding me down. "And now for the fireworks." She said.

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Yellow eyes!

Who could it be?

Chapter fifty:

I gasped in shock.

Who was this strange vampire?

it definitely wasn't Carlisle but maybe a friend, I didn't know.

I could tell he was waiting for me to approach him, for me to make the first move, but I couldn't.

I just stood transfixed, hoping he was braver than me.

"Jemma? is that you?" he asked, nearing closer and squinting his eyes as if he couldn't see.

Which was a bit stupid as he was a vampire, like me, thus being able to see far and wide.

But the most dear question was, how did he know my name?

only select few did.

The man looked similar to another that I knew but the name just wouldn't roll of my dad.

He moved, like lighting, towards my side and pulled me into an embrace.

I was shocked at first.

But his scent was the same as it was when he was human and I was stupid enough not to remember.

His name rolled of my tounge when I couldn't control myself.

Could it be Jasper?

"Jasper." I gasped.
I felt so stupid.
How could i not remeber.
My brother.
My everything.
He smiled, showing his amazingly white teeth. I smiled too. So this was what it felt like to be happy. To have what you want right at your fingertips, be able to reach out and grab it, but best of all you got to keep it. I knew i wasnt the luckiest person in the world....correction, luckiest vampire in the world but you have to enjoy the goodness when it comes.
"Youve eaten?" It wasnt a statement, more of a question.
I nodded though i could feel almost a pain in my throat.
It could wait.
I had better things to do.
"Come on. Lets take a run." Jasper told me but my pulse froze when i picked up a scent.
Ok, so i dont have a pulse so a better description would be i froze.
And so did jasper.
The scent wasnt exactly the same but it was similar.
But it couldnt be, i mean she was dead, i saw her dead.
My questions were answerredwhen out of the woods stepped a beautiful lady with flowing red hair, but the smile on her face made my blood turn cold, colder than it already was.

Oh no!  Why couldn't they just have this moment?

She let out a small tinkly laugh.
Almost like she was a fairy.
But my instincts told me she was anything but.
Jasper hissed barin pg his teeth.
I wouldnt actually like that behaviour from him but when the situation calls for it, the situtaion calls for it. And i knew for a fact the situation called for it.
"So you recognise me?" She laughed.
"Yes, we do actually. But remind me." Jasper said, his tone monotone.
"I am Daphne's sister, Dajana. Here for revenge. She was killed. I'm her sister. Do the math." She replied, her voice also monotone.
"It wasnt us who killed her." Jasper told her, his anger on the peak of erupting. But Dajana didnt care.
"I dont really care. She was sent after you. I'm here to finish the job." Dajana said, shrugging her shoulders.
She was putting on the innocent act but we knew better than to fall into her trap.

Sounds like trouble!  Does she also have abilities?

My mind was whirrin with endless possibilities of endless possibilities on how to kill her quickly.
My mind was also thinking about all the endless possibilities on how she could kill us.
And the worst thing?
I was really hungry.
I would have gone after her as soon as she started playing the innocent act but jasper being there was enough to stop me. All i wanted was to drink.
To have the warm taste of blood roll down my throat.
For my thirst to be quenched.
Even thinking about it made me snarl in anger.
Dajana let out a cackle at my immeadiate anger, thinking it was for her, thinkinshe was getting the attention she wanted.
If only she knew.
I guess i woukd have to tell her.

Newborn Jemma sounds fierce.  It might be a mistake to underestimate her, or does Dajana have other tricks up her sleeve?

"Im hungry." I said, quite casually if you ask me.
This only brought a laugh from Dajana.
I felt a nudge against my arm, jasper pushing me towards the woods.
I guess it was time to hunt.
So i did.
I ran as i felt the cool breeze rush past me and the trees seemed to move out my way, when, in reality, it was me who was dodging them.
I heard a deer drinking from a lake nearby and made that my goal.
I was there in no time, my speed never ceasing to amaze me.
I leapt through the air and bit it right where its pulse beat the strongest.
I didnt have time to think of what was happening where jasper was.
I would just have to ask him about that later.
The next few moments were one of the worst of my new life.
I had finished my first deer and was targeting my next when i was lifted up and swung over jaspers shoulders. It knocked the stamina out of me and, ashamed to admit this, but fell before he managed to catch me. He was running, the wind coursing its way throuh my lungs, my hair, everything.
There was nothing i couldnt see, hear or smell. This was an advantage. It felt like i owned all of this and there was noone to take it away from me.
Apart from dajana.
The main reason why we were running in the first place.
Reword that, the main reason we were counting our seconds of staying alive.


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