The Twilight Saga

(aro's pov)


"Bella sweatheart come down here there is some one i'd like you to met." i called my daughter in a low voice knowing she could hear me. the cullens had just arrived and i wanted to introduce them. i made me so happy knowing my old friends were visting.

bella  looked up at me with her wonderful brown eyes."yes daddy" i looked down at her without saying anything just thinking about how much she looks like her mother."i'd like you to meet some people." i said to her in the sweates way possible. then from out of nowere it started to rain inside. "bella what did i tell you about that." she looked down and said sorry. "i was just testing my power daddy." i looked down at her 4 year old face again and told her it was ok.



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really that part c*** later but i can tell u now ...bella is half human
cant really say if i like it yet not enough there but would love to see how it turns out either way plz keep me posted
i like it
i like it!
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww i luv it u have to continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bella POV

i knew wat my dady was doing. he wanted me to go with the cullens. he wants me to make them my new family. i hope hes not made at me for killing mommy. i mean it was years ago, but he really loved her. i didn't tell my dad about my new power because then he wud just want me around for my power. in 12 years i will be moving in with the cullens. i no everything about every cullen, i don't want to live with them. maybe i can make daddy change his mind. iknew i cud MAKE him do what i wanted but i didn't want to use that power yet.



"so Bella are you ready to me the cullens, they will be here in 1 hour,"

i new i was getting on her nerves about the cullens, but if she's going to marry Emmett one day i have to make sure she is okay with the family.


"yees daddy, can you please stop asking me about the cullens,yes im  happy to met them like you are, but can we pleeease talk about something else until later?"


"of course we can. how is your training with felix going?"

she didnt answer me just looked sad. i decided to leave it alown until later. i took her hand and hoped that my gift wud work on her. it didn't.


"they're here" i heard jane say in an angry voice. 



cant wait to read more

i love it plzz read my story add me as a friend
pls  write  more

(edwards POV)

i hated c****** to the volturi's home again. i understand everything that's susposed to happed emmett and bella, but she so....not right for him. i tell anyone that asks that they shouldn't be together.she's one of them. she has uncontrolable power, how can they be ment for eachother. as we walked in i hated i ever decided to cum along. i should have stayed home.


(Bella POV)

everyone took their places while the cullen were walking the halls to our home. i cud smell them. the only smell i liked was the one of alice. i knew it was her because to me she smelled like joy.


"Hello old friends" i heard my dad call

"hello Aro it's been so long since the last time we met" i heard Edward say from a distance.

as they walked i don't know y buy it seemed like i couldn't take my eyes off a cerent cullen.i haven't sean him in so  long he looks different, maybe even better than befor if that was possible.i smiled my best smile at him and he smiled back. i looked at his family and thought what it would be like to live with them and there beautiful son Jasper. i saw emmett look at me and i smiled but it wasn't a i like you smile it was a please stop looking at me smile. he droped his gaze and i felt like a thousand pound weight was off my back.

after the cullens and my dad finished their chat jane and i showed the cullens around. i found out a lot in that short time. that determined my fate with Jasper. i figured out that if i was going to be apart of jaspers life one day i wud need to be nice and learn his family. it's not just about him anymore. this was going to be a great.


who is bella going to be with it started off with emmett and now its jasper?


love it

love it!!


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