The Twilight Saga

(aro's pov)


"Bella sweatheart come down here there is some one i'd like you to met." i called my daughter in a low voice knowing she could hear me. the cullens had just arrived and i wanted to introduce them. i made me so happy knowing my old friends were visting.

bella  looked up at me with her wonderful brown eyes."yes daddy" i looked down at her without saying anything just thinking about how much she looks like her mother."i'd like you to meet some people." i said to her in the sweates way possible. then from out of nowere it started to rain inside. "bella what did i tell you about that." she looked down and said sorry. "i was just testing my power daddy." i looked down at her 4 year old face again and told her it was ok.



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aww!!! im glad tht works out!!
it's not over yet
love it keep me posted !! Great job april cullen!!!!
I love this story it is amazing. keep me updated

i love your story please update soon. 

post more love it

YES, YES, YES!!!!! (Bouncing around the house) Finally! Okay Okay so if Jasper and Bella are getting married and Edward and Alice are getting together that only leaves Emmett and Rosalie so whats going to happen between them? Will Rosalie end up back with Emmett or will they date someone else? What about that girl Nivia does she go with someone?

PleaseX2 Keep Me updated

EPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In Alice's voice)

More Please I love it. It is ealy ggod to see so far how things are turning

plz write more

(emmett POV)

ive finally figured it out. i am 100 percent and completely in love with isabella marie volturi. she is my everything and i will not lose her to jasper. we can all c that edward has given up on bella. thats a good thing. one down one to go.

"hey bella would you like to go see a movie or something.?"

"umm, sorry jasper and i made plans to go the book store. theres this new book out that i really wanna get."

"o.ok well i can take you. im sure jasper wont mind."

"thanks for the offer but i think jasper really ants to take me."

she walked away. she getting so big. she's almost 10 now soon she'll be older and realize that im the best for her.

(rose POv)

emmett is reall falling for bella. i thought he would gro out of it but i guess i was wrong. :-(


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