The Twilight Saga

;This is my 2nd fan ficiton, Its when Edward leaves Bella, And Instead of Bella Suffering she goes looking for him
Also Its Edwards Final Chance to Give Bella Her human Life she Deserves

b>Chapter 1
Bella Point Of View

Edward said he wanted to talk. Hes been acting weird for the past few days. Weird enough I haven't seen Alice in school of a while, or the rest of the Cullens for that matter. My breathing increased to a heavy hyperventalting.
Angela rubbed my back calming me down before anyone in history class had a chance to notice. I smiled at her.

I breathed deeply but quietly as my mind ran over what had happened in the past few days. A tiny scare on my finger reminded me everything.
It started with a papercut. A small slice of the finger. But yet?, a hard vampire.
Of course I wasn't mad a Jasper,-Of course it wasn't his fault. Jasper always tried his best with me, but I guess his animal side took over.

I jumped of my seat as the final bell rung for the end of school. Angela waved at me as Eric swopped her up from the chair and they left the classroom. They had been dated now for a while, just like Jessica and mike.

I got all my books together quietly. I left the room in a rushed manner. To fast in fact, as I fell walking out the door.
Of course a cold arm grabbed me softly by the waist and catching my book before they hit the ground. I looked up to see Edward. But his face was differenet, I blushed at him. For a split second his face fell but he fixed it again before he taugh I could notice.
"Hello", His voice wa soft but hard. I shovved my books in my back as he kept his hand on my back as we walked out of the school doors.

I went to walk over to the driver side of my truck when Edward stopped me,
"Why don't I drive love", Edward kissed my head as he opened the passenger door for me and lifted me in.

He didn't say anything the whole drive to my house. I stared out the window at all the trees passing me by at immense speeds.

Edward pulled in gracefulling into my muddy driveway. Charile wasn't home yet. I was kind of glad. Maybe this would give me time to talk to edward.
The door opened quickly and I jumped with the fright.
"Sorry", He mumbled as he lifted me out. He pulled me tight to his chest for a second. I moaned when he pushed me away a bit.
"What is it", I moved in close to him. Painting my body nicely to his. He smiled my favourite crooked smile, but it didn't reach his eyes.
"Come on", He said trying to drag me inside. I stopped him with my hand.
Edward looked at me confusedly. I ran my fingers up his coat and to his neck. I brushed my finger along his cold cheek.
"I love you" I whispered into hi ear as I leaned up to kiss him. He went to pull away.
"Edward, Please", He leaned down and his lips met mine for a second before he pulled away.
I sighed as he held my hand walking into the house.
He opened the door for me and helped me in the door.
I ran over to the sink and washed up some dishes. Edward leaned againt the counter staring at me. It made me feel nervous. My hand slipped a couple of the plates, Of course Edward noticed everytime. I dropped the plate and sighed. Something was up. I turned and faced Edward.
He knew.
"Whats wrong?", I asked not meeting his eyes.

Edward took my hand and lead me out to the forest. He pulled me up into his chest and cradled me there. I wrapped my arm tight around his neck breathing in his aroma.

Edward stopped dead and unwrapped my arm from his neck. He took a step back from me.
I started at him. Eagerly waiting for him to say something. My heart wa racing. I was terrifired. I wished he wouldn't stand that far away from me. His face looked broken. I was scared to think what my faced looked like.

He sighed deeply.
"Bella, We're leaving".

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Heres the rest of that Chapter

"Carlisle calls every now and then to see if we know where he is" So he wasn't with his family. He would be alone..possibly.
"I can see why he loves you. But why did he leave?", She asked.
I couldn't talk for a minute. I felt something cold run down my back. I realized it was Tanya's hand. It was so cold. Colder than I imagined.
"He taught he was putting me in danger". I admitted, Tanya nodded.

She stood up then. Her face fell a little.
"He never returned my love. I saw his face, that day he came up here after he first met you. I saw him change that day from the Edward I taught I had, to Yours". I wanted to play my ears. His name hurt to much.

Something clicked in her face.
She turned around at me and smiled bearing her deadly teeth. But I didn't feel scared. Even if they did look like James. Of Laurent's sneaky smile.
"I can call Carlisle". My heart began to thumb. She heard it and smiled. again.
"Would you like that?", She asked as I stood up and followed her to the kitchen. I just nodded my words would sound like a different language if I tried to talk.
She picked up the phone and her fingers dialed so fast I didn't even see the number.
"Its ringing". She smiled.
My heart sank when I heard a voice on the other end.
"Carlisle?" She asked confused.
"Oh Alice Hi", She laughed. Alice...Alice was on the other end of that phone. They were real this wasn't my imagination.
I listened as Tanya started of the conversation naturally.
"I'm just calling to say hi", She was smart, She wasn't going to let on I was here.
"I was wondering. I got Edwards scent around the house there a while ago. How's he doing". She smiled.
"Oh right" she answered then.
"I was just curious".
She spoke more faster then. I couldn't understand her.
"Yeah well I call again soon Alice", She said her goodbyes and hung up.

My heart bet so fast. This was it.
"They haven't seen him in a while". She whispered sadly.
"But Emmett comes across his trail every week or two". She smiled this time.
"Where are they?", I finally asked terrified by the answered.
"There in a small town in Tennessee called Pinedale" I froze. I had a location. I felt urgent to get up and go. So I stood up. But I didn't want to be rude.
"Thank you Tanya", I said with pure reason. But Tanya did look sad. It didn't matter if she went looking for him. He would never love her. But I had about a 30% chance.
I realized it would take a while to get there. But Jake, He would make it quicker I hoped.
"I hope you find him Bella", She smiled her brilliant smile again.
"I do to". I admitted..more than she would ever know.
She laughed then watching me.
"I can see your eager to go" She laughed again leading me towards the door. I was still holding the picture. I handed it back to her.
"Keep it".
"Don't you want it?", I asked.
"I think you need it more than I do. It hasn't brought me any happiness". She admitted sadly. She seemed so nice. Why did she suffered.
"Tanya, Like Edward told me, You are extremely beautiful inside and out. You deserve happiness everywhere you go". I might have over did it, but Tanya had given me everything I asked for and more.
Tanya smirked.
"Thank you Bella".
She laughed indifferently then.
"Maybe I'll do an Edward on it, And fall in love with a human". I could tell she was thinking more and more about it as I left. When I got to the door she stood beside me.
"JAKE!" I called his name into the forest.
"Your own personal dog" She laughed.
"More than you know". I held in my laughter. Shed laugh more if she new he was a real dog.
Jake came out of the woods then. His hair was all ruffled and his pants were dirty.
"Sure dresses like a dog". She laughed.
"She Hes taken your fancy", She said as Jake smiled his childish smile at me.
"I know", I whispered. She understood. She gave me a hug before she walked in a closed the door. She felt as hard as rock. I missed those hugs so much.

Jake came over and grabbed me. He quickly searched me.
"Jake I'm fine".
"What's that in your hand" He swiped the picture from my fingers.
"Shoot. Paper cut". I mumbled. I suddenly started to cry. I watched the blood ooze out of my index finger.
Tanya was at the door instantly.
"Its okay", Jake said.
"It was just a silly paper cut". Those words hurt so much more.
"Just a stupid paper cut". I heard his voice then. It had stayed with me. He chuckled.
Just a stupid paper cut He repeated. Edward vanished from my head then. Taking me with him. I fell to my knees. I sloshed in the wet snow. I hadn't noticed it was pouring down on me. Jake was partially covered in it.

Slowly again, my mind turned everything slow. In slow motion. Like before. This again was Edward proving his point. I saw Jakes hands release the picture. Slowly it fell with the snow. Jake looked scared for me. The picture rolled in the air before it fell inches away from my legs that I had pulled tight against my torso.
Even more painful was what happened next.
"B e l l a", Jake spread out my name. Tanya ran to his side. Even in slow motion she ran fast. She grabbed his hand before it touched me. Slowly she pulled him back away from me.

Tanya directed Jake attention to what my eyes were fixated on. The picture.
"Please forget me" Edward begged me.

"That's not possible?", Jake asked Tanya. He was glaring at the picture.
I looked at him once, then back down on the picture,- where only one half of it was covered in snow. The half Edward was on. Leaving me standing alone in the picture. Forever awkward and Forever alone.
"Get her inside", Tanya whispered.

why did every thing go in slow mo
One half of the picture of edward and bella was covered in Snow, so edward in the pciture was covered in snow, showing Bella all alone, like how she feels

everything went in slow mo, because things are more dramitic in slow mo Don't ya think :P
Oh man talk about a relapse of her catatonic state she was in before.
Yeah Thats what I was trying to aim for :L, Haha Haven't heard the word catatonic in ages :P Niceeee
great chapter post more soon please
I'll try of course :)
But since a hella lot of funny movies are randomly comming out, I'll be in the cinema alot more, That might me longer waits for updates.
Like the proposals comming out and That trailer on youtube was so funny
loved it!!! this is my fav. fanfic by far!!! and i've read alot of them lol... this is amazingly good!!! LOVE IT LOVEIT.... please add me... and keep my updated...WRITE ASAP PLEASE!!
This is a wonderful story, wow I can feel the intensity and passion there with Jacob and also the pain and realization that goes along with it... I'm guessing that at some point you are going to indicate that Bella was successful in leading Victoria away from LaPush...I really appreciate Tanya in this story and I am so intrigued to read what's going to happen when the rest of the Denali coven return... hopefully there won't be any issues with Jacob, I also have a suspicion as to what they are going to say about the scene in the snow, but I'll impatienty await more...
Hmm I like New readers :), About the Intensitys, its regualar depends on my mood wheter I actually write good, I have my doutbs about my writing so therefore I would have a bad chapter :L, I honestly for a second forgot about Victoria :S, But yeah I'll mention it in the next Chapter.
I will be mention the rest of the denali clan, Once I remember there names :O I have serious bad memory :L.
And you can bet Jake will be an annoyance XD
I'll try get more up soon :)
Loved this Chapter a lot. You are infact an Amazzing writer. Better than alot of people on this website. Oh and btw The Denali clan people are Tanya, eleazar, Carmen Kate, Irina, I think thats them all. Not possitvie.
I like JAKE AND BELLA, In this story. He comes off annoying in the rest of the sotrys but They seemed good together here.
Hope they stay together, But they can't cause it is a new moon fan fiction xo


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