The Twilight Saga

;This is my 2nd fan ficiton, Its when Edward leaves Bella, And Instead of Bella Suffering she goes looking for him
Also Its Edwards Final Chance to Give Bella Her human Life she Deserves

b>Chapter 1
Bella Point Of View

Edward said he wanted to talk. Hes been acting weird for the past few days. Weird enough I haven't seen Alice in school of a while, or the rest of the Cullens for that matter. My breathing increased to a heavy hyperventalting.
Angela rubbed my back calming me down before anyone in history class had a chance to notice. I smiled at her.

I breathed deeply but quietly as my mind ran over what had happened in the past few days. A tiny scare on my finger reminded me everything.
It started with a papercut. A small slice of the finger. But yet?, a hard vampire.
Of course I wasn't mad a Jasper,-Of course it wasn't his fault. Jasper always tried his best with me, but I guess his animal side took over.

I jumped of my seat as the final bell rung for the end of school. Angela waved at me as Eric swopped her up from the chair and they left the classroom. They had been dated now for a while, just like Jessica and mike.

I got all my books together quietly. I left the room in a rushed manner. To fast in fact, as I fell walking out the door.
Of course a cold arm grabbed me softly by the waist and catching my book before they hit the ground. I looked up to see Edward. But his face was differenet, I blushed at him. For a split second his face fell but he fixed it again before he taugh I could notice.
"Hello", His voice wa soft but hard. I shovved my books in my back as he kept his hand on my back as we walked out of the school doors.

I went to walk over to the driver side of my truck when Edward stopped me,
"Why don't I drive love", Edward kissed my head as he opened the passenger door for me and lifted me in.

He didn't say anything the whole drive to my house. I stared out the window at all the trees passing me by at immense speeds.

Edward pulled in gracefulling into my muddy driveway. Charile wasn't home yet. I was kind of glad. Maybe this would give me time to talk to edward.
The door opened quickly and I jumped with the fright.
"Sorry", He mumbled as he lifted me out. He pulled me tight to his chest for a second. I moaned when he pushed me away a bit.
"What is it", I moved in close to him. Painting my body nicely to his. He smiled my favourite crooked smile, but it didn't reach his eyes.
"Come on", He said trying to drag me inside. I stopped him with my hand.
Edward looked at me confusedly. I ran my fingers up his coat and to his neck. I brushed my finger along his cold cheek.
"I love you" I whispered into hi ear as I leaned up to kiss him. He went to pull away.
"Edward, Please", He leaned down and his lips met mine for a second before he pulled away.
I sighed as he held my hand walking into the house.
He opened the door for me and helped me in the door.
I ran over to the sink and washed up some dishes. Edward leaned againt the counter staring at me. It made me feel nervous. My hand slipped a couple of the plates, Of course Edward noticed everytime. I dropped the plate and sighed. Something was up. I turned and faced Edward.
He knew.
"Whats wrong?", I asked not meeting his eyes.

Edward took my hand and lead me out to the forest. He pulled me up into his chest and cradled me there. I wrapped my arm tight around his neck breathing in his aroma.

Edward stopped dead and unwrapped my arm from his neck. He took a step back from me.
I started at him. Eagerly waiting for him to say something. My heart wa racing. I was terrifired. I wished he wouldn't stand that far away from me. His face looked broken. I was scared to think what my faced looked like.

He sighed deeply.
"Bella, We're leaving".

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please write more!
you really are good :D
Aww thanks :D
hear hear
haha :L
You are SO talented!!!
Can't wait till next chapter!!
I haven't even wrote the next chapter, This was a random spur of the moment thing :L, I just want to see if people like the Idea first :)
Please write moore :) I've been so sad since Imprinted Love ended :(, by the way do you have a link to that story?? :)
Yeah I missed writing Imprinted Love :L,

There the link :)
me too.....i missed my ALL TIME FAVORITE FAN FICTION iMPRiNTEd LoVe =(
Thanks :D and :'( me 2
Loved it! Keep me updated! :D


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