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For those of you who have been following my stories know that I keep writing them and then I stop for a few months then I start again. I am so sorry about this. I know that I always say it won't happen again but, unfortuantely it does. Please let me explain.

     First off, I'm soo very very sorry to have stopped updating for a few months. My father was in the hospital for awhile getting back to back surgery. Thankfully, he is fine now but, we are still having troubles. I have a brother with Autism. I'm always around him. I'm in High School, I get bullied and have maybe 2 friends. This is partly where the ispiration for this story came from. My life. My silly life. Please keep in mind that some of this story is true but, most is fake. I will say, with no promises, I will update. I'm so sorry. Thank you so much for reading....I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

Bella's POV

             It started out as a normal day of school.

             I went to Child Development, European History, Biology, English Literature and now I'm sitting here in the crowded lunch room alone. The crowded lunch room that I hate being at. You see, I used to have friends. I thought I was pretty. I thought I was a good friend. Then, people started turning on me. Nothing I've ever done, had me deserve this. I'm a good person. I do my homework, I get good grades and I'm always there for people. Lately, it's been seeming this was all a lie. 
              I'm sitting here at my normal table. Upperclassmen on the left side of me and my so called "friends" on the right side. These "friends" though, they aren't anymore. They used to be. They turned on me about a month ago. I have no idea why this has happened. I feel someone get me out of my spacing out moment by tugging on my Ipod ear phones. It was a teacher.

              "Put it away." He said.
               As told, I put my Ipod back in my pocket and saw the girls sitting next to me laughing. Lauren and Jessica. They used to be my best friends then, out of no where, decided to stop. They do nothing but tease me.

             "Hey fatty, want this rice crispy treat?" Jessica asked.

            I looked down and stared at my water bottle and three carrot sticks. Ever since they first started calling me fat, everyone did. I'm now not eating. I don't like eating. 
             "No," I said "I'm alright."

             "Good because I didn't get you one anyways ugly." Jessica laughed adn Lauren joined in pointing at me.

             "Oh you guys are so funny." I said. 
             "Once again, it's something that you aren't." Lauren said. "Should we go over the list of things you aren't?"
             "No." I said sternly. "Now be quiet and leave me alone."

             Ignoring me, Jessica started naming them off. "You aren't pretty, you're so ugly, you are a complaining fool, you're annoying, you're not pretty, you're goth, you have no friends and no one likes you......should we go on Lauren?"
            Feeling my eyes water I stood up and turned around. I ran into someone, a football player, and got food all over me. He broke out laughing.

            "Hey look everyone!" Jessica said "It's a salad! Something she doesn't eat as you can all tell." 

             I ran to the bathroom crying and looked in the mirror. Was I really as ugly as everyone was saying? Am I really fat? I let the tears fall out and sat in the bathroom crying for the next two hours. I heard the bell for the end of the day ring and left the building without people seeing me. I ran all the way home and fixed my make-up and hair so that no one saw I was crying. Next thing I knew, my Dad was home.

         "Bella?" He called into the house.
         "Be right there!" I called. 

        I took one final look in the mirror and went downstairs to meet my Dad.

       "Hey Dad." I said going down the stairs. "How was work?"
       "Same old. Same old." He said. "How was school?" 

       "It was great. I had a lot of fun." I said smiling fakely.

       "That's great Bells. I'm glad you like school kiddo." He said.  "Do you want me to cook dinner tonight?"

      "Acctually Dad," I said looking at the clock. "I have to work tonight."

      "Well, don't you want to eat?" He asked.
      "I'll eat there." I answered grabbing my work vest. I kissed my dad on the forehead. "See you later."

     "Love you Bells."
    "I love you too Dad." I said shutting the door. 

     Starting my car, I sighed. It was Friday night. Everyone would be at the movies and everyone saw me fall today....great. I got to the movie theater a few mintues early and got ready to work behidn the popcorn counter. No one really talked to me there. They were mostly rude people who went to rich, expensive schools. As I expected to see, I saw people from school.

   "Hey, ketchup girl! Don't get any ketchup in my popcorn!" I heard someone say. 

   I looked up and saw the most handsome guy ever. He had green eyes, bronze hair and an incredible jaw line. 

  "Excuse me?" I asked.
  "Ignore my friends." He said. "Could I have a soda? Moutain Dew acctually."

  "Yeah, I guess so." I said

  "Hey, I'm sorry about my friends. They can be really immature. I'm also sorry about what happened at school today. My friends...they just don't understand." This mystery man said.
   "You go to my school?" I asked.

   He nodded. "I'm in your Biology class. I saw you weren't there today."
   How have I never noticed this god before? "Oh yeah! I...wasn't. I left early."

  "I'm sorry once again." He said.

   I gave him his soda and he took out his wallet. "How much?"

   "$2.50." I answered.

  "Here." He said handing me a $20. "Keep the change. This is for my friends earlier."

 "No, no I can't...I can't accept this." I said handing it back.

   He shut his wallet and smiled. "I like your eyes. They're a pretty brown. Keep the money and have a nice day."

   I blushed and saw him and his friends walk away towards their movie. His friends of course, where mimicking me falling in school today. Then I felt the $20 in my hand. This mystery man gave it to me and he goes to my school. Someone was acctually nice to me....someone acctually said I was pretty.

How is it so far?

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Lovin it..please write more soon :)
Please , keep me updated ? :D . i love it !
i love it write more
keep on writing 'case i love it
love itttt!!! continue plzz
Keep going , i love it
It was ok! Will u read mine too? Its called "No Place for a Girl like Me"
Is so cute, I hope you can contienue and that everything goes well with your dad and your brother. And it doesn't matter if you only have two friends as longest they're always there when you need them and catch you when fall and get you up and again, then you don't need anything but strength to go on each day. Because is only the beginning and if you put your mind into it can continue to a wonderful path.
great start :)


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