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Summary: It's 16 years later and everyone stopped ageing due to magic in Narnia. Peter, Caspian and Dorian are away at war and when they come back they come back with a young prince called Rillian who helped them fight.  He falls in love with King Caspian's only daughter Miracle and she with him, But there is one problem. Miracle has to marry Jacob, a mean and rich prince who only cares about money. His parents are forcing them together against her and his wishes. Caspian is Furious and will not stand for this. Queen Bella is pregnant with Caspian's son. Peter and Lilliandil are married with a son called William and she is pregnant with twins. Dorian and Lucy are married and they have 2 children, Dorian Jr and Isabell. Will Rillian and Miracle ever be together?

Inspired by this song:


The sun was rather warm, Princess Miracle was on the beach and she was spinning around in circles, she missed her father and her two uncles. She was worried for them as they were away at war but she knew all 3 of them were skilled warriors. She was more like her mother, kind, sweet, gentle. She loved to sing and play the piano. But in some ways she was also like her father, she was courageous and had a spirit.

She saw her cousin William and she smiled at his words "They are back" he said. Miracle ran back to the castle along her side cousin William.

But she stopped when she saw them, there was someone else among them, a young, handsome prince. She felt her cheeks flush a little as she curtsied to him after he bowed.  

"I am Prince Rillian" The young man spoke as he kissed the top of her hand softly

"Princess Miracle" she replied and smiled softly at him.


Preface (Above)

Chapter 1~The Return of The Warriors

Chapter 2~Walk To Remember

Chapter 3~The Ball

Chapter 4~Shocking News

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Wait and see

Haha Aslan knows how to ruin a moment!!!

Love it!!!

Yeah he seems to ruin moments a lot lol

Chapter 3~The Ball

Rillian looked over at Miracle worried "Miracle?" he asked but she did not respond so he cupped her face looking at her "You okay?" he asked her worried, he wondered who Jake was, if it was the Jake he knew or someone else. He saw fear in her eyes and he hugged her close to his chest.

Miracle nodded a bit "I..I think so" she stumbled over her words, she felt like she was paralyzed for a moment so she could not move, even think or let alone breathe. Jake coming here? That was a horror, she and him did not get along, it was just terrible, she wondered why he had to come, him coming meant bad news. It always meant bad news. Never good news. Then again why would it be good news? Jake was evil, the devil him self.  She leaned her head on his chest and tried not to sob.

Lucy looked at Bella and Caspian "You know what this means" she said

"Bad news" Caspian said

"Why do we have to invite his family then?" Little Isabell asked as she looked at her Uncle and her Aunt

Bella sighed "It's just the whole kingdom is always welcome, even if we don't get along" She said as Caspian nodded.

Isabell frowned "I don't like him" she said

Dorian picked up his little daughter and rocked her softly "No one likes him sweetie" he said and kissed his daughter's forehead holding her in his arms. He kissed Lucy's head as well who had their son at her side and rubbing his arm as he was slightly cold and shivering.

Isabell looked at Rillian "I prefer Rillian" she said "Can he marry Miracle?" she asked

Lucy giggled "Aww, sweetie. It doesn't work that way" she said and kissed her head "We all like him as well but that's how how it works" Isabell just pouts and whined a little bit.

Rillian chuckled at What Isabell said and smiled softly he rubbed Miracle's arm making sure she was okay. Then they all went to their rooms to get changed and prepared for the ball.  The maids attended to Miracle and they helped her get finished. She had on an elegant dress and hr hair was all wavey and some was pinned back. It was later that evening when she joined everyone in the hall, But Rillian was not around yet.

Bella saw her daughter and smiled "Aww you look lovely sweetie" she said and hugged her softly and smiled.

Caspian smiled, he kissed Miracle's forehead softly.

Miracle smiled and she hugged her parents softly and she saw Jacob walk. she swallowed as he walked over to her and she tried her best to smile at him warmly but she just gave a small smile "Hello" she said as she curtsied to him softly and his family.

Jacob smirked slightly "Mhh Hello" he said not even boring to bow. He then saw Rillian walk in looking all nice and charming and he frowned as he began to shake "What is he doing here?"

Rillian walked over and he stopped dead in his track "You" he frowned

"You" Jake glared at him and he saw Miracle looking between them confused and smirked "Oh, he has not told you?" he laughed and smirked "Explains your confused look"

Miracle looked even more confused "Huh?" she said and looked at Rillian "What is he talking about?" she asked as he walked over to her

Rillian looked at Jake "Stop spreading your Venom Jacob! We both know it was you who started it all, not me" he said looking at Jake, there was clear disgust and anger in his eyes.

Jake laughed "Oh, blaming me again huh?" he shoved Rillian back.

Rillian got mad and he grabbed Jake "Don't you dare shove me around like some little pup!" he snarled at him his body trembling with anger, pure rage at the moment. 

Jake rolled his eyes "You think I am scared of you just because you're older then me?" he laughed, a tinge of evil in his laugh "And yeah it is my fault, so what?"

Miracle looked confused "Stop it" she said and pulled Rillian back "Don't, he's not worth it" she said as she looked at him

"Just like you" Jake said looking at Miracle with a smirk on his face. Now that got Caspian angry as he heard what Jake said about his sister so he punched Jake knocking him out for few moments.

"No one talks about my own daughter like that" He said, angry.

Rillian looked at Miracle "You okay?" he asked her and she just nods as she hugged him tightly and buried her face in the nape of his neck softly.

Miracle sighed and looked up at Rillian "What did Jake mean when he said it's his fault" she said looking into his eyes, he seemed to avoid her eyes "Rillian" she said and placed a hand on his cheek softly. Her hand was rested on his arm and she noticed scars on his wrists and her fingers traced them softly.

Rillian sighed and he pulled his arm away from her "Don't" he said and walked off.

"Rillian, wait..." she sighed but he was gone, she sighed and sat down on the steps and buried her face in her hands, she was not sure what was up and why Rillian was acting so strange and distant to her all of a sudden.

Bella sighed as she sat next to her daughter and looked at her "You like him don't you?"she asked, she could see it in her eyes.

Miracle nodded a bit "I...yes..I do" she said and sighed and leaned her head on her mom's arm and Bella wrapped her arm round her rubbing her arm softly holding her close. Caspian rubbed his daughter's back softly


So cute !!!!

I love Rillian and Miracle !!

Just i loved Bella and Caspian

And Dorian and Lucy !!!

O and Peter and Lilliandil !!!

But i don’t like Jake

He is so...........

Can’t explain him !!

I just don’t lik him

But i love your story !!!!!

xxStill a BIG fan of your story’s !!! Safae

I know :) they are rather cute together and Rillian is just so charming as he is so protective over Miracle and he'd do anything for her to keep her safe and out of trouble when it comes to Jake :)

I know I love those couples too, well I love any couple I write about really lol :)

I am glad you like it and aww thanks Safae

Chapter 4~Shocking News

It was later that evening and the ball was going okay, apart from the fact that Rillian was still nowhere to be seen, Miracle was just about to go and see if she could find him when someone stopped, it was Jacob's parents, she looked at them "May I help you?" she asked nicely, not to be rude to his parents even though the families did not get on well.

"We would like to talk to you" They said at the same time

She nodded "Alright, what is it?" she asked wondering why they wanted to talk to her. she hoped it was nothing bad, but there was something always wrong when it came to that family. Nothing good ever came from being around them especially Jacob.

His parents looked at her "You are to marry our son"

Miracle's colour drained from her face as she stared at them in shock, she was unable to say a single word, Jake was there and he glared "I am not marrying that awful Witch" he said, but he knew he had to, for the, money and sweet money! She could not move or even think and she was not even breathing from her shock and soon the blackness taken her over and she blacked out.

When she woke up she was in her own bedroom and it was the morning, she felt dizzy as she sat up "Easy" she heard a voice say, it belonged to her cousin William, he was there beside her as he helped her sit up on the bed softly.

My mother looked at me "Are you alright sweetie?" she asked me worried as she tucked a piece of Miracle's hair behind her ear softly.

"I...I can't...I won't" I just said

"You won't do what honey?" My dad looked at Miracle confused as he wrapped his arms round me hugging his daughter to him.

"Marry Jacob, his" She trailed off as she was trembling and she buried her face in his chest and tears rolled down her cheeks, she did not want or ask for this, it was just a tragedy.

Caspian was in shock and it took him a while to understand what she was trying to say, he felt angry and mad "No! No, Absolutely not, Not Know and not ever! You're not marrying that monster, no daughter of mine will marry him, never, ever!" he said.

At that moment Rillian also walked in and he heard what was said, he just looked at Miracle in disbelief and walked out "Rillian, wait...stop" Miracle called as she ran after him following him outside, she grabbed his hand stopping him "Rillain, let me explain..please" she said begging him as she looked into his eyes, tears shining in her eyes.

"You're not marrying him, you're not" He said as he looked at her

"Rillian..." She tried to say but he kept talking

"I won't let you marry him" he said as he grabbed her by her shoulders softly looking into her eyes, he held her close

"Do you honoustly think I wan..." Miracle got cut off again as Rillian pressed his lips against hers kissing her as he held her close to him. It started to pour down with rain as it was not looking very bright outside at the moment. Miracle had her arms around his neck as she kissed him back softly, their bodies pressed against one another as they kissed in the rain. The rain trickling down their faces and bodies as their bodies melted into one.

Yeey there first kiss !!!!!!

So sweet !!!!!

and Gosh i hate Jake he only wants money :(

In Twilight he is so cute and sweet and in this story he is a a*****l !!!

And again !! YEEEY THERE FIRST KISS !!!!!!

Loving your story so much !!!!

xxStill a big fan of your story’s !! Safae

Yeah they have kissed :) finally.

I know, He is somewhat worse then Paul in this way as I told you.

And yay lol :) I am glad you like it

hurry we want more lol

lol will have to wait till I post again

Why do they always have to be such jerks? :(

Love the kiss!!! Amazing!!!

Can't wait for more!!!


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