The Twilight Saga

what if emmett already knew about vampires before he was changed?what if bella was aro's daughter and was alice's older sister? what if emmett and bella were mates? what if bella's real name was Aria Renna Volturi? What if Emmett was taken away from Bella? What if they found each other again at Edward and Bella's wedding?

well we will found out in this story

aria moved to forks because she had to find emmett so she enrolled into school as isabella"bella"swan and met edward and the cullens

chapter 1

edward and bella

Edward's P.O.V

I was sitting at my desk when the smell of a human girl hit me. I though, "OH MY GOD. That smell is mouthwatering. I want to bit her and drink her dry, but I can't because the wolfs would kill me." I heard my sister,Alice's, thoughts,"Calm down, Edward. She is like us, but she can make herself look human." I nodded."You must be Isabella Swan,"the teacher said. "It's Bella,"she snapped. "Well, here are your books and you can go sit by Edward," the teacher said annoyed at her and pointed to me. Bella took her books, came over and sat down.

"Hi," I said. She looked at me and nodded. "Hi," she said, then she looked back to the teacher. "I thought, 'I think I'm gonna ask her out." "Yes," she whispered. I looked at her. "You can read minds?" I asked her. She nodded. I smiled and thought, "God, shes hot." She giggled. I smiled and thought, "Will you go out with me?" She nodded. I smiled and heard Alice's thoughts, "Yippee, a new shopping partner." Bella rolled her eyes. I smiled and held her hands. She smiled and laid her head on my shoulder. I smiled.

The bell rang for the rang for the end of class 20 minutes later and me,Bella and Alice left for lunch. "I gotta go for a hunt," Bella said. I nodded. She smiled and kissed my cheek and left. I walked with Alice to the lunch room and sat with our family." Edward got a girlfriend,"Alice said. I glared at her. "Its about time, Edward," my brother,Emmett,said. I rolled my eyes.

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good start. when are you going to write more"

im gonna write more soon

adding another story its gonna be called love is many things

5 comments and i will add another chapter


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