The Twilight Saga



sorry this has no cullens that means no edward, alice, bella, jasper,emmett, esme, rosalie,carlile


my friend that is helping me is taylor snooze


two human teenage girls one future what will they do when all the mysterious things from an unknown world depends on them. look for this story if you enjoy

werewolf {jacob!!}, witches, pixies, dragons, vampires, and mysterious hunters out to get them all!!!

keep reading to find out what they will do



i do not own any of the charactors




Wolf are own by Stephanie Meyer {from the twilight saga series are wolf in the book}

Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Embry Call, Quill Atera, Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater


Witches own by Nancy Holder& Debby Viguie {from the wicked series are witches in the book}

Holly Cathers, Amanda Anderson, Nicole Anderson, Isabeau Cahors, Jeruad Deveraux, Elijah Deveraux, Kari Hardwick


Pixies own by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast {from the house of night series are vampires in book}

Zoey Redbird, John Heffer, Stevie Ray, Sylvia Redbird, Eric Night, Erin Baters, Damien Maslin


Dragons owned by L J Smith {from Night World are not dragons in book}

Poppy North, phillip north, cliff hilgard, james Rasmussen, james dean, Jeremy Lovett, opal burdock


Vampires owned by  Ellen Schriber {vampire kisses are mostly human in book}

Cindi Warren, Sarah Madison, Trever Mitchell, Matt Wells, Jack Patterson, Raven, Jagger


Mythical hunters own by casandra Claire {from the mortal instruments are hunters in the book}

Clary fray, Jocelyn Fairchild, Jace wayland, isebelle Lightwood, alec lightwood, valentine Morgenstern, max lightwod

i might change the last names on some so it is like they are sort of a family :)

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hey thx we just are fiishing up chapter one so it might take a couple of minutes k hope you enjoy my story

It’s A Mysterious World Out There

Chapter 1: Disastrous event
Eric’s POV
The coven of pixies and I were searching through the woods, for the chosen ones when we encountered someone screaming off in the distance a woman screaming the word “FIRE” luckily we were really fast at flying…

Karli’s POV
I was in my room doing my nails in multiple colors with a single vertical black stripe down the center of my nail. It was my sister Taylor and my birthday we were twins and I can’t believe we were finally turning 15!!! We only had to wait one more year to drive and three more years till we were officially adults!!! So my nails were almost dry and I was putting on my black halter dress with a little diamond broche, my striating iron was heating up while I was putting on my black diamond strap heels.

Taylor POV
I was in my room reading my favourite mystery book ‘Flaming Footprints’ at the moment, when the detectives went into the house and saw green flaming footprints on the stairs. This was like my fiftieth time reading it. I was excited today was my birthday; I was turning 15 I just wanted to run in the woods for hours on end. My sister was down the hall in her room, blasting her music, and painting her nails getting ready for our big party tonight. I put down my book to start getting ready. I painted my nails blue, put on my blue halter dress and curled my hair. Then went to Karli’s bedroom to see if she was ready yet.

Karli’s POV
I was just finishing up my makeup when Taylor started knocking on my door I knew it was her because when we knock on each others doors we use a special pattern so I yelled “come in”. I was surprised by how amazing she looked. Her hair was down with large curls, semi long dress, beautiful blue nails, with blue strap heels to finish the look off.

Taylor’s POV
I was walking into Karli’s room and she was putting on bloody red lipstick. Her out fit was amazing it was made out of a black silk dress, black diamond heels, straight hair and to finish off the look her bloody red lips.

Writers POV
The twin sisters were heading down their grand stair case. The parents were just putting the cake into their old wooden stove. They were greeting their daughters at the staircase all excited about the party and presents and they all forgot about the cake the mother went into the kitchen to get the sparkling grape juice for the celebration and she found the curtains burning and the table catching some of the flames trying to distinguish them but not succeeding and she screaming the word “FIRE” to warn the others but it was to late all the doors and windows were blocked and no one could escape this disastrous event from happening the father went to help the mother but when he entered the kitchen all was silent and the girls started to black out and the fire was still ragging on…
up their
black dress-karli's
blue dress- taylors
black heels- karli's

down here
blue heels-taylors
red lips-karli's
pink lips-taylors

It’s A Mysterious World Out There

Chapter 2: Saved

Zoey’s POV
We were rushing to get to the house that was on fire we couldn’t figure out a way to get in side the building to get these poor innocent girls out of the building because the lives of the unknown world depended on them….

Poppy’s POV
My dragon coven and I were looking for the chosen ones we smelled smoke in the air and we were fallowing it to see if people were in danger when we got there we saw some pixies surrounding the place seeing if there was a way to get in. when we came up behind them they were surprised to see us there because they didn’t expect to see a dragon coven anytime soon because there was a roomer that we all died out a thousand years ago from the hunters. We broke through the back door that led to the kitchen and saw two bodies almost totally unrecognizable to a human eye but to a creature from the unknown world you could tell it was a mother and father probably in their thirties. We continued on and found to beautiful teenage girls amazed that they were not touched by the flames. There was like a force field around them.

Jagger POV
The vampire coven and I were running through the woods hunting because we haven’t had a decent meal in a long time we were searching for fierce bears. Then we smelled smoke coming from the north and ran towards it because we heard that the chosen ones lived somewhere near Taggi Lake, Prince George. We ran there and found two other covens of dragons and pixies.

Holly’s POV
We were in the woods practicing our magic trying to speed up the growth of a rose bush, when we saw a vampire coven run past us at a speed that we couldn’t see but we only knew because of the sudden cold as ice wind so we followed them by tracking them with our magic abilities.

Writers POV
The witches made it there after 2 minutes after the vampires. They were asking what was going on. The dragon coven answered them and said that the chosen ones were inside the burning building but poppy couldn’t figure out how to get them out without burning them and the witches said that the could put a force field around them and they agreed that they should all work together and so the witches put a force field around the vampires and the vampires ran with there speed it only took them 5 seconds to retrieve the teens and get them out before the building collapsed. It only took them 5 minutes for them all to unite and get the people out. They brought them closer to the high way so when people pass by they will be found and brought to the hospital in Prince George.

Karli & Taylors POV
We were feeling a breeze then set down on some uncomfortable gravel and we hear a car pass by and screech to a stop. We felt hot hands pick us up we opened our eyes and saw native boys carrying us to their pick-up and then we blacked out. What felt like minutes we found our selves in the hospital.
May you publish the other chapter please?
I dont like it when people do this! What wil happen next?

It’s A Mysterious World Out There

Chapter 3: Waking Up

Karli’s POV
“Oh so you are finally waking up, Miss Faith” A doctor said.
“Umm where am I how’d I get here? Were is my sister and my parents?” I asked with confusion all over my face.
“You arrived here late last night, this young man brought you in” he said gesturing to a native boy sleeping in the chair. He had black hair messy as if he hasn’t brushed it ever, and tanned skin. He was wearing dark cut off jeans, with a black short sleeved shirt.
“It seems you have inhaled a lot of smoke, do you remember anything before you arrived here?”
“No, all I remember was that it was my sisters and I birthday and we were going out to a party, and a lot of heat through out the rooms.”
“Oh okay then you should stay here for at least a couple more days to make sure that your lungs are okay after inhaling all that smoke.”
“Umm okay doctor….?”
“Sorry my name is Doctor Bay”
“Okay thank you Dr. Bay”
After the doctor left I was there thinking of how we got out and were my parents are. All I remembered last night was heat, heat and more heat, warm hands and a breeze. I was so confused and then I heard something stir in the corner were the boy was.
I mumbled a hello kinda hoping he heard. He jolted up surprised to see that I was awake and he said “Are you okay? Did the doctor already check on you?”
I was surprised by how concerned he was about me because I barely knew this guy but looking into those dark hazel brown eyes he had I just couldn’t look away I was trapped and there was no way to get out.
I was confused and so I said “Ya the doctor already checked on me and said I had to stay a few more days, and yes I am okay, by the way how did I get here???”
It looked like he was trying to think up of something but I don’t understand why he would need to think of it if he did bring me here.
“So you really don’t remember anything?”
“No I don’t and what is your name I need to thank my rescuer properly”
“My name is Seth Clearwater, and your name is???”
“My name is Karli Faith and I am grateful for your services” and I kissed his cheek happy that he saved my life hoping our paths may one day cross again after he leaves this hospital. It looked like he was blushing at my kiss but I thought only girls blush I never knew that boys were capable of blushing so I tried to disguise my giggles with a small cough and asked if I needed any water and then I realized that I was parched of thirst. So I shook my head yes still coughing. When he left I was stuck there thinking what happened last night trying to think then he was back within minutes with a bottle of water. I smiled as he walked in.
“You look like you are concentrating really hard on something do you mind telling me what your thinking about”
“Umm okay I’m thinking about why you still haven’t told me how I got here, about my parents whereabouts and my sister wondering were she is because I'm so totally worried about her.”
“Oh okay I don’t know where your parents are but I do know where your sister is she is in the room next door with Jake, and for how I got you here Jake and I found you and your sister on the side of the road so we picked you up and we were worried, and so we took you here to the hospital here in Prince George”
“Okay thanks”
Taylor’s POV
I was waking up with little coughs and to a teenage boy pacing at the foot of my bed with a real worried expression on his face I was wondering what he was so worried about and so I spoke up and said “Umm hello may I help you?” he was startled I guess he didn’t hear me cough. He came rushing over to see if I needed any help, he didn’t look like he was part of the hospital staff, now I was just getting confused.
“Oh wow your up” he said exclaiming.
“Finally” I thought I heard him mumble. Wow, why was he so rude that I woke up? It just doesn’t make any sense.
“Umm how long was I unconscious for?”
“About a day. Has the doc checked you out yet?”
“No but I'm okay. Oh, umm how did I get here?”
It seemed to me that he stared off in space for a few minutes.
“My friend, Seth, and I found you and your sister on the side of the road unconscious.”
“Thanks for helping me” I said “so your name is...?”
“My name is Jake sorry that I forgot to mention that to you” he said the second part shyly.
Jake hmm I never really looked at him I mean REALLY looked at him he had beautiful black hair, and shinning black eyes, and beautiful tanned skin. He looked at me confused and I was trying not to drool cause man he was just so damn HOT!! But I caught my self before he could catch me. He was waving his hand in my face wow I must have zoned out hmm what were we talking about again?
“Oh and umm my name is Taylor Faith, thanks for saving me” and I kissed him on the cheek and he was stunned so now it was my turn to try and get him out of his day dream hmm I wonder what he was thinking about. I kissed him again to see if he would respond but then the doctor came in.
“I see that you are up now I need to check your breathing” just as he was walking toward us Jake quickly ran out before he could embarrass himself any more.
“See ya later” he said before he got out of the door.
“So I just finished checking your sister and she said that she didn’t remember anything from last night so my question for you is do you remember any thing???”
Hmm weird my sister didn’t remember that is unlike her she always remembers every detail I'm the one that forgets. “No I don’t remember all I remember was the house was getting too hot”
“That is similar to what your sister said do you remember where your parents were before you blacked out??”
“Umm no I think they were in the kitchen”
“Okay thanks for that information. You seem to be fine but you will have to stay a couple more nights just to make sure you lungs are fine after inhaling all that smoke.”
“Okay thanks doc may I go see my sister?”
“Yes she is in the room next door.”
I was walking to the room next door in the direction the doctor told me I did my usual knock and from be hind the door I heard my sister whispering something to someone else I think she said “oh my gosh that’s my sister sit down over there so she doesn’t think anything suspicious” then she said louder “Come in Taylor” hmm she doesn’t know I heard her. I walked in and some teenager was just leaving he looked similar to Jake but he had dark hazel eyes. “See ya Karli” he said while walking out.
“Whose he” I asked my sister accusingly.
“Oh that’s just Seth he save you and me”
“What were you two doing in here?”
“Nothing and if I was its none of your business” she said and sticking her tong out.
love it!!!!!!
p.s. first 2 comment
PLZ keep me UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
umm i'll wright more when i get together with taylor again. she help with the story. i'll probly post more tommorrow

Chapter 4: Difficulties
Taylor’s POV
My sister and I were getting released from the hospital when we just realized that we didn’t have any where to go, and no way to get home. Just then Jake and Seth came into view. The boys came up to us and said “Need a ride?”
We looked at each other smiling widely and said in unison “Sure we’d love one.”
“K hop in”
We got into an old silvery green ford pick up. It looked really cool there were only three seats up front but you would be really squished so to had to go into the bed of the truck. Karli and Seth went into the bed and Jake and I stayed up front. When Jake was holding the door for me I noticed he had a tattoo.
“What’s that?”
“Oh it’s just something my friends and I have” he stated.
“Nice, how long have you had it for?”
“Umm not that long maybe a year or two”
“You live around here?”
“No, do you”
“Yes, I do I live down a path from Taggi Lake”
“Should I drive you there? Or were you headed somewhere else?”
“Umm my sister and I should go back home and see if our parents left us a note to tell us where they are.”
“Okay, but you have to give me directions”

Karli’s POV
We were just arriving at the house when we saw burned trees with ashes surrounding were the bushes used to be. When we pulled up to the house I could not believe that our beautiful two story cabin burned down. There was nothing recognizable from the house where all our belongings were kept. We had nothing left there was a note on the tree that said ‘no remains two adult bodies found burned and dead’ oh my gosh that was our parents they cant be dead they just can’t. I start to cry and Taylor comes over to see why I am crying and she reads the note and she starts to cry also. The boys try to sooth us but it wasn’t working we have no where to live but we did have one relative left but we hardly knew the girl. All we knew about her was that she never had any children she had a husband once but he died from cancer I think she was from my mothers side. I still can’t believe this is all happening and what will I do? I am in going into grade ten and we have always been home schooled so we never really went to school in the first place and never had any friends.
“It’s okay! Quite now.” Seth said.
“I have no parents any more! Taylor and I have one in Burns Lake but that means we’ll have to move away from you guys! And I won’t leave you!”
Seth was quite for a few minutes.
“I know, but what about Taylor? Do you think she will stay just to be with us? I rather have you have a parent then no one at all.”
I looked over at Taylor. She was still crying into Jake’s arm.
“I guess she won’t stay. But she won’t want to leave Jake. And I don’t want to leave you; because you are the only friend I have same with Taylor. She has Jake.”
“Please? I know it will be hard but it will be for the better.”
“Okay. I’m not telling Taylor she will be heartbroken”
“We’ll let Jake have that conversation with her”


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