The Twilight Saga



sorry this has no cullens that means no edward, alice, bella, jasper,emmett, esme, rosalie,carlile


my friend that is helping me is taylor snooze


two human teenage girls one future what will they do when all the mysterious things from an unknown world depends on them. look for this story if you enjoy

werewolf {jacob!!}, witches, pixies, dragons, vampires, and mysterious hunters out to get them all!!!

keep reading to find out what they will do



i do not own any of the charactors




Wolf are own by Stephanie Meyer {from the twilight saga series are wolf in the book}

Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Embry Call, Quill Atera, Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater


Witches own by Nancy Holder& Debby Viguie {from the wicked series are witches in the book}

Holly Cathers, Amanda Anderson, Nicole Anderson, Isabeau Cahors, Jeruad Deveraux, Elijah Deveraux, Kari Hardwick


Pixies own by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast {from the house of night series are vampires in book}

Zoey Redbird, John Heffer, Stevie Ray, Sylvia Redbird, Eric Night, Erin Baters, Damien Maslin


Dragons owned by L J Smith {from Night World are not dragons in book}

Poppy North, phillip north, cliff hilgard, james Rasmussen, james dean, Jeremy Lovett, opal burdock


Vampires owned by  Ellen Schriber {vampire kisses are mostly human in book}

Cindi Warren, Sarah Madison, Trever Mitchell, Matt Wells, Jack Patterson, Raven, Jagger


Mythical hunters own by casandra Claire {from the mortal instruments are hunters in the book}

Clary fray, Jocelyn Fairchild, Jace wayland, isebelle Lightwood, alec lightwood, valentine Morgenstern, max lightwod

i might change the last names on some so it is like they are sort of a family :)

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Chapter 5: Moving

Taylors POV

Well today we will be leaving our home town Prince George. We will be moving to Prince Rupert to live with our Aunt Cassie. We will have to learn to communicate with kids our age because we will be going to an actual high school, we will be entering grade ten. The kids there would have grown up together and they would all be amazed with the new kids that just happen to be twins. We look the same but Karli is more of a girly girl. I'm a tomboy, sports, and sweats are my thing, for Karli its makeup, and dressy fashion.

A little while ago Jake came and told me that I needed to go to Prince Rupert to live with my aunt. I was upset but Jake said he would phone me.

Karli and I have never met her so we have no clue what she will be like, nice I hope.

Kari is at the mall buying same clothes for the trip. Hopefully nothing girly, hopefully she will buy me just jeans and t-shirts maybe even some sweats.


Karli’s POV

I was at the mall buying the latest fashion. I was trying hard to think what the weather would be like cause it was too small to be shown on the regular forecast. So I just picked a bunch of different stuff. Some for sunny, rainy and even some for snow because winter will be coming soon. I got some jeans, t-shirts, jackets, and a baby blue girly girl dress for Taylor. It has frills and lace. She’s going to kill me! For me I got skinny jeans, short skirts, knee length skirts, t-shirts, dresses, and jackets. I was just entering the hotel that the insurance was paying for we were aloud to stay here for a week then we have to leave to Prince Rupert. We have now used up three of those seven days. Taylors has been spending most of her time with Jacob.


Taylor’s POV

Karli was done shopping. When she came in, the first in she saw was Jacob and me sitting on the couch, watching TV.

“Hi, what did you buy for me?” I asked untangling myself from Jake.

I dug into the bags looking for something decent.

“What is this?!” I said holding up a frilly and puffy baby blue dress.

“Oh, that I thought you might like it. You still need to wear it.”

“Really how many times do I have to wear it?”

“You have to wear it for at least three times each for a full day.”

“Aww do I have to” Jacob is trying to hold cover up his laughs with coughs but is not very successful.

I turn to him with a glare, than he full out laughs I couldn’t stand it any more so I left and went to my room.

Karli comes and knocks at my door and says that Jake left to go home and that I should let her in.

“Okay if we want to get some money for the flight we should collect the rest of the insurance fees and catch the next flight to Prince Rupert. So than we had to start packing.”


It was the next day we needed a ride to the air port and so Karli called Seth to come pick us up of course since Seth and Jacob are best friends he brought Jake along with him. Karli and Seth again sat in the bed of the truck. Karli sat there because she was afraid that one of her bags would jump off, but Seth reassured her that they will stay put.



Chapter 6: The Airport


Karli’s POV

As we arrived in Prince Rupert, Jake and Seth tried to find a phone so they could phone some guy named Sam. Seth said that Sam will pick us up and he will take us to our aunt’s place she owns a large house. She told us over the phone that we will each have our own bedrooms and that we could decorate it however we please. She said that she will pay for it all but that we had to get jobs so that we could have some money to spend because she doesn’t give us allowance and that we are old enough to get a job. Auntie Cassie said that we each have our own butler and there is a house maid that cleans every Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s. She informed us that there will be a surprise waiting for us there I wonder what that could be. I look over my shoulder to ask Seth a question but he wasn’t there he was further down talking to Taylor about something they looked really close together and Seth was whispering something into her ear. Taylor was whispering something back and Seth was nodding his head in agreement. I was getting furious than they hugged each other and Seth was coming to me. I left then and went to hide in the gift shop and went to the very back corner ‘wow this place is huge!’ I thought. When I got to the back I heard the bell ring and I look up to see Seth looking around he went the other way around and so as he was coming down to the corner on the other side I was sliding my way to the door but I guess he saw me because he was at the door when I got there standing crossed arms and leaning against the door frame looking in my direction. I could feel my face heating up. I saw a small opening right beside him if I am fast enough I would get by and run to the washrooms, I was just about to run as I was sliding next to him he put his arm out I tried to duck under but that was useless he caught me and held me to his body. And he walked out of the store dragging me along. I was silently protesting when we got to where we were standing earlier. Taylor and Jake were already in a truck with somebody else. Whom I guessed was Sam.


Taylor’s POV

As we were sitting in the truck waiting for Seth to come back I looked out the window to see Seth coming out the door with Karli pouting under his arm. Jake and I burst out laughing as Seth dumped Karli (gently) in the back of the truck.

“Where were you two?” Jake asked.

Seth answered in two words “Gift shop.”

“What were you doing there?” I asked with a knowing smile. My question went un-answered.

“Where do you guys need to go?” Sam asked.

“144th and Prince Road.” Karli said in a pouty voice.

“Need to go anywhere else before you go there?” Sam said.

Karli said “Nope” with a pop on the ‘P’

2 hours later,

The truck was still silent as a new song came on the radio, `Love Story` by Taylor Swift, and I started to curl up close to Jake.

After the song:

We were just entering the drive way. It was a long one with a large iron gate at the entrance, the house was a mansion with what looked like twenty rooms on the second floor and on the third floor there was about fifteen rooms and then there was two towers that went past the third floor and it looked like it was like five floors up.

Just when I thought we would never reach the mansion, we pulled front.

Our aunt, Cassie Claire, came out to greet us. She looked about twenty years old, with strawberry blonde hair.

“Hey guys, how was your flight?” she asked as Jake and Seth pulled our bags from the back of the truck.

“Great, the service was lousy though.” Karli said.

“No, the service was fine” I said rolling my eyes.

“No, it wasn’t!” Karli said rolling her eyes.

“Yes it was!!” I half yelled.

“Okay that is enough you two!!” A. Cassie said angrily, “I did not just give up my peace and quiet to deal with a couple of arguing teenage twins!!”

“Well, I didn’t come up here to hear from a noisy, loud, annoying aunt that I just met!!” I yelled in A. Cassie’s face.

“Ugh!!! I can’t stand being around anyone after a long, flight were is my ROOM!!!” Karli yelled at A. Cassie’s face stomping up the path to the door with one of her bags in hand “Seth!!! Get the rest and put it outside of my door when you bring it up”

 “Pick a tower so I can lock you up in it, and your lovely sister also gets one!!!” A. Cassie yelled at both of us.

“Seth will help me all he has to say is, Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your sweet hair.” Karli yelled with a lot of sass over her shoulder.

Seth picked up her bags and with a pleading look followed her into the mansion.

“Now that the drama queen has left how bout you go up and pick your tower,” A. Cassie said.

Jake picked up my other bag; I was carrying my own backpack up. I'm not lazy like Karli, who orders Seth around like a dog.

Inside the house was even more wonderful than the outside, with a curved staircase on each side of the room and a crystal chandelier. It was like a five star hotel.

Jake helped me bring my things to the tower in the back of the house, it had a wonderful view. Rose bushes, a lake and even a fountain.


Karli’s POV

As I was entering the place I stood there shocked that my family had this much money and never told me about it. Well I decided to see what the towers views were I looked into the first one and I saw that it had a nice sized entrance to the tower I go up the elevator and I see that the view is horrible you don’t see anything all you see are hills that go on forever without anything in sight. I sigh turn around go back down the elevator and I go to the one on the opposite side of the entrance. It has an amazing view it has a beautiful green forest with a break in between that has a river flowing through like a ribbon so come on the surface but very powerful underneath. Just beyond the trees on the other side of the forest I saw that there was a little clearing there so I guess that I will make that my little spot out. To get away from every one and no one will know about it except for me, myself, and I. Well I should tell Seth which room I chose. I go down the elevator to see Seth looking lost in the entrance of the mansion. I call him over and he comes into my entrance. I go up the elevator thinking of how to make the entrance mine and mine alone. When we reached the top I told Seth to look around my room and tell me what he thinks. He comes back with a surprise look, probably because the tower looks bigger on the inside than it does on the outside. This tower has two floors, one that I think was meant to be a closet and than the top bedroom part.

“Wow, this bedroom is huge” Seth exclaims.

“The top floor is going to be my room, this floor my closet.” I said starting to unpack.


Chapter 7: The Mansion


Seth’s POV

 After lugging all Karli’s bags up two flights of stairs, and getting a look of the view,

“We better find Jake and Taylor so they know were you are, and where your room is.” I said to Karli.

“Knowing Taylor she probably chose something way in the back, but yeah let’s find them.” She replied.

“Did she choose something in the back for its view or did she choose it for some privacy?” Seth was trying to make my laugh, and it worked.

“Shut up! Come on lets find them.” Karli laughed.

She has a nice laugh, but she needs to do it more often.

Karli took my hand and dragged me out the door.


Jake’s POV

I followed Taylor up the stairs to a tower in the back of the mansion. The view of the tower was amazing; you could see the whole back yard, rosebushes, a lake and a fountain.

I could even see apart of the forest that goes all the way to the front of the house.

“Wow why did you go straight to the back?” I asked Taylor.

 “I don’t know probably because you get to see things differently than you do in the front, because you saw all that was in the front on the drive in.” Taylor replied blushing.

“Should we go look for your sister and Seth?”

“Sure. Let’s hope that Karli is in a better mood and look in the front of the house.”


We left and tried to find them in the rest of the mansion. We went into one of the towers up front, and when we got up there we looked out a window and saw a sight that just kept going on, the hills were just rolling off one another.

“I don’t think Karli would choose this tower. It has a hideous view.”

“Really I think it is cool how you can see for miles on end but ok, lets go to the other towers.” Jake replied.

We left that tower and went to the tower on the other side of the house; we went up the elevator and saw that this tower had a nice view. A forest, with a river winding in and out of view. And there was Karli's bags on the floor, not unpacked.

“This is her room for sure. But why didn’t she unpack?” Taylor asked in a confused voice.

“Maybe she went looking for us.”

“Yeah but,” Taylor started.

“But nothing, come on we need to find Seth and Karli.” I said pulling her to the elevator.

We walked down the halls, looking for Karli.

“Jake wait, do you see that?” Taylor asked holding me back.

I looked in the direction she was pointing and I nearly laughed out loud.

There was Seth and Karli, walking down the hall, Karli was holding Seth's hand, and Seth kissed her.

Taylor cleared her throat, Seth and Karli looked up startled. Karli's face went bright pink, so did Seth's.

“Having fun?” I asked.

“We were, umm, we were looking for you!” Seth said embarrassed.

“Looking where??” I asked.

“Never mind, where is your tower Taylor?” Karli asked interrupting Seth's remark. 

“In the back, I already saw your tower.” Taylor replied

“Do you like the view?” Karli asked.

“Yeah its fine, right Jake?” Taylor asked me.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah it’s a nice view.” I said looking at Taylor.

A bell sounded somewhere downstairs.

“I think that means dinner is ready.” Seth said pulling Karli to the stairs, Taylor started to go too but I stopped her.

“You guys go ahead we’ll be there soon.” I said. Taylor turns looking at me confused. “We cant let them have all the fun” I said leaning in for a kiss.

Taylor looks at me with those love eyes. Just as we were in the middle of our kiss the maid comes up the stairs. Ugh we can never have a moment to our selves I think in my head.

“I know it is so annoying” Taylor answered my thoughts.

How did she do that?

 “Do what?”

You are aware that I am not saying anything out loud right?

 “No I can hear you so you must be saying it”

I looked to were the maid was standing she was looking at Taylor like she was crazy, the maid was slowly backing away down the stairs.

 Wonder what Seth and Karli are doing?


Seth POV

Karli and I were just entering the dinning room as we entered they were just finishing putting out the china dishes, pilled high with expensive foods, such as lobster, crab, all the types of pizza you could think of, fresh sushi and shushimi (raw fish).  It was set up like a buffet with pizza pie, thousand kinds of ice-cream, and all the tarts and puddings you could think of for dessert.

We stood there in awe of the many choices.

“Oh wow, I don’t think we could eat a quarter of this!” Karli said still in awe.

I chuckle in my head knowing that Jake and I together we could eat the whole thing.

“Why did you just laugh, and how can you and Jake eat all of this???”

“What do you mean I never said that??” I said in confusion.

“Yeah you did! I heard you say: Jake and I together could eat the whole thing!” she said.

“What are you talking about!? Are you crazy or something?” I asked.

Karli gasped a little and glared at me, then smacked me on the side of the head.

“Oww, gosh I was only joking.” I said rubbing my sore spot with a pout on my face.

“Serves you right!” She said stomping away but I could see her laughing.

Did I say that out loud?

“Yes you did!”

Gee what’s her problem?!?! She has some serious issues.

I looked over and saw that she wasn’t in her seat anymore, Karli was walking towards me, looking like she wants to kill me. I started backing up wishing for Taylor and Jake and bumped into a butler.

“Soo, Seth do you think I have issues or what!?!?” Karli said walking faster towards me.

I turned and started running to the closest exit. I think my imagination was getting the better of me because I think I could hear the snorts of a bull behind me.

All of a sudden a high heeled shoe flew pasted my face, I turned down another hallway hoping to lose her but instead a shoe slammed into the back of my head. I reached up and felt something wet , when my hand came back down I saw it was blood.

Wow she has good aim!!

“Thanks!” Karli yelled from behind me catching up. Another shoe flew past.

I turned another corner and ran into the Aunt, knocking her down .

“Oh sorry!” I said helping her up with a blood covered hand. After she was up she wiped her hand on my shoulder.

“Listen I would love to chat but…” just then Karli ran around the corner Shoes in hand, ready to throw. I started to run again turning ever corner I could see. Just as I turned a corner another shoe hit me in the same place on my head.

I started to fall and landed by Taylor and Jake’s feet. I saw them look at each-other, I scrambled up and hid behind them as Karli ran around the corner, hair still in place, not looking tired, as for me I was covered in sweat and blood, hyperventilating.

Taylor and Jake looked at each-other like they were waiting for an explanation.

Karli stopped suddenly and looked surprised, while putting her shoes on.

“Hey Taylor, I was looking for you, you should see the dinning room and all the food they have. It’s a crazy amount.” Karli said like absolutely nothing happened.

“Amazing, but may you tell me what happened to Seth and WHY you were chasing him throwing shoes.”  Taylor said yelling at Karli and seemed to know that Karli was throwing shoes.

I came out from behind Jake.


Writer’s POV

After about half an hour Jake and Taylor finally got the story out of Seth and Karli. Jake and Taylor were thinking back to when Taylor could hear Jakes thoughts. In the end they FINALLY got to go to the dinning room. But they were just in time before the butlers put the food away but once the four teen’s entered the room the aunt came out from behind them and said “You may eat this time as long as you are not late for any other dinners but next time you are late you will have to find your own food got it?” the teens all said yes in unison and than got plates to start putting food on and eating.

“so what was with the blood in the hallways on the floor?” Cassie asked

Karli and Seth looked at each other; Jake and Taylor tried to stop their chuckles but didn’t succeed.

Cassie turned to look at them, they stopped right away.

“So what was with the blood on the floor?”

“Well, well, umm,” Karli stammered.

“I tripped and fell, hitting my head on the corner of the wall.” Seth cut in.

Cassie stared, “There was no corner were the blood was.”

Seth rubbed the back of his head, “I have very bad habits of running into walls, and I tripped on someone’s red shoes, that some how flew in front of me.”

“Ohhhh, that’s were my shoes went!” Karli said staring down at her feet.

Aunt Cassie shook her head, and then walked off.


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