The Twilight Saga

Just a normal girls 6th, 7th, and 8th grade year...the year isn't that normal, actually.



Where do i start? There's a lot of places i could, but i think i'll start when i met Stephanie. Were not friends anymore though. But we'll get to that.


Chapter 1

I slowly walked into 7th period, one of my advanced classes, Reading. I missed the first day or school yesterday because of a stupid mix-up. I felt my cheeks get red, it looked like everyone was staring at me. "Hi, Mrs.Johnson?" I said "I wasn't here yesterday, and...yeah" "Go sit over there by Stephanie" she said pointing to a girl with short brown hair with boy shoes and an Aeropostale shirt on. I walked over and sat across from her. She was in deep conversation with a boy next to her. Then she turned to me. "Hi" she giggled. I smiled "Hi" i said quietly "What's your name?" "Miranda" I said. Mrs. Johnson explained what we were supposed to do, it was a group thing. Soon after that me and Stephanie were best friends. The boy who sat next to her, Zac, was nice too.


The next day me and Stephanie walked to gym together and i met her other friends, Bella, Gabby,Jamie, Danny,and  Paris. Me and Jamie became friendly first. Jamie was a pretty Asian girl with long dark brown hair. She liked to read, like me. Next, the story we love to tell, me and Bella became friends. She was poking Gabby and accidentaly  poked me, i poked back. Therefore, my new buddy. But things happened, i was never friends with Paris or Gabby. And Stephanie got dragged in by popularity. But this isn't my story, this is just how it began.


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i love this!!! (: keep righting and yeah i am first to comment on the whole thing!! i love your other fan-fictions  too!!!! (: <3


Confused and Dangerous**<3

Thanks (: <3
aesome keep me updated :)
Please keep writing


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