The Twilight Saga

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What If everything didn't turn out to be all great and fantastic as Bella and Edward wanted it to be? What if they wanted more? What if Bella wanted more?


I looked at the danger in front of me. The monster smiled as she eyed me carefully. Her purple hair was moving in the wind and her eyes turned green. I got up off the ground slowly and watched her like prey.
"Are you sure you want to turn it all around Bella?" She asked.
Biting my lip I thought back to the memories. That first time I saw Edward, the first time we kissed, our first date, all the times he said I love you, all the times he saved me, our wedding day, the honeymoon, our baby and then saving her and her first steps, first words and when she said I love you. Then, I thought about the bad things next. Him leaving me alone in the woods to die, when he first said
I hate you, when we first started fighting, when i had to stay away from him and when he said he didnt love me anymore. How it would've all been different if I wasn't like this....if no one was....a mythical creature. "How will it all be different?"
"You'll see what'll happen if you were all human." She said "If none of this ever happened."
"Will I ever go back to normal?" I asked.
"Only time will tell." she said "Are you ready?"
Sighing, I nodded my head. She stepped back and shut her eyes. When they opened they were blue. I heard her whisper something. A spell maybe. "A bump in the night, a frightening story, one that will change us, make us to normal, seize the pain and make us mortal." she mumbled this over and over again.
"Lynnette?" I asked.
The wind around us picked up. It got freezing cold and on the top of the mountain the snow started to fall. Lynette started to fade away and I felt cold. My blood started to rush to my head and my eye sight got blurry.
"Lynnette!" I screamed.
My throat burned and she came close to my ear and dropped a sweater on me. "This is what you wanted." She said "You wanted a new life."
"But Lynne-"
The ground under us shook as I stood up and I fell back down. Lynnette disappeared and I stood up. I could still feel my vampire instincts. I ran as fast as I could to the cottage. I could feel myself loosing my strength as I ran through the door. Jacob, Edward and Renesmee were all in a corner.
"Bella!" Edward yelled coming over to me.
"I'm sorry Edward." I yelled over the sound of trees falling. "I'm sorry."
I could hear the family getting closer and closer.
"Where's Lynnette?!" Edward asked fumed.
Feeling a tear fall I dropped to my knees.
"Bella!" Edward screamed. "What's wrong?"
I heard Renesmee cry in pain.
"What's going on?!" Carlisle screamed.
I looked up at Edward in pain as Carlisle and him kneeled down. "I'm sorry." I said "I never caused anything good to happen. I'm sorry. Always remember me. I'll see you again one day. I love you Edward."
Looking behind him, I felt it setting in. The pain I was looking for. I saw Renesmee slowly disappear and Edward ran over to her.
"Renesmee!" he screamed too late. She was gone.
"Bella? What's happening?" He asked.
I screamed out in agonizing pain and Edward ran over to me. "I'm sorry!" I screamed. "Look for me."
Slowly I watched my body disappear. Edward looked at me in agony and I watched as all the vampires one by one turned human.
"Bella? What did you do?" Edward asked.
With one last tear drop falling, I screamed and whispered "I love you Edward." before disappearing into the cracks of the earth.

I know this is confusing but, I had this idea and i needed to write it. It will be an awesome story! Please comment so far! I'll write the first chapter after at least 6 comments.

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Write It!
that was good, I wanna read more of it
yes plz write more its good :)
holy crap that sounds amazing! can't wait for more!
wow... this sounds amazing... I can't wait for more!
This sounds awesome, please keep me updated :)
Omg!!!!! This is amazing, you have to keep it up!!!!! I love this!!!

I don't think is confusing at all. Are you starting the 1st chapter from when they are humans or give us a little background of how they bump into this lynnett?


Is amazing, you should continue.

Whoa... Thats really really good. Plz continue and keep me updated :)
very nice..keep writing...


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