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I was doing one of these stories where Edward's a player and such, but it got deleted and i wanted to do another because it was really fun to write:)



Maybe if i had listened to Alice this wouldn't have happened. If i hadn't trusted the wrong person. If i wasn't so stupid! Maybe, i desereved it for what i did to Alice after i talked to you. Ditching her, ignoring her, treating her like complete trash. She's never going to forgive me, but i really can't blame you for everything. It's my fault too. My fault for listening to you, trusting you. But you do stupid things when your in love. Your heads up in the clouds and you don't care about anything except that special person, now look at me. Im a wreck, i know i'm talking and talking and repeating things, but i'm trying to get over it and the more i say it maybe the more i'll realize this isn't the wrost thing that could happen. Maybe.



Add me if you want updates, i'm not adding anyone!!

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Sounds really interesting.
it sounds really cool
Sound interesting... can't wait for chapter 1

please post more

Thank youu!! =D Ima write more right now!

i like it :D it sounds really interesting!

keep me updated :)


Sorry i was gonna write earlier, but in the middle of it my computer turned off >.< and i didn't wann rewrite at the moment :33

Chapter 1



"Ya know Alice, it's not that bad." I said Alice looked at me "You know Edward, it IS bad." She wrinkled her nose. Right now we were talking about her Step-Brother Edward. He's been away at boarding school and is coming back, for good. He's kind of a player, well not kind of, he's a big player. Anyways Alice pretty much hates him. I've never really talked to him, of course i've met him..."Oh Alice you don't have to talk to him or anything." I sighed she frowned "you don't get it!" She said storming off. I rolled my eyes, i love her and all but she was a Drama Queen sometimes. I thought about the last time i saw Edward in 8th grade. He was good looking, he had what looked like Gold eyes, hair that was messy, but sexy. Sexy? Alice would kill me if she heard that! It's not like its her buisness....SHUT UP BRAIN! I walked to class hoping to get these thoughts out of my head, he's probably pimply and gross now anyways...


 Boy was i wrong.

About Edward being pimply and gross.

After school i went to Alice's house, and he was there.  Alice wasn't very thrilled.

"Um, hi" i said to him, trying to be nice. Unlike Alice who kept her mouth shut.

I saw Edward look me up and down then smirk "you're Bella?" He asked

"Uh, yeah, pretty much."

He nodded "You've changed since Middle School" he smiled

"Isn't that how it works?" I said with a hint of smart-a**

"Mmm, well maybe, i can fit you in my schedule" he said as though i had begged him to go out

"Excuse me?"  Alice said from behind me

"I got it, Alice" i added "and no actually i'm pretty busy" i said

"You have a boyfriend?"

"No, but i don't plan on making it you." I snapped

Alice laughed and we walked to her room, oh yeah, that felt good.


Comment!!!!!!! Hope you liked it :)


I Loved it I can't wait till you update(:
me too
i looooove it!! imma add you so plz update me(:
wow love it write more


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