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I was doing one of these stories where Edward's a player and such, but it got deleted and i wanted to do another because it was really fun to write:)



Maybe if i had listened to Alice this wouldn't have happened. If i hadn't trusted the wrong person. If i wasn't so stupid! Maybe, i desereved it for what i did to Alice after i talked to you. Ditching her, ignoring her, treating her like complete trash. She's never going to forgive me, but i really can't blame you for everything. It's my fault too. My fault for listening to you, trusting you. But you do stupid things when your in love. Your heads up in the clouds and you don't care about anything except that special person, now look at me. Im a wreck, i know i'm talking and talking and repeating things, but i'm trying to get over it and the more i say it maybe the more i'll realize this isn't the wrost thing that could happen. Maybe.



Add me if you want updates, i'm not adding anyone!!

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Post more!!!!!!!
post more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is really good!
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Chapter 4


It was very light where i was.


I slowly opened my eyes realizing I was in Edward's bed and Alice was waking me up.

And boy did she look pissed.

"Heyy" I said

"WHAT THE H3II!" She screamed

I sat up "What?"

"Your in his bed. You ditched me and Jasper at that party last night! Mostly your in his BED! MY BROTHERS BED. EDWARDS BED!" She yelled

I ducked my head "I dont know. Im really sorry. It won't happen again" i frowned close to tears.

She shook her head and walked out.I looked down and realized, i didnt have any clothes on

"No" i whispered

I quickly got up and dressed in my clothes from last night and walked downstairs.

Edward was sitting at the table and Alice was no where to be seen

"She left." He said as i sat down across from him

"What happened," I said "last night?" i asked laying my head in my hands

He sighed "you know what happened. So does Alice"

"Nooo! I wouldn't do that" i cried

"You were drunk" he said, was that a smile, i saw?

"I didn't drink." I said

Suddenly, realization hit me.

"You did not!" I yelled standing up

"Um. Sorry but i did." He laughed

"Its not funny! I hate you!" I yelled running outside

He had slipped something in my drink last night. That little...

I heard the door open "Bella, i'm really sorry" Edward said from behind me

I whiped around "no your not"

"No, i really do like you. But i knew you would never...So i did that. But i really do like you" he said

He looked...Pained?

"Oh really" i said

He walked foward and kissed me.

And i kissed back.

Ever heard of the kiss of death?

This was it.

I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please.............PLEASE.........................PLEASE!!!! Send me updates!
cool love this chapter
luv it update me soon
Love it
MORE UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moo
omg this is awesome! write more soon!
i love it


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